For This, Never: Deus Ex HR DLC Packs

Explosions or tactics, explosions or tactics...hmmm
Deus Ex: HR came saddled with a selection of preorder incentives, a phrase that tastes like a little bit of sick in my mouth. The upshot is that if you didn’t buy the game from a grid coordinate during the correct lunar sequence, you may be missing little bits of content. No longer. Now, everything can be yours, provided you’re willing to reach into your digital wallet once more. There are two packs available, neither of which I have any experience with so don’t expect an informed opinion. Personally, I haven’t found the game to be lacking any of the things that are listed below. Have you?

First up, for £1.99, is the EXPLOSIVE mission pack, which contains more explosions and the Tong’s Rescue mission. Does that involve explosions too? I dread to think. To blow things up, Jensen can stick a grenade launcher and remote detonated explosives in his cavernous coat, or whichever cyber-cavity the kids are stashing their weaponry in these days.

Explosions are not for men such as myself though. I’m more a tactics man. They’ve got me covered with the £1.19 Tactical Enhancement pack, which provides a silenced sniper rifle. Yes, tactics. And there are close up tactics too in the form of a double barrelled shotgun. Remember when the Doom series made the tactical leap with the inclusion of one of those bad boys? Worryingly, this pack also gives Jensen an extra 10,000 credits, which sounds like it would break the game a little bit to me. Maybe he can tactically leave it on a park bench.

There is a double pack priced at £2.49 if you desire tactical explosivity. Personally, I’m not interested in paying extra for things I haven’t felt the lack of but the hoarder in me is a bit annoyed by the previous exclusivity and now the price tags on this stuff. Stop dismembering games, even trivially.


  1. Bull0 says:

    This might be the shot in the arm my experience of DXHR needs – I’ve gotten really bored with it and left it alone after getting to Shanghai.

    Like it or not, “using a silencer” or “using a shotgun” are tactics, Adam :P

    • Groove says:

      My tactic involves not buying this.

      I’m a regular capitalist Sun Tzu.

    • sg1969 says:

      yeah same here, I did a few mission once I got to shanghai, but to be honest I haven’t played much after that.. I’m enjoying Dead Island a whole lot more, and HR has been a bit of a disapointment for me. I’m probably not gonna finish it, or even play any more of it so maybe I’ll go trade it in.

    • Bull0 says:

      Purely on the basis that everyone’s mental about it, I think it deserves more attention than I’ve given it. But it really, really hasn’t grabbed me. Couple of new toys and some money might help (or, conversely, might cement my disinterest – who knows?)

    • dirtyword says:

      Also not buying. Sorry S-E you don’t get rewarded for ripping a mission out of the main game. You’re almost as bad as Tai Yong.

    • 2late2die says:

      To each their own I guess. The game grabbed from the get go and after two playthroughs I fully intend to do another one when Missing Link comes out. As for these DLCs I need to double check if I actually have the explosive pack seeing how I’m pretty sure I saved Tong in that shipyard level and I have a mod to turn a regular shotgun to double barrel – but I’m not sure if that qualifies.

      I’m much more interested in the tactical pack seeing how a silenced sniper rifle would be better than sliced bread but I think I’m going to wait for Missing Link before buying anything, they might have a discount.

    • Danarchist says:

      My first play through I started with stealth/no kill. After a bit I realized how much I hate that play style. Restarted with a muderous, screw-stealth, death machine and enjoyed the entire game after that. I do not think there is one mercenary cop still alive in my instance of Shanghai.

      Not sure on the expansion, once I finished the game it sort of fell right off my steam account and I went back to playing Bastion.

    • Srethron says:

      It’s quite possible to leave Detroit for the first time with more than enough money to break the rest of the game without any DLC. I had 50,000 or so I think, and it only got worse from there. I was starting to feel pretty sorry for whomever possessed the job at Eidos Montreal to plonk down credits for everyone to find, especially in the latter levels where there were barely any shops.

      Point being money imbalances already exist. The 10,000 isn’t going to change much for people like me. For people who didn’t have this issue, I can totally understand the 10,000 being a big deal. Tread carefully.

