Raging About Rage PC

Good news! Rage is now on my PC, and I have begun to play it. I am excited to be doing so, based on what I’ve played of the game previously.

Bad news! I’m seeing quite a few technical problems on my PC. To the point where I’m not sure I can keep playing. Sounds like I’m not alone either.

Update: apparently a driver update for Radeons, purported to fix some of the problems, is due later today now here! Investigating now – expect updates shortly. This still doesn’t answer the question of why the game was released in this state, of course – was it not tested on older/current drivers?

Update 2: nope, new driver doesn’t seem to help in any meaningful way. The framerate might be a little better, but the texture/character flickering is awful. Even the map keeps popping out of existence. Gonna have to give up on this game for now, I fear.

Update 3: ATI have fessed up to putting out a borked driver: “All – don’t use the current Rage performance driver – package includes very old OGL files, that’s why you’re seeing corruption etc… New Rage driver with proper OGL component will be posted later today.” And yet they haven’t withdrawn the bad one yet. What fun! Meantime I’ve actually ordered an NVIDIA card so I can get this blinkin’ Wot I Think done without keeling over from a migraine.

Of course, some of these may be down to a specific problem with my PC, although I have not encountered similar issues on any other game. So, you and others may be experiencing different things – if so, please say so below so we can form a picture of what is and isn’t going on here.

Let’s start, though, with something universal to the PC version of the game. There are no graphical options to speak of. Resolution, anti-aliasing, gamma, and that’s it. And this is an id game – y’know, id, masters of technology and all that. There are reports that the game is invisibly benchmarking and tweaking invisible settings to suit, but that’s cold comfort – I want to make my own decisions not have a robot make them for me. And given the game chugs on my graphics card (a Radeon 5850) unless I either drop the res or overclock it, that’s pretty damned annoying. Thank heavens for the AMD Overdrive in my drivers, because that gets the frame rate silky-smooth. Not that this is enough…

First up, the ‘megatextures’ streaming texture system is horribly noticeable. If I spin to camera to look 90 or 180 or more degrees in the other direction, for a split second half the world is blurry and featureless, before the impressively detailed textures pop into sight. It’s really, really distracting, I must say.

Then I started experiencing weird artifacting – a sort of grid pattern across characters (see below) and visible seams between ground textures. I fiddled with every option in my graphics card settings, but it wouldn’t go away.

On top of that, the mouse cursor moves at about twice the speed in menus as it does in the game itself, which makes it crazy-hard to control when you’re flicking through the inventory or accepting quests. And I say that as someone who likes a high DPI from his rodent.

Then the game’s audio started stuttering, and a few frames began to drop irregularly, whether or not my card was overclocked. And then:


I wracked my brains. I remembered I was running the beta version of the ATI drivers, designed for the Battlefield 3 beta. So I uninstalled ’em and instead installed the latest finished versions. Lo and behold, the weird grid/seam stuff was gone. Hooray!

Except characters and vehicles kept blinking out of existence for a split second, and occasional very brief stretchy-vertical artifacts appear. Again, I tinkered with driver settings, turned overclocking on and off and on and off and then I quit in annoyance and wrote this post.

I am not happy, and raise my eyebrow at any reviews of PC Rage that claim to have had a clear run of it on technical front. I will continue to tinker and to monitor and to read. What about you guys, if you’re either from the US or have used an IP-spoofing tool to defeat the pointlessly staggered UK release? Is it running fine? Hitting any issues? Is my PC haunted, or have id made a bit of a mess of the PC build of their first game in years?

