Modern Warfare 3 Is A Shooting Game

This man has the amazing power to shoot other men

Look, I don’t want this to be another groundhog day. I don’t want the comments thread to fill up with people going ‘Call of Duty is boring’ and then some other people saying “that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” I just want you to only bother watching this video of Modern Warfare 3’s ‘Spec Ops’ co-op mode if you honestly have a real interest in Modern Warfare 3. If you don’t, stop reading. Why are you still reading? You don’t even care! STOP READING. And don’t you dare comment. I can delete your words with a single button-click, you know.

That’s set in Paris, apparently. FACT: my first ever press trip was to Paris, to see Moto Racer 3. Kieron Gillen was also there, as I discovered when I bumped into him at the Eurostar terminal at about 5am. He was drunk. During a spare hour of the trip, we went for a walk through town, before discovering that neither of us had taken a note of our hotel’s address or, indeed, name. Which proved incredibly embarrassing when we visited the local tourist information and asked for directions. Even when shown a list of all the hotels in town by a disbelieving man, we still couldn’t recognise which one was ours. So we left, in shame. Eventually, after much panicky wandering, we stumbled across the right street and were too ashamed to tell anyone else what had happened.

And that’s my Paris story! I bet those suckers who didn’t read this post because they don’t like Call of Duty really regret it now.


  1. Creaturemagic says:

    I don’t like Call of Duty and I didn’t watch the video but I did read your Paris story :P

    • Davee says:

      Yeah – me too! Take that, Mr. Meer!

      *internet high-five*

      Although I did watch that vid of somebody playing that game on a console. I feel unclean.

    • Tams80 says:

      Only thing worth consuming in this post was the story. The rest was sooooooo boring. =D =P

    • enobayram says:

      I think this is bound to happen on a game news website 98% of whose readers dislike CoD.

    • Bensam123 says:

      Even if you like CoD, I liked CoD4 for instance, I don’t think this is all that amazing. It looks almost exactly like the last two… I’m sure it has some new gizmos, but other then that it’s just a regurgitated has out. My ears are telling me everything in the game sounds exactly the same too.

    • jimjames says:


    • rocketman71 says:

      Yeah, it’s cruel that you pointed people to the door just before writing the only interesting part of the article.

      And now we can’t even say MEH to Call of Duty 87?. Shame on you, RPS!

    • westyfield says:

      I dislike some CoD games, but love others, so I read half of the Paris story. Are you all right now, Alec, or are you and Kieron doomed to eternally wander the streets?

    • d34thly says:

      First off I want to apologize to RPS and anyone that read my comments yesterday ( i quit smoking yesterday). I fully retract any comments on BF3 made by me. I finally unlocked everything in the BF3 beta and it seems like it could be a fun game for allot of play styles although not really up to my speed of game (I am just referring to actions/movement speed actual speed not play style speed or skill) Thanx for the video, although writing about COD on this site is like promoting nVidia on AMDs website or trying to get a diy pc gamer to buy a mac. I play every FPS ever released and this looks to be the most loaded choice of the year with the new modes, weapons, attachments, perks, class system and guaranteed 29+ DLC content annually. With the new modes, how many is that, like 32? Most FPS only have 6. I agree with anyone that says the graphics are drab in comparison to any current FPS but people that play it are not concerned in the least. It’s all about core game play; Competitive FPS junkies still compete at international levels for huge sums of money on dated games like CounterStrike1.6, Quake, CSS, PainKiller, SoF, FEAR, Unreal Tournament and many F2P titles. I know allot of people will state how easy COD looks in this video, but I can make an educated guess that the person in this video prolly has copious amounts of experience with this map. I am not defending COD from anyone’s opinion that doesn’t like it, I just want people to know that it is quite an experience to behold and I want more people to come hand me my ass online ( my most memorable moments are the ones when my team and I get uber pwned and i get to watch someone truly skilled execute a new or harder tactic I hadn’t seen). I hear lots of peoples best gaming accounts about being pinned down and flanking the opfor by surprise or lobbing that lucky nade right into the nest of the enemy to win the match or the perfect setup one shot one kill streak on the whole opfor, but I have these encounters every single match I play in COD where in other FPS’ these occurrances might only happen once out of every dozen matches. Those who don’t play COD allot, I can tell you that they all look similar, but the differences in each game are MASSIVE from the perks to the KS, from the movement to the weapons and right down the the very specific recoil and feel of each individual weapon. Every COD release just keeps getting better with more weapons, options and modes. Sure they won’t update the graphics until 2037, but that means everyone gets to play consistently at 60fps+ with total fluidity. COD is also the only FPS I’ve seen where all unlocks are not an upgarde, they are like lateral grade ( i mean like they are not more powerful per se, just different stats: recoil, feel, accuracy, spread, reload speed, recovery to center mass timing, fire rate, mobility, range, damage, stow rate, hip fire precision, attachment options, melee timing etc…) this is the only game where unlocks don’t make you more powerful necessarily, just makes for very very customized load-outs and play styles to appeal to everyone without making anyone overpowering or over advantaged. Pros and n00bs can play together and share an equally awesome experience.
      Just my two cents, I know I prolly outraged everyone by saying positive things on this forum. Go ahead flame me all you want, but you’ll get no reply. Hope to see you all in MW3, you can show me how easy it is by pwning me repeatedly, I will truly enjoy that :)

    • Chandos says:

      Someday I want to reply to a post from d34thly, but I can never read the original post all the way to the end.

