And A Bunch Of Other Random Indie Bits

– Rob Hale, the chap behind Waves points me to this game, Sonar, which is about navigating around a maze using sound pulses. It’s a bit like a simplified Devil’s Tuning Fork.
– Digitanks has a a demo, a campaign update, and a Pay What You Want just here. The game is moderately entertaining.
Sketchbrawlers looks bonkers. Will probably look at this again soon.
Rebuild 2 is very similar to the original post-zombie apocalypse management game: time-consuming.
– The demo of exploration-heavy side-scroller Unepic can be found here.
Spiderweb have a big old sale of all their RPGs on.
– Oh, also, spectacular arena shooter Scoregasm (pictured above) is out now, too.


  1. johnpeat says:

    I pre-ordered and got into BETA of Scoregasm and I can only heartily recommend it – it’s clearly been a labour of love as it’s taken about 3 times longer than I think Charlie planned it to!

    It’s pretty amazing tbh

    • mingster says:

      +1 on Scorgasm it’s great.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Loving Scoregasm!

      I’m not a big fan of shmups, but I tried the demo when it was mentioned here the other month, and found that it won me over (once I realised that the close-range attack button was intended to be used frequently and aggressively), and I ended up pre-ordering. The full game is superb, and that close-range attack feature really makes the gameplay stand out from other games I’ve seen in the genre.

      Still, the main thing that impressed me is the sheer variety. Every level is unique in its layout, animated 3D background, enemy attack patterns, and often the enemies themselves are unique to a given level. And then each level has a alternative challenge mode to change things up again.

      For a one-man developer, it’s a fairly astonishing amount of content, but it really pays off in player satisfaction — and when combined with the different paths you can take through the available levels, and the ability to start on any level you’ve seen before, you are almost guaranteed a different experience every time you play (at least for more than enough time to feel that you have more than gotten your money’s worth out of the game).

      Hopefully it pays off in terms of money for Charlie as well, as it’s obvious that a lot of time, effort, and love has gone into making Scoregasm.

      If you didn’t try the demo before, try it now, even if you’re not a big fan of shmups — it certainly surprised me in a very good way, so it might surprise you as well.

  2. Skull says:

    Pre-ordered Scoregasem a year ago, under the illusion it was coming out before Christmas 2010. It ended up having the longest delay ever but is now finally out. Played a bit last night and I have to say, I’m glad Charlie put the extra time into it, it is soooo addictive.

    And one of the enemies is named after me but I have yet to find out which one so that’s going to be a nice discovery.

    • johnpeat says:

      Yeah, I’m in there too.

      Charlie did send out emails telling people which level they were on – he also healthily rebutted my attempt to pretend I was my dog!! :)

  3. Barts says:

    I had the pleasure of getting my hands on Scoregasm earlier this year thanks to Indiecade and it definitely is worth your five minutes. Give it a try, folks!

  4. Nugsy says:

    That SONAR game is a great idea! I can’t believe nobody came up with that before.

    OH WAIT. I did, in April this year.

    link to

  5. Theon says:

    I don’t know about the others, but DAY-UM that Unepic game looks…well, epic! :D
    I love me some metroidvania! Bought!

    • Sensai says:

      I just spent some time with it and it’s a lot of fun, actually. It was the only one on the list above that caught my attention and I’m glad it did. I don’t see myself actually completing it (at least, not at the moment), but it does have a very distinct ‘by gamers, for gamers’ vibe to it.

      The English translation, at least in the demo, is 99% correct. Still, that 1%’ll make you do a double take almost every time it happens, heh.

      Anyways, it’s a fun little game. Definitely charming.

    • Stompywitch says:

      UnEpic. Oh man, I love those types of games so much… bought!

    • pertusaria says:

      Spent most of the evening playing Un-Epic after about ten minutes with the demo. It’s great fun. The banter between the characters is generally fun and quests are a little bit quirky, but mainly I’m drawn to it by the thrill of exploring. It looks like the dungeons I used to draw as a kid (or at least what they were supposed to look like).

