Imaginary Friend: 8-Bit Night

Like a normal night, only pixeler.
Pixelprospector points the way to where Retro Souls have released a demo (bottom of the page) of their moderately cute conceptual platformer, 8-Bit Night. The concept is pretty simple: the 2D level can be flipped around to be played by your “mirror” character. This character moves in a mirror image of your own movements, allowing for some impossible access to bits of the map and a way of creating/sidestepping ingenious puzzles. But which one is the “real” character!? It’s all so confusing. There’s a video of the game below for those who have no inclination to play the thing.


  1. zeroskill says:

    Looks a little bit like Fez, which makes me happy, because as you know we are not getting Fez because Polytron thinks they are better off being a XBOX live arcade exclusive. Why? I dont know!

    • tirosu says:

      I too would very much like to see Fez on PC. Many previously exclusive XBLA games have made the jump to PC, so there is a little hope.

      If Polytron sees a demand for it, I’d think a port would be much more likely.

  2. NathaI3 says:

    Is the axis of revolution set by the level or does it change depending on where your mirror character is?

    • tyrsius says:

      The Axis of Revolution sounds like the conspiracy that will overthrow western civilization. Which means its probably set by the player.

    • PleasingFungus says:

      From the video, it seems to always be the center of the level, and determines where your mirror character appears. If I understand you correctly.

  3. valentingalea says:

    Getting a Loderunner vibe off it – which can only mean good :)

  4. PleasingFungus says:

    Ooo, it’s looking much more playable than the last time I saw it. Fairly pretty, too.