    • ASBO says:

      @d34thly I’m a DIY gamer who bought a mac. What’s your point?

  2. Llewyn says:

    That can’t be Paris, there are no onions hanging from the bike on the left.*

    *I didn’t watch the video as I’m not interested in COD, so I apologize if onions feature prominently later.

    • Brumisator says:

      did someone mention onions?

    • YourMessageHere says:

      perhaps more to the point, it can’t be Paris because everyone’s speaking goddamn American.

    • Donjo says:

      The NPC at the end- the one with the blue and white stripy jumper and the baguette and the string of onions round his neck, looks awesome, pretty stupid you can’t actually shoot him, it is a warzone after all.

    • adonf says:

      It’s Paris, as the hotel in Las Vegas. See how it looks like a real city, only everything seems to be made of cardboard and is placed randomly (Like, what is this newsstand doing hidden between buildings?)

      Also, what’s the reason for posting this specific video? Is this this a new game that’s just been announced? Yeah, JFGI but I shouldn’t have to google it, I believe it’s the journalist’s task to write something that’s understandable even by non-specialists. Oh and by the way, dividing readers between Interested and Non-Interested is kinda lame, I’m sure I’m not the only person who comes here to be informed on things I don’t know about, and thus don’t have an opinion about, like MW3 in my case.

  3. Lukasz says:

    Map looks fun. gameplay? point and click?

    it looked way too easy for my taste.

    • Shih Tzu says:

      They did make it look awfully easy, but presumably the demoer just had lots of experience with this map.

      I watched it and learned that if I ever shoot a man with a big gun and then discover that he is crawling on the ground in a desperate, painful struggle to preserve his own life, I can use the opportunity to reflect on the transience of all things and the human instinct for survival, but it’s easier to just shoot him again in the butt.

    • wssw4000 says:

      Not to mention that shooting a wounded man like that is a war crime.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      I think you’re allowed if they have C4 strapped on them.

  4. jimjames says:

    I stayed in the nicest little hostel in Paris. It was called Hotel Perfect. I recommend it. I’ve been on holiday there twice now. Both times with a girlfriend.

    I once saw a guy get punched by a bouncer outside a pharmacy and I was mugged by a guy with a fake arm. Its totally true.

    • Thermal Ions says:

      Is the girlfriend a complimentary bonus they provide or is it BYO?

    • Avenger says:

      Not cool dude…

    • caddyB says:

      What is their policy on girlfriends? I see you mentioned you’ve been there with “a girlfriend” on both cases, I wonder if I can go with several girlfriends.

      Thanks in advance.

    • jimjames says:

      Thermal IonscaddyB – I was just adding some kind elaboration to my incredibly interesting story, sorry for any misunderstanding regarding the girlfriend bit. Admittedly I could of left out the details on any company I might of kept but then I would of gone to Paris and been mugged for nothing, what would the point of that be? Oh, you can bring who ever you like, they are quite open.

      Avenger – We should hook up sometime.

    • enobayram says:

      Do you recommend any of those girlfriends?

    • jimjames says:

      Although hugely popular, on reflection she could potentially be described as generic / without merit. Perhaps even boring. She stuck very much to a formula that most of her peers emulated, which soon grew quite tiring. However I still look nostalgically on the early years, there’s nothing quite like the first experience!

      My new girlfriend allows for 64 players.

    • Milky1985 says:

      64 players all at once? Doesn’t that cause some sort of I/O conflicts, things clashing that shouldn’t clash?

    • nubbuka says:

      This has traveled into unholy areas and I like it.

    • lasikbear says:

      @Milky, actually to accommodate additional players they just expanded the playable area. Some people argue that means a lot of people end up in less interesting parts as there are the same number of features, but it helps prevent a lot of the bottlenecking you might otherwise get.

  5. Gundrea says:

    I’m interested in CoD because hatred of success is the only thing that gives my life meaning.

  6. Njordsk says:

    Is there any way to say this looks abysmal without being moderated?

    Honnestly I just watched the thing, with my mind clear of all stupid idea like “COD sucks” and all.

    But fact is, this video sucked. There is close to nothing to see, and close to no challenge at all it seems.

    • Alec Meer says:

      You’re allowed to say it looks abysmal, as long as you have an actual justification for it. You’re just not allowed to say you don’t care, because if you really didn’t care you wouldn’t be commenting.

    • Simon Hawthorne says:

      I don’t care about MW3 but I do care about my name appearing on the internet sufficiently that it will linger long after I’m dead and e-archaeologists in the future will say “Oh, this Simon Hawthorne appears to have been quite the fellow, he commented on articles even when he didn’t care about their subject matter! Even when no interested existed he still formed sentences and created baseless opinions! Indeed, we must worship this Simon Hawthorne, for he populated the internet virtually single-handedly!”.

      Oh, death, the spring from which all human actions are rendered so hopelessly futile against the long, unfeeling passage of time…

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

      What if I say it looks abysmal and give my justification as cementing the warm fuzzy smugness that comes from being part of the Glorious PC Gaming Master-Race?

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      link to

      (Beware: swears within)

    • sneetch says:

      @Simon Hawthorne

      I did care but then I read your post and now… now it all seems so… pointless.