Here’s the aggregated list of known bugs, via Steam forums:

No Custom settings for Video Cards
No Console command Read here to enable the console key: http://forums.steampowered.com/forum….php?t=2154191 & via config file here http://forums.steampowered.com/forum…7&postcount=89
No Vsync options – Results in screen tearing – Forcing Vsync causes the game to crash the drivers and game(AMD)
Unable to skip intros??? To disable the intro videos put this “+set com_skipIntroVideo 1” in the launch options of Rage Via Steam.
Mouse acceleration?
Can’t use Crossfire or SLI..
Bad FoV for PC’s – Short-term solution: FOV adjustment howto

Texture Streaming is bad and slow resulting in always reloading the same textures thus causing the textures popping in effect – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7Ch6TX-Cbs&hd=1
Missing/blinking textures…
Game crashes when exiting the Arc.
LoD issues(popins dispersing items)
Crashing after intro video
Audio stuttering and not blending properly.
Occasional Artifacts appearing- http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/9…0322215294.jpg
Low Frame rates with occasional fps spikes
Loading saves causes videocard drivers to crash…
Game Fails to start with error code #51.


  1. Khemm says:

    Didn’t expect such a shoddy CONSOLE PORT from id. FoV can be fixed. Mouse acceleration can be fixed. Textures looking like blurry crap and streaming contantly users cannot fix.

    Rage was developed with xbox in mind, and it shows in spades. What a backstabbing move, id = the new Epic Games. And that’s not a compliment.

    • EOT says:

      That’s a bit unfair to Epic. Gears of war was/is a fun series. When was the last time id made a good game? I don’t like arena shooters and because Doom 3 was dross that would make Carmack and co’s last ‘decent’ game Doom 2. So in over 15 years they’ve apparently made nothing noteworthy. Good going those Texas boys.

    • MrMud says:

      Gears 3 is actually really, really good and its a great shame that it isnt avaliable for PC.

  2. jellydonut says:

    So it’s a shit game on consoles, and won’t even run on the PC.

    Way to shit on your legacy, id. Should have quit while you were on top.

  3. neolith says:

    Hmmm… guess now I know why Prey2 doesn’t use this engine…

  4. Creeping Death says:

    So uh… this is the same engine they are using for Doom 4 right? :(

  5. JoeFX69 says:

    I hate games being forced out despite bugs. Especially with todays multi-million dollar budgets. Imagine going to see The Dark Knight Rises in a few months only to find the intro freezes, major plot developments are sabotaged by actors not hitting their marks, or the cinema BSOD half way through. Its totally unacceptable.

    But to be fair to id, Quake 2 was a mess when it was released. The sound didnt work on all machines properly, graphics were garbled due to OpenGL and Glide driver issues, but patch after patch was released which fixed the major bugs early on, then ironed it out gradually toward the finished 3.20.

    Im hopeful that this wont be another Fallout 3 or Oblivion.

  6. Irishjohn says:

    Boo urns to that. I’m an a Radeon and there’ll be no change then. Still, hoping you can sort this out and get us a Wot I Think. I had been avoiding news about Rage but now that it’s out I want a couple of opinions before I pull the trigger. If I pull it. The trigger, I mean.

  7. Zarunil says:

    To be fair, looking around was only added late in the development process.

  8. Lobotomist says:

    Now i know why they called the game : “Rage”

    Its what you experience if you are PC player that preordered the game.

  9. PaulMorel says:

    darn it. Why did I get sucked into the marketing for this game and preorder it?

  10. Ultra-Humanite says:

    So shocking they didn’t send out review copies.

  11. magnus says:

    Is the headache I’ve got because this cold I have or is it because of my almost constant face-palming at this negative crap from smart-arses who’ll secretly buy Rage in spite of themselves?

    • Durkonkell says:

      Must be cool being able to read people’s minds. And over the Internet too!

      Ooh, maybe that has something to do with your headache!

    • magnus says:

      Well when your head explodes that’ll be my fault, Darryl Revok’s got nothing on me!

  12. Nallen says:

    It’s a pretty sad day when the new flagship titles from first Crytek and now it seems id are buggy sub-standard graphical affairs with a lack of options and obvious console limitations. Does it say ‘press start to begin’? So sad.

    Still on the plus side October/November were looking very expensive so I’ll hold fire on this and take the Team ICO HD Collection as my console port of choice and enjoy what would appear to be the significantly better gaming experience.

