Working Rage ATI Fix Now Out

Why, that’s the most boring headline I’ve ever written here. Still, it’s late, I’m tired, I’ve spent half the day unsuccessfully trying to track down an NVIDIA card so I can play Rage without feeling nauseous, but now I don’t have to because ATI have put out a fix for the unhappy state of the game on Radeons. Unlike the first supposed fix, this makes things better rather than worse.

Knee-jerk thoughts from trying it out for half an hour: the visual glitching that previously was so bad that I needed to go have a nice lie down has gone entirely. In other words, I can now play the game, for which I am glad and grateful. It looks Quite Nice and the shootability is Fine.

Unfortunately, the frame rate still seems a bit spotty on my Radeon 5850, unless I overclock it. I’d like to just fiddle with the game’s graphics settings instead, but no, for some reason id thought we wouldn’t want to do that. Oh well, between the driver update and the overclock, it’s running just fine, even if I’ve currently no idea whether it’s running at low, medium, high or GOOD CRIKEY settings – plus my PC is now pumping out enough heat to boil away a small lake. PC gaming!


  1. Jason Moyer says:

    Are you still getting massive, unplayably bad texture pop up? I ask because I’m getting that even on an Nvidia card.

    • studenteternal says:

      same boat. The game technically ‘works’ perfectly, no technical issues, except that the texture pop up is so bad I have uninstalled the entire game. Honestly, why did they bother releasing this on PC? ID tech 5 apparently just does not work for PC gaming.

    • Fwiffo says:

      Texture pop in is too irritating to ignore. It’s almost as though they never tested the game with a mouse, just a 360 controller and its glacial turning rate.

    • iniudan says:

      I am still getting pop in texture but it is much lesser then before the working driver on my ATI card, but I only got a 5670 512MB and 4GB of ram, so maybe someone with better memory capacity would no longer have trouble with them.

    • TheTourist314 says:

      Carmack prolly didn’t notice just because he still uses a keyboard only for FPS games. I don’t blame him.

    • MultiVaC says:

      I’ve still got massive texture pop-in with my Nvidia card, too. It was much worse before I tweaked some graphics settings in the Nvidia control panel (the thing that really helped was setting CUDA to only be used on my GTX 580 instead of the 9500 I use as a dedicated Physx card); now I’ve got it to the point where it’s playable, but still extremely distracting.

    • Greg says:

      I remember when Doom 3 came out and they had an option for “ultra” graphics or something designed for video cards that hadn’t even been produced yet. Perhaps Rage is designed entirely under that premise. We only have to wait for the nvidia 690 to come out and all our problems will be solved.

    • drewski says:

      Apparently the texture pop-in is pretty bad on the console boxes too.

      A wonder that nobody ever brought it up in testing…

    • Necroscope says:

      Hm. Watching Lewis from Yogscast play Rage there appeared to be no texture pop-up whatsoever. As for games with pop-up, UGH!, that is one of the most off-putting side-effects.It’s an immersion breaker.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      There are. Look at the edges of the screen when he turns.

  2. ZIGS says:

    Play this game during winter=save on heating

    • V. Profane says:

      Our wonderful Blair sanctioned condensing boiler packed up the past two winters because it was too cold; my trusty GTX 285 kept me warm.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      been waiting for winter to play the witcher, OOOOh how I’m looking forward to the comfortably warm but not sweaty season!

    • Zarunil says:

      Pre-orders got a small tank of water and a rubber hose for free.

    • DiTH says:

      I just love to have my feet behind the PC and keeping them warm.Its AWESOME.

  3. Wizardry says:

    What’s the point of MegaTexture? Can someone tell me?

    • Jason Moyer says:

      AFAIK it makes it possible to use a single large texture on each textured object rather than having to tile them to conserve VRAM.

    • ZIGS says:

      From what I can tell, it allows for “unique” textures at the expense of all being terribly low quality and, and this is probably the key “feature”, being able to work on consoles

    • Cerzi says:

      To be fair I think the first time I heard of megatextures was for ET:QW which wasn’t (originally at least) designed for consoles.

    • LionsPhil says:

      If I’m reading this right, the main point is the streaming which allows artists/mappers to treat the terrain as using one huge texture, rather than having to use a limited set of tiled textures as with most other engines. (That is to say, not all of the texturing in the world has to fit in VRAM at once.) I don’t remember any obnoxious issues with Quake Wars, though, so I would conclude that whatever hateful things it’s doing in Rage are due to the new version which apparently applies this to all textures.

      I’m surprised if Carmack honestly dropped the ball so hard that turning your back on a character unloads their textures and has to re-fetch them from disk (or even non-VRAM cache) when you turn back to face them. That sounds bonkers.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      rather than having to use a limited set of tiled textures as with most other engines.

      It’s easy enough to create as many different aligned textures as you want to fill some terrain (or create one big texture and split it up in the pipeline), then page them in and out as necessary when the camera moves. MegaTexture seems like a mildly clever hack if you just create one giant texture and you can cheaply slice a piece of it at runtime. But nothing new in terms of what can be displayed to the user.