      Alec! Simon made me not care!

    • Groove says:

      CoD looks rubbish, but that sweary video is fantastic.

    • Jabberwocky says:

      I laugh at sweary video.
      “I don’t even give a f*k about not giving a f*k, so I do give a f*k, wait what?”

  7. Roshin says:

    My only problem with MW3 is that it looks so similar to MW2, which in turn looked really similar to MW1. I’m sure there are all sorts of improvements, but I’m not seeing much of it in videos like this one. That said, I don’t mind CoD at all. It’s good for a solid session of run-around-and-go-BRRRT!-shooting-mans every now and then.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      The difference is that they don’t play at all the same. MW1 is a fairly well-designed game with a few exceptions; MW2 is a fucking abomination of terrible “design” that must’ve been vomited on paper rather than actually thought up, because I can’t in good conscience believe that someone would deliberately put One Man Army Pro or the ACR in a game.

      I’m hoping MW3 is more like the former than the latter, because I like modern-o guns and would quite like to like it, but I’m not holding my breath. :(

    • chopsnsauce says:

      Whats wrong with putting an ACR in a game???

    • Alexander Norris says:

      @chopsnsauce: you clearly haven’t played MW2, then.

      (The ACR has next to zero recoil and recovers perfectly inbetween each shot. It’s essentially a laser. It’s only beaten by one weapon at close range because with one perk it kills in two shots. MW2 is a fucking joke.)

    • Wraggles says:

      @Alexander Norris
      I’d say you haven’t played enough MW2….

      The ACR takes 5 shots to kill at long range, 4 at close without Stopping Power. Add stopping power and this becomes 3/4. Meaning the ACR is still beaten by the vast majority of ARs in terms of damage. Additionally it has a slower rate of fire than most, further reducing DPS. It also has another, often unmentioned major drawback. Headshots with it don’t matter, it takes 3 headshots at mid – long range to kill, and 2 with stopping power (at all ranges).

      So all up, the 0 recoil comes at a hefty price. If you’re shooting at mid-long ranges at a guy that isn’t shooting back, you’re golden. All up, the ACR is a pretty balanced gun.

      You won’t find any argument from me about OMA, mind you the disintegration of IW and lack of support for the game, meant that fixing grenade launcher spam, which should have been an easy fix, was a thing that never occurred.

  8. Christian says:

    While I’m not interested in COD I do have some interest in gaming news (esp. news about games where you shoot things). This video hasn’t changed either interests, so watching it was time well spent I guess.

    But what I noticed was how surprised I was that it seems to be possible to be quite precise and quick with an xbox-controller in shooters..haven’t seen that before (or just didn’t care to notice). Also, the graphics don’t look that good..the walls and everything, just too smooth..

    What also comes to mind: Is it just my impression or do the people behind COD barely seem to care about EA’s constant bashing-attempts?

    • Fierce says:

      “Is it just my impression or do the people behind COD barely seem to care about EA’s constant bashing-attempts?”

      It is not just you Christian, but I’ve taken quite the unfavorable impression about MW3 from that behaviour.

      One of the oldest marketing techniques, used at LEAST since the 60s has been to change the conversation if you don’t like what is being said. Yes, companies were doing it before Mad Men said it. Spinning is basically free and will reassure the less critical thinkers of your fans that their ‘faith’ is well placed in your product.

      Yet ever since the Call of Duty XP event, Activision has been strangely silent about MW3, even when their marketing efforts for MW2 were lauded, celebrated and certainly visible to you and I around this time two years ago.

      I personally think that, with the very little pomp and circumstance I’ve seen for MW3 at this point in the year, things cannot bode well for Activision on the Us vs. Them standoff. If they had something comparable on the marketing front to combat EA’s marketing, they would use it, period. The only reason to withhold further material in marketing is to stem a hemorrhage of loss in mind-share by refusing to release more ammo for the competition to vindicate themselves with, and instead let their sales ride on loyalty and perhaps ignorance of alternatives. Apple advertisements did the same thing to Microsoft once upon a time, and while it could be argued Microsoft just “didn’t get it” when it came to what Apple was trying to do with their marketing, why it worked, and why they should’ve counteracted it before it was too late, Activision certainly cannot be called a Luddite in the Marketing techniques.

      Silence doesn’t equal surrender, but tell that to an audience observing the guy who has just been insulted not having a comeback and quietly staring at his shoes.

    • d34thly says:

      I have actually been led to buy the most horrible games in my collection because of marketing so I don’t trust marketing alone. I don’t think Activision is worried because on the back of the previous COD titles, MW3 will sell at least twice as many copies as any other game that comes out this year or next.(this is not at boost or positive opinion in any way to COD. Just a plain old as a matter of fact statement and kinda disappointing with the FPS industry.)

  9. Heliocentric says:

    I love me some coop, which cod had this first? apparently Call of Duty: World at War google tells me.

    • Bull0 says:

      Not just co-op, but a wave-based game mode of its’ own (which some will tell you was in MW2 and THIS IS NOTHING NEW but they would be wrong, a couple of the challenge mode levels in MW2 were wave-based survival affairs but this is a whole mode of it with unlocks and cash and that sort of thing)

    • Ci2e says:

      Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – link to

      Coop mode is called Spec-Ops.

    • Whenn says:

      World at War had the entire campaign available in co-op mode, and a co-op zombie defence mode/whatever.

