Close To HOMM: Might & Magic Heroes VI

Is it odd that I'm delighted when I see armies standing on grids?
The highly anticipated (by me) Might and Magic Heroes VI is out October 11th and, look here, a new trailer has emerged. I was hoping it’d show some detail about the blood and tears reputation system, which might shake up the turn-based gathering and killing, but instead it’s mostly earnest humanoids spouting gubbins like: “You have served your emperor and your dragon.” I’m going to refer to it as HOMM VI, in keeping with tradition, since the new topsy-turvy title shortens to MAMH. HOMM is a happy if somewhat placid noise, resplendently conjuring mountaintop monasteries and lotus-drenched pools by which archers train in the midday sun. MAMH is how certain northern tribes refer to their mothers. Watch this and decide which is more fitting.

It’s HOMM, isn’t it?

Even though the visuals are still bright and somewhat cartoony, there’s definitely something much more vicious in the bashing and stabbing. That’ll be the ‘blood’ then. If you go the ‘tears’ route, I expect enemies will be caressed into eternal slumber by sorrowful, pacifist giants clutching weeping halberds.


  1. Baka says:

    As much as I’d enjoy another “true” HOMM sequel, the loading times in the demo were so atrocious that I’ll skip this if there won’t be any good patchnote news on that front.

    • Khemm says:

      It was a beta demo… They should have fixed this issue and others by now.

    • bluebomberman says:

      One would hope so. The demo crashed on me and refused to work again. Fun!

    • Nick says:

      “As much as I’d enjoy another “true” HOMM sequel”

      So you wouldn’t enjoy this then…

    • abremms says:

      been playing the playing the pre-order beta off and on for a couple months and I’v had no technical issues in the last month. I haven’t tried the demo, I don’t know if it is any different, but the pre-order beta has been pleasantly surprising on the technical side of things.

    • Danarchist says:

      It was really stable for me most the time also. I have played the heck out of the beta skirmish matches. The campaign still has most the tree’s locked out till some unknown distance into the game which has always annoyed me. And the game still suffers from a few of the same issues that existed in five.

      The NPC’s will always build perfectly so if you spend too many turns waiting for resources your going to run into unbeatable enemy heroes.

      The NPC heroes can easily be “baited” by moving your hero 1 turn of movement away from an unguarded keep, then swoop in on them as they approach like idiots. Regardless if they have only 2 stacks of 10 creatures with them.

      Resources have been reduced to only 3 elements and gold. Gold is still the most important, followed by crystal. At first it seems to be a welcome simplification until you realize this allows npc’s to get up to tier 3 elite creatures by the end of the second week, giving you nowhere near as much time to catch up.

      Diplomat skill is STILL broken. I have confirmed that it seems to be based on the hero you use. For example my cleric could recruit enemy stacks once in awhile, but my Paladin, even with skill pumped up via an item, never once had the option in 4 skirmish matches. When I played orcs-n-gobbos, being a glutton for punishment, it was the opposite. The might hero could recruit but the caster could not.

      That and the amount of time it takes for NPC’s to take their turns are my only gripes though. And I am a dedicated HOMM foaming at the mouth fanboi so that’s saying something :)

      Oh…and town art…yes I do like too see the new building I saved up a week for!

  2. MrEvilGuy says:

    If I had watched that trailer without having any knowledge of what HOMM is, I would have thought it was an MMO.

  3. Metonymy says:

    Ok, are you ready for this?

    A Homm3 style game, but set in the Warhammer 40k setting.

    I say, if you’re going to drive a property into the ground, do it with style.

    • Jnx says:

      I kind of thought that HoMMV:ToE was the best Warhammer Fantasy Battle game there has been to date (or as of late). I know of course that it isn’t one, but the “influences” are so strong that you can imagine the rest.

    • StenL says:

      You quite literally could not take my money fast enough if that happened. We are talking my money crossing the speed of light here.

  4. Burning Man says:

    “Is it odd that I am delighted when I see armies standing on grids?”

    No. No it is not. We don’t have enough of those.

  5. Wounder says:

    I had problems with connecting to Ubisoft’s “service,” the Conflux. That’s perhaps understandable during a beta, but suggesting it was my internet connection every time didn’t endear me to… well, anything.

    Also, I just noticed the beta is now missing in Steam.

    EDIT: And this is special… trying to manually update the game with gu.exe forces it to check C: for game. Since mine is installed on D:, it fails. Well done!

  6. Zepp says:

    This reminded me the bloody tears… damn, such a good track from Castlevania.

  7. Rhygadon says:

    Hmm. I’d love another HOMM, but from this trailer I fear that I may run into the same problem I had with Two Worlds II: voices and dialogue that were so juvenile and irritating that I was unable to identify with anyone in the universe, and wound up earnestly hoping that everyone including the protagonist would die horribly. (And since I was at the controls, they did, and then I quit.)

    Also, I know this series has traveled far from its American roots, but someone might want to explain to the developers that “Slava” really jars as the name of a Griffin Emperor …

    • bluebomberman says:

      Yeah, it’s sad to see so many resources poured into a really lame campaign. I kept on rolling my eyes at Auntie Necro, the “but there haven’t been demons here in over x years” stupidity (repeated in the recently released Might and Magic Clash of Heroes), and the ridiculous “5 siblings end up leading all 5 completely unrelated factions” setup.