    • iniudan says:

      The lack of advanced graphical option is because Rage is auto-adjusting to your PC to try to get 60fps, not because it lack setting, you just cannot adjust them. (Still think it is a mistake, but it not consolisation)

      Most of the graphic issue right now seem to indicate driver issue, id cannot do much about nvidia and AMD been slow to update OpenGL driver, especially since id 5 tech is the first major engine to push OpenGL capability in quite a while, it even use OpenGL 4.2 which was release in August, so video card chipset manufacturer were really not ready for it. So once driver updated we will see what we can blame on id.

      But from what I have seen while playing, all issue seem to come from driver right for me, for game run silky smooth and graphic look extremely well if I am standing still, while I am moving I feel like it try to stab me in the eye due to all the graphical glitch, but outside of those it seemed fully playable and enjoyable to me.

      Also has for the texture quality, even id said themselves they had to multiple professional compression to fit the game for distribution, the release version on all format is 20-25gb, while the shiny version (with uncompressed texture) is 120gb (which I hope they release at later date for PC).

  13. Zepp says:

    Shitty console turd.

  14. takfar says:

    This has fortunately not yet been released in Brazil, so I was able to send a request for preorder cancellation on Steam. Might check it out down the line if/when a discounted/expanded “game of the year” comes out.

  15. Nallen says:

    Edit: Double post

  16. Milky1985 says:

    “On top of that, the mouse cursor moves at about twice the speed in menus as it does in the game itself, which makes it crazy-hard to control when you’re flicking through the inventory or accepting quests. ”

    Prefer that to the issue i have with dead island, where the pointer in the menu goes 10 times SLOWER than the turning speed in game. It makes it a paint to swtich wepaons… in a game with degrable weapons you have to switch.

    Kinda worried about rage now, literally puchased it last night (and its all preloaded ready for me on steam) :/

    Also how long did you spend staring at that lady to get the cropped screenshot!

  17. GallonOfAlan says:

    Looks like maybe a driver issue – according to the ATI/AMD twitter feed the Rage patch has ‘very old OGL components’.

  18. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    Question…. Is it now too risky to buy a pc game on day 1? We seem to be having more and more examples of buggy day one releases even for the AAA Games.

    If you only want a game for singleplayer I see no harm in waiting a couple of months for the price to be reduced and for the bugs to be fixed

    • iniudan says:

      Yes, wait if you don’t pre-order, think most of the current issue will be corrected on short term, for mostly seem to be driver issue (game run smoothly on my computer outside of graphical glitch that try to stab me in the eye, and it look pretty when not glitching)

      The high number of graphical issue is most likely just due to id using OpenGL 4.2, which is a recent update of OpenGL, while also been the first game engine in a while to push OpenGL capability.

      The only part I kind of fear might stay once driver are patched are the texture popping, since the engine is specialized in streaming texture, so it adapted to work smoothly while looking pretty in a low memory environment, just not sure what adaptation are available for higher memory system like on a PC.

  19. vodkarn says:

    I’m not trying to be an ass here, but who the hell is surprised by all these problems? Id have gone out of their WAY to repeatedly prove that they’ve moved away from PC gaming. I’m not going to hate them for it, but this is par for the course guys.

    It’s sad we have to expect this kind of mediocre work, but we do. I am sorry for anyone who bought this though.

    I’m less looking forward to the ‘see this is why PC game creation is hard now!’ from id.

  20. feda says:

    And not a cent was given to Bethesda by me that day…

    I’ll try the free full version demo, though ;)

    • rayne117 says:


      No.. wait, you’re just testing the game to make sure it won’t bug out on your system. Carry on.

  21. Khemm says:


    Everyone, including Alec Meer – please don’t use the “performance driver”, the one on the site is old. It’ll be posted later:
    link to twitter.com

    I think the article needs to be updated for now.

  22. SwiftRanger says:

    Wait, a new Bethesda published release that’s buggy on PC? Well, you don’t say, I am baffled, absolutely astonished.