      MW2 had specially designed co-op missions, but you couldn’t play the campaign together.

      I think Black Ops’ only form of co-op was the zombie mode, but I don’t really know. Oh and it has bots too that you can play against together.

    • Bull0 says:


  10. Ci2e says:

    Where are all the CoD fans, playing an open beta of you know what… possibly…

    • torchedEARTH says:

      Oh no you di’int! Wait, why am I talking like that? Oh no I di’int!

      Just move onto the next post now please.

  11. aircool says:

    The Dude abides…

  12. White Razor says:

    Do the hostiles scale with multiple players? So far it looks like a single person can hold out pretty well. I guess it can still be arcady fun but I was expecting more like a bunch of guys hunkered down fighting for each other where cooperation is key.

  13. Battlehenkie says:

    Your Paris story provided me with some quality early morning malicious pleasure. I’ve travelled there for new years this year and my girlfriend got pickpocketed in the metro. Some French guy saw it and pointed it out. We rushed out of the train only to find the culprit a 70 year old or so charming French guy holding two Carrefour plastic bags. Upon inspection the wallet was in one of them. He apologized, citing he must’ve grabbed in the wrong bag as he wasn’t wearing his glasses. Needless to say he got a fair scolding in all the French I could muster, and a slight kick in the arse.

    That Paris is more entertaining than the one in this video. If you had not told me it was Paris, I wouldn’t be able to recognize it as such. Or even whether it is set in France. It doesn’t have to be a scaled version of a real-life place, but I hate lazy level design.

    • Colthor says:

      Never mind CoD, this comments thread is certainly making Paris sound rubbish. Does everybody who visits get lost, or robbed or mugged by OAPs or the disabled?

    • Llewyn says:

      Yes, Paris is indeed rubbish. Why else would it be at the heart of all these modern warfare battlefields, as evidenced in the ITV documentary kindly embedded above by Mr Meer?

      The rest of France is rather nice though.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      [Reposted in the right place….]

      Bordeaux, in particular, is amazing. Highly recomend a visit.

    • El_Emmental says:

      +1, Paris is rubbish, rest of France is often pretty good (except Côte d’Azur : mafia, bling-bling, expensive hotels). Lived in North-West and South/South-West part of France, both are fine.

      but STOP BUYING PROPERTIES YOU SPECULATIVE BRIT- oh actually I don’t care, I don’t even have the money to get a second-hand car :D

  14. McDan says:

    I feel authorised to say: Cool paris story bro. I like the way spec ops is looking in this, I probably played more of it than anything else in MW2 as you could do them splitscreen.

  15. Apsley says:

    The Dude abides.

  16. Giftmacher says:

    The real problem isn’t that CoD is a bad series, or that any of the entries are terrible games in and of themselves. It’s just that the franchise is so much of a golden goose that they’re terrified to make any changes, and that includes fixing any of the issues that have been present since MW1. Absolutely everything that was bad about it has been compounded exponentially with every new game because all they’ve done is take an admittedly great formula and throw more and more layers of explosive crap on top of it. The formula underneath is still a great one, but with every entry it is further muddled by the devs’ refusal to do do any meaningful work on it.

    • godgoo says:

      I have to say you articulated perfectly what I feel about the series. I honestly just couldn’t give enough figs to get all ragey about a series of video games but I will say that I really enjoyed my time with the MW1MP, it seemed to have struck the right balance between hardcore and popcorn. MW2 somehow managed to add to and yet dilute that formula, I just didn’t want to play it as much. I’ve not bothered since. I think once they’re forced to make another leap, both with a new engine and direction I’ll have another look.

    • DiamondDog says:

      Yup. I had a lot of fun playing the multiplayer in MW1 and 2, the singleplayer in the second game not so much. My disinterest isn’t because of what it is or what it’s supposed to represent, I’ve just had my fill of it now. Try something different please.

      If Activision ever let IW make another leap I’ll gladly give it another shot. At the moment it’s all just looking a little tired and worn out. Which is a shame, but not exactly unexpected.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      Can’t agree there; Black Ops made a lot of changes, good ones, and fixed so much that was wrong with MW2. Killstreaks everywhere all the time? Killstreaks are more reasonable, and killstreak kills don’t count towards new killstreaks. Too much zooming and stabbing? No commando. Too much OMA/GL spam? No OMA, no more GL ammo after you use it up, ace Flak Jacket perk. Too fiddly to get unlocks? Buy what you want with your points. Too much stat padding? No spawn beacons in roundless modes. Appalling weapon balance? Weapons are very well balanced. Senseless selection of modes? Fixed. No dedicated servers? No longer. Many dreadful maps? mostly dealt with.

      I’m afraid that IW has learned nothing from what Black Ops did right, but I’m hoping it’s possibly dawned on them how much they cocked up MW2. Maybe they’re too proud to learn from Treyarch but hopefully they’ve got their own solutions.

    • d34thly says:

      +1 finally someone who knows COD

    • Wraggles says:


      I can’t agree, I’m firmly in the camp of “BLOPS whitewashed COD”, Not saying MW2 doesn’t have it’s issues, it does, hell blops even fixed a couple, no commando!, no quickscopes!, no tube spam! These are all good things, but to say it’s better “balanced” is a bit of a stretch.

