Yay! SpaceChem Joins Humble Bundle

The Humble Chemical Bundle

Hopefully this is happier indie price-experimentation news than the below… What began as really little more than pay what you want for one game – that being Frozen Synapse – has been slowly expanding to be some games, as appears to be Humble Bundle trends. You’ll be very glad to hear that the very, very good Space Chem is the latest addition, joining Trauma which was bundled in earlier this week. And yes, this works retroactively for people who already bought the FZ bundle. So, whatever you have given or are prepared to give, you’ll end up with FZ, SpaceChem and Trauma – and if you beat the average price you also get a package of Frozenbyte games to boot.

All the games are available in PC, cultist PC and hippy PC flavours, by the way.

If you don’t know what Space Chem is, then boo. BOOOOOO. And also read this.


  1. Dominic White says:

    Spacechem and Frozen Synapse are both solid runners for game-of-the-year in their respective genres (puzzle and tactics). Trine is a great platformer, and the Shadowgrounds games are better Alien Breed games than the new Team-17 developed Alien Breed titles.

    If you do not buy this bundle immediately, you shall be forever mocked.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Agreed. Hell, they’re the top 2 indie games of the year which i happily bought at full price on release. If i hadn’t i would be urging myself to buy these right now. Both, especially FZ, are superb

    • Azhrarn says:

      Apart from SpaceChem and Trauma I already own the games in both bundles, so I bought SpaceChem from their own website. I’m not really interested in Trauma. :)

    • malkav11 says:

      I already owned everything except Trauma (well, and I didn’t own the as-yet-unreleased game in the Frozenbyte bundle, but meh.). I don’t particularly care about Trauma. However, I am given to understand that registering the current bundle on Direct2Drive results in both a 15% off coupon for Direct2Drive and a $5 off a Gamefly game purchase coupon, which should save me rather more than I spent on the bundle. And if not, oh well. I get Splot and Trauma and a prototype of Jack Claw.

      However, SpaceChem’s addition did prompt me to buy another bundle and gift it to a friend who has been resolutely avoiding SpaceChem so that it will not devour his brain. No excuses now! Muahahahaha.

  2. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Spacechem: It’s good. And you can quote me on that.

    • Premium User Badge

      Hodge says:

      “Spacechem: It’s good.”

      – Lord Custard Smingleigh

  3. Vinraith says:

    SpaceChem is still in the running for my favorite game of the year. That is all.

  4. Unaco says:

    SpaceChem is a damn good game. As is Frozen Synapse. Does this SpaceChem plug into Steam though? Doing so adds a level of competition between yourself and any Steam Friends that also own the game… so you can compare and compete against each other.

    I keep using SpaceChem as an example of Good DRM (if it really is DRM). A legitimate version has access to the central servers (compare against everyone else, see how good your solution really is), ResearchNet etc. Is an incentive to buy it legit and play connected.

  5. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    One of these days there will be a Humble Indie Bundle that contains more than one game I don’t own.

    I mean, I could buy it just for Trauma, that seems rather silly – I should probably just buy Trauma direct.

    • Ronlaen says:

      I feel the same way, own everything in this bundle except for Trauma and have purchased the last 4 bundles. Should just hold off buying all these games for a while.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I wonder what kind of stats they would collect, and what effect it might have on sales, if they let people tick off “already own this” for games, even if that didn’t affect what you could download, or force their split to 0%.

      For one thing, it might let people pay what they feel the remainder is worth without then feeling guilty for being counted as a cheapskate who only considered the whole lot worth that (even though sales data is pretty mostly processed in impersonal aggregate forms).

    • TechRogue says:

      If Trauma is the only game you don’t already own, I’d suggest buying it direct, either on Steam or Desura. The developer doesn’t get a cut of the bundle.

    • Llewyn says:

      @LionsPhil: You can force their share to 0%. I already had the Frozenbyte games (from their HIB) so I set their share to 0 in my custom split. I’d also bought SpaceChem so would have done the same for them.

    • Revisor says:

      TechRogue, how come the developer of Trauma doesn’t get anything from the bundle? Do you have any details?

  6. caddyB says:

    Stop reading and just buy it already. I don’t care if you don’t have money for lunch tomorrow. Do it.

    DO IT!

  7. cptgone says:

    i don’t like most puzzle games, but i LOVE this one.

  8. LionsPhil says:

    Ooh. That addition might just make this the first HiB I actually care about.

    (Don’t look at me like that; I already had World of Goo full-price from the moment it was released, and likewise bought Machinarium before it got bundled.)

  9. Carra says:

    Spacechem is definately one of my favorite games of the year.

    I should get back one of these days and try to beat the level in which I’m stuck though…

  10. wccrawford says:

    This game ate my life. Beware. I still feel the draw and keep thinking about going back… I haven’t yet beaten the last … probably 1/3.

  11. mlaskus says:

    What a fantastic deal, SpaceChem is glorious, Frozen Synapse too. Buy it!

