Space Marine’s Exterminatus Co-Op Dated

Relic’s mildly disappointing orc-eviscerating game Space Marine is getting a 4-player co-op mode later this month, with THQ dating the roll out of the free upgrade for the 25th. It’s called EXTERMINATUS. Which, quite coincidentally, is my middle name. There will be two scenarios in this mini-expansion, in which you can play as tactical marines, heavy-weaponised devastators or whoosh-bam marines. You’ll be fighting orcs and chaos, according to EG.

Nor will this be the end of DLC for the game, say Relic, with paid and free additions to come.


  1. Sami H says:


  2. Bull0 says:

    I got a solid 20 hours of play out of this, so I’m less disappointed with it than, say, DXHR. Totally lost interest in that after about 6 hours. Have tried and tried to get back into it, but to no avail.

    SM’s multiplayer was a bit iffy, though. I enjoyed it all the same, but it was touch and go for a while – certain weapons crazy overpowered, others crude and ineffective, giant map-swallowing hitboxes for melee attacks, etc. If I wasn’t a GWophile i’d probably be a lot less kind to it.

    • nk says:

      I find the solo campaign delivered a solid experience, if a bit on the short side. The addition of this co-op mode will undoubtedly make me return to this glorious massacre simulator some ill-advised fellows call “game”, at least for a while.

  3. CyberBrent says:

    Hopefully ‘DLC FOR THE DLC GOD’ tag sees more action in the future. I’d click on that some more.

  4. Kollega says:

    Space Marines? Boo! Hiss! Even if the gameplay is actually good! Even more so if it’s good, as a matter of fact!

    And to bring something more constructive to the table: when are we going to see space marine dudes (and preferably also dudettes) with an emphasis on mobility and finesse instead of such meat-headed feats as soaking up bullets and chainsawing science-fiction monstrosities in half? I don’t actually mind soaking up bullets and chainsawing SF-monstrosities in half that much (as long as it’s done with a wink and a “RAAAAAH!” as opposed to pseudo-Catholic dourness), but surely that can’t be the one and only way to space-marine properly. I’ve heard Tribes is pretty crazily slanted towards mobility, but besides that i can’t remember anything.

    And yes, i did just use “space-marine” as a verb.

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      bsplines says:

      You are not looking for space marines, you ‘re looking for space ninjas, aren’t you?

      On a more serious note, I think you ‘ll need a completely different type of game if you want to put the focus on mobility instead of the chainsaw. Something that probably plays closer to Devil May Cry than say, Gears of War.
      I know one game that has managed to combine mobility and space marines though – Vanquish. But it’s not on PC, sadly.

    • Kollega says:

      Ah yes, Vanquish – which, incidentally, was created by the guy who worked as an executive producer on the original Devil May Cry. It does look like a game that works best with a controller, but it’s all too bad it wasn’t released on PC. I’d buy it.

      And as for what i’m looking for… i think it could be summed up nicely as “space marine ninja cops”. Or simply “Garrus”. We need more Garrus.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Seriously, if you want female Space Marines, you may need to read up on ‘Adeptus Astartes’…

    • Chris D says:

      What we need is a game where you play as Eldar aspect warriors.

      Edit: And I see Metonymy has beaten me to it downthread. Still now they have to do it due to intense public demand.

    • Kollega says:

      Seriously, if that’s the thing you decide to pick on, then i kinda sorta pity you. Not much, since i’m as much of a nerd as the next guy – just a little bit.

      For future reference: “Spess Mahreens” do not equal “space marines”. The Alien movies and Starship Troopers books also had space marines, some years before 40k. What i’m getting at is that the noble profession of a space marine as a whole (as opposed to the boys-only-club of the particular Spess Mahreens this newspost is about) could sure use more employees of the fairer sex. It’s the 21st century – gender equality and all that.

    • Jake says:

      Ah so when you said ‘space marine’ in the comments for this post about the game Space Marine, which features Space Marines, you were actually just referring to space marines and not Space Marines. I think I can see how that might be confusing.

    • Kollega says:

      Well, i thought it’d be understandable thanks to context – i said “space marine dudes” because i meant all space marines, not just these.