    Oblivion and Fallout 3 even now don’t work on my rig while every other game works just fine. After the disastrous Brink launch I am kinda seeing a pattern.

  23. Milky1985 says:

    Reading through the steam forums it lokos like the video config file has been found, but just like with bulletstorm (it was stupid then and its stupid now) they have encrypted it for no apparent reasons what so ever.

    In a game that doesn’t really have a FPS multiplayer mode!!!!!

  24. vandinz says:

    This is from Catalyst creator on Twitter

    All – don’t use the current Rage performance driver – package includes very old OGL files, that’s why you’re seeing corruption etc.

    and then

    New Rage driver with proper OGL component will be posted later today

    Hope that helps ATI owners.

  25. zergrush says:

    Hm, the “demo” is running quite well on my laptop so far, the texture popping doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it’s quite annoying.

    If I didn’t have a Radeon on my desktop It would be a certain purchase, but as it is I’ll have to wait until the issues are solved.

  26. rayne117 says:

    Getting really hard to defend PC gaming when 1/4 of the games I have bought in the last year don’t work.

    I love you Just Cause, BC2, and all the others… but I shall never play you until I get rid of this piece of shit Radeon 5770 and it’s horrible crashing drivers and display problems.

    • psyk says:

      “but I shall never play you until I get rid of this piece of shit Radeon 5770 and it’s horrible crashing drivers and display problems.”

      equals crap games? surely it equals crap gpu manufacturer?

    • chackosan says:

      Weird, I’ve clocked over 270 hours in Just Cause 2, playing with an MSI Radeon 5770, with nary a bug/crash in sight.

    • wazups2x says:

      My friend and I have had zero issues with our 5770’s. It sounds like a problem with your PC. Maybe a corrupt driver?

    • PoulWrist says:

      Yeah you probably have a faulty card :p RMA that shit. I have been rocking a Radeon 5870 for near 2 years now and there’s never been a problem with it.

  27. Demiath says:

    I’m usually not particularly vocal on the whole console-ification controversy (at least not when it comes to the strictly technical details), but an id game with no graphic options does make me sad…

  28. Gunrun says:

    So it looks like if you have an nvidia card you’re pretty much in the clear besides not being able to change graphics settings (ie it actually runs?) I have a pretty cheap preorder down so I don’t want to cancel particularly…

    • sneetch says:

      Some nVidia users are reporting problems but nothing like the problems ATI users are having.

  29. Gunrun says:

    ATI/AMD have had rubbish OpenGL support for ages and ages. Anyone who plays IL2 knows that using perfect settings on ATI involves flipping a coin every time you update your drivers to see if you have broken graphics. AMD just don’t care about OpenGL.

  30. ResonanceCascade says:

    Can someone tell me where this use of “iD” with a capital “D” comes from? I’ve noticed it for years and I’ve never figured out why people go out of their way to type it that way when all their boxes say “id” on them. Seems a bit silly.

    • Dervish says:

      The Doom wiki has a suggestion:
      link to doom.wikia.com

      There’s probably some mind-mingling with the Wolf 3D version of the logo as well.

    • Heisenberg says:

      i wondered that too.
      i think its just because when ppl imagine what the id logo looks like they imagine that what they saw is the ‘d’ to be a capital because of the font.
      thats why i did anyway.because i never played the game called iD on the zx spectrum so it couldnt of been that.

  31. Zarunil says:

    God, please let Skyrim be full of awesome instead of another crappy PC port. If it’s shit I’m going to explode.

    • CommanderJ says:

      Hrm well from my point of view, Oblivion sucked, Fallout 3 sucked (New Vegas from Obsidian was pretty descent tho) so I don’t see much reason why Skyrim will be any good.

      And yes, yes I know lots of people liked Oblivion, it just didn’t seem like any kind of RPG to me. Just a bland sandbox.

    • Avish says:

      And this is why I am not pre-ordering Skyrim.
      I believe that, even if it will be released in a less than decent condition, it will be patched and modded after a few months into a playable state .