    • Dervish says:

      ZIGS and Tuor don’t know what they’re talking about. Aside from the benefit of not having to worry about texture budget when it comes to making scenery unique, there’s a workflow advantage. It makes it easy for artists to detail areas without worrying about rebuilding the level or screwing things up.

      As you can see, “uniquely textured” may sometimes mean “having the same set of stamped textures in a slightly different pattern/orientation,” but the idea that you can paint the level like you’re working in Photoshop is pretty cool.

    • Wizardry says:

      @LionsPhil: But you can “stream” individual textures into VRAM. You just load in the textures that are visible and remove ones that aren’t. The only advantage to MegaTexturing that I can see at first glance is that textures aren’t repeated. But that’s basically the “traditional” way of texturing but without using a texture for more than one piece of geometry. There’s probably some sort of fancy data organisation (and compression) to make pieces of a giant texture easier and quicker to fetch than individual unique files on a hard drive (and contiguous memory in RAM), but at the same time you’re sacrificing a massive amount of dynamism in the engine itself in terms of the creation, destruction and mutation of world geometry.

      In a perfect world maybe, but I’m sure MegaTextures, as it is, imposes massive restrictions on what you can do with the engine.

    • LionsPhil says:

      You just load in the textures that are visible and remove ones that aren’t.

      Given the SIGGRAPH slides linked below, this is what Virtual Texturing does, only it does it with the big texture split into pages as its discrete units, rather than lots of discrete rusty_fan, crate_wood, crudely_draw_willies, etc. (I’m not aware of anything that stream loads/unloads the latter as you roam around a “huge” space? Either you change your working set of textures on a good ol’ fashioned level load screen, or you have a constant smaller set that is common across all your geometry cells [e.g. Oblivion, Minecraft].)

      You could maybe do better if you preloaded from a greater distance, maybe using something cheaper like precomputed (or I guess reference counted or such, if you want a fully dynamic map?) information on the textures required at a cell level, but I’m horribly aware that this is an Internet comment saying maybe an expert in the field might have done better if he did X instead. I’m kind of confused that VT seems to be using on-screen vis to decide when to load things, as a background job. And then throw them away so soon, apparently!

    • Wizardry says:

      Given the SIGGRAPH slides linked below, this is what Virtual Texturing does, only it does it with the big texture split into pages as its discrete units, rather than lots of discrete rusty_fan, crate_wood, crudely_draw_willies, etc.

      Well, that’s what I mean by not reusing textures while structuring the data in such a way as to allow you to grab parts of the “seamless” world texture as required for streaming in and out of RAM and VRAM.

      (I’m not aware of anything that stream loads/unloads the latter as you roam around a “huge” space? Either you change your working set of textures on a good ol’ fashioned level load screen, or you have a constant smaller set that is common across all your geometry cells [e.g. Oblivion, Minecraft].)

      I tend to do this any time I’m making anything open world without loading screens and don’t have a limited set of textures (and geometry) that I can keep entirely in VRAM. Ideally you can get by with just having low quality textures permanently in RAM, using them immediately when called upon, and then loading textures up in a resource loading thread in the background before “replacing” the low quality textures. Seems a pretty standard practice to me. All I’m saying is that you don’t need MegaTextures to use more texture data than you have memory in a game without loading screens.

      But more importantly, does MegaTextures allow for real-time destruction, creation and deformation of world geometry? Seems a bit too pre-processed/static for my liking. Most things seem to be baked in at build time. It’s the kind of thing I hate from a game design perspective.

    • HothMonster says:

      “. Ideally you can get by with just having low quality textures permanently in RAM,”

      I think that is the point of megatexture. So you can do the same thing but with high quality textures. You can use 2gb of ram and have 6 more gigs on stand by on the HDD. Then you use some fancy Ray casting techniques to stream it in a manner that puts all needed textures in the ram. It seems almost like they are showing the textures at higher or lower quality depending on distance, using compression. But, its all a little “whoosh” for me.

      I can’t imagine Id was foolish enough to make it so the textures disappear when you turn around, but I havn’t got to take a look at it yet.

      I’m curious what cards and procs and rab people are having problems with.

      ” Most things seem to be baked in at build time. It’s the kind of thing I hate from a game design perspective.”

      watch the tech demo video above, its seems that designing would be pretty easy. But Idk if you could use a breakable texture. I mean you could probably put destructive elements in but would you have world continuity problems when it gets reloaded, or as distance changes the compression.

    • psyk says:

      “I’m curious what cards and procs and rab people are having problems with”

      and MB

    • simonh says:

      Also megatextures are supposed to offer a much nicer workflow for the artists. However, I can’t image that it’d be much fun to try and source acres upon acres of unique gravel and concrete textures, so in the end they probably use the same repeated textures over and over again anyway, just like non-megatexture games.

    • HothMonster says:

      “I can’t image that it’d be much fun to try and source acres upon acres of unique gravel and concrete textures, so in the end they probably use the same repeated textures over and over again anyway, just like non-megatexture games.”

