Rage: Two Barrels Is A Commercial Incentive

Yeah, all this malarky about pre-order bonuses leaves me a bit uninterested, and I tend to gloss over such news. This one, however, had me say “Aw.” And also “C’mon.” You know in that imploring, almost disbelieving way? The double barrel shotgun in Rage is only (so far) available if you pre-order, and therefore get the Anarchy edition. So a post-apocalypse game, by Id, where the sawn off double-barrel shotgun is only available as a bonus item.

Really? C’mon. There’s a bunch of other pre-order items, if you care, and they’re illustrated in the video below. (Worth noting: Bethesda tell us that we won’t be getting any early access to the PC version of the game, so we can’t review it before it comes out, so we can’t tell you whether or not to pre-order! Ha.)


  1. duncanthrax says:

    Well, I guess the bittorrent edition will have all the extras included.

    • mkultra says:

      I’m going to seed for at least a month.

    • obvioustroll says:

      They can’t complain about piracy when they pull shit like this.

      They’ll be putting unskippable trailers before the game starts next.

    • Orija says:

      You can’t complain about consolization when you pull shit like this.

    • mwoody says:

      @Orija: /applaud

    • Balobam says:

      Actually screw my original comment, this has nothing to do with consolisation, this has everything to do with game developers thinking it’s alright to only include certain parts of a game for those who buy it at a higher price, when they don’t know what it’s like AND at the same time don’t give RPS a reviewer copy to in turn give us an opinion on the game.

      It’s bullshit, I’m not gonna say I don’t pirate, because I do, but I also buy every single game I enjoy, I still preorder stuff if I have high hopes for it. But this is just ridiculous “You can enjoy everything in the game IF you buy it before you know what it’s going to be like”.

      EDIT: Not that it really matters, but I figure I’ll just say, I wont even be pirating this

    • Ian says:

      *also applauds Orija*

    • GenBanks says:

      Yeah I roll my eyes until they get stuck when people say they’re pirating to make a point.

    • Bull0 says:

      I don’t believe people who say “I onry pirate becos there’s no demo and then if i like it i buy it”. I just don’t believe them, I’m not sure why.

    • Mehbah says:

      @ Orija

      Except they can, because Bethesda are the ones pulling stupid shit for no reason.

      They take things out of the game only to force you to preorder to get it. That means that, in order to get the whole game, you need to buy the game blind. Say what you will about the current state of video games journalism and reviews, but the reviews are at least something to base your opinion on.

      The last game I preordered for bonus items was Brink. CYRI claims I pass the minimum settings, at least. Turns out the game was absolutely ridiculously buggy on ATI cards for a good while, and it’s still barely playable for me with absolutely everything turned off (I had to manually turn off shadows).

      They force you to buy a game without any demos or reviews if you want to get the full game. This is simply not possible to justify. It’s a complete asshole move. Even if you’re for free market capitalism, it breaks the basic idea, that customers buy what they consider to be good products or services. Because this way, they don’t know anything about the game aside from the hype. Or outright lies, in some cases (From Dust, anyone?).

      “It’s not a necessary part of the game” is nothing but a stupid slippery slope. Yeah, neither is anything but a pistol or assault rifle necessary in an FPS. Music or sound? Not necessary, you can still complete the game.

      You can bet your ass many of the people who will pirate the game will do it either because they:
      1. Want all the DLC/removed content without buying it blind.
      2. Are angry at Bethesda/Id because of this.
      3. Just want to try the real game before buying it.

      Will there be those who pirate it just because they’re cheap? Yes. Does that justify screwing the legit customers? No.

    • Balobam says:

      Bull0, the thing is I’m one of those people, and I agree with you.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I just don’t believe them, I’m not sure why.

      I’ve tried to do this (pirate, try, then buy), but it never works out. In the past five years, I’ve pirated a few games that I was on the fence about. I never played a single one for more than 30 minutes. They all got deleted.

      Now I just stick with games I’m sure I’ll like. That’s a pretty small list of games per year, but it works for me.

    • Orija says:

      @Mehbah, I agree with all your points and I’m pissed off as much as anyone about DRM and all this pre-order bullshit. The thing is, pirating games is not the solution if anything it will only compound the problem.

    • LowKey says:

      While I agree that the pre-order stuff is frustrating it’s Bethesda’s game, they can manage it and sell it however they like, if you dont like how they do it then that’s fine don’t play their game but I hardly think their awkward and greedy techniques give you the right to steal it

    • Taidan says:

      There is a happy medium.

      Buy the game, pirate the hell out of all of the pre-order bonuses.