  32. Renfield says:

    I love the strategically chosen (second) example screenshot!

    That said, this is very ugly. And I don’t mean the midriff.

  33. Fwiffo says:

    This hasn’t been a good year for those solely interested in big multiplat releases.

  34. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Hey Alec, maybe this could help you out!


  35. Sir-Lucius says:

    Luckily I haven’t had any performance problems with Rage, and as much as I was disheartened to see no graphics options, the engine seems to be pulling it’s weight in “auto-detecting” the best settings for my system. It both looks and runs great. I do wonder if my having a monstrous 16GB of RAM, as well as a Nvidia card, has anything to do with that though, since from what I’ve read the texture streaming process works by loading the textures into the RAM and then sending that information to the GPU. I haven’t checked to see exactly how much CPU/RAM Rage is eating up while running, but if that is how the process works I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that’s why I haven’t run into any of the problems others have had.

    As for the game itself, I’ve only played for about an hour and half so far, but it seems like some of the criticisms are a bit unwarranted, at least when you look at Rage in comparison to other popular titles. Many of the criticisms about the quest structure/storyline could VERY easily be applied to Borderlands, which was met with an overall much better reception than Rage has been so far. And outside of the setting (which is more Mad Max than Fallout) the comparisons to Fallout and other FPS/RPG hybrids is a bit out of place too, since there aren’t really any RPG elements to the game. At least, not so far. You get a task, you go kill people, you complete task. It’s much more of a straightforward shooter than anything else. And that being said, the gun play is far better than either Borderlands OR Fallout, so it surpasses both games in that regard.

    Hopefully id can quickly iron out the problems people are having. As a 3D artist I can definitely see the appeal of working with an engine like id Tech 5, and I think if more people got a taste of it working properly there would be a lot less negativity towards it as a whole. As for the game being a console port? No way. People seem overly eager to toss that phrase around at the slightest HINT of a bug or issue in a modern PC game. Just because a game isn’t perfect out of the box doesn’t automatically make it a console port. Unoptimized? Buggy? Poorly coded or tested? Sure. But the game is clearly not a console port going by the most derogatory definition of the phrase.

    • Shortwave says:

      I’m also curious if the game is utilizing that 16gb by the way.
      They sell for 100 bucks these days and it’s on my list of things to get!

    • Sir-Lucius says:

      Well it’s certainly not an issue of RAM as Rage only seems to use up around 550MB. Maybe VRAM? Although I know I’ve seen people with GPU’s with as much or more VRAM as my GTX470 having problems. It’s not HDD speed in relation to streaming either as I’ve heard people with the game installed on a SSD are having the texture pop-in problem as well. I guess I’ll just consider myself lucky. I haven’t had any performance problems in any other recent games known to have issues either (Brink comes to mind).

      And yeah, RAM prices have dropped ludicrously. I remember when I first built this system it was like $100 for a 6 gig kit. You can now regularly get 8 gig kits for half that. I just bought another 8 gigs today since Newegg was running a sale. $40 for 8 gigs of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM? That’s too good to pass up.

  36. catmorbid says:

    Sounds like a bad fucking console port. Since we’re talking about id, I should be surprised, but sadly I’m not. The technical hickups can and will be fixed eventually, but stuff like the UI issues mentioned (mouse acceleration, mouse speed differs in menus and lack of graphical options) just reek of a bad fucking console port. Unfuckingforgivable. Every self-aware PC-user should just pirate the hell out of this game, to show our appreciation for their sense of quality. After superb PC titles like witcher 2 we deserve better. This is simply unforgivable, so speak with your wallet!

    • alundra says:

      “Unfuckingforgivable. Every self-aware PC-user should just pirate the hell out of this game, to show our appreciation for their sense of quality. After superb PC titles like witcher 2 we deserve better. This is simply unforgivable, so speak with your wallet!”

      Actually, every self-aware pc user should have an ounce of dignity and stay away from this crap, it’s not even worth the download, do not pirate this load of dung, if we really intend to show “appreciation for their sense of quality.”