      I agree they probably stick to a limited pallet for the most part . But I’m sure its nice to be able create any decal or texture or stamp on the fly. Especially since the artists can share in real-time. “hey bob I made this sweet new blood soaked sand throw some around in your area.” And you can use the generic textures to lay stuff out and then spend some time in an area making all kinds of cool shit for it, and making it in bits so it can be resembled differently but much faster. I.E. dont make a wall with bullet holes just make a bunch of unique bullet holes that anyone can plaster anywhere, or unique rocks or grass patches. Remember everything can be scaled and rotated.

      You could really never use the same “damaged wall texture” or make every intersection have unique props without worrying about running out of ram space or having a texture limit. Of course you would only do this for the parts where you have the player spending time. But as you say how much can you do and stay motivated, or if you find someone who loves it, stay productive? Also how large is the gap in theory and implementation.

    • Bulzib says:

      I never had any problem with this game, the i7 H2, a nVidia GTX 460 and 1600 Mhz RAM. All run smoothly. I must admit the megatexture may take a time for open map and little object like can but when you’re in the action you don’t have time to mind about.

      I know I probably take the “rage” of people saying that game is not that bad. If you can play the game with your high-end computer the game is really fun ! It’s really a sad to see id doesn’t make the game more friendly-user with PC like Doom 3 with lots of graphical option. RAGE seem to be develop for console box and import to computer after, the release date was too close so they don’t test for PC after the development on PS3 and xBox 360.

  4. mondomau says:

    So now it’s up and running, I guess you’ll only need a a day to chuck out a WIT (according to ars – 9 hours to play, maybe an hour to write an article and another 3 or 4 to come up with a decent pun for the headline)?

    I kid, I kid. I am genuinely interested in an RPS take though – the console reactions have been mixed and my hands on at Eurogamer was, shall we say, underwhelming…

  5. Tuor says:

    ‘plus my PC is now pumping out enough heat to boil away a small lake.’

    Hopefully, your house wont be inundated by a tsunami resulting in a loss of cooling for your heat source. That could have really negative reprecussions with the surrounding area…

    And MegaTextures are, IIRC, a way to stream a lot of textures through a graphics card. It was created for consoles like the 360 which have low graphics memory, allowing them to display a higher level of graphics than they would otherwise be capable. It’s uh… pretty useless on PCs.

    • ZIGS says:

      I’d go further than “useless”, it’s actually damaging. But hey, who gives a fuck about PCs right?

    • studenteternal says:

      Hate to feed the negativity, but Ziggs has this one about right. Even when the game is ‘working’ perfectly, its basically unplayable with mouse and keyboard because of texture pop. ahh well it had been a while last I wasted 60 bucks. That aught to learn me not to pre-order.

    • skinlo says:

      Except it was first created for PC’s.

    • Tuor says:

      Zigs, I was going for the elegant understatement. Apparently I failed with the elegant part. :/

    • Robin says:

      As the reply structure seems to have gotten slightly out of whack, to reiterate, Tuor and ZIGS don’t know what they’re talking about.

      Megatexturing allows unique textures on every surface, which is why even ETQW’s terrain in 2007 looked better than Battlefield/Fallout/whatever’s PS2-era chequerboards.

    • MattM says:

      Yes but the unique textures on every surface are ugly low res textures. If an object is more than 10 feet away the game uses a very low res texture. Zoom in and it switches to a medium res texture. Textures in Doom 3 look better than those in RAGE.

    • dazman76 says:

      This isn’t at all one of the properties of MT – using MT does not require low-res textures, as can be seen from videos on “virtual texturing”. MT adds some extensions if you like, in terms of properties and behaviour – so it isn’t just visual texture data – but it can definitely handle high-quality textures on a PC implementation.

      The terrain in Quake Wars looked great at the time – and didn’t suffer from pop-in unless you ran it on the bare minimum spec to get by. I can’t really accept that id would knowingly release such a handicapped system on PC, just because the engine had to run on consoles too – Carmack operates above that kind of level. At least… he used to :)

  6. DevilSShadoW says:

    from what i hear, TotalBiscuit will have a WTF is (first impressions) on RAGE up on his YT channel in an hour or two. I’m gonna watch that so i can get a better picture of what’s happening. That and a WIT from my beloved RPS and i will have all the opinion forming material i will ever need.

    • caddyB says:

      It’s sad state of affairs when we can’t be sure about the quality of games coming out from big publishers/developers just by reading the first few reviews that give them high scores.

      And yes, when you don’t want to spend money on stuff you probably won’t enjoy, you want to see what people think about it and not just “buy it and see for one’s self”.

    • HothMonster says:

      All the early reviews were console from my understanding. Which doesn’t seem to have these problems as everyone was calling it beautiful.

      link to

    • c-Row says:

      I agree. I mostly rely on WIT’s and TotalBiscuit to decide whether or not to buy a game, and I have done well so far.