    • Bull0 says:

      Basically, legitimate customers have to put up with shit like this precisely because some of you refuse to follow the rules. But we -the obedient, respectful majority – tend to just get on with it – you inconsiderate folks seem to both flout the rules and moan, bitch, and boast about how you break the rules and how their actions justify yours but naturally the reverse can’t be possible because causality simply doesn’t exist when it makes you responsible for your actions and they all have loads of money in their big corporation buildings being all corporationy so screw them anyway.

      Which is why we don’t agree with you, and aren’t sympathetic. Hate was a strong word though, and I apologise.

    • zergrush says:

      If I ever buy this game I’ll simply pirate the DLC.

      Did that in pretty much every game with a pre-order bonus since Mass Effect 2 or so, and in most cases it’s pretty irrelevant stuff ( being unable to move at the start of New Vegas due to the ridiculous amount of stuff on the inventory was pretty fun tho ).

    • Balobam says:

      Do you people genuinely believe that these pre-order bonuses are a retaliation to piracy? How the crap does that work? “People have been pirating our games!” “Let’s get ’em back by creating something that will do absolutely nothing for anyone unless they pre-order it! And even then all they get is a gun!”

      Seriously that doesn’t even make sense, DRM is a retaliation to piracy, one that doesn’t work because pirates don’t get it whilst people who buy it do. LOGIC.

    • Bull0 says:

      DRM doesn’t make much sense either -as you said yourself- because the pirates simply crack it and distribute a version with it removed. I think we’ve established publishers’ responses to the piracy problem are less than agile – funny that you will say “that can’t be true because it doesn’t make sense, this other thing doesn’t make sense either but it’s true, SEE?! LOGIC!? Something went wrong there, I think. Try again.

      To be fair though, this was a discussion about day-one dlc that derailed into a discussion of DRM and piracy, and you have a legitimate complaint on that basis.

    • LowKey says:

      I don’t think its any attempt to stop piracy, I recognise its a strategy to make a lot of money, but again its their product they can do what they want with it

    • Orija says:

      @Balobam Obviously no. The thing is that piracy achieves nothing, other than more draconian measures by publishers and consolization.

    • Balobam says:

      Bull0, okay fair point, but it makes LESS sense than DRM, because as long as it’s not online, it can downloaded anyway and offers NO preventative measures against piracy, whereas DRM at least tries, albeit failing.

      Orija, I’m not defending piracy, I don’t think people should pirate things and not buy them if they have the money. But to blame piracy for consolisation is just ridiculous, as they’re the response to DRM. And loads of PC indie devs are still making money when they don’t even have their own DRM systems. Look at Minecraft, so far it’s been purely PC based and now Mojang is a multimillion dollar company. So to say piracy=consolisation is just as stupid, if not moreso, as saying piracy=the only logical response to something they don’t agree with.

    • IncredibleBulk92 says:

      It is ridiculous when publishers decide that the fairest way (or the way they make the most money ) to dole out DLC is to give each and every store a different pre-order exclusive. It means that people like us either go without or pay about £400. It’s not so bad at the moment with pointless skins being the bonuses but when Bioware start offering exclusive characters or missions (see kasumi) as pre-order exclusives then I’m going to start pirating every game that does it out of protest.

    • Bull0 says:

      Consolization = “we have better sales on consoles, and we perceive that may be wholly or in part down to piracy on PC, so we’ll develop our games chiefly for consoles and spend as little as possible porting them over to the PC, or just don’t bother releasing them on the PC at all”

      As such, it’s a reaction to piracy. I’m not saying it’s justified – piracy rates vary wildly but publishers seem to treat it as a foregone conclusion- but people like duncanthrax don’t help with the perception, and perception is enough

    • mkultra says:

      @ Bull0

      Piracy isn’t the reason the bullshit preorder bonuses are popping up all over the place. Obedient customers with loose wallets and little sense of empowerment are. What gives a studio more incentive to include preorder bonuses: an increase in piracy parallel to increasing bonuses or an increase in revenue parallel to increasing bonuses?

      Seeding for two months now.

    • Mehbah says:

      @ Orija

      True, it won’t solve anything. But it’s more or less the only way for people to protest, or at least the only way that they perceive leads anywhere at all. Pirating the game, and helping others pirate it if they themselves wouldn’t have bought it, is a way to make those who do things like Bethesda/Id are doing here, lose money. It’s not perfect, but they see it as revenge for a dick move. Which of course will just lead to publishers going “see, now we need more DRM, and you all brought it on yourselves!” Certainly, there will always be pirates, but you’re going to get less pirates and more legit customers if you just treat the legit ones well.

      @ Taidan

      That is not a happy medium at all, actually. All you’re doing is showing that it’s perfectly fine for publishers and developers to pull this shit, while ALSO giving them reason to go “there are lots of pirates, we need more restrictive DRM”.