      I think I need to give up on the entire fantasy strategy genre. I picked up Disciples II and can’t make it out of the first mission on Normal. Ugh. Even the classics disagree with me.

    • Dominic White says:

      You’re complaining about five teenage heroes saving the HoMM world in what was effectively Teen Titans: HoMM edition? Seriously?

    • coldvvvave says:


      Disciples 2 is awesome, keep trying, first mission is not even that hard on Hard!

    • bluebomberman says:

      @ Dominic:

      No, I’m complaining about the setup of HOMM 6. Each of the five factions is led by one of the Slavaspawn. It’s ridiculous. One brother leads the knights in shining armor. A sister joins the undead. One ends up becoming an honorary Orc. Another ends up with the water fishy mages. And the fifth Slavaspawn loses his soul and raises an army of demonspawn.

      That the plot for HOMM 6 is comparably shallow to a puzzle game spinoff is sad, sad, sad.

      EDIT: In my previous comment, I specifically had issue with how characters blow off reports of massacres and razing because they can’t believe that the demons have returned. This happened in the HOMM 6 demo and this happened in the Clash of Heroes demo. It’s a freakin’ fanatsy world with orcs and sloshy water creatures and elves and undead! If someone runs up to you and says “Help! My family/town/pet Pokemon has been squished by 10-foot winged fire-breathing demons!” please DO NOT respond with “Pshaww. Yeah right. Liar.”

  8. Jody Macgregor says:


  9. Chris D says:

    Anyone else picked up Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes? It’s basically what happens if HoMM 5 got together with Puzzle Quest and made a baby, except I think it probably has more depth and character than either of them.

    • Jarenth says:

      I tried that out yesterday afternoon, matter ‘o fact. I started playing it and then suddenly it was midnight.

    • Chris D says:

      Yeah, I haven’t actually been to sleep yet. Don’t tell anyone.

    • Ridnarhtim says:

      I got it for the DS ages and ages ago, and yes, I was completely hooked. It is really, really surprisingly addictive.

  10. Drake Sigar says:

    The way that trailer was going, I’m surprised they didn’t splice in Marylin Manson’s ‘This is the new shit’ and add a constant stream of explosions.

  11. Joe Deadman says:

    Well this is going to fail horribly, I mean strategy games just aren’t relevant today right?
    Should have made an FPS…

    Ideas anyone? (Although I guess we already have Dark Messiah now that I think about it).

    • Eclipse says:

      and Dark Messiah was fucking awesome

    • Ridnarhtim says:

      I dunno if I would call it fucking awesome. But it certainly did have its moments, and I found it very enjoyable overall.

    • Joe Deadman says:

      You’ll get no arguments from me there really.

      Dark Messiah definatly had its good parts and hey who doesn’t enjoy kicking orcs into and off of about a billion things?

      It definitely fell flat in a few places though and sadly I was never able to complete it due to getting lost in an area that for some reason seemed to be causing major memory leaks meaning I couldn’t get very far without having to repeatedly restart the game due to massive slowdown :(.

  12. Dominic White says:

    I’m kinda ‘meh’ about HoMM6. It’s very pretty, but now that the initially weak-at-launch HoMM5 has two expansions and a growing number of fan-patches that improve AI, balance, etc, it’s hard to top the amount of content and refinement there.

  13. TLGAthena says:

    I’ve beta’d for this game.

    It’s going to crash and burn horribly. Whoever decided Disciples 3 was a good framework to build the new HoMM on needs shooting, and not with rubber bullets, but with the real deal metal ones.

    • outoffeelinsobad says:

      Agree with everything but the violence. There aren’t enough unique units. The pace is maddeningly slow, especially if you’re coming from HoMM5 or King’s Bounty.

  14. Sidorovich says:

    I’ll slavishly buy any HOMM game that comes out, but that trailer just ain’t communicating the wonderful turned based build-your-own-army-and-conquer-cities-to-build-a-vast-empire shizzle that’s always driven the series.

  15. Ridnarhtim says:

    I’m still considering it, but only if it is significantly different to the demo.

  16. mwoody says:

    I don’t mean anything by this one way or the other, but just an informal poll: Does anyone play the campaigns in HoMM games? I just go straight to the skirmishes. Any time or effort spent on a story will fall on deaf ears, here.

    • PodX140 says:

      I used to play the campaigns, and then HoMMV’s campaign came along and placed invincible elves against me, so I gave up completely. I always played the skrimishes, but campaigns were alright up until then.

      And then I found kings bounty! (And then I encountered the land of the dead and am on the search since.)

  17. Stormdancer says:

    That is a mightily resplendent gryphon in the screenshot. But that trailer… ugh. Does not look appealing. Maybe the actual gameplay is better?

  18. kud13 says:

    this gives me strong Spellforce2 vibes. and that’s not a compliment.

  19. Shadowcat says:

    Between this and ExTemplary, Adam definitely wins the post titles for the day.