  7. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    Well, get down to business then, Meer!

    Shooty shooty bang bang.

  8. Branthog says:

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the game playable. The game freezes for about ten seconds almost constantly. For some people, it does this about every twenty seconds. For others, it happens about every two seconds. For me, everything is fine when I’m outside of the bandit hideout in the tutorial. Everything is smooth and beautiful. Then I go to the other end of the bridge and enter the cave. Once the loading screen is done, it hangs for ten seconds. Then I push the forward button and it moves about an inch and hangs another ten seconds. And so on and so on. Absolutely unplayable. Not even playable if you had the greatest amount of patience on the fucking planet.

    However, that doesn’t seem to necessarily be an ATI issue. In fact, I looked to the official Rage forums and it seems many others are having the exact same problem whether they’re using NVIDIA or ATI (and yes, it’s installed on SSD).

    Oh well. I’m off to play Red Orchestra 2.

    • RickyButler says:

      I’m getting this sort of mad business now. Game’s freezing up too often for me to actually tell if the texture pop in is fixed. I’m experiencing those crashes people had been having all day now, too.

  9. psyk says:

    link to
    link to

    So are they using mega textures or virtual texturing.

    Edit – see if this edit works.

    The second link is to an online pdf viewer if you don’t trust it scroll down the wiki page and click on reference 3

    • LionsPhil says:

      I believe Virtual Texturing is supposed to be “MegaTexture, but for everything, not just static geometry”. Or, rather, I believe MegaTexture was VT for just terrain.

      It’s interesting that those slides propose blending in detail as textures load. From the video link near the end of Alec’s last post, that doesn’t seem to be in the final game, because that pop-in was awful.

    • psyk says:

      It’s strange how

      “The upcoming games Doom 4 and Rage, powered by the id Tech 5 engine, will use a more advanced technique called Virtual Texturing.”

      is under this part

      “MegaTexture refers to a texture allocation technique facilitating the use of a single extremely large texture rather than repeating multiple smaller textures. It is featured in Splash Damage’s game Enemy Territory: Quake Wars”

      But then it is wiki, to google

  10. Derpentine says:

    As : Sorting is a concept. A bubble sort is an implementation of sorting.

    Virtual texturing is a concept. Megatexture is an implementation which uses virtual texturing.

  11. Shooop says:

    So has anyone managed to play this game enough to get an idea of oh say… How it plays? Instead of how megatextures and whatnot will reverse global warming and feed starving children the world over?

    • Biggie says:

      I played for an hour, with the latest drivers from AMD, before the game crashed on me. I have to say performance is so poor it is laughable. Which is a same cause the fire fights look like they would be fun if it could keep a steady frame rate. While the frame rate will usually hang out around 60, the screen tears all the time, and every so often a massive drop in fps hits going down as low as 20fps.

      While my computer while not state of the art, it sure as heck meets the recommended specs.
      Q6600 @ 3.2, Radeon HD 5850 and 8GB of ram.

      At this point I wish I could return the product and get Dark Soul at least I know that game is supposed to make me cry.

  12. Meathead says:

    I dont understand why you noticed such an improvement.

    I’m also running a 5850, but after installing the driver update it’s still well nigh unplayable. The frame rate is a little better, but texture popup is killing me, and the game randomly freezes for a couple seconds a few times every minute. I’ve seen lots of reports of other people getting this too :(

    • Biggie says:

      I’m thinking of trying one final clean install with the new beta drivers before I give up hope. I’m not sure who is to blame iD or AMD, but this game is not ready.

    • Meathead says:

      I wouldn’t bother, haven’t seen any reports of anyone fixing it through driver buggery yet. Just gotta wait for either an AMD driver or a Steam patch I fear.

    • Biggie says:

      This is so strange, after my crash, the game simply will not restart. Even after a reboot of my computer. Did we wave our right to class action in the EULA? ;D

    • adam.jutzi says:

      Yeah, I read all the articles and decided to give it a go with my current drivers just to get some comparison once it’s all sorted. It ran fairly smooth (minus texture pop) with a 6850, Phenom II X2 560, and 2gigs ram. Not exactly top of the line. I just patched my drivers and now it’s chop city.

  13. pilouuuu says:

    I’m wondering if my 4670 can run this game…

    • HothMonster says:

      OS: Win XP SP3, Vista, Win 7
      Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo or Equivalent AMD
      Memory: 2GB
      Hard Disk Space: 25GB
      Video Card: GeForce 8800, Radeon HD 4200

      Recommended: is a 5550, but it seems like anyone with a ATI might want to hold off.

    • iniudan says:

      Yes a 4670 should run it, but if you didn’t buy yet, I suggest to wait a bit that way you don’t have to deal with most of the release issue, which most are likely due to id using OpenGL, which doesn’t see much AAA release that push it capability these day, so driver are kind of a mess.