      @ Bull0

      You’re rather full of it. Lots of pirates only pirate because they get treated badly by the ones making the games. No demos, day one/on disc DLC, bad DRM, and so on. Like I said above, that doesn’t mean they’re right or justified, but the only ones you should blame here are the ones punishing the legit customers for what pirates do. Does DRM affect pirates? No, they’ll probably be playing it before the release date anyway. Does DLC like this affect pirates? No, they’ll just pirate it. Pirates pirate, you can’t stop it, but you can stop treating the paying ones badly.

      Also, regarding the debate about whether people pirate to demo: it happens. I know a person who wanted to know if a game would run on their computer, but there was no demo and the developers wouldn’t respond when he contacted them. This is pre-CYRI, by the way, though as you can see in my previous post, they can’t be trusted either. So he pirated the game, played it, but ended up going “screw it, I’ll just keep playing the pirated copy”. Welp, lost sale because the developers wouldn’t give vital information.

      I myself may or may not have pirated various games, ended up liking them, and bought them. I may or may not have actually completed a game, and still bought a new copy because I liked it. I may or may not have pirated a game, liked it, and bought two copies, one for a friend. None of them had demos, of course. Hypothetically, I mean.

      So yeah, it happens. But since demos have become a thing of the past, people pirate to try it, and then the developers go “oh my god look at these piracy numbers, this proves that we’re justified in treating the customers badly”. It’s an evil circle, and the ones that truly are to blame are the blind developers and publishers. Pirates are bad, stop focusing on them, and stop giving your customers shit because of them.

    • elfbarf says:

      Unfortunately, Square Enix/Eidos have already started doing that with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. One of the pre-order bonuses was the “Explosive Mission” pack which included 2 exclusive weapons, an exclusive gadget of sorts, AND an exclusive mission featuring an important character from the original Deus Ex. Of course to obtain this, you were required to pre-order a retail copy of the game for full price as opposed to taking advantage of the MUCH better prices from various digital download websites (I got my copy from GreenManGaming for $28). Thankfully they made the pack purchasable yesterday for a fairly reasonable price ($3) but it was still wrong to make actual content a pre-order bonus.

    • Bull0 says:

      @mkultra my advice is “read all the comments before giving us yours”. we’ve established that we got sidetracked and i apologised – i offered the counterargument that “DRM doesn’t make much sense either, these people are stupid” but I didn’t say “Yes, preorder bonuses are to fight piracy” and I apologised for going that way with it. Pay attention.

      @mehbah I’m not going to fully read a comment that opens “You’re full of it” – my time’s worth more – but I can see you want to get into chicken/egg territory. Fine. Without access to an incredible amount of statistical data about user habits and measures taken in every game released since the dawn of time it will be very hard to say whether piracy started because of publishers taking the piss or publishers started taking the piss because of piracy – i couldn’t give a shit how it started, never meant to imply I thought one came before the other – as we’ve established I think only a researcher would be able to tell you at this point – all I know is their justification for DRM is piracy and that’s why we stand where we do right now. Until one side – the pubs or the rats – moves, we won’t know who’s more guilty, but as you’re both quite happy blowing eachothers’ heads off – you ratting the game, them locking it up with ever-more-piss-taking drm – I’m quite happy to call you both sods and leave it there.

      Oh and that whole “it’s what they use to justify it” thing is exactly what I fucking said, not “they started doing it becos u pirated commander keen”. Words should only come out of mouths, not get forced into them.

    • HothMonster says:

      pre-order bonuses exist to separate fools from their money and get people to buy shitty games before they know better. The internet got rid of, “well the ads were cool and the box art is neat I think I’ll buy it” and it turns out to be a complete pile of horseshit. Now people can wait till a couple of days after release and make an informed decision based on readily available reviews and youtube footage, so now publishers use pre-order bonuses sucker people into buying crap before they have a chance to learn about they game from someone other than the publisher.

      Also consolization has nothing to do with PC piracy its more related to the fact that their is a much larger audience for console games. While we certainly have the better system there are tons of people who like how easy it is to just stick the disc in a drive, turn on their tv and lay on the couch. They don’t want to deal with installs or hardware upgrades and can’t figure out why their 200$ emachine can’t play crysis. So devs can make games that only the 40 million pc gamers can play or ones that the 100s of millions of console gamers and pc gamers can play. (numbers are vague estimates, i know there are under 40 million steam users(lord knows how many duplicate or dummy accounts) and 50 million xbox 360s sold(while half of them may very well just be replacements for RRODs) as of January with a nearly equal number of ps3)

    • rayne117 says:


      If developers/publishers see that a game is being pirated because of preorder crap then they’ll know they fucked up. If they DON’T see that, then it’s their own faults for being stupid.

    • Capital-T-Tim says:

      “If developers/publishers see that a game is being pirated because of preorder crap then they’ll know they fucked up. If they DON’T see that, then it’s their own faults for being stupid.”