      I wouldn’t mind the Tong DLC, but I hear it’s short and rather meh. I don’t generally get DLC anyway until there’s no more coming out and it’s in a pack. I am patient, like the hamster.

      Edit: reply fail. Supposed to be down a block. Ah well.

    • TailSwallower says:

      I’ve also not bothered finishing the game. Between the boss battles and the technical issues I was having I just couldn’t be bothered. I think the technical issues were all sorted out in a recent patch, so now I’m just waiting for them to make the boss battles skippable in the next patch…. THEN I might bother finishing it.

    • mogofogo says:

      I’m not sure if this has already been mentioned,
      but the Debug menu allows you to gain access to all these items.
      And you can even do the Tracer Tong Mission.
      Which was a ridiculous bore, and a massive disappointment.
      I apologize if what I said wasn’t entirely legal.

    • tetracycloide says:

      Can you use the debug menu to add the quest and the items because I did not see a way to do that?

  2. Giaddon says:

    My preorder included the Tactical Enhancement pack, which follows the Dead Space 2 model of giving you everything for free. I had to chuck the weapons at the start of the first mission, and make sure my credit total never dipped below 10,000 to keep it “normal.” It’s really poorly handled.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Yes, I played the game exactly the same way. However, credits are plentiful anyway so I suspect it wouldn’t have been game-breakingly unbalancing even if I would have spent that money on praxis kits immediately. But yeah, pay to win creeping over from “social” games to more classical types of games does leave a bad taste. They haven’t made an appearence on the Steam top seller list so far, but someone on Reddit claimed these have been selling enormously well on consoles… Maybe it was just pc-leetist talk though.

    • SavageD says:

      Indeed, it’s a shame I can’t ‘unregister’ that free 10,000 credits. I have a friend who exchanged his Augmented edition of the game for the standard version. I thought he was mad.. at first.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Wow, you guys totally gimped your gaming experience. Obviously you don’t like fun.

    • Diziet Sma says:

      Actually I would argue that ‘gimping’ your gaming experience in this fashion increases the challenge and for a lot of people therefore the fun.

    • kwyjibo says:

      Turning off God mode really gimps your gameplay experience too.

    • Bull0 says:

      Why not just spend the 10,000 on crap you don’t want and then leave it in an alley somewhere? :D that sounds like fun actually, that is what I shall do!

    • abremms says:


    • Lars Westergren says:

      “I never asked for these!” *dumps stuff in alley*

    • LionsPhil says:

      Adam Jensen wakes up one day and decides to find out if his augmented cyber-lungs can re-enact the backstory of the film Brewster’s Millions.

      (You can still buy infinite cigarettes from vending machines, right?)

    • Gnoupi says:

      @Patrick – fact is, the game is quite balanced with the way of unlocking.
      10,000 since the beginning, it’s two praxis points, so two abilities more, since the beginning. So you are getting a big advantage with that, which is potentially unbalancing the missions.

    • niko86 says:

      A friend of mine used to play all his games with god mode on or at least set to the most easiest setting … 50:0 scores on FIFA for example were common.

      I don’t understand the lack of wanting a challenge.

      I wont be buying this DLC … unless it goes on sale.

    • simonh says:

      I got the Explosive mission pack with my game. The mission consisted of one room with a bunch of guards, and a chance to chat with Tracer Tong. Never used the explosives.

      The Automatic Unlocking devices were great though, they allow you to unlock any lock, but there’s a limited number of them you can find or buy. They sort of reintroduced the multi-tool economy to the game, and helped you unlock those last safeboxes when you didn’t have the hacking skillz, excellent for the obsessive completionist. They were also useful a few times when standing and hacking something would have exposed me to the security.

      They should have been included in the vanilla game though, and balanced a little better (there were a bit too many to come by).

      Extra credits seems a bit unneccesary really, I always had enough money from selling guns to buy both Praxis kits on each city visit the moment I got there.

    • Bull0 says:

      “I won’t be buying this DLC…unless it goes on sale”

      It’s only two quid, man. You either want it or you don’t.

