Browse Diablo 3’s Items, You Greedy Wretch

poxy pants poxy pants poxy pants

I am sorry, I’m feeling especially belligerent today. I’m just so cross that I’ve spent all morning waiting for Rage to download, because apparently it was impossible for online-only publications to have PC code ahead of release. THIS IS 2011 WHAT’S THE PROBLEM. Anyway! Half an hour to go, and in the meantime I’ve been drooling over the various loot I could potentially find in Diablo III when, if ever, it finally launches. Following on from their character build generator, Blizzard have released a visual database of most of the game’s weapons, armour and assorted toys. Or, at least, the base versions of said equipment – you’ll be upgrading them in all sorts of exciting ways via the in-game crafting system. Interesting stuff, as numbers and pictures of weapons go. Like all things Diablo III, you’ll need to be online to look at the database, of course.

My first port of call in the database was, of course, hats. I’ll be aiming for the Resplendent Stechhelm, I think.


  1. MiniMatt says:

    Sorry, I can’t help but snigger like a school boy when I see the phrase “Legendary Pants”.

    I want legendary pants.

  2. Avenger says:

    This database needs constant online connection to view.

    Thats it. I am boycotting Blizzard…

    • Aemony says:


      I’m with you, Avenger. Let’s show Blizzard how we avenge our fallen offline rights!

    • Avenger says:

      Good news is I can “pause” it ok. It does not say it is paused. But it does nothing, that is to mean I am not run over by a horde of man sized bovines with axes or anything for the duration of the “pause”.

      And it does not log me off for inactivity either. I was half expecting to come back to my PC to find it still looking at the item I have started viewing first.

      So that’s some improvement at least…

    • rocketman71 says:

      This database needs PRICES. Not gold prices, dollars!

      It’s apparently the most important thing in the game for Blizzard.

    • tyrsius says:

      Actually, unlike the game, if you lose your connection while viewing an item you will not be kicked to a login screen. You may continue to view that item for as long as you please.

      I am sure they will get this fixed by launch though.

  3. Ergates_Antius says:

    The Mighty Quinns (and Paul/SCC) should have the last word in this matter:

    Would you like to borrow my trousers

  4. Sweedums says:

    If anyone is interested, the SC2 caster Day9 has a significant amount of diablo 3 beta footage up on his site… this is the first part link to

    its a good opportunity to see someone playing through a good lengthy chunk of the game while also listening to ridiculous commentary.

  5. Moni says:

    My favourite part of Torchlight was whenever I found the fairly common “Rigid Staff”. Hours of fun.

  6. Maldomel says:

    So some items can have different visuals depending on your character class? Neat!

    • Stinkfinger75 says:

      Agreed. I know Blizzard likes polish in their games, but that takes it up a couple ticks.

  7. Benga says:

    Love the disclaimer: “All items are examples of what may appear in Diablo III.
    They are not final. Expect more rainbows…”

  8. dandy-pandy says:

    same old problem…

    there are 3 skin swords used 6-9 times on swords with different names and same skin..

    • cluddles says:

      Yep, gotta watch out for those “skin swords”

    • kyrieee says:

      No, they don’t have all the unique art up on the site yet. They’ve said that they won’t repeat item graphics like in D2. The uniques listed are also placeholder for the most part.

  9. westyfield says:

    I’ve never played a Diablo or Diablo-alike game, but isn’t much of the satisfaction derived from finding something exciting and unexpected? Knowing what you could find beforehand would diminish the pleasure, Shirley?

    (Edit: Oh good, this comment worked. If someone sees its doppelgänger, feel free to obliterate it or this one. But not both!)

    • Rhin says:

      In Diablo 2, your choice of endgame gear was between a large set of unique/set items, a handful of crafting recipes for almost completely random mods, and runewords.

      The ultimate endgame for a character is less of a treasure hunt for good items that drop, and more of a trading/farming game for a specific set of gear tailored towards your character and playstyle. For example, as a sorceress, you’d be trying to find Ormus’ Robes, Magefists, Occulus, perhaps some pieces of Tal Rasha’s set, and rounding out your gear with rare/crafted/unique pieces that boost your elemental resistances, damage reduction, cast speed, etc.

      Of course, the chances of you personally finding the complete set of optimal gear for your character is a bit low…. that’s why you keep your good loot to trade to other people. Trading prices are most often based on a multiple of the value of a ring called the Stone of Jordan.

    • ShrikeMalakim says:

      Pretty much. The reason for releasing full item lists for MMOs is so people can plan out a Best-in-Slot (BiS) gear set, then fight specific bosses to get those BiS items.

      This? This just encourages people to use the cash-based AH more. Diablo III gets more shameless and more disgusting with every Blizzard announcement.

  10. westyfield says:

    Edit: the Spamcrusher 6000 spat out this comment, but I’d already reposted it. Move along now!

  11. Antsy says:

    From the makers of Syphilitic Shorts and the popular Gonorrhea Girdle!

  12. vodkarn says:

    I’m kinda surprised it doesn’t have ‘Required: 5 (US) Dollars’ on it. Is that being put in later?

  13. DigitalSignalX says:

    Not to sure about having an empty socket in my pants. My mother taught me to dress better then that.

  14. daraujo says:

    Shortest comment section in a Diablo III feature to date.

  15. Sardaukar says:

    I get the shakes just looking at these item stats. When they put on the Unique Gold and Magic Blue text colors, I may explode.

  16. pupsikaso says:

    The more I read of D3 the more I get put off.
    Am I the ONLY PERSON ON THE PLANET that liked D2 not for the loot whoring, but for the excellent atmosphere and story? Looks like D3 is not being made for the likes of me =(.

    • drowsy says:

      I wouldn’t worry too much. They’ve spent a hell of a lot of time talking about the story, characters and atmosphere at past BlizzCons and interviews and whatnot. The problem is, things like items and classes didn’t actually exist two or three years ago, so they couldn’t talk about that stuff back then. Now that things are starting to get finalized, it’s time to start unveiling this stuff.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Yes, sadly you are alone there I think. I don’t know how many times me and my mates played through it, always trying to get the best equipment/complete set items, ahh good times, until my mate got sigons, then he was indestructable, but I found Buriza later on so it was all good!

  17. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    Oooh Buriza is back!!! Yay!!