  6. Urthman says:

    Dustforce has a new trailer:

    link to

    Having played the prototype (link below), I’m really looking forward to this.

    link to!

    It’s a Super Meat Boy -style platformer with really beautiful “hand-painted” graphics and charming animations.

  7. malkav11 says:

    Spiderweb also knocked 20% off all of their prices, permanently.

  8. Rehykja says:

    Space Pirates And Zombies has been pretty entertaining so far. Worth checking out the demo if a kinda old school top down space shooter with modern graphics and features sounds interesting.

    link to

  9. bluebogle says:

    Rebuild is possibly my favorite flash game. Thanks for pointing out the new one guys! Very excited to play this. And this is considering I just picked up Witcher 2 which just got sidelined… for a flash game.

    • mompkin says:

      I was kind of disappointed by how much it felt like Rebuild 1.1. There are nice new features, some stuff got rebalanced and cool new things that happen (and finally, now automatic 3% mission fail rate!) but overall, it didn’t feel very new. I did accidentally come across a new way to win in the game I played, though.

    • bluebogle says:

      I’ve messed around with it a bit now (instead of working), and though you’re right about the lack of any really NEW content, I don’t mind so much. It just seems like it tightens up and adds nice new features to an already fun game. I played enough of the first one to make it a bit stale for me after a while, but with this newer incarnation, I think it might be worth a handful of new playthroughs.

    • RadioactiveMan says:

      I agree- not much new content for Rebuild 2, but still a ton of fun!

      I finished a game on normal and then sent five of my veteran citizens to found a new town on the hardest difficult and the hardest map. Looking forward to the challenge…

  10. mingster says:

    Scoregasm is great. The music, gameplay, graphics all splendid. Challenge modes and the scoring mechanic are perfect. Well worth getting highly recommended.

  11. InternetBatman says:

    I already have the Geneforge collection and love it. Are the Avadon six worth it for 75? Also I have to say I’m kinda sore that they lowered the price of the Geneforge collection by $35 a month after I bought it. Still, it’s a great series of games.

  12. caddyB says:

    Unepic is pretty fun. I implore you to try the demo at least.

  13. pertusaria says:

    Rebuild 2 is different from the original – which is better will be up to individual preference, I think. Skills in 2 are more RPG-like, with a level-up system for each skill; you have to stick survivors onto farms, bars etc. to get the most out of them; and there are really interesting new random choice elements. I’ve only run through it on easy (which is easy, if you’ve played the original), so I may be missing other tidbits.

    Thanks RPS!

  14. Hatsworth says:

    Wizorb, which is coming to PC, has been released for the Xbox. Ostensibly it looks like a solid breakoutlike game with great graphics from pixelwizards like Jonathan Lavigne(developer) and Paul Robertson. Quicklook from Giantbomb:
    link to

    Also, Jonathan Lavigne has already released another PC game for free: Ninja Senki. It’s an action sidescroller that looks pretty much like a GBC game. No coverage of it on RPS, which is kind of sad even though it doesn’t have the requisite indie game gimmick added to the formula.
    link to

  15. Hulk Handsome says:

    I haven’t played any Spiderweb games since Exile. Where is a good place to start with the newer games? How are they different from each other? THERE ARE TOO MANY GAMES.

  16. FunktionJCB says:

    I became aware of Unepic because of this post, and I must say I was extremely surprised with how fun and charming this title is.
    Although by now, and considering the quality of most indie output in recent times, it shouldn’t really be a surprise.

    I hope more people try out the demo, to see what the title is about. It’s a long demo, with a couple hours worth of content, and it certain is worth a try.
    I ended up purchasing the game as soon as I stopped playing the demo.

    • Kektain says:

      Thanks for typing all that out for me and saving the trouble! My only contribution is that I’m usually not into the quasi-metroidvania games it seems to represent, but this one really hooked me. Quality game.