Ubi Delay Assassin’s Creed: Revelations PC

Eurogamer are reporting that the PC version of the game will now appear 2nd December 2011, a couple of weeks behind the console versions. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has been following Ubisoft’s multiplatform releases over the past couple of years, many of which have been delayed on PC. But let’s not lose perspective over this: that’s actually an improvement over the many months it usually takes for the AC games to arrive on our humming machines.

There will probably some other new games to play that fortnight, I suppose…


  1. sneetch says:

    /Sound of monocle shattering on the marble floor

    My heart! The shock! It’s too much!

  2. skinlo says:


  3. Daiv says:

    Is this included in the Internet Oceans delay, so not only is there a release delay but there is also a nearly week-long period during which the game crosses the Atlantic in a hand-carved coracle?

  4. Thomas says:

    So time to check off “Delayed PC release” to the Ubisoft PC-Release-checklist.

    Now we just need horrible DRM and poor Console Port checked as well. (Horrible DRM is probably already checked, just can’t be bothered following Ubisoft games anymore)

    • woodsey says:

      To be fair (not that they deserve it), I believe Brotherhood was pretty well optimised.

    • somini says:

      Yes it was. Pretty good optimized and with an offline mode that really worked. It just prevented you from getting absurdly rich with investments.

    • simoroth says:

      I’m still massively turned off after AC2. They removed all the graphics options from AC1… which doesn’t even make any sense considering its the exact same engine. Its horrendous with all the LODs popping 5 metres in front of the character and shadow maps at 256^2.

    • diamondmx says:

      The real gold is if they can work in a blatant lie regarding key game features.

    • Schadenfreude says:

      As of Brotherhood they still haven’t fixed support for wireless Xbox gamepads. The wired ones work fine; just plug ’em in and you’re good to go. The wireless are just totally borked; the right stick won’t work properly and the triggers only work as an X-axis.

    • MultiVaC says:

      The hilarious thing is that the wireless controllers work fine if there is a wired one plugged in as a second controller (or maybe as the first, and you just select the wireless second one, I don’t remember exactly, but it’s one of these ways). Apparently all the functionality is there, it just doesn’t recognize the wireless controller. Once it sees the wired one, though, it activates the profile or whatever for the Xbox controllers and it works fine. I’d imagine this would be extremely easy to patch, and even more so to fix in a new game. God dammit, Ubisoft.

    • StenL says:

      That’s weird, my wireless controller was completely unusable as you describe in the first AC game, but since 2, it has been working fine.

  5. tikey says:

    Oh my, what an unexpected turn of events.

    • Mr_Initials says:

      Indeed, as far as I can tell this has never happened before, not counting all those other times it happened.

  6. DevilSShadoW says:

    i have yet to finish brotherhood…
    it’s just too big

    • Aemony says:

      You feel so? I just hit 100% synchronization with everything unlocked, found and played except for 7 lousy hidden flags (takes me about 20-40 min I guess) and a couple of combat oriented achievements. Sure, it took me ~47 hours but most of those was just aimlessly having fun, replaying older missions or completing side-quests. Due to Brotherhood actually having maps for treasures and flags I had no problem just running around and clear the map before I proceeded to the next main quest.

      The main quest itself doesn’t feel very long, though.

  7. Tusque D'Ivoire says:

    first and foremost, i wish they could be honest and more upfront about this. Announce the game for consoles, and admit right there and then, that the PC version will be delayed.

    • Xiyng says:

      This. I don’t understand why they even bother lying they’re going to release the PC version on the same day because they don’t really seem committed to it.

  8. nimzy says:

    You should probably get around to grilling a marketing exec on if this new policy will ever be stated as such. “When did timed exclusives for consoles enter the conversation?”

  9. magnus says:

    Ooooh, 2 weeks instead of a whole month ahead, that’s our bluff called then!

    • Orija says:

      What’s to say that they won’t delay it a bit more after some time?

    • Burning Man says:

      December 2nd is when they reveal the date for their next announcement of a delay, while announcing a delay. I’m predicting a final release date two months before the next AC game, with announcements spread out over delays that slowly increase with time.