      Games are pirated in large numbers both when they have preorder crap and when they don’t have preorder crap; they’re pirated both when they have DRM and when they don’t have DRM; they’re pirated both when they’re expensive and when they’re part of a pay-what-you-want deal.

      Games are pirated because people choose to pirate them. The persistent belief among some pirates that piracy is sending a particular message is juvenile.

    • KenTWOu says:

      @rayne117 says:
      If developers/publishers see that a game is being pirated because of preorder crap then they’ll know they fucked up. If they DON’T see that, then it’s their own faults for being stupid.

      CD Projekt Red is definitely smart enough! At least they allowed you to download all preorder and special edition DLCs for free!
      link to en.thewitcher.com
      Later they even included all DLCs in patch 1.2

      Wait… I still see The Witcher 2 on pirate bay!

      I’m with you!

    • Inarborat says:

      I’m astounded by the petulant whining here. Yes, pre-order bonuses and DLC sucks but I think we’re past the point of constantly bitching about it. Enough people buy it for publishers to continue doing so. If it’s not worth the money, you’re a fucking fool and are only further supporting the consolisation of PC gaming. No, piracy won’t be the death of PC gaming but it certainly doesn’t help in any way shape or form. Pre-order bonuses are NEVER going to stop so suck it up.

      Face it, most of you weren’t going to buy the game anyways and is a pre-order bonus of a few in-game items really that much of a slap in the face to make all these grandstanding comments of “I’ll show ’em by downloading it!”? I bet the lot of you are furiously masturbating whilst playing the Battlefield 3 beta…a game put out by a far, far more nefarious publisher than Bethesda/ZeniMax.

      I always thought the RPS crowd had a touch of class but I guess I was mistaken. Makes me want to go out and buy a PS3 and not have to hear entitled whiners so much.

    • LostViking says:

      Piracy won’t go away, but it can be reduced by making it easier to buy games and by providing more value to buyers in general (even if it means the pirates also get a better game).

      To the people so outraged about piracy. Are you a threat and a problem to PC developers and gamers if you buy 5 games a year on average while pirating X number of games (X being any number above 0) ?

    • enobayram says:

      You guys realize console games can be pirated too, right? Maybe we should all buy consoles and pirate games on them, so that the games are PCfied

    • theblazeuk says:

      So…. no one thinks that consoliz(s?)ation might have more to do with the huge expansion in the market over the last few years, top-down pressure from the big publishing forces of Sony/Microsoft, the ready market and the generally less-discerning nature of console owners*?

      *No slight intended just that everyone knows someone who buys every single damn game for their console.

      Also people who say “can we move past the negativity and just accept it” make me throw up a little. You are enablers of entropy, quislings to mediocrity, needless compromise and exploitation. There’s a difference between RAGING and valid complaint (though it’s a fine line) but I’ll take both if the only other option is just mute acceptance and silent approval of something that is really a shitty deal for everyone.

    • Dhatz says:

      can’t there ever be a time without bitching about one’s onesided opinions for 50 posts or so?

  2. Uglycat says:

    The only thing that pre-ordering bonus items does for me, is to make me wait until the GOTY editions come out at a much reduced price on steam.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Indeed. Likewise with the “no advanced copies for reviewers”.

    • Fede says:

      Yeah, GOTY is always cheaper and usually has all the content, pre-order bonuses and DLC included.
      And it will stay like this as long as most people want to play it as soon as it’s out.

    • Mctittles says:

      I think it’s funny how everyone knows there will be a GOTY edition of a game, even though GOTY should be an award won for….Game of the Year. Love how many games just give it to themselves.

    • MajorManiac says:

      Just to add another good reason; GOTY editions usually have all the bugs ironed out.

    • Askeladd says:

      This is exactly what I plan for Fallout NV.

    • Myros says:

      Good advice.

      And agree with the GOTY thingie … kinda like when MJ gave himself the lifetime achievment award.

    • bear912 says:

      It’s possible I might have gotten my copy for free…

      With hats. Really, TF2 hats should be an IMF-recognized currency…

    • Balobam says:

      I… I thought they were? Boy are my Bank gonna pissed… “He tried to pay off his mortgage with 12 ‘Bills Hats’ and a ‘Maxs Head’, though sir, I must admit, they look rather dapper”

    • mejoff says:

      When I release my first game, I’m going to call it the ‘Best Newcomer’ edition.

    • bear912 says:

      I guess, to put it another way, I would not preorder RAGE if I actually had to pay 60 USD for it. A nice hat, though? I trust id Software enough to risk a hat on their new IP.

      If nothing else, I’ll get a copy of a new Carmack engine, and some incredibly detailed maps for it, even if the game itself is rubbish.

      Those are my feelings, for what they’re worth…

      … in hats.

  3. Dawngreeter says:

    Obligatory pay-nothing-get-everything post underlining lost desire to part with money even though game caught interest.

