Deus Ex: The Other Prequel

A Chinese building in Russia, confusingly

Update: new video!

Adam Jensen’s story (which he never asked for) may be the canon prequel to the cyberpunk conspiracy theorising of the original Deus Ex, but the future-world’s a big place – there’s plenty of room to tell new tales from the time before JC Denton trotted across the globe. 2027 is a massively ambitious, Russian-made mega-mod for Deus Ex 1, the English version of which launched last week. It offers a new, apparently highly non-linear story, levels based on real-world locations, amped-up DirectX 9 graphics with stuff like weather effects added and a slew of new abilities, weapons and spider-bots. Also, new fonts. I do so like a font. Haven’t had a chance to give it a spin yet, but the below in-game footage certainly speaks for the visual upgrade.

There’s a higher quality version of the below available here, if you’re squinting, and the download itself – a relatively modest 290MB – awaits you here.


Oh, and the creator tells me that “Both Project 2027 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are set in year 2027. But Project 2027 was in the development long before Human Revolution was ever announced,” which is quite the coincidence.

Anyone been playing this? What do you make of it?


  1. krenzo says:

    So they upgraded the graphics to the mid 2000s when everything was “OMG Bloom!”?

  2. CMaster says:


    Anyway, looks good. Will check it out in a couple of weeks.

  3. The Colonel says:

    Ah leaning… my dearest friend. This’ll fill the DX hole left by DX2 and 3.

  4. kubikalbo1 says:

    It certainly is an amazing job if we consider how old the original engine is. I’m just wondering about those footstep sounds, when did JC Denton get horse hoof augments?

    • Gnoupi says:

      Technically, the pure graphical effect used (in this case just a plain bloom based on brightness) is made in the shaders. So you don’t actually need to really alter the original engine a lot. It’s only a kind of after effect, a bit like what was done to Minecraft with the “acid mod”.

    • sneetch says:

      They’re high heels, it’s a weekend mission: JC Denton is Shandra Lefay on the weekend.


    • LionsPhil says:

      As a prequel, the protagonist is presumably not JC.

  5. orta says:

    its like watching it through a blurry monitor with so much bloom =)

  6. Sirico says:

    Bloomin eck!

  7. Cross says:

    I’ll stick with Human revolution, thank you very much. My third playthrough will not be my last.

  8. MD says:

    Thanks! Hadn’t seen this, and it sounds promising. The Nameless Mod might have set my standards a bit high, but I’ll see.

    • Baka says:

      God, that reminds me of playing the awesome TNM for hours without pause only to join the wrong faction in a single idiotic brainlag and saving over it the second after. Never touched the game since then. …it’s great though.

    • MD says:

      Ooh man, I know that feeling. It’s almost the case that the more you liked the game, the harder it is to go back, after doing something like that.

  9. Anthile says:

    Neat, I read about this mod aeons ago and it seemed like one of those overambitious mods that never gets done. I’ll try that out some time today.

  10. kikito says:

    Bfft. You can hack while crouching. Outrageous!

    • Dozer says:

      You could do that in DX1 too. The only thing you can’t do is talk to someone while crouching.

    • LionsPhil says:

      What is outrageous is how much gunfire he takes without dying in that sloppy, noisy, yet not even desperately competent violent route.

  11. MuscleHorse says:

    I’ve actually already given this a go and I’d say it may be worth waiting a bit to see if they update the translation. Let’s just say it enters the realm of the unintentionally hilarious at points.

    • Raymond Saint says:

      yeah, you could actually wait for just 1 week for the 1.21 patch with improvement translation, currently 5 or 6 men working on it

  12. johann tor says:

    The music on this is pretty good. Is it original?

  13. abigbat says:

    good to see the guards are as comically blind as ever!

  14. Gnoupi says:

    I cleaned my glasses 3 times during this trailer. It didn’t help.

  15. Bhazor says:

    Anyone else think the video looks like the opening mission from Golden Eye (64)?

  16. TooNu says:

    I think it’s a good effort and I welcome more Deus Ex with open arms and an open mind. BUT HERE IS A NITPICK, the clip clopping footstep noise is a bit too Monty Python and the Holy Grail for my liking.

  17. jon_hill987 says:

    Will be trying this at some point. If they are working on better translation patch I will wait for that though.