  12. Heliocentric says:

    The peasants will bounce off this game like atoms off the central barrier of a quantum reactor.

    Poor Spacechem, I only hope that future man can enjoy you like modern man dies sudoku.

    • LionsPhil says:

      There is the rather large niggling concern that I got stuck beyond my frustration barrier in the demo…

    • Sassenach says:

      The thing about those barriers is you have to punch through them, like neutrinos through planets.

  13. nimzy says:

    Better living through chemistry.

  14. Brant says:

    I love this game, but eventually I had to admit that I was simply not a smart enough man to continue playing it.

  15. Herr Dr. Face Doktor says:


    • Scandalon says:

      Not exactly a surprise, but somebody claimed that by the time I got to it…

  16. loGi says:

    Finally. Have been waiting for ages to get this game cheap.

  17. seamoss says:

    So now (like with most other HIBs, and I’ve purchased all them, even when I’ve owned all the games) I feel obligated to up my contribution since I paid for this one on the first day when only Frozen Synapse was included.

    I’m not complaining, and I want to support the HIB/PWYW model, but in most HIBs I end up paying more for each game on the average than if I had bought it, say, on a Steam sale. On the other hand, as a Linux gamer, it’s always good to support Linux ports instead of playing the (possibly cheaper) Windows version in Wine (hic!)

    All in all, as others have said in the past, great marketing model! Oh well, I can easily afford $5 more…

    • Brahms says:

      Summing all the Humble Bundles you can build a very respectable Linux game library. Frynapse, Spem, Wooo, Braid, Trine… all really top notch games that excel or have excelled in their (admittedly niche) genres.

      Day dreaming about a Bastion hundle next year. Also constructing a world where my girlfriend didn’t break up with me and we play Minecraft together and make out, but that’s not really relevant, I’m just heartbroken and lonely.

  18. kraii says:

    yay! Owned everything but frozen synapse up until this point, free SpaceChem is a nice thing to find on returning from work

  19. Soon says:

    Frozen Synapse didn’t click with me as much as I expected it to. The multi-player is perhaps more rewarding, but I don’t really do that. SpaceChem, however, reminds me of aspects of my job. I really like my job.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Yeah, I found the Synapse demo a real disappointment somehow, despite really liking the concept. Can’t entirely put my finger on why, but I found the opponent AI more frustrating to fight than enjoyable to best.

      …and it probably could have done with LoS/range indications.

    • DevinH says:

      Even though I’m typically a single-player gamer, I can’t stand the single player in Frozen Synapse, but love the multiplayer. I wish the developers had focused on creating a better tutorial, and just skipped the single player component.

      Frozen Synapse actually does have a LoS/range indicator, but they don’t tell you how to use it. If you hold down ‘v’ with a unit or node selected, and drag the mouse around, you can see LoS, range, and cover penalties.

    • LionsPhil says:

      …hunh. Indeed, that would have been helpful to know from the tutorial!

  20. macwarrior says:

    Every time one of these comes out, I, who use about five different operating systems on a daily basis, make it a point to pay one penny more than the average Mac user.

  21. Pani says:

    I had to stop playing spacechem because it was making me dream about solving the puzzles and making my sleep restless.

    Damn programmer brain.

  22. Erucan says:

    Here’s my reaction on how the humble bundle changed:

    Day 1: “Frozen synapse? I already got that, and I got the last bundle. Pass.”
    Day when trauma was added: “Intresting indie game, I might buy it cheap but not really intrested.”
    Today:”Spacechem was added?….. TAKE MY MONEY! I MUST HAVE IT NOW!”

  23. mod the world says:

    I don’t even had the time to play the games of the former bundles so i will just use this (fantastic!) bundle to donate to the EFF.

  24. sonofsanta says:

    Sold! Wasn’t so interested when it was just Frozen Synapse, but the love for SpaceChem here was strong, so I cannae say no Cap’n.

    Not that I’ve actually got round to playing any of the games from the last HIB, yet…

  25. Bhazor says:

    I have to say this is probably my favourite Humble Bundle yet even though its only two games (Trauma is a game the same way being fingered on the train is a long term relationship).

    The Synapse soundtrack was a sod to unpack though.

  26. Phasma Felis says:

    What’s this “FZ”? Have you guys got your hands on a copy of Frozen Zynapse?

  27. Radiant says:

    Space chem is fucking brilliant.

  28. Ovno says:


    I’ve been planning on buying SpaceChem for while now, one of the best puzzle games I’ve ever played.

  29. Zeewolf says:

    This is one of the games I’ll have on my “Best of 2011”-list. Should I make one.

  30. Tom4J says:

    I’m so happy, thanks Humbleindiebundle!

  31. fuggles says:

    With HiB, do the devs of new inclusions get paid retrospectively? I just wonder if they are literally losing money with the late additions.

  32. WhenInRome says:

    Everyone says SpaceChem is great, but it was so confusing for me that beating the tutorial mission felt like I just perfected quantum mechanics.