    • Ringwraith says:

      I kept 10,000 jingling around at all times in my pockets, and to be perfectly honest, I was rading pretty much everything, and I still only just about bought everything, so I would say that 10,000 is rather unbalancing. Although something to note is that I didn’t spend ages carting stuff to shops to sell, I only sold a few items here and there and simply raided the ammo out of them the rest of the time.

    • malkav11 says:

      I bought absolutely everything I had the slightest use for (which is to say, every single praxis kit and weapon mod) and still had 30+k credits by the end. I also had 10K credits by the time I hit the first shop. (And I didn’t bother with repeated trips to collect stuff just to sell, though I kept stuff I didn’t need if I had nothing else to use the inventory slots on.) So no, 10K credits from DLC does not unbalance the game. It’s just completely pointless.

    • tetracycloide says:

      You can’t use the money until after the plant anyway and by then you’ve got enough credits to just buy everything anyway. The game throws money at you hand over fist from minute one.

  3. Domothy says:

    The bonus mission isn’t worth it – it’s just a brief excursion through recycled sewer sections.

    • bleeters says:

      All the more so, given who you work for/with in that particular sequence. Which, seeing as how I failed at a certain other game moment beforehand, made my skin crawl.

      Hey, jerks? I passed through your surgery on the way here, you know. You’ve got however long it takes me to reload my sidearm to justify why I’m doing this quest for you.

  4. BatmanBaggins says:

    The only thing I’m even remotely curious about is the extra “Rescue Mission”. Is it a thing that’s worth caring about?

    Edit – Well then, I guess that answers that.

  5. DizzyrupTor says:

    Most of what they are charging for can be had with the Debug-menu 1.2.630.0 tool. No sense in paying for it when it’s already in the game. Besides this also includes a mission selector.

    • diamondmx says:

      Keep it on the down-low or they’ll go all Diablo 3 on our mods.

  6. impish says:

    I don’t think I’ll be converting my real money into more play money for Jensen. For tactical reasons, of course.

  7. StranaMente says:

    I always had more money than praxis kit available. Playing sneaky, unlocking everything, and not buying any weapon (didn’t need to). At the end I had 40k credits spare and a bunch of things I could sell for more. And I had the normal version of the game.
    If ask me, they don’t sell enough praxis kits.

    • Bull0 says:

      Broadly I concur.

    • Chirez says:

      Absolutely. I was never at any point in either playthrough hurting for money, at least not after selling all the shotguns lying around in Detroit. I’m fairly sure that if you’re actively searching for stuff and selling what you don’t need, you can buy every item from every vendor (excluding weapons) and still have cash left over. The only thing I ever wanted more of was Praxis.

      Even then, on my second play through I ended the game missing only a dozen augmentation points for a full board. One of the main problems with the replayability of the game is that each playthrough involves essentially the same augmentations as the last.

      Bought this lot yesterday, for the sake of completeness. I was rather disillusioned by the game dropping all the weapons into my inventory at the start of the first mission. You begin the game with a silent sniper rifle, shotgun and handful of remote explosives on top of the standard weapon of choice. That part is definitely off.

    • Fierce says:

      I truly felt the same way.

      Other than checking the first sniper rifle I found to see if it supported a Silencer and then dumping it disappointed and didn’t use it when I realized it didn’t, I never once thought that the normal game lacked anything.

      After hacking everything, and making a few packmule runs to the shops when a bunch of assault rifles were lying on the ground, I regularly walked right into a hub, bought the two praxis kits @ LIMB, and then went about my business barely noticing I’d spent any money.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I thought the number of praxis kits you could buy was well-balanced. By the end of the game, I had filled out every part of the aug tree I cared about, and just a few areas were blank or partially filled.

      If more praxis kits had been for sale, I would have filled out everything, because money sure wasn’t scarce. That’s something I always find unsatisfying in RPG’s or semi-RPG’s like Fallout 3 or Mass Effect 1 where you can max out the skill tree (or come very close to it). You start the game thinking you have to make hard choices about where to upgrade, and by the end it doesn’t matter.

