Serious Sam: Double D Single Demo!

There’s a demo out for insane side-scrolling Serious Sam spin-off Serious Sam: Double D. You can get it on Steam. That will allow you to create your own opinion on the game. If, however, you remain unsure, or were born without vital critical faculties, then you can still read our Wot I Think, which sums up this gun-stacking absurdity rather nicely.


  1. Thermal Ions says:

    Given my position that all games should have a demo available, I suppose I should give it a look.

    They’ll want to hope I enjoy it better than the 3D variety though if they wish me to part with my dough.

  2. Syra says:

    It doesn’t launch for me. Just loads for a couple of seconds when I press play then nothing..

  3. Post-Internet Syndrome says:

    It launches and plays fine for me, but there’s no sound…

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      Scratch that, my headphones were not plugged in. :D

  4. FalseMyrmidon says:

    This is pretty fun.

  5. Bfox says:

    Haven’t had the chance to try it yet, but just wanted to say THANK GOODNESS FOR DEMOS!