      But if you buy now, at least for me with an ATI 5670 512MB, game seem to be running fine now, except for a single crash when loading between two area and a weird, but short, graphical glitch with the pistol (the revolver drum was floating above the pistol). There still is texture pop in, but it is much more lesser then at the start of the day, before we had a decent enough driver. Also get screen tearing if I don’t force the vsync on in catalyst.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Odd. If RAGE runs on Xbawks, then surely it must have a DirectX backend, even if for some reason it’s disabled or not quite complete for PC. I mean, that’s part of the point of the X-Box, from Microsoft’s perspective, no? Make people use DirectX for “cross-platform” development, which keeps them in their ecosystem, rather than OpenGLing across to Linux or OS X.

  14. malkav11 says:

    With my nVidia GTX 470, 4 GB of RAM and an AMD 3.2 ghz quad core (yet running off a 5400 RPM green hard drive, whee, I’m cheap), 4X antialiasing and GPU transcoding on (this is supposed to help with pop-in, people having trouble with that may wish to select it if they can, which supposedly is only possible on 400 and 500-series nVidia cards, though since mine is one, I can neither confirm nor deny), it looks splendid and has minimal (though still distracting when it happens) pop in.

    The 45 minutes I spent in game were acceptably shooty with the pistol being expectably unexciting as a weapon but the grenades exploding bandits into tiny bits nicely and the double-barrelled shotgun having basically no ammo available but plenty of close quarters kick. The melee bandits were agile as hell and used all sorts of environmental features and acrobatics. The pistol-packing ones were more sedate but very persistent, continuing to find firing positions and attack even when wounded so badly they could no longer stand. I cannot comment on the crafting, supposed “open world” features, the CCG minigame (yes, there’s a CCG minigame), vehicular combat, etc.

    • iniudan says:

      Crafting is pretty much just get ingredient and select recipe, usefulness of recipe hard to say right now for only have 3 recipes (bandage, lock pick [would guess quite useful, but only found 2 locked door until now =p] and something that boost max health for 60sec, guess later there is engineer drone stuff in there)

      Double barrel will have ammo once you get the regular shotgun (which got a feel like good old Doomguy shotgun, in other word successor to the best shotgun in the universe, which give me hope Doom 4 shotgun will be worthy of Doomguy has opposed to Doom 3), which is about when you start encounter enemy with one.

      Vehicule until now the 4 wheels they give you at the start, seem to control pretty well even with just a keyboard, but no combat with vehicule yet here also.

      And yes the enemy movement is one of the best I have ever seen, feel realistic (without been CoD pussy, for these enemy to the death, they will continue to fight you lying and crawling on the ground if they have to), while been awesome looking, even when enemy survive a shotgun blast the animation will still show off that they felt the kick.

  15. psyk says:

    Rage skidrow = 18.05GB
    Rage language pack skidrow = 2.04GB

    DAMN. pirate connections are going to love it.

    • Wooly Wugga Wugga says:

      Oddly enough most pirates I know have no problems shelling out for the most expensive internet connection they can find but balk at even spending US$5-me-love-you-long-time on a Steam sale game.

      Go figure.

  16. A_rose says:

    Even with the new ” fix ” I cannot play this game on my pc
    Computer Spec :
    Windows 7 32bit.
    Sapphire ATI Radeon HD 5830 1GB RAM DDR5.
    AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 255 Processor 3100MHZ ( 3.0GHz )
    4.0GB DDR3 RAM.
    Sound Device: VIA High Definition Audio

    This game is really supose to make people ” rage ” LOL…..

  17. HothMonster says:

    reply fail :(

  18. virtualmatrix258 says:

    My GTX 580 has been running fine on 285.38 drivers. I’m not sure about textures because when I get into a big area in the game (not driving, on foot) the textures look blurry. I’ve changed my fov to 90 using the command console, screw steam achievements anyway. Nvidia control panel options have come in handy as well. I have vsync running so I get no screen tear. So far I’ve had no real issues with texture popping, but I’m only halfway through the game.

  19. spindaden says:

    I always thought it was accepted common knowledge that Id games hate ATI graphics cards.

  20. ResonanceCascade says:

    I do not understand how this game was released in this state. I get when something like New Vegas and Deus Ex has issues. It sucks, but I realize that these are incredibly ambitious titles and that it’s tough to release a game that works for everyone right out of the hole.

    But a 10-hour shooter with Half-Life 2 graphics (and that’s being generous) that was allegedly in development for 6 years? I want to read the post-mortem on this. Something, somewhere went seriously off the rails.

    • Chylde_Orchid says:

      I ran Deus Ex release day without so much as a hiccup… Rage, on the other hand, has had me Raging all day… and I still haven’t gotten in any real gameplay…

  21. silentmyke says:

    I’ll keep this as simple and short as I can.
    I’m running an okay gaming rig with a 5870 (2 gig) with 8 gigs of system ram, it runs dead island flawlessly. This whole “rage” game is a piece of trash in it’s current state. Waste of 60$. After half a day of fooling with everything and it’s mother, I got the game to actually START without crashing.. runs good, looks good, awesome framerate @ 1080×1920 …until…. it freezes for 2-6 seconds every 5 seconds or so. I give up. After problem after problem, I officially am “rage” quitting until (if) they fix their pile of steaming fail. Hey.. here’s a weird concept… don’t release a game until it’s straight enough to be run properly. (and yes, I installed AMD’s rage driver fix….along with 20 other things that didn’t help)

    Sorry. I’m just blowing off steam. I want my hair-pulling day back. lol

    • alundra says:

      how can you compare this to dead island, dead island graphical 3D rendered tri mappical resolution are so lame compared to this because it is not high bandwithal streaming the 25 peta tera giga mega texturing on the backend driver in the direct access to the offload graphic device off the cpu.