    • malkav11 says:

      That’s already true of Deus Ex 3. But then, more praxis kits would certainly imbalance things further.

  8. diebroken says:

    “DLC is a messed up business.”

  9. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I got the stuff with my preorder, and I don’t think any of it is worth money, including the mission. It’s not a bad mission, but it contains nothing that is special in any way, and it’s pretty short. Some guards to knock out/shoot/avoid, some airducts to crawl through, some PCs to hack, a little dialogue, that’s it.

    The 10.000 credits don’t change much. There is a ridiculous amount of money to be found in this game, and 10.000 credits are earned quickly.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      I was swimming in money, I walked through china with 80000$ in my pockets and guess what.


      Which is the game’s invisibility ammo.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      During the mission in the FEMA base I was dropping stuff from my inventory to make room for a combat rifle, so that I could sell it later. Then I realized how completely pointless that was, because I already had much more money than I could possibly spend. I haven’t sold anything since then – and I’m still richer than ever, despite buying six Praxis kits.

  10. Ba5 says:

    The Tong mission was terrible. Run into an extremely small base, hack a computer, talk to him, done.

    Compared to the BF3 beta however, it’s GotY material, as the Tong mission actually fucking works.

  11. fugo says:

    fyi i didn’t preorder but found i could gift myself grenade launchers and silenced sniper rifles with the debug menu mod..

    • Bull0 says:


    • Torn says:

      Priced DLC for stuff which already ships with the game: amazing(ly shortsighted). At least Mass Effect’s DLC required a download and patched in the missing content.

      Save money and grant yourself the weaps + 10k credits?

    • TechRogue says:

      You can give yourself objectives from the debug menu as well. Haven’t tried it myself, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could get the extra missions that way.

  12. Fox89 says:

    Whatever the pack is that comes with Automatic Unlocking Devices, consider that one. I got the lot with my pre-order, and whilst the bonus mission was OK and some of the weapons were cool, the AUDs were the best addition.

  13. Quizboy says:

    Having unexpectedly got the Explosive pack with a copy I just walked into a shop and bought, I thought the extra mission was okay: a bit forgettable, but the basic mechanism of stealthing around in HR is always fun. On the other hand the auto-unlocker tool things are far, far too common and cheap, and kind of break the game a bit by letting you slap one on a lock and duck back into cover rather than having to expose yourself to the guards (hem hem, that’s what I call remote unlocking, etc). The remote detonation dealies were outside my Jensen’s stealthy area of interest, and the grenade launcher showed up so late I didn’t even fire it once.

  14. LionsPhil says:

    …plain DX:HR doesn’t have a silenced sniper rifle? The same thing you could get really, really early on in DX1, as part of being an Evil Stealthy Murder Bastard player? (I can’t remember exactly how far in the first silencer weapon mod shows up, but the rifle part is obviously an option from Paul.)

    • Gnoupi says:

      The tranquilizer gun is silent. Why would you even use bullets? :-]

    • Zenicetus says:

      The tranq gun is silent, but sleeping guards can be woken up, if you trigger an alarm. Or if you tranq someone in a location where you can’t quickly drag the body, and it’s on a patrol path for other guards.

      At first I was annoyed at not having a silencer for the sniper rifle, but the pistol with a silencer, laser dot, and full upgrades works very well, even at long distances. I loved sneaking around and head-shotting with the silenced pistol. By the end of the game, I wasn’t really missing a silenced rifle. It would have made some situations way too easy..

    • bleeters says:

      Indeed. Truth be told, I ditched my silenced sniper rifle as soon as I could and used my pistol the entire game. It really is hilariously good for stealth work: accurate at generally every range you’re required to shoot at people from, the bullets penetrate helmets and body armour, and ammunition for it is pretty much everywhere.

      That, and it’s quiet enough to fire it into the ground and draw guards away to investigate without them immediately making your position.

  15. non_entity says:

    Did we miss any of this stuff? Yeah. The Silenced Sniper. As the EU version of the Limited Edition (damn Augmented Edition pre-order mess) only had the other DLC we never saw this one.