  18. Jonny Stutters says:

    Is it just me or does it sound like he’s riding around on a tiny horse?

  19. Robsoie says:

    If you prefer to use OpenGL with that modification in case you have better performance with it (i do) , you may want to use the enhanced OpenGL render for Deus Ex available from the developer page (of course get the Deus EX one, not the Unreal Tournament one) :
    link to

    Put the OpenGlDrv.dll from the downloadable archive in the place of the existing one in your …\DeusExDirectory\System\

    Then open the file 2027.ini located in your
    scroll down a bit to the
    section and change

    GameRenderDevice=whatever it was there

    And you should be set.

  20. diebroken says:

    Apart from the segments where AUGs (and the Mech – lol!) were used, it kind of reminds me of the Project IGI series… =]

  21. Raymond Saint says:

    Trailer on MODDB has changed.

  22. bill says:

    Wait. I don’t understand. He was moving really quickly… and he turned really quickly too. And he seemed to have at least 3 weapons… is this some new genre? I haven’t seen a trailer like this before.

  23. Gonefornow says:

    I just played through the Paris section and it’s still very much like DX1, especially with those advanced filters disabled, which I had to do due to poor framerate.

    The new gun models are nice and shiny, there is a loot window which is usefull and some other additions as well.

    Personally I don’t mind the translation as it’s just text and no embarrassing voice acting, that might have been amusing though.

  24. pupsikaso says:

    So there were a whole bunch of guns and shooting, but not once did we see a tranquilizer rifle or a stun gun.

    This is not Deus Ex.

    • Unaco says:

      This… Why remove all the non-lethal stealth play? It was one of the cornerstones of the original DX. And why concentrate on the combat? It was somewhat interesting, but hardly the best part of the original DX… clunky, slightly awkward. And, to quote another comment I saw this week…

      “And I don’t want any of that ‘might be just this level’ bollocks. This is the level they chose to use to represent their game and the way they chose to play through it is also a part of that representation. If a myriad of alternatives are available then it’s up to them to show that. It’s not up to me to see past their inability to adequately represent their game.

      Take Deus Ex HR as an example. Alternatives were available. Alternatives were shown.”

      This is not Deus Ex.

    • Gonefornow says:

      So am I bringing you two down when I say that they haven’t removed anything.

      The reason the video has a lot of shooty-bang-bang is because they changed the guns, thus they want to show off the guns.

      And it’s a mod. Trying it out really isn’t difficult or costy.

      Or then you two are just joking.

    • John P says:

      It does have a bit of a combat focus. Judging from all the datacubes lying around with technical specs of weapons, I’d say the creators are gun nuts. You’re forced into a combat a few times.

      The level design and mission structure is pretty much as bad as HR, and not very DX-like. There is some branching in the story where you can choose which people to work for, but ultimately that doesn’t have much impact. And Deus Ex wasn’t about a branching story anyway.

      It’s a shame because they’ve put a lot of effort into it. It’s a commendable effort in some ways, but they just haven’t properly understood (or cared about?) DX1’s design enough, so it’s a noticeably inferior Deus Ex game as a result.

      In that regard it’s a lot like HR, which also doesn’t understand Deus Ex design principles well enough.

    • Ded says:

      There is a tranquilizer crossbow and there is a stun prod (as well as other gears from DX), you can beat the game without killing anyone and you start to choose your ending in the middle of the game. Have you played it at all or you just watched it on youtube?

  25. ssbowers says:

    Who kills one guy & leaves the other two standing? You only get one shot my friend. I should mention I’m from the states.

  26. D1RTYL0G1C says:

    I sure hear a lot of complaining about what is essentially a lot of time and effort invested into making sure you guys could play this game for free. If you only knew the time it takes to develop a game, maybe you’d shut up and say thank you or just not play it instead of being rude idiots. I look forward to trying this game out personally, and have to say that if any of you had the ability to do a better job, you’d have the experience and respect for this developer to not act like whiny 5 year olds.

  27. severdnerv says:

    Looks like they have just used the “Tactical Ops” Engine which i think was originaly Unreal tournament that it came from. cause the weapons and sound FX seem alike

    • Ded says:

      Tactical Ops is just a UT99 mod; there is no such thing as “Tactical Ops engine”. 2027 is not using any assets from Tactical Ops.

  28. severdnerv says:

    Looks like there just using the Tactical Ops engine and weapons