The Cursed Crusade Delayed, But Trailered

Atlus’ fancy-lookin’ medieval melee-combat game The Cursed Crusade has been delayed until October 25th. I have to admit that I’m definitely interested in playing this one as the swordery looks just right. That said “looks” just right could be very different to the actuality when we get our hands on it. The output from devs Kylotonn Games has, let’s face it, been a bit variable.

A fresh story trailer below sets things up for us, and it features a lot of unsmiling men in armour, doing their thing, as well as some demons.


  1. G_Man_007 says:

    I can’t believe you said ‘actuality’. Thought you were British… :p

    • G_Man_007 says:

      ‘Actuality’ is one of those US words that tightens my crotch

    • MrEvilGuy says:

      Your crotch can only handle the potentiality? You need more women!

    • HexagonalBolts says:

      Gunna just step in and back up big J here and say: it is a perfectly common English word.

    • Llewyn says:

      Jim, etymology’s more complex than that. For example, the 14th century origin of actuality in English cited on that page is for a word with a completely different meaning than the one you used. That said, G_Man is talking complete bollocks (20th c. Aus. slang); actuality as a synonym for reality is firmly British English as well, albeit several centuries later.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      “Jim, etymology’s more complex than that.”

      But no! Surely it’s as simply as what’s in my pocket dictionary.

      But seriously: I am not actually stupid, despite playing games for a living. The point made was merely that it is not an Americanism.

    • mike2R says:

      Remember Alan Clark’s “economical with the actuality”?

      Any word that has been used in an excuse for lying to Parliament counts as British IMO.

    • Shuck says:

      I was reading some article from the BBC recently about the Americanisms that Brits loathe, and it turned out that almost all of them were not, in fact, actually Americanisms. From which I’ve concluded that the British like to get annoyed with words and blame other people for them.

    • rayne117 says:

      As an American, I think I said “actuality” once in an argument. “In all actuality your mother’s a whore.” or something like that. I never hear it as a daily, weekly, or even monthly thing.

  2. Serge says:

    October 25.

    Battlefield 3.

    Nice move, Kylotonn Games! This will be the last blow in EA’s fat gut.

    P.S. Kidding. I know these games are completely different.

  3. CaLe says:

    It’s atrocious. The only good thing about this game is the character animation.

    • xGryfter says:

      Pretty much this, and the animation only seems good because it’s in contrast to everything else in the game which is not good at all. Maybe we will get lucky and they will do some last minute polishing but at this point it’s a pretty big disappointment.

    • Khemm says:

      So, it won’t be a worthy spiritual successor to Severance?
      Shame. :( We need more of such games on PC.

    • Ranaghar says:

      The thing is, those sailing under the black flag with skull and bones already play the game.
      Its not bad i hear .) aside from some quick time events (imagine pres direction key NOW).

      Mild spoiler

      And there are definitely plans for a squeel or something because it has no ending at all.
      or so im told

    • Deccan says:

      This is what happens when you trust the Doge of Venice.

    • rayne117 says:

      Which is odd because most games have terrible animations.

      And the game didn’t look too bad. Sure the story is pretty same-y but eh combat looks promising.

  4. Drake Sigar says:

    Eyebrowhorns are the latest fashion.

    • godgoo says:

      I read this as ‘Eyebrowhores’, then re-read it as ‘Eyebroworms’. Stupid Battlefield 3 sleep deprivation.

  5. Sinomatic says:

    I had no idea so many americans fought in the crusades…

    • sneetch says:

      Sheesh! Learn your hollywoodistory, Americans fought in every major conflict since the dawn of history. Quite often they fought on both sides but sometimes they fought against people speaking English with strange sounding accents or vaguely upper crust Englishmen.

  6. Jimbo says:

    I’d like more chop n stab games without demons / magic / nonsense.

  7. Davie says:

    Maybe good? No gameplay in that trailer, and I can’t be arsed to see if there are any others. Looks like a Steam Sale purchase.

  8. D4t4v4mP says:

    I played the “demo” for this (harharhar) and all i can say is that they can polish some things to make it better but the core design seemed atrocious to me. The game “plays” like this: battle -> cutscene -> battle -> cutscene and so forth.
    Maybe it wouldn’t be so noticeable if they weren’t in a 1:1 ratio but when you battle for 3 mins only to watch a cutscene that lasts 3 mins it gets tiring fast. The good thing is that all cutscenes are skippable.
    As far as the combat is concerned, its main flaw is that it’s very easy even on the highest difficulty. The game gives you a huge window of opportunity to successfully parry so you can avoid attacks from all directions all the time. This, combined with the fact that there is only one parry animation makes most battles look comical later on when all you and your opponent seem to be doing is parrying each others hits.
    There are also some mini puzzles like switch between worlds to destroy X object that is blocking the way but that’s about it.

  9. Ultra Superior says:


  10. cristhianfs says:

    it does not. Dragon Age is miles ahead of this, both in character animation, graphics and voice acting.

  11. Hensler says:

    So… maybe the developer saw the negative reaction to the pirated copy that’s been going around and tried to fix some of it up before release? Interesting.