  4. Shooop says:

    This “exclusives for pre-orders only” bullshit has to stop. Deus Ex is guilty of this too.

    • diebroken says:

      Is this DLC going to be “DX:HR exclusive” or really just “exclusive”?

    • Shooop says:

      I don’t follow you diebroken. Do you mean will they try to sell you the content later?

    • diebroken says:

      What I’m trying to say is that when advertising/marketing claim pre-order DLC/content to be “exclusive” to a game only at the time of pre-order, in actuality it might only be a time-constrained “exclusive”.

      As with the case of DX: HR, I can’t recall any mention of the pre-order “exclusive” DLC/content being on Square-Enix’s agenda to be sold after initial release.

      Does anyone know if that will be the case for RAGE’s Anarchy Edition pre-order DLC/content – is it going to be only available for pre-order or what? I guess that’s what I’m really concerned with: not pre-ordering means that you might not get access to all content for a game (as originally thought).

    • elfbarf says:

      Both pre-order bonus packs were made available on Steam yesterday for $3 and $2. The more expensive pack actually includes an additional side-quest which features one of the main characters from the original Deus Ex.

    • Shooop says:

      As of right now we don’t know. No one’s played a full version of the game so we can’t tell if the pre-order shotgun is something you’re given earlier than usual or you won’t find period. The former is less sinister, but still annoying.

      And charging people anything for little things the game should include in the damn files (whether it be a guarantee of purchase or money) is a really shitty thing to do elfbarf. So Square-Enix is forgiven for nothing.

  5. UncleSmoothie says:

    No advance copies for reviewers? That doesn’t bode well.

    • TheTingler says:

      It’s sadly only PC reviewers who have to wait, as console reviewers with debug kits are allowed. I think this is more a piracy/leakage worry than anything. Annoying though.

      The game itself, from the couple of hours I’ve played, is great.

    • Bull0 says:



      take your pick, either are valid. It’s like schrodinger’s cat, only for jerks with entitlement issues

  6. Joseph says:

    And not even a silenced sniper rifle!

  7. Vagrant says:

    I hate pre-orders (in a Francis voice). The only thing I hate more than publishers packaging pre-order content, is pre-order content that changes per retailer.

    • Askeladd says:

      And never getting the chance to try out the different ‘bonuses’. Most of the time they are useless anyway.

    • paterah says:

      {wrong reply}

  8. Ovno says:

    No advance review copies: game must be shit.
    + Preorder dlc/incentives: content locked away from people who want to see the reviews before buying,
    game probably shit.


    Id haven’t done a good game in years:game will probably be shit.

    These three things lead me to only one conclusion, the game will probably be shit…

    • figvam says:

      An impeccable analysis with an inevitable conclusion.

    • MajorManiac says:

      I have nothing against Id, and really like what they have achieved. But like I posted about a year ago. I usually look at their games as tech-demos, and cannot wait to see what other games companies can game with the latest Id engine.

      The Quake 3 engine really seemed to push gaming forward at the time. I hope this new one does the same.

    • diebroken says:

      “a cursory evaluation of capabilities indicates a distinct tactical deficiency”

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      I usually look at their games as tech-demos, and cannot wait to see what other games companies can game with the latest Id engine.

      That’s what people always say. And somehow, it never happens. How many third-party games were made with id Tech 4? By my count, it’s a whole two (Prey and Brink), and Prey 2 will make it three.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wouldn’t say it never happens. Quake 1’s engine gave us Half-Life. Quake 3’s had a particularly vigorous run.

      That said, UnrealEngine does seem to rather eat their lunch of late.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      I’m far more interested to see what the mod community can do with this game. Like, for example, adding a double barrelled shotgun.

    • paterah says:

      Id’s last pc game was Doom 3 and it was…bad?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Right. I meant since Quake III, which was actually a decent game in its own right.

      id hasn’t done anything of industry-wide significance in over a decade, which is a bit scary for a company of their reputation.

    • ResonanceCascade says:

      id doesn’t make engines with the purpose of licensing them. Carmack has harped on this for years. The reason so many id engines were licensed back in the day is because they were generally the cream of the crop, so a lot of other companies wanted to use them.


      I think Doom 3 was definitely of industry-wide significance. It was id’s most financially successful game (hard to believe, eh?) and was a big step forward in presentation and technology. Now that all the glitz has faded it’s easy to look back at it as a disappointment, but that was not the general consensus at the time.

    • paterah says:

      I think it’s a bit premature to say that RAGE is gonna be shit because Id does not shake the gaming world like they once did. Ok, Quake 3 was very significant to the gaming industry that doesn’t mean RAGE is gonna be shit because they will never be able to reproduce another game the range of Quake 3. Btw, Doom 3 was of the same significance.

