Ghost Recon Online Devs Explain Their Game

See any ghosts? No, but there are a lot of men with AKs.
Ubisoft’s devs are keen to talk up the hardcore and “high-quality” credentials of their forthcoming free-to-play offering Ghost Recon Online in their new dev diary, which you can see below. They talk a bit about how it emerged from “hardcore” PC games, and argue that the most important aspect of bringing it to PC is making it feel responsive enough. It is apparently a third-person shooter that “plays a lot like a first-person shooter”. Hm! There’s a lot of game footage in there, and lots of commentary from the devs. Take a look.


  1. Squishpoke says:

    reply fail

  2. sneetch says:

    I’m no longer sure if I should be annoyed or amused by the audience-pandering marketese shown in these. Ubisoft guy says “We’ve always had this idea in our head that we wanted to bring Ghost Recon back to its roots which were originally on the PC platform”, that’s right PC gamers, we’re important! Ignore the fact that elsewhere all signs are that Ubisoft have quietly removed Ghost Recon Future Soldier from the PC.

  3. nubbuka says:

    I can’t find the date for the beta, does anybody know something about it?

  4. wodin says:

    That looked not just bad but way beyond bad…

    • fswmacguy says:

      I agree completely. Those soldiers didn’t look like “special forces guys” at all; they looked like something out of TRON.

      I am sad to say that Ghost Recon Online looks rather disappointing. The glowing body armor, the flashy screen popups, the bright red orb around players- it’s just silly.

      This is, contrary to the commentary in the video, not “Ghost Recon” at it’s roots. This is something horribly different.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      It looks like it might be an ok game in its own right, but tacking on the Ghost Recon title is misleading. I get that they want to preserve the franchise, but fans of the original series are going to be frustrated.

  5. Rangst says:

    Does anyone else not feel convinced when devs say “I’m a PC gamer, I used to play Quake.” (apart from the fact that in cases like this they lie through their teeth). We never hear devs saying something like “I’m a PC gamer, I play a lot of CSS”.

  6. flexm says:

    Before getting to work at the ghost recon office you have to pass through the changing room and put on your silly beard and plain button up shirt.

  7. GallonOfAlan says:

    The only Ghost Recon game worth a shite is the first one, and the expansion pack for it.

  8. InternetBatman says:

    It makes complete sense. It’s a way to do always on DRM without people yelling at you.

  9. Arona Daal says:

    If you report about a new game,a gameplay Video would be nice.

    I for my part find interviews/trailers to be mainly desinformative Hype/Marketing,and tend to Skip/fast foward them.

    Yeah, i could google them myself ,but im sure most of your Readers would be also interested in the actual Game/Gameplay.

  10. Preciousgollum says:

    Ghost RecOnLine. That is all…

    Exept I will add that, unless one is a suave-talking individual with the talk-window of opportunity of Morgan Freeman doing voice recordings, The title Ghost Recon Online, is to phonetically cumbersome for it to be a ‘catchy’ name.

  11. hamster says:

    What the hell? Original Ghost Recon was a squad based military FPS which took place in a contemporary setting with authentic, real world weapons. What the hell is this? Steel plated riot shields (that somehow foster teamwork) and guys dressed up like cyborgs in Deus Ex??

  12. Radiant says:

    The original Ghost Recon fully patched with the Thunder Island and Desert Siege and the zillion community made campaigns is easily one of my favourite I’ve ever played.

    It’s a first person Frozen Synapse.

  13. lijenstina says:

    Chest Height Walls.

    That’s wot wins wars.

  14. vodkarn says:

    This looks awful. Truly, surprisingly awful. What about this says PC gaming? Or hell, what about this says Ghost Recon at all? 3rd person; glowy space marines; regenerating health?

    Christ, it just looked… bad.


  15. lijenstina says:

    “If I’m enjoying myself an hour later one of my friends can join me with the same kind of easy entry…”

    Working for this dev company is probably weird.

  16. Vinraith says:

    It’s just a real tragedy what’s happened to those once-great Tom Clancy licenses.

  17. rayne117 says:

    That P90 model looked fantastic.