    Yeah, I managed my lethal stealth run without it but damn it would have been convenient sometimes. So yeah, got it, for €1,49, fine with me. Not gonna help me in my current non-lethal stealth run though, doh.

  16. BobbleHat says:

    All this came with the Augmented Edition, which I only chose to get because Amazon was doing it for the same price as Steam sold the standard version for. Threw away the bonus weapons right at the beginning, because I was going for a non-lethal playthrough, and the extra 10,000 credits just meant money was never an issue (not sure if there’s a struggle to buy things at the beginning of the game otherwise). The bonus mission was simply another crawl through an identikit sewer base, but I suppose meeting Tracer Tong was a nice touch.

  17. Makariel says:

    At no point I was feeling “this game would be better if I’d have 10.000 credits and a grenade launcher”, thus I’ll skip. Thank you.

  18. thegooseking says:

    You get to talk to Tracer Tong briefly in the explosive one. It’s a very intangible bonus. It doesn’t change the game itself, but it does make it feel more tied into the original. Hard to measure the value of that, and whether it’s worth the cost of a sandwich, really. Everything else, I can take or leave, really. I did use the remote explosives in one of the boss fights, but it would have been just as easy to use regular grenades.

  19. nimzy says:

    I was bothered because in the original, the sniper rifle accepted the silencer upgrade. And it doesn’t, without the DLC. I didn’t touch the weapon after discovering this.

  20. henben says:

    You haven’t mentioned that the Explosive pack comes with the automatic unlocking dealies – not only do you get a few at the beginning, but there are more available to buy throughout the game. It adds an interesting extra mechanic, because it means you can hack any lock without investing Praxis, but you have limited unlocks, so you have to guess which doors/safes are really worth it

    Also, the remote detonated explosives (which, again, can be bought/found throughout the game) are really good for playing stealth. You can leave one on the other side of a level, detonate it and then slip past while all the guards are distracted. They’re also good for ambushes.

    I think this is the first time I’ve seen a “preorder”* “bonus” which really makes a significant difference if you don’t have it. Especially given that Deus Ex is supposed to be about player agency and different approaches. If I had ended up with a version of the game lacking these extra tools, I would be annoyed.

    I’m not sure why there hasn’t been a lot more outrage about this, given how much fuss there was over completely cosmetic horse armour.

    * I actually got it anyway because I bought at Game.

    • mmalove says:

      Myself, I’m not more outraged by it because I’ve sort of accepted DLC as the norm, and responded with my digital wallet accordingly. I rarely would buy a game at the full 50 dollar price, now that it’s almost guaranteed the game will continue to leak out DLC for additional charges I simple WON’T buy a game for 50 dollars. I’ll wait for the price to drop, to see what happens with DLC and usually, for the GOTY edition that includes it all.

    • MattM says:

      Yeah, I love bioware games, but I am never playing another one until the GOTY comes out. They frequently continue main game storylines in DLC. I don’t really want to boot up an rpg months later for one more mission but I do want to see the end of things

  21. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I will assume the mission is shit until i’m told otherwise, no news is usually bad news with this kinda thing.

  22. Hey What? says:

    In game advertisements? Re-releasing preorder DLC? Looks like square is trying to catch up to big bro EA and activision.

  23. Simon Hawthorne says:

    I’ve just bought DE:HR on OnLive for £1 – just interested if anyone knows how OnLive handled DLC (seeing as technically it wont be DL in the usual way)?

  24. Paul says:

    Compare this pathetic shit to what CD Projekt Red are doing.

    Why do other companies than CDP have to be such an assholes?

  25. Berzee says:

    No horse armor, no deal.

  26. Danarchist says:

    I would really like to break into my “Never Pre order, just not worth it” diatribe again, but I am actually busy at work today and everyone’s heard it hehe.

    • dr.castle says:

      In the USA at least, some retailers offer substantial preorder discounts. I got my preordered copy for $40 USD, which was at least $5 cheaper than it was available anywhere at launch. Preordering is often a good idea if you know you want to play a game immediately (at-or-around launch) and not wait for it to go on sale.