  9. Symitri says:

    Bonuses for pre-ordering only bother me if

    A) The pre-order bonus changes depending on the store you purchase from
    B) They’re restricted to some deluxe pre-order edition where you have to pay more and pre-order together
    C) The items that the pre-order provides are better than anything else that can be obtained

    Otherwise, who cares whether you get a bonus for investing early in the game? I’m sure there are benefits for the publishers to act in this way – gauging interest, able to either invest more or cover some of the investments already made – and you get something out of supporting them.

    • diamondmx says:

      Oh, and avoiding lost sales because of bad reviews or customer outrage. Preorders are being pushed because the hype is almost always much better than the actual game.

      From Dust, I’m looking at you.

  10. torchedEARTH says:

    I’m afraid stuff like this for games I really want gets me every time. I’m a discredit to the human race.

  11. Taverius says:

    Hmmm, pre-ordered this a while ago heh … yeah I’m a sucker I guess :)

    • Mctittles says:

      I was going to pre-order but this BS is making me think twice. I’ll wait until reviews come out for it now.

      Not sure if this is a result of going to bed with Bethseda or if Id just stopped caring for their customers, but either way it sucks.

    • Dusk777 says:

      @ McTitties thats a pretty stupid thing to say, “I was going to preorder, but now i’m getting free stuff i’m not going to”!? How does this even effect your decision? Not trying to troll you just confused by your statement.

    • Christian O. says:

      @Dusk777, it’s really only a stupid decision if your sole motivation is self-interest. If you care about the way businesses do things and have ideas about how they SHOULD do things, then it makes sense.

    • Dusk777 says:

      @Christian O: I work in the industry (I have worked both in games retail and now work for a developer) and the problem is people don’t understand the power and need for high numbers of pre-orders, on a retail level pre-orders are needed to guarantee the amount of copies a store will get. One title in the past was a 1:1 ratio meaning for every pre-order we took we would get another copy of the game. On a development level this shows the publisher the level of interest in the game leading to how many copies actually get printed, there is no point printing a million copies if only a thousand of them sell. Therefore the need for things to sweeten the pre-order deal. Also if the publisher sees there are a definite amount of sales this will also lead to them green lighting more projects for the developer to start work on. I agree that what ever is given with a pre-order should not directly effect the game (i,e multiplayer skins, TF2 items) all weapons should be available for all players irrespective of how they purchased the game, so yeah this is a bit shitty but I see why they have done it.

  12. Gaz says:

    Giving me something extra for something I was going to buy anyway, those utter bastards >.>

    “So a post-apocalypse game, by Id, where the sawn off double-barrel shotgun is only available as a bonus item.”

    While it is a game by Id I don’t think the post-apocalyptic nature of the game is a good argument for it’s inclusion as a default weapon. Ammo conservation, you would think, would be given atleast some consideration in the scenario and a high spread, short range weapon would not be one you’d go to all that often if you’re thinking ahead.

    • Strontium Mike says:

      Practical for the setting or not sawnoff double-barrel shotguns do have a certain iconography in Post Apocalyptic media. Just think Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior, call it a genre staple.

  13. Bull0 says:

    Too many clunkers lately to make pre-ordering stuff a safe bet. Every major studio’s released a shitpail at one time or another. I just can’t do it anymore.

    • Askeladd says:

      Yeah, it’s because it makes me look stupid in my own eyes.

  14. Out Reach says:

    wait so… fists are DLC? You actually don’t have ARMS unless you get the DLC :|

    • Necroscope says:

      rofl! :) What next ? Sprinting will be a DLC ? Doritos and Pepsi beamed directly into your mouth everytime you chain-kill!!!!!!!!!?
      It was a pisser that ID didn’t include the double barrel shotgun for Doom3. This is equally as ridiculous. Why leave out *perhaps* the most iconic weapon? The most fun? Argh! No..no…no.

  15. AMonkey says:

    I won’t be buying Rage on day 1, it doesn’t look that interesting frankly. I guess when I finally decide to buy it I will have to pirate the extra weapons since it would otherwise be locked out for me.

  16. mollemannen says:

    when you see a clip in a trailer were they are shooting straight into the ground and missing all the enemies you know they are playing on console :P

  17. NR says:

    Something about that shotgun seems off, though I can’t tell what exactly….

    And did that guy just make someone’s head explode by punching it?! Mind=Blown (literally).

  18. alh_p says:

    Well, you had to wait till Doom2 to get a double barreled shotgun.

    Does this constitute a useful comment? Probably not shouty/abusive enough for the internet.

    • mejoff says:

      You almost seem to be suggesting that iD have only ever included their ‘iconic’ weapon in one other game, but that can’t be right, that would make a lot of the whining sound a bit silly.