      Dead Island is great

  22. Chylde_Orchid says:

    My 6670, Phenom X6, and 12G of ram crashes out on the game as soon as I get to actual interaction in the gameplay after installing the fix… anyone else not fixed by the new fix?

  23. Scandalon says:

    Man, after that amazing tech talk by Carmack, and their code-cleanup efforts, that’s disappointing. (And got to be disheartening for iD) Definitely glad I didn’t pre/day-1 purchase…time for everyone to put it on the shelf and wait for the patch, eh?

  24. bill says:

    I love it when new games require a new hacked-together driver which will then break all your old games! Oh yes indeed!

  25. NothingFunny says:

    6000 and AMD Radeon 5000 series ONLY?
    for Windows 7 ONLY?

    way to screw the rest GG ATI\Id

    • jakonovski says:

      It’s as if they expect us to be so overwhelmed with awe at the very idea of iD Software releasing a game that we’ll just upgrade our machines for the chance to play Rage. Which is so not going to happen.

  26. ResonanceCascade says:

    link to

    I just installed this and it went from unplayable to very slightly annoying. Major props to the OP in that thread!

    • Milky1985 says:

      So to make the game work properly you ahve to do some manual configuration over the automatic best guess?

      Who would have sodding thought it!

  27. Wooly Wugga Wugga says:

    It’s really dissapointing to read about all the issues everyone is having. For all iD’s failures they’ve always released games that are rock solid at release.

    Call me a cynic but after Rage fails to sell in the unexpected volumes thanks to its bugginess I’m half expecting iD to stop supporting the PC.

    Also, I wonder if the MegaTexture technology was just a non-starter but Rage was too far in development before Carmack realized that it couldn’t be fixed so he just pushed ahead anyway in the hope of finding a solution down the line. That solution obviously hasn’t been found. If your brand new technology looks worse than the old technology it is by definition a failure in this market.

    • NothingFunny says:

      Well, Rage works smooth on ps3\xbox and looks great by console standards so…

  28. Mechorpheus says:

    I was really looking forward to this game, being somewhat of an id fanboy, but I’m DEEPLY disappointed by the lack of video options. I thought Metro 2033 and Crysis 2 were bad enough (although this has been rectified with the recent patches), but for an id game to do this is beyond the pail. You look at some heap of console port junk like Homefront has more options than I even understand, yet one of the father developers of the PC game age can’t bring themselves to have any…….

    Also, as I’m intending to run this game on a laptop (brand new Alienware with a Radeon 6990M, which should be more than capable), I’m going to be screwed out of these fixed drives since AMD don’t really believe that their mobile cards exist, so don’t include them in their own driver releases. Dell might get around to putting out a driver pack just in time for RAGE 2.

    • drewski says:

      I don’t think Ati want the hassle of trying to write a driver that works with all the various vendor implementations of graphics…

    • Mechorpheus says:

      You say that, but NVidia have a really good Verde driver program which supports all their mobile chips, regardless of the OEM which originally produced it. AMD have got a long way to go in order to catch up. I’ve had some success with ‘modified’ desktop drivers, which work OK, and at least I can use a driver from beyond July, which was the last pack that Dell put out for this machine. Now if only their GPUs wern’t so damn cheap, I wouldn’t have bought it! Alienware offer the GTX580M in this machine, but at a £290 upgrade cost, for what, 5% performance improvement?

    • drewski says:

      The latest official nVidia notebook drivers are only from August *shrugs*

      I guess, in some respects, you get what you pay for. Or, in Ati’s case, you don’t get what you don’t pay for.

  29. Bull0 says:

    “I haven’t measured the frame rate because BORING”

  30. Stevostin says:

    Another dodgy Bethesda release. Fallout 3 was far from flawless – lotsa CTD. FNV : troubles. Brink : troubles. Rage : troubles. And by troubles I mean a lot of troubles. Problem that are solved within a month, but that makes the games unplayable for a lot of people. Fire the QA and hire a new one, I say.

    Now what’s interesting is that there really is, despite a will to offer extra content, a double punition for early buyers. Twice the price that will be paid 6month to max a year later at the first big discount, plus the negation of the benefit of being an early buyer (can’t actually play the game), plus the huge frustration and time sink to make it work. I don’t buy games at release anymore for all of those reasons. I really do think preorder should be at least 30% off for the whole scheme to make sense. The “let’s pay ourselves on people’s patience” plan will not work eternally.