  10. Buemba says:

    I’m sure the delay will result in a better port.

    That’s what happened with From Dust and Driver, right guys? I hear you can’t even tell those were developed for consoles first.

  11. Shooop says:

    It takes time to talk yourself into believing your crappy DRM is working and no one has broken it wide open already.

  12. Bobsy says:

    A what surprise fucking.

    (rearrange as needed)

  13. Coins says:

    Hey, what a surprise! An Ubisoft game that is delayed for the PC! This is the first time such an event has unfolded!

  14. alundra says:

    I still not finish the first two, to play AC1 I need to plug off the internet connection, the game keeps phoning home every now and then (since this was never mentioned I guess it was an stealthy way to test run the always online drm) and since the server in phones to seems to have been taken off, the game freezes every now and then if it finds a working internet connection.

    AC2, well, I did “test run” it, don’t worry this was much later after it was released so UBI’s feelings were not that hurt, I’m still waiting for them to remove the drm malware (it’s been proven with From Dust that they can do it) so I can purchase it, and hopefully brotherhood too, and not have the same thing happening as with AC1, enough money was wasted on that.

  15. kyrieee says:

    This is getting silly.
    Ubi could use some new PR people too

    • diamondmx says:

      I think the only PR team that can help them now is a tanto and a haiku.

      They have dishonoured themselves greatly. (Guess who’s been playing Shogun2)

  16. SAeN says:

    Ignoring the fact that it’s a ubi game being delayed, this makes complete sense. If anyone else was planning to push a game back from the 15th, where it would be in the shadow of Skyrim, then we’d all acknowledge this as a logical business move.

    • ulix says:

      It would be considered a logical business move if they’d also have pushed it back on consoles, where Skyrim is also released.

  17. Jimbo says:


  18. chesh says:

    No title pun? I am a sad panda.

  19. d00d3n says:

    As others have mentioned the surprising thing here is that the game has been delayed by so little. Both ACII and Brotherhood were groundbreaking additions to the sandbox genre which many of us wanted to play while they were discussed actively. It was not really viable to play them on PC if you wanted to do that. Now it is, which is great. November is overcrowded with releases anyway, with Skyrim, the delayed Arkham City, MW3, Zelda and so on.

  20. Nick says:

    So release in February then?

  21. povu says:

    What a plot twist in the sad, sad story of Ubisoft!

  22. the_r says:

    They probably need a month or two to devise completely new, troublesome, horribly inconvinient, totally useless DRM.
    These things don’t write themeselves, you know?

    • Shooop says:

      Oh they have it already! They just need to convince themselves it actually works and the hackers haven’t run circles around it yet.

  23. Khemm says:

    Am I the only one, wait for it, pleasantly surprised it’s been delayed only for a few weeks instead of a few months, like previous AC games?

    All AC games are very similar, so it’s not like I’m in a hurry to get this one asap. I’m waiting for Anno 2070 and HoMM VI.

  24. rocketman71 says:

    It may be an improvement, but it doesn’t detract from the fact that Ubi is made up of douchebags.

    Or that it STILL doesn’t support LAN (and never will).

  25. QualityJeverage says:

    Why even bother announcing simultaneous PC releases anymore? They aren’t fooling anyone at this point.

  26. Timthos says:

    I was going to be playing Skyrim that Tuesday anyhow, so waiting a few extra weeks won’t be so big a deal.

  27. Earl of Sandvich says:

    Since I am royal pissed at Ubisoft at the moment, it better be worth the wait (though I’m not that into the series). It seemed that in From Dust and Call of Juarez: The Cartel, they didn’t even care.

  28. Icarus. says:

    I still haven’t finished AC:Brotherhood :( I was in a way put off by all the extra stuff (investments and all that), it all seemed very confusing. It might be me just being stupid or not getting the wording, but still ..

    Also, herp derp surprise. I hope they take the extra time to properly support 16:10 resolutions, so you’re not letterboxed to hell.

  29. adam.jutzi says:

    but… but… Steam says November… so, maybe?