    • Shortwave says:

      I’m sadly not surprised either.
      I actually anticipated it and stopped myself from buying it yesterday.

  37. RyuRanX says:

    Et tu, id Software? As a id fan who played all of their games from the very beginning I’m very disappointed with the lack of effort they putted on the PC version.

  38. DigitalSignalX says:

    It’s Crysis 2 all over again. Powerhouse PC developer putting the big dog and pony dance while trying to hide the fact the fact they’ve been chained to an Xbox.

    • Shortwave says:

      I still think it’s one of the best looking games of this year.
      Have you tried to TOTALLY maxed out? (Including high res pack and DX11 / Tess)
      At first the patches sorta destroyed my 6950, but when I tried again recently it work WAY WAY better and I was usually always above 40fps. And with that being said, it was totally fucking gorgeous. In MP I’d drop it down to “high” to get 60+ and it still looks better than any FPS on the market.

      And I’ll even debate BF3 doesn’t even hold up to it very well either. It’s just sad that not too many mods have been released for it yet. Right next to Crysis 2 for graphics 2011 is likely The Witcher 2. That game totally pushed some boundaries graphically. Hard Reset is up there… Red Orc 2 has it’s appeal but too many issues to OFFICIALLY get included in this list ATM.

    • wazups2x says:

      This is MUCH worse than Crysis 2.

  39. Shooop says:

    It’s almost eerie I just ordered a nVida card not two days ago.

    Even if you didn’t get to actually write a review of the game, I applaud you for being so quick to actually try playing it and post this.

    • Shortwave says:

      It made me shutter, knowing that was his only solution.
      I have a lower end GTX420 laying around because I’m a burnout but like..
      I’d never fucking go and buy a decent card just because it worked better on the other brand.
      Either way really! Would be pretty bad if that was the reality of the future of GPUs.
      A joke I know, but it sadly seems like that at times.

  40. tomemozok says:

    What don’t you understand…Rage was developed for consoles,even Carmack himself confirmed it.
    It is a fun idea for a new game,but we’ll need to w8 for a proper pc release (A patch witch will be in ~ 1 month from now).
    W8 for the new doom if you want a real id game for hardcore pc scary-horror-shooter game :D
    I know i will :D

    • Shortwave says:

      Everyone understands this.
      But we were hoping he was going to show that he could push the consoles to their limits while still getting 60fps and STILL pleasing all of the PC community with our version. He forewarned the pop up textures but it really seems a lot worse in-front of us now. Coupled with missing options that we just expect as PC gamers missing and AGAIN WITH BULLSHIT FOV ISSUES.

      So yes, “we” thought he wanted to spread the love.
      But now “we” realize it’s looking pretty grim.
      Shit happens man, what can you say?
      : (

    • Thants says:

      The time saved by typing “w8” isn’t worth it.

    • Syra says:

      Uh if you let them think this is okay, who is to say doom4 which is clearly also a ‘consoles first’ game won’t have the same bullshit wrong with it.

      id nee to wise up!

  41. jonfitt says:

    This is the one good thing about pre-orders (when coupled with review copies going out before the release). If people cancel pre-orders now it is a clear message that initial reports form the game are not favourable.

  42. Shortwave says:

    For this company to release a game on PC lacking so many PC features and requirements is fairly belittling. I hope they will understand that.

    But yes I’m sure it’ll all get sorted out eventually.. We can hope.
    I’m just happy I fought my urge to order it yesterday to have it today after work.
    All I’d of had is a headache! This game goes to the “Get it on sale maybe” list.
    Thanks for the honest review.

  43. Aufero says:

    Given that I won’t be replacing my Radeon any time soon, (nothing to do with brand loyalty, I just didn’t budget for another graphics card this year) I think I’ll skip this mess.

  44. Hakkesshu says:

    Someone on Guru3d posted the updated drivers:

    link to forums.guru3d.com

    I have no idea how he got them, but they fucking work perfectly. The game runs nigh flawlessly on my HD 5770 now. Seems like much of the fault really does lie with ATI.