    • Bull0 says:

      Remind us what Brink’s troubles were? Unless it was more “ATI’s shitty drivers”

    • Bursar says:

      To this day I cannot play Fallout 3 on my machine. CTD every time I click start new game. Tried pretty much everything recommended by the internet and tech support. Driver updates, INI file hacks to force use of single/dual core, random dll files, compatibility mode, tweaking every graphics/sound option.

      All in all Bethesda published games on PC seem to have no QA at all to the extent where I won’t be buying Skyrim purely based on bad previous experience.

    • Stevostin says:

      Do you know that you can also search by yourself the answer on an specialised website like this one :

      link to

      “There are some minor bugs in there, but nothing that seems to really hurt play. IF YOU CAN PLAY. The most significant bug so far seems to be people simply not being able to get into the game. Threads like this one seem to reveal a gamut of bugs, some of which are driver-based, but others which – and I am extrapolating from my own experience of being locked out of the game here – seem to be from some kind of file corruption. ”


    • Bull0 says:

      Well since you’re obviously an authority on the subject I thought it would be quicker, easier, and friendly and in the spirit of cooperation and discussion to just ask you what the problem was, rather than just go and research bugs in Brink and use my crystal ball to determine exactly which ones you were referring to.

      Now I’m annoyed, thanks for that

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      “To this day I cannot play Fallout 3 on my machine. CTD every time I click start new game”

      It’s unfair to blame Bethesda for this. The problems experienced by lots of people at release, fair enough – but these were sorted. That you can’t even start the game would tend to suggest that the issue lies with your PC rather than your game.

  31. MerseyMal says:

    After installing these new drivers, seconds after logging into my PC it freezes for a few seconds before this message comes up:

    “Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.”

    Seriously considering selling my new XFX HD 6870 Black Edition cards and going back to Nvidia.

  32. MerseyMal says:

    post fail

  33. adonf says:

    Re: no video options, according to Carmack’s speech at Quake Con the game does some black magic under the hood to keep at 60 FPS. this includes enabling/disabling Vsync as needed and probably some changes to visual quality. This could explain why the user can’t select their own advanced graphical options. I’m not saying that it works or that it’s a good idea, but let’s not cry console just because of that.

    • LionsPhil says:

      It’s still “dumbing down”, though. Just a kind of dumbing down that only happens/matters on the the heterogenous hardware of the PC.

    • adonf says:

      I disagree. It would be dumbing down if it selected a set of options for your hardware and stuck to it for the whole game, but here they’re adapting to the situation and degrade/upgrade the visual quality in real time to keep the game at 60Hz. They are using the computer for what it’s good at : processing numbers. It’s pretty much the same thing as letting the computer roll the dice for you in a CRPG only applied to the technical side or video gaming. I believe that the only reason it’s not done more often is that it must be freaking hard to fine tune as there are a lot of parameters and it’s not obvious what performance improvement each one gives.

      Now, I haven’t played the game and I”m talking only from when I heard in JC’s keynote so I could be very wrong.

      edit: Oh and it does this adaptive change of settings on the console too I think

  34. TooNu says:

    My PC will handle it.

    • RakeShark says:

      To be honest, it’s not a question of will your PC handle it, as the self-detecting engine will do what it can to accommodate you.

      I really is that rare case of “can YOU handle it!?”

  35. RegisteredUser says:

    iD Soft: Best obvious troll with “RAAAAAGE” title ever?

  36. jack4cc says:

    That great new driver keeps crashing all the time – not in the game, but in windows !

  37. StingingVelvet says:

    Thanks to lovely command line entries I got off the Steam forums I have Rage up and running perfectly and it’s finally a blast to play. Some very, VERY minor texture draw-in if I turn extremely fast, but it’s really not noticeable at all normally. A lot of the textures are crap, but that’s just the tech, nothing to do about it.

    Anyway, game is great so far if you like shootin’!

  38. Nemon says:

    Surely you want to add AMD as a tag here? Sorry I called you by that name, though. As for the game I find myself wanting it a little bit – perhaps a holiday sale.

  39. Forceflow says:

    AMD really needs to get their shit together when it comes to releasing drivers. Also, if you’re releasing hotfixes, make them available for *all* windows versions.

    I know Vista was “failsauce” and all that, but it’s running fine for me and is still a supported operating system. The Win7 64bit drivers and Vista 64bit drivers are the same, bar the inf signature. Don’t be lazy and release them.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      Service-packed up Vista is fine, despite what people will tell you because they saw other people saying it on some forum or other.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Yeah, I signed up to twitter a while ago just to try and convince the Catalyst Creator guy to release the hotfix they had out for Witcher 2 for Vista. They had both Windows 7 and XP versions but didn’t release a Vista one.

      He came back and said that he wasn’t going to do it, I would just have to wait for the full Catalyst release. Not impressed with them.

      I don’t want to wait until the end of the month until I can play Rage.