      You say weapon balance, I say;
      – Snipers that can’t kill, with random recoil, terrible hit detection, and hidden idle sway.
      – LMGs are assault rifles, and you move slower with them to boot! (M-60 is the only LMG)
      – There are 3 guns in BLOPS; Famas, AUG, AK74-u. Just take a gander at your “most killed” by stat hrmmm…
      – Whoever decided on Ghost, should be subject to performance review, followed by disciplinary action if they don’t get better! I think I’ve only ever seen a few people use anything else, it basically renders your unguided killstreaks worthless, it forces you to take Counter spy plane if you aren’t ghosted (to remove their advantage). It basically slows down games and aggravates the spawning issue;
      – SPAWNS: I’ve never seen more atrocious spawns in a shooter EVER. Literally a guy gets shot by enemy who spawns, who gets shot by enemy who spawns. Happens at least once every 3 games.
      – Flak jacket is blast shield! – Probably the most under appreciated piece of Equipment in MW2

      Killstreaks are a really interesting topic though, I feel both approaches, stacking and not, are perfectly viable, but in both MW2 and BLOPS they’re are done wrongly. MW2 mostly because of the Harrier….

      Non Stacking killstreaks are ok, as long as you balance out the killstreaks properly, Sentry gun at 6! Useless! A Killstreak that can kill at 3! Spy Plane: Worthless! Not to mention they’re almost impossible to hit anybody with thanks to the prevalence of ghost.

      Regardless you cheapen your killstreak choices by removing stacking (maybe that’s what you want?). The common complaint I hear is that it’s too easy to get high end streaks in MW2. To be honest they’re fairly rare still, the thing about stacking killstreaks, is everybody gets something explosive earlier, meaning more people die, meaning killstreaks get interrupted more, it’s it’s own style of balance. Whether this is good or not is pretty subjective, how good are you at avoiding these? How much do you hate semi-random death. How many kills are your team mates feeding to the enemy.

  17. Baka says:

    I hate that they’re trying to implement an endless-play-coop. I had tremendous fun with MW2s spec-ops mode and another iteration of it would have been the sole reason to buy the successor. Survival Wave Modes just aren’t my thing.

    • HermitUK says:

      The Spec Ops includes missions as well as endless wave co op. Which, having played couple of rounds at Eurogamer was good fun, though the 2 player limit is a bit of a shame.

  18. Jonny Stutters says:

    The problem with this video is that it doesn’t actually do anything to demonstrate co-op – it might as well be any multiplayer match. I had a great time playing through the splitscreen co-op in MW2 with a few friends, it was probably the best bit of the game in fact. If MW3 has managed to flesh that out then colour me interested (but, sadly, only in the console-toy version – no friends with quick PCs).

  19. Roaring Panda says:

    I played this level with some bloke at Eurogamer Expo, it was ok but I’ve never been a huge fan of survival modes on games in the past. Except Left 4 Dead, nothing fills my pants with more shit than 3 tanks charging at you D:

  20. JackDandy says:

    This series is getting stale lately.

    I wonder how long Activision can keep milking the franchise ’till it collapses in on itself and gets the Guitar Hero / Tony Hawk treatment.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      Biggest. Understatement. Ever.

    • godgoo says:

      Biggest. Bandwagon. Ever.

    • Symitri says:

      Nintendo and SEGA have been milking series for far longer than either EA or Activision has, so the answer is “Until it is no longer profitable”, and in the current international market the chance of that being the case is nearly zero.

      As for the game, it looks ok. Not terribly exciting but then that’s just because I’m more bored of modern warfare than I am of WW2-based combat.

    • DiamondDog says:

      I don’t think it’s quite the same, Symitri.

    • sneetch says:

      Nintendo and SEGA have been milking series for far longer than either EA or Activision has, so the answer is “Until it is no longer profitable”, and in the current international market the chance of that being the case is nearly zero.

      Well, yeah, Nintendo and SEGA may “milk” their series but they wait several years before each “milking” and they tend to change the game in some way. What Activision did with Guitar Hero was overmilk it, they saturated the market by repeatedly bringing out far too-frequent installments of the same game and familiarity breeds contempt. There is a possibility that the CoD series will suffer the same fate and the masses will turn against it because they get sick of it but I think Activision are being cleverer this time, with two years between each Modern Warfare installation (although they may have made a mistake by setting Black Ops in such a recent, “modern” period).

      That said, angry internet men increasingly turn up their contempt for it and those who play it, Battlefield 3 will lure away some players, hell snide comments from the press alone could kill a franchise at this stage (if the “cool” kids say it ain’t “cool” anymore then it’s not “cool” anymore).

  21. Moth Bones says:

    I like the way he takes a break from the killin’ to buy a missile on Ebay.

  22. My2CENTS says:

    God, is there anyone left to believe that CoD is actually a game? I think its a flashy front-end re-inventing the wheel every year, milking millions of idiots. Honestly how can anyone even begin to think that this game would give you satisfaction? The visual style is the same as MW, the sounds are EXACTLY the same as MW2, the engine is still the same crappy IW4 (used in MW2,BO) and top it all off – no mod support (err actually lacking all kinds of support), few maps, expensive DLC’s and generally pointless ranking system. Welcome to the future.

    • Dreamhacker says:

      I’d say it’s pretty much a slideshow by now. But with higher framerates.