    • Mollusc Infestation says:

      It’s on the AMD site as well now.
      link to support.amd.com

    • alundra says:


      Well, if you take in account the following:

      -Nearly every other game works fine on radeon hardware.
      -The game was clearly designed for the X360 which happens to have older ati hardware.
      -There are also issues with Nvidia hardware, albeit not as bad.
      -They’ve already released two driver updates for the game, in less than 24hours.

      It’s hard to blame it on amd that a company releases a game in an unfinished state for US customers to beta test instead of doing proper in house testing, a game that was designed with the limitations of consoles in minds, and that refuses to natively run on more advanced hardware than it was designed for.

      Only id/bethesda is at fault here.

    • LostViking says:

      I agree.

      While the game runs OK on my Nvidia card, there are plenty of graphical issues. Not being able to change anything except AA and resolution doesn’t help either.

  45. PeteC says:

    This is one reason why I rarely, if ever purchase day one.

  46. Arglebargle says:

    Rather than a single main issue, Rage’s faceplant looks to be a combination of a bunch of problems: New engine, auto-detection of graphics not functioning properly, bad driver support, version control errors, bad QA, early release, console compatibility screw ups, canned reviews, etc.

    Oh, wait, maybe that is sorta the standard problem with big games releases these days…..

  47. Branthog says:

    The newest new driver of the day has improved FPS, but I still get hangs for ten seconds at a time about every twenty or thirty seconds and awful screen tearing. The hangs are really not tolerable. Guess we’ll have to wait another day and see what comes of it.

    Oh, nevermind. Now I’m getting crash-to-desktop after it plays the Bethesda logo, like everyone else. Fuck it. I’m done for today.

  48. Stepout says:

    Currently re-installing my OS because I tried un-installing the borked Rage Performance Driver, which caused all of my USB drivers to not longer work. After 4 hours of trying to get them to work with only a PS/2 keyboard to use, I just gave up. If id had a face, I’d punch it.

  49. MFToast says:

    As far as the graphical issues go, not so surprised. Of course any game can have graphical glitches, especially when you buy cheap hardware. My main concern is with the console UI issues, such as the slow mouse stuff. It can’t see how it would take a whole lot to tweak it just a little bit to make things easier for someone with a mouse, and this is really surprising to see from the cool grandpa with candy of computer games, id.

    Can the blame be placed on Zenimax, perhaps? Still, though, from a realistic standpoint, if you’ve bought the game and it sucks, there’s really nothing you can do. Even as far as bad reviews go, they’ll even go so far as to yank it if it reaches too many consumers.

    Companies such as this only speak the language of money. Stop giving them your money, and they’ll be forced to either consider making a more PC specific UI, or they can just hop on the console wagon and leave room for more pure PC companies to move in. End rant.

    • LostViking says:

      They better release a patch for this stat, or id will take a grave hit to their reputation in the PC community.
      I was really hyped for this game, and honestly thought it was developed for the PC first and then downsized for consoles later after watching a dozen John Carmack interviews.

      Looking at the final product there is no way this can have been designed first and foremost for PC’s.

  50. LostViking says:

    Would just like to jump in and defend AMD here. I used to be an ATI-fanboy, but eventually got a GTX470 for my new gaming rig after getting pissed of with my HD5870 not working properly unless I used ancient drivers.

    Anywho, the game has plenty of issues with my GTX470 as well. Terrible pop in when you turn the camera, textures blurring in and screen tear from hell. And while the graphics options aren’t card related, it is pretty shamefull that they don’t allow you to play with the settings in the PC version.

    Come on iD, is it that hard to make a proper PC version!
    I know it doesn’t matter that it says “saving, don’t turn off your computer” while saving, but you would think an experienced PC developer don’t expect their users to turn off their PC in the half second it takes to save!
    By changing that small text they would at least give the impression of having spent some time on the PC version.