      Maybe it is time to upgrade to Windows 7, just cant buy any more games for the rest of the year if I drop down that much money for Win 7. Or for the same price, switch to nVidia, haha.

  40. HelderPinto says:

    You shouldn’t complain, this is PC gaming in it’s finest and full of glory! Like good old times.

    We’re OCing our cards again, messing around with drivers, tweaking console commands all over again, OH THE JOY!

  41. apu1212 says:

    So I have a GTX 560ti overclocked to 950Mhz, i5 2500k, and 8 gigs of ram. Can someone explain why this game is running silky smooth with little pop up, but textures so bad I literally cant play? Its like the texture setting is set to low and from what I’ve noticed the game isn’t using the card 100% (as if it doesn’t detect the overclock). But even if the card wasn’t over clocked, I should be getting something better than DOOM textures right?

    • drewski says:

      I like hyperbole as much as the next man but really, Doom textures? REALLY?

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Hey, I played Oblivion on a piece of shit graphics card that couldn’t even handle the lowest settings. I had to use some INI hacks (turning off everything but ambient lighting, etc) to get it running over 15fps, and it looked much, much worse than Morrowind, which ran fine on the same PC. Arguably worse than Daggerfall.

      I’m just sayin’, it’s entirely possible for a modern game to look not-at-all-hyperbolically awful, whether through deliberate adjusting or maybe a bug. And that glitchy MegaTexture video shows untextured objects – if you’ve got that on everything, it’s definitely worse than Doom.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I like hyperbole FIFTEEN THOUSAND TIMES as much as the next man.

  42. Erithtotl says:

    For anyone who is still having problems, here is what I did: (ATI)
    I did a full uninstall of my old drivers, installed the new ATI driver. Still was getting texture tearing. Tried force V-sync off in Catalyst Control Panel, no effect. Did force V-sync on, and it solved the problem. So stupid this option isn’t in the game settings.

  43. leahcim says:

    Alec, what processor do you have paired with that HD5850?

  44. aircool says:

    Phew, thank goodness for friday releases in the UK. I’ve cx’d my order and will wait for a WIT :) God Bless America and all your little guinea pigs ¬_¬

  45. CommanderJ says:

    Playing this on an i5-2500k@4500mhz, 8gb of ddr3-1600, ocz vertex 3 (fast as shits ssd), and 2x570GTX.

    With forced vsync, no tearing…but god almighy that texture pop-in is an absolute dealbreaker. The game doesn’t even look particularly good. Clearly they have some optimizing to do….or this really was just made for consoles to have slightly better gfx, and sucks giant salty balls on PC:

  46. LimeWarrior says:

    Haven’t bought the game yet (now I’m happy to wait). But what I don’t understand is how the game is receiving mostly gushing reviews. It’s broken, even on consoles. Look up youtube videos of Rage on PS3/360. What’s it going to take for a games journalist to give a AAA title an unfavorable review?

  47. Heisenberg says:

    No texture pop-in here, just massive amounts of screen tearing.(on a decent Nvidia based rig).
    Solid 60fps and no crashes.
    V-sync is forced with triple buffering and gpu transcode enabled.(and yes latest drivers,thx for reminding us Mr.Carmack).
    Noticed that when i stick some AF on the nvidia panel i get those grid lines all over the place like Alec did.
    (they dissapear when i turn off AF).

    The game itself is pretty dull (mind numbing missions and other stuff), not worth full whack.

    I thought this was quite funny (on Bethesda rage support).
    “Issues w/ screen tearing
    RAGE currently does not have a menu option to turn V-sync on or off.

    If the graphics driver supports a so called “swap-tear” extension then RAGE will use it and RAGE will V-sync when running >= 60 FPS and RAGE will tear when < 60 FPS. Unfortunately at the release of RAGE, none of the graphics drivers have the "swap-tear" extension enabled.”

  48. Vinraith says:

    I’m confused by the absence of a “still just a rat in a cage” headline regarding this game.

  49. Tmoore says:

    running an i7 oc’d to 3.8 + EVGA 470gtx, and the games installed on a SSD… so far i’m seeing minimal texture popins, but like a few other commentors, some serious tearing. Mostly only when i’m looking up and down, left to right seems ok.

    Visually its sort of a mixed bag, on one level everything is just gorgeous, almost painterly, i love the way mega-textures allow for that unique feel to locations, nothing feels recycled – i see it’s value on that side… but then you get up close to many things it’s just brutally ugly, low-res mush.

    Gameplay i’m….. less than blown away by, the combat is sort of fun, and i’m trying to get myself back into that old id style of “baddies rush at you, you kill them with big gun” sort of thing – only now it’s, “baddy runs at you, while other hides behind table with head conveniently sticking out so i can just snipe it.”

    luckily some of the weapons and crafting are well conceived, and the environments are quite beautiful. I think they could make a real immersive game w/ tech 5 – this however is more of a tech demo / shooting gallery. Which might serve most people just fine.

  50. Tomkan says:

    I’m afraid, PC gaming will fall if the people start noobing around with consoles. :(