    • alh_p says:

      Before it’s pointed out by anyone esle, it was included in the Quake series -just called the Super Shotgun (SSG), so there is some casue for the attachment/spontaneous rage (ha).

  19. povu says:

    I’m glad Bethesda does not appear to be planning any of this crap for Skyrim.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      although i would totally pre-order skyrim if it gave you a double barrelled shotgun.

  20. Turin Turambar says:

    I disapprove this newfangled commercial tactic, but eh, i have the game preordered so…

    More important, NEW GAMEPLAY TRAILER

    • Bull0 says:

      for a minute there, I was sure you were a bot and that was a link to a handbag shop

  21. porps says:

    i lost faith in id awhile ago and this changes nothing. they havent made a good game since quake3, and i doubt rage will be any different

  22. Glycerine says:

    But the balloon…that’s still for everyone, right? No worries then! Fair trade.

  23. bwion says:

    I’m personally looking forward to the post-order bonuses (same as the pre-order bonuses, and any future DLC, and bug fixes, and whatever the modding community has come up with, all for about a fourth of the price of the base game) which will be available sometime next year.

  24. Bam Stroker says:

    This just became a mid-to-late 2012 purchase. And I’m not one of those people who complain about shit and then just go ahead and buy it anyway. Rage just got bumped to the perimeter of my conscious thought and if they see any of my money it’ll be when I log on to Steam one day and they say “Amazing sale! Rage GOTY Edition for $15!”.

  25. MadTinkerer says:

    I’m not upset about this personally because I already preordered Rage. In fact, I’m much more upset about the fact that the Fallout New Vegas Pip Boy and Rage Flywheel pre-order incentives take up the same slot. Thus, my TF2 Engie can’t have both on him at the same time.

    Also, speaking of New Vegas and recent NV news, I expect the Rage preorder bonus stuff to be available eventually as DLC. It’s funny how one story criticizes one game for making preorder exclusive weapons available separately, and shortly after a story is posted criticizing another game for the fear they won’t make the preorder weapons available separately.

    Look: I don’t care much for them in principle (though as long as I have the preorder items in my TF2 inventory, I might as well equip ’em), but preorder exclusives will never disappear as long as games are produced on multiple platforms and the current console retail business continues as it is. And for each item that ends up being available later, that’s one less thing to be concerned about, especially if you end up complaining about it anyway.

    So yeah. I wanted to have a Pip Boy and Flywheel at the same time, gosh darn it!

  26. Blackcompany says:

    You know, I look at game trailers, previews, etc a little differently, I suspect, than most. Many people tell me I expect too much of games. Likely true. But I know what I want from a game – and from a genre, as well – and so I tend to examine preview videos as a critic, not a fan.
    In short, I am looking for reasons not to get a game. This is especially true when it first comes out, at full price. Particularly when it costs as much as a fully-owned, console copy of the physical game.
    But with Rage (aka RAGE) I could find no reason not to preorder. From the previews it becomes apparent that this game moves and handles like a shooter. On a gamepad, perhaps, but since I have to use a gamepad anyway due to chronic wrist pain (go ahead, make the jokes, I know it set em up) this does not bother me. If I don’t like key bindings I just use an emulator.
    Rage has exploration, a large world, numerous weapons and ammo types. Turrets, spiderbots, vehicles. You can craft items and repair/upgrade gear and weapons. The graphics are pleasing yet playable in a rig the gods didn’t build for out of their own benevolence. Try as I might to find a reason not to purchase Rage I did so.
    But the decision had nothing to do with preorder incentives. I just figured, what the heck, if I know I am getting a game I may as well get the preorder goodies as well. Despite the fact that I despite stuff like this in general.

  27. Zetetic says:

    Jim, I think you should make it explicit that it’s specifically RPS that’s not getting an advance copy, since I’m told that other (UK even) reviewers have done.

  28. Rao Dao Zao says:

    I’d pre-order if it was a QUAD-barrelled shotgun.

    But I will do nothing for only two barrels. No sirree.

  29. jonfitt says:

    Here’s a plan.
    Let’s all just stop pre-ordering games. (It used to have a genuine purpose when you wanted it mailed to you on day one, but now you can just buy and download it) Just ignore them completely until they are out and you have read a review.
    But also! I don’t want to read any more news posts about the guff available if I pre-order from a certain store. Along with pre-announcement-announcements these do nobody any good.

    • TheApologist says:

      I almost entirely agree with this.

      I suppose if a game came with no pre-order exclusivity nonsense, AND I had read a review, AND it was cheaper at pre-order than when released then I might. But the way things are right now, that is the same as saying I will not pre-order games.

  30. 2late2die says:

    I’m probably skipping Rage anyway, there’s only so many games about post apocalyptic world with mutants and zombies running around a man can take. But yeah, I’m not a fan of pre-order bonuses. The way I see it, if you think your game is good you shouldn’t need to provide any incentive for pre-orders anyway. Let the reviews come out so people can decide whether they should buy the game or not.