  23. D3xter says:

    I wonder why this is still featured so prominently on PC-centric sites, even though there’s nothing PC-centric about it…

    Must be them advertising moneyz.

    • Kieron Gillen says:

      Christ, man.


    • mondomau says:

      Comedy gold!

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      Quite right – why oh why oh why is a PC site featureing the biggest selling PC game of the year?

    • JustOneWay says:

      I doubt D3xter even knows what he did there.

    • Srethron says:

      Well, this whole exchange made me giggle. +1, would read again. Thanks D3xter!

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Bordeaux, in particular, is amazing. Highly recomend a visit.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Piss! Reply fail – that makes no fucking sense now…

    • d34thly says:

      @ d3xt3r
      I don’t know why they feature it, maybe cause the last game did quintuple the sales of any other game on the planet and according to figures posted 12 hours ago it is still in the top ten sales charts on any platform any vendor and on any site a year after release. You don’t have to even have a opinion of the game to see the logic here.

    • D3xter says:

      Eh, there’s enough games out there that deserve a look/second look/third look or articles about em that never get an article or just that one.

      When it comes to Call of Duty or World of Warcraft, whenever a developer does even as much as fart there’s an article about it even though there’s not actually been much “New” about those games for a few years… especially on PCGamer lately. At least the Comments are always fun :P

  24. Moni says:

    After playing a lot of crawling-around man-shooting in Battlefield 3, zipping-around man-murdering in Modern Warfare 3 seems quite refreshing.

    Weird. It turns out it is possible to like two different things.

    • caddyB says:

      You should see a doctor. Those are the first signs of a disease called Sensibility.

    • bwion says:

      “Weird. It turns out it is possible to like two different things.”

      Careful, now. I know this reasonableness seems cool now, but it’s just a short fall down a slippery slope from here to things like “It is possible to like a thing while simultaneously acknowledging its flaws”, or even “neither of us are actually wrong about this completely subjective thing”.

      Do you want to be exiled from the internet? DO YOU?

    • JustOneWay says:

      I love the RPS community.
      I really do.
      They make me smile.

    • yaay says:

      congradulations to you, for defeating the Epic Strawman of your own devising, and for the rest of you, for participating in the self-indulgent wankery which follows. Good job everybody! Hi-five!~

    • d34thly says:

      It is possible to like two different things, it’s called bisexual :)
      (not intended as a dig, just as stupid humor)

  25. reticulate says:

    Paris, eh?

    I’ve been spending a lot of time in Paris lately, with the shooting of the mans with the modern weapons. Can’t for the life of me remember what that game was called, though.

    Coincidence? Or maybe “Our Paris is far superior to your Paris” wang-waving?

    • Srethron says:

      With a finger wagging at the man, he said, “No. No. No.” It was as if he was scolding a misbehaving child. There was no point in letting the businessman be killed. He would someday have grandchildren who needed a story. And a hero. And the businessman needed to be alive to tell the story of the great Japanese restaurant shoot-out. Wang stood and turned to face the gunmen, knives in both hands.

      “Who want some Wang?”
      -Shadow Warrior, the novel

  26. povu says:

    Blocky 480p console footage. That’ll show BF3!

    Seriously, is this official footage?

  27. Teddy Leach says:

    I said it before, but I’d be more interested if they completely stripped the singleplayer out and just focussed on the multiplayer. I’m sure most people buy the same game over and over again for the multiplayer, and it’s certainly the part I most enjoyed in MW1.

    • Heisenberg says:

      i dunno, i kinda enjoy following the exploits of Task Force 141.
      It does its job.

    • GeneralSalad says:

      I like the singleplayer portion of games as much as the multiplayer side, so not including a single player campaign devalues the game for me.

      Modern Warfare 2’s campaign was however woefully short. They might as well have done as you said and just not included it. What was there though was reasonably fun while it lasted, which was not long.

      To be honest, I think I am going to give this a miss and just get BF3.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      I’m with you. I have played the SP campaigns from the MW games, and Black Ops, but mostly because they were there and they gave context to the MP, not because I was excited about them in their own right. Given the option of paying half the money and getting only the MP, I’d be all over that.

    • d34thly says:

      @Teddy Leach

      each COD multiplayer plays/feels completely different (they all look exactly alike though), I own all of them.

      secondly, you guys play single player?? I haven’t yet since Call of Duty 2.

    • psyk says:


      cod 4 plays like w@w that plays like mw2 that plays like black ops

      the online is the same in each one plus/minus a few weapons/killstreaks

    • d34thly says:


      and that’s how I know you don’t play them.

  28. int says:

    Only thing I don’t like is that there are no gibs. Treyarch has gibs and dismemberment in their CODs. Why doesn’t IW use it?

    • Koozer says:

      Too much RAM? I read somewhere that BLOPS has literally no room left in the RAM for new guns, attachments, emblems etc.

    • Giftmacher says:

      It’s not balanced for gibs.

  29. DizzyrupTor says:

    Political correctness maybe? As the CoD games (along with GTA) seem to get a lot of negative attention whenever the next lunatic goes on a shooting spree and a copy of CoD is found at his home.

  30. Makariel says:

    Since BF3 turns me off with all those Origin shenanigans I’m more inclined to take a look at MW3 again, albeit it feels like I’ve seen this game before. I’m sure my friends will get a copy of both BF and MW anyway and pressure me into playing co-op either MW3 or BF3. It comes down if I want to throw my monies to the money grabbing Activision men or the money grabbing EA men.