    • malkav11 says:

      My preorder was $30.

  27. Shooop says:

    The fact they had pre-order exclusives (not early access to the goods but exclusivity) was bad enough.

    This is in horrible taste.

  28. dr.castle says:

    I preordered the game and got this stuff, and can tell you they are absolutely not worth spending any money on. I honestly can’t believe they’re being sold. All the tactical enhancement pack does is give you a silenced sniper rifle and sawed-off shotgun to start the game (maybe another item or two as well). So it allows you to start the game with more powerful weapons than you would normally have. These are not exclusive weapons or anything, you will find them eventually anyway (although the shotgun is somewhat rare).

    So basically if you bribe Squeeniz with a quid, they will let you start with better weapons. Great.

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Neither of those weapons show up in the game if you don’t have the DLC. It’s not merely a case of you simply getting them on the first mission.

  29. chelseascum says:

    How much did you pay for DX:HR, Adam? I got it for £28 from Play, with the Explosive MissionDLC. This wasn’t a preorder, I bought it after the game was released. With the Tactical Enhancement DLC it’ll take it up to £29.19 for me – still cheaper than the £30 RRP.

    Maybe you just suck at buying games?

    • The Colonel says:

      £30 for a PC game. I never thought this day would come.

  30. neolith says:

    This is exactly why I despise DLC in all forms. It’s always more or less a ripoff. In this case more – this is VERY close to horse armour.

    I bought the augumented version of the game because of the (sadly mediocre) artbook and got a truckload of money and two weapons I never asked for. Oh, and a free version of the worst mission in the game. This stuff is really not worth any money.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love most parts of the game to death – but this DLC stinks.

    The funny thing is, it could be very, very easy to get me ridiculously excited about more stuff for games I love. But apparently no gamestudio wants to do proper full blown addons that take place after the main story any more. It’s a shame… :(

    • KenTWOu says:

      neolith says:
      Oh, and a free version of the worst mission in the game.

      Tong’s rescue mission is definitely better than Corporate Warfare mission. So it’s not the worst mission in the game.

  31. JackDandy says:

    All this DLC bullshit is getting on my nerves.

  32. buzzmong says:

    I pre-ordered so I’ve played with them, they’re not worth buying in my opinion.

    To sum up:

    Det Packs. Quite awesome. But they take up two blocks each and you can only have two in a stack.

    Silenced Sniper Rifle: Pointless. Can’t accept damage upgrades, so does half the damage of the regular sniper rifle, meaning even headshots aren’t insta kills. Ergo, tranq rifle is more powerful and useful in all situations.

    Shotgun. Actually quite good, but you won’t use it due to the stealth emphasis the XP system has.

    When you preordered, the above get dumped in your inventory at the start of the game (when you go to Sarif’s factory), taking up nearly all of the unaugmented inventory. Which makes that level quite hard.

    AUD’s: Rareish. You’ll level up hacking asap anyway so rendered pointless.

    Grenade Launcher: Given for doing the Tracer Tong mission. Hardly any ammo in the game. Worth keeping to use on the third boss when it makes it easier than using the takedown glitch.

    10k Credits: Allows you to buy 2 Praxis earlier than you normally would. Handy at the start.

    Personally, I wouldn’t bother.

    • malkav11 says:

      AUDs let you -skip- hacking, though, which makes them worth all the credits in the world. Fucking minigames.

  33. anduz says:

    I didn’t preorder, in fact I got it like a month later and I still got both of those “preorder” codes included in the game box.

  34. Dhatz says:

    listing all stuff the game told me was for limited edition, akak DLc is remote explosives, silenced sniper, souble barrel, automatic unlocker device, mission for tong and a nade launcher i think? there was some in late level besides it being quest reward.

  35. Robot-Scott says:

    The debug mod lets you add the weapons for free. Not sure about the quests though. (And the debug mod may need updating to work with this new patch). Just google Deus Ex Debug mod for info and installation.