    Wot I really hate are the store exclusive items. However they spin it, at the end of the day the fact is that wherever you buy the game you’re not actually getting the full product. Not to mention the fact that most of these additions tend to unbalance the game because the items/weapons/whatever are tacked on at the end.

  31. Dusk777 says:

    The game is like 24 quid on shopto to preorder. It’s really not a lot of money for a new ID game.

  32. pupsikaso says:

    I see the PC box has GFWL? Again? WTF? Hasn’t that shit died yet? And I thought the game was available on steam, or are they gonna do that thing again where it’s on steam, but you STILL have to use GFWL?

    • Bostec says:

      Na, get some glasses son, it just saids Games for Windows, your safe at least from that travesty.

  33. ResonanceCascade says:

    I love it when I can sufficiently sum up my opinion in three words. This is stupid.

  34. SanguineAngel says:

    If I am remembering didn’t they do a video a while back showing it off in action for the first time and the chap EXPLICITLY said that the id favourite double barrel shotgun was in there and that it was included because it is the spirit of id games or something along those lines? Basically he made a big deal about how OF COURSE you would have a shotgun because it’s id.

    Anyway, I am not that fussed. I dislike all this pre-order malarky and to be honest most of the time I find pre-order bonuses have a habit of unbalancing the game.

  35. alundra says:

    How the hell did the piracy argument arouse from this???

    Pre order bonuses are companies’ way to entice naive customers/gamers to blindly invest their money on a product that, judging from today’s trend, chances are it will released either full of game stopping bugs or plainly in an unfinished status.

    Gamers need to grow up, if we want to stop this we need to start talking with our money and less by behaving like spoiled children that have to have what they want when they want, and this includes both those who are pre ordering and those who are pirating it for the sake of it.

    *Do not* pre order this crap and *do not* pirate it, I’m sure there are plenty of other better games to spend our money and attention on .

    • Unaco says:

      Customers/Gamers aren’t naive… going by a lot of the comments on here recently, a lot of people can judge a game (usually as being bad) from a few screenshots, a single video, a description of a single video, the name of the game, a paragraph of marketing speak/spiel, the pattern of coffee grounds at the bottom of their cup when they see a press release for a game, too much promotional material, not enough promotional material, or simply from the publisher involved.

    • MSJ says:

      I prefer the Chinese i-ching myself, although dowsing around a press release seems to work to a degree.

  36. diebroken says:

    FFS posts being marked as SPAM… *sigh* one of those days, next it’ll be a problem accessing the BF3 beta…

  37. skurmedel says:

    I don’t think it has anything to do with stopping pirates actually. Mainly, get people to pre-order, which is ideal for them. And to curb second hand trading, at least when it’s somehow tied to an account.

    I don’t like this kind of pre-order incentives, but the review stuff is worse. It just doesn’t bode well.

  38. El_Emmental says:

    yay contempt for cautious customers !

  39. aircool says:

    I always preferred the single barreled shotgun from Doom. Just hearing that ‘BOOM-Click-Click’ takes me back to the good old days ¬_¬

  40. wodin says:

    Very odd. Sometimes I see trailers of this game that look superb…others like this one look terrible…I mean, did I just witness a mutants head explode cos he got a smack to the chops? Oh dear.

    As for the pre order malarky…erm…must download a torrent downloader!

  41. kud13 says:

    Yet another game relegated to “buy on Steam sale” pile.

    That list just keeps growing. Looks like im not buying anything this fall untill the xmass sale.

    • El_Emmental says:

      WARNING: saving for Steam sales may result in an gigantic backlog you’ll never be able to finish, ever.

      Finish as much games as you can before christmas sales, otherwise you’ll drown in your Steam library, and need the help of a websites like backloggery.com (or similar) to regain motivation and get out of this madness

      (nb: I am a victim of Steam sales backlogging… more than 100 games are waiting for me)

  42. Screamer says:

    I actually did pre-order it…..for some reason Rage is a lot cheaper than many other releases :?

  43. oatmeal says:

    I can only speak for myself: If someone “treats me badly” or whips up some crap, I’m not going to download it through BT. It’s tainted to me, I won’t touch it.

    This is the second big title after Diablo III I lost interested in because of some metal-game crap. Another step closer to becoming a non-gamer.

  44. Sigvatr says:

    Fuck paying for this, I want all of the DLC and there is only one way to get it.

  45. Jason Moyer says:

    The retailer I work for just got this in yesterday (obviously we can’t sell it yet). Anyway, I can confirm that the US Retail version for PC, the standard priced one, is the Anarchy Edition. I don’t know if that’s going to be the case in other regions, but it looks like the PC is getting the bonus stuff for free if you buy the DVD.