  31. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    I just want to say, I kept reading! muahaha sticking it to the man! :3
    I love RPS comments :D

    ~CT <–it looks more profesh if I do this huh

  32. Steelcool says:

    Wow. I have read RPS for like 6 months and I really enjoy it. But I’ve never made an account. I did today because I just have to say that intro paragraph was HILARIOUS!

  33. wodin says:

    Wonder if the men will run around as fast as those in BF3 beta…it was ridiculous…played twice and uninstalled…glad to get that origin of my hard drive..the beta was a massive anit climax…so CoD has everything to play for.

    After watching the vid…it’s no better…maybe even worse..who knows.

  34. Srethron says:

    In all seriousness, I don’t even mind people liking this series. The thing that makes me uncomfortable is everything COD now gives off the vibe of a cynical product the developers themselves don’t enjoy making anymore. Admittedly, perhaps that’s a wrong impression. Maybe they just love churning out slightly more evolved Modern Warfare games every two years, but I’d rather the developers be free to make something they actually want to make. Because then there’s a good chance their enthusiasm will make me love their products just as much as they do.

  35. Preciousgollum says:

    I don’t have high hopes for this game on the grounds that the series has witnessed a Stalinist purge for control, by Activision :P.

    What I have noticed to the detriment of Modern Shooters is that they all now appear to have big numbers fly out of victims which I do not recall witnessing in an action film. Perhaps when enemies die in Modern games they are either leaking game-code instead of blood or maybe they are releasing elements of the all-important ‘information’ that many modern military stories hold in high regard, and is indeed the basis for a modern soldier.

    I do think that points appearing, especially in a co-op mode, only re-affirm that you are having the same experience as everyone else as it truncates the aesthetic pleasures of a game in favour of meta-rewards, thus making gameplay moments themselves less special. The sounds use for points even drowns out the sound of death in games, death also being the sound of victory, leaving only a hollow-sound for a hollow-victory.

    Battlefield 3, Medal of Honor, Homefront etc. all have points in their multiplayer. It occurs to me that in all of these games the basic desire for a person to aquire points, or, indeed, the shoe-horning in of a meta-points system both conflicts with the objectives of a match and allows for a soggy meta-game to take importance over the mechanics of a game itself.

    Battlefield 3, in my oppinion, is the quintessential example of a game where they should have spent less time or focus on an unlock system and concerned themselves with packing useful features into the gameplay and matches themselves, so that we may experience the joy of the moment, the thrill of the senses and not be anaesthetised by mathematics.

    • HermitUK says:

      You don’t need to concern yourself with BF3’s experience points beyond level 16, because at that point you unlock the UMP-45, and anyone you meet will die.

    • Fierce says:

      More like after you unlocked the Tactical Flashlight… blind your foes from 20 meters away in broad daylight!

  36. Stellar Duck says:

    I might just be because I’ve been spending too much time with Red Orchestra 2, but my first thought was ‘why doesn’t he die when he’s hit? He ought to have died multiple times by now!’.

    I guess they are very different games, and RO2 probably caters more to me than this one.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      I truly wish RO wasn’t a WWII game. I’ve been seeing media and hearing stories from friends about it for so long; I have nothing but agreement with and awe for everything the team are doing. But put me in a WWII game and I just lose any will to play. I want so much to see a game with those mechanics and interesting modern day weapons and levels.

  37. roryok says:

    I remember when Call of Duty was the new kid on the block, a challenger to the incumbent Medal of Honor series. It was a thing of beauty, and we all appreciated it for the novelty and even flexibility it brought to a stuffy, cardboard genre.

    Now all anyone does is complain about it. Like others, I find the plots of the MW versions to be a bit over the top. And sure, level progress can be a bit linear – but they do shooting really really well. Like, better than any other game I can think of. And as for the multiplayer, we have a nonPCbox at work and we play MW2 most lunchtimes until our fingers cramp. It’s tremedous fun.

    I really do wish people would stop badmouthing COD games and use the time to go pick up litter or something.

  38. rhubarb says:

    “Ok, so this is a top notch trailer so far, lots of action, shows off the game mode well. Now how do we end it?”
    “I think we should have the player shoot a wounded, unarmed man in the back.”
    “Great thinking. Then what?”
    “The voiceover guy should say “Good work, gentlemen””.
    “Oh, and the wounded guy should be screaming for help.”

    • El_Emmental says:

      That’s all I remember from the trailer (that and the shopping “Buy a Predator for $2000” menu that made me chuckle)

      When I saw the crawling wounded being shot, I was kinda surprised : the soldier doesn’t seem to be armed, so it could be classified as a war crime (he could be preparing a grenade booby-trap though).

      I expected the player to let him die after a 1-2 sec crawling, not finishing him like that. Showing that in an official trailer is a little bit surprising.

      edit: “Good work, gentlemen !” and “+1096 points” (for “clearing” the wave) bonus, instead of a malus for committing war crimes (a la SWAT4, punishing you for unlawful use of force), :x

  39. Cunzy1 1 says:

    Hang on. I thought MW3 was going to be an isometric cyberpunk squad based thingy.

  40. bill says:

    It sounds very romantic – like Before Sunrise!

    Did you have sex by the river?

  41. Burky says:

    Call of Duty is boring

  42. Spiny says:

    I get the impression that MW3 is aimed expressly at the ‘hard core’ Monderwarfareperson. e.g.

    — Season pass for all dlc
    — Advance map access for subscribers
    — Statfrenzy

    but I can’t quite stack this with spec ops, which, to me, is more casual, play-with-a-mate type gameplay.

    Or are they just covering bases?

    Ars Technica did quite a good piece on this a month or two ago & it would be interesting to see an RPS perspective.

  43. wholesalegames says:

    This will be big no doubt.

  44. Berzee says:

    Mr. Meer, “actually, it’s okay to complain”. ;)

    And internet commenters? The Angry Internet men? Yes, the same is true for them. They are advocates for a platform or a game, often, but moreover they are advocates for themselves. People want life to cater to their happiness, and they are right to fight for it, even if that fighting is little more than noise shouted into more noise in the noisiest environment ever created.

    • Berzee says:

      Oops, I saw your other writings in the comments and I see what you mean now is that it’s okay to complain as long as the complaints themselves are not as boring as the game they denounce as boring. =p

      Carry on then ^_^

  45. rayne117 says:

    Sometimes I feel that we’re all too hard on games. They’re made to be fun. So if you have fun playing one, play it. If you don’t, then don’t play it.

  46. Felixader says:

    Did he just shooot a gua trough a massive concrete wall?

    I did comment cause i cared for the first Modern Warfare game as i did for Mila Jovovich when i saw her first in The Fifth Element.
    In both cases it was the first time that i really was interested in a thing of it’s kind (Shooter and Actress in this case) and was eager to see what it would bring next.
    When i think about it, that comparison actually really fits well, both keep on dissapointing in the same kind of manner and i am dreaming of the possibillitys that both topics careers could have brougt if the chances had been used properly.

  47. Felixader says:

    Am i the only one remembering storming Stalingrad without anything like a weapon, bodys scattering everywhere of the camerades that never really had any chances and still having no weapon after a time that would just baffle any current CoD Player?
    Am i the only one remembering defending trenches soaked in the chaos of incoming fire of german attack waves whos numbers and pressure on the lines really scared me?
    Am i the only one remembering a massive attack at a snow covered village, initiated by a signal from whistles scatered around by incoming mortar fire whol trying to take down the spotter ie an real target of war?

    Am i the only one who, despite my beeing worn out on World War 2 Shooters, wonders what had just hapenned to this glorious series?

    And i am not even a trough and trough PC gamer.

    • blackjackshelak says:

      I too remember the old WWII adventures that CoD once took us on. Comparing those games with Medal of Honor at the time was like night and day. I loved so many things about those games. A few things in particular were present in them that I wish would come back.

      Firstly, select fire. Why is it that the series somehow forgot about the little switches on the sides of its many guns that give you a choice between the number of bangs that happen when you pull the trigger? It’s certainly not due to the limitations of the 360 controller. There’s plenty of room left on the d-pad, even if you throw night vision and hybrid/multi-zoom optics into the mix.

      The weapon lists made a lot more sense as well. Kind of hard to screw that up for a WWII game unless you try really hard, but they did a decent job. The first Modern Warfare didn’t seem to have a whole lot of “Modern” guns. Luckily MW2 fixed that to some extent. Unfortunately, it also introduced crap like the Winchester 1887 which isn’t leaving us anytime soon. I can understand “The Rule of Cool” shoving Desert Eagles and Spas-12s in my face, but I draw the line at dual-wielding shotguns.

      Lastly, what ever happened to the good old butt stroke? Insta-knifing has always felt out of place to me in a game that’s supposed to be about shooting other men that are hopefully attempting to shoot me back. Again, MW2 decided to bung things up further by granting us the gift of going commando.

      For all their faults though, MW1 and MW2 have plenty of elements that I enjoyed. I WANT to see those combined in MW3 with a few new features thrown in to boot. I can put up with a lever action shotgun MW3, if you swear that it takes two hands to use it. While I wish you would keep larger parts of your weapon roster from the first two games, I do appreciate a few things you’ve gotten rid of. I won’t be greedy about having a huge weapon list, but at least make sure that anything added in this game is done right. Oh, and I still won’t be buying you on PC. You had your chance on my hard drive.

  48. Feldgrau says:

    This looks almost identical to the previous three games. Also, I’m not sure how much I like the new trend amongst modern shooters for shooting up European locales. Is this a reaction by Americans to the increasing sentiment in Europe against American military bases/deployment? I hope not, I hope it’s only because they wanted some much-needed variety.

    Also, where is the rest of NATO in these battles for Europe? I want to play as the French military, or maybe even the Germans. I’m sick of being US Marine no. 346987. I swear that Call of Duty is transforming into more Michael Bay-style posturing for the sake of sticking it to the rest of the world rather than anything resembling a believable conflict.

    Ah well, I’ll be playing Battlefield 3 instead. And I enjoyed the Paris story! :)

  49. HelderPinto says:

    Is the MP level design still like MW2? (Circular design, where you keep getting killed on the back that tottaly made me stay away from it)
    Or more like MW1 where the maps actually played uniquely, had center areas and weren’t a circular fest?

  50. kiwi nixon says:

    “This video has been removed by the user”
    -That’s also a great way to prevent annoying comments :P