    • Hallgrim says:

      Seeing as females can become REAL Marines here in the US, I’m still flabbergasted that girls aren’t ‘allowed’ be pretend Space Marines.

    • Jazz42 says:

      They’re called the Adeptus Sororitas, or the Sisters of Battle.
      They also wear power armour but do not go through the extensive genetic modification.
      So yes they exist. the hell do I know this?

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Yo dog I hear you like Space Marines, so we put Space Marines in your Space Marines so you can Space Marine while you Space Marine.

  5. ZIGS says:

    I’m glad they were sensible enough to make this free

  6. BrightCandle says:

    The multiplayer in Space Marine 40k was totally unplayable. The lack of dedicated servers has resulted in minute long lags and repeated drops from the game. Its not the fault of the games code so much as the poor bandwidth of other peoples connections.

    4 player coop might work better, but I certainly wouldn’t bet on it.

    • 7Seas says:

      I didn’t have this experience at all. Multiplayer (on pc at least) was eminently playable and quite a lot of fun. There were definitely some minor issues (damn voice chat) but overall it was stable and usually low lag. Man other people seemed to be having no problem as the servers I play on regularly feature 41s.

      At any rate, super excited for Exterminatus. I adore last stand and to be able to play that on the ground will be fantastic.

  7. Khemm says:

    I’m just playing through the Space Marine campaign and woah, it could have been a fantastic game if:

    – the characters weren’t dull
    – the story wasn’t predicatble and dull
    – the level design wasn’t BEYOND samey and dull
    – the environments weren’t for the most part samey and dull (there are a few exceptions), the graphics engine sometimes looks nice, but UE3 it isn’t
    – there were more spectacular, setpiece moments like at the beginning of the game and the beginning of chapter 3
    – there was more variety in combat encounters and things like “piloting” a Dreadnought, tank, jumping from Valkyrie to Valkyrie while shooting down Orks or something like that.

    It really is a shame because for short periods of time I’m having a lot of fun, the combat is well done, but I need to take a break from this game after an hour or two – I think that adding a jump button or cover mechanics could actually open up more gameplay options in this game. It has potential, but it’s completely wasted. You can do better, Relic.

    I’m hoping for a much, much, MUCH improved sequel, something like what Gears 2 and 3 (which Epic didn’t release on PC, so F them) are compared to dull and samey Gears 1.

    • Optimaximal says:

      Erm, ‘piloting’ a Dreadnought would likely end up stifling the storyline.

      After all, it’s hard to be emotive & coherent when you’re mortally wounded and sealed inside a walking life-support machine, destined to spend the rest of eternity shooting things with big guns.

    • Jazz42 says:

      ‘- there was more variety in combat encounters and things like “piloting” a Dreadnought, tank, jumping from Valkyrie to Valkyrie while shooting down Orks or something like that.’

      While i agree with the sentiment, adding terminator armour would have unbalanced the hell out of the game (nothing short of a blood thirster could take down a terminator in Space Marine considering the amount of damage 3 tac marines do) and ‘piloting’ a ‘Nought or tank would have needed a character switch during gameplay. Titus could neither..cough…’pilot’ a dreadnought nor a Land Raider. Only a techmarine can drive a land raider and..well..lets not talk about what it takes to be a Dreadnought ‘pilot’.

    • 7Seas says:

      Although I disagree with you on the overall feel, as I thought the game was a lot of fun, I also hope that they are able to muster a sequel as it could be quite improved. Just played Gears of War 1 & 2 for the first time recently, and GoW1 was a terrible, ugly, nonsensical game (despite getting game of the year… I guess for 2005 or whatever it was a good game).

      GoW1 sold like hotcakes though, providing a much bigger budget for GoW2. Sadly I don’t think SM has sold quite as well. All we can hope is that between the main game and the DLC it will sell well enough to pay for an expanded sequel. Considering that everyone I know who bought DoW 1/2 has bought SM, I’m fairly certain this will be the case.

      In the meantime I expect that they will use DLC to expand SM as they have with all their 40k titles, and that makes me happy indeed. Exterminatus sounds like a fantastic co-op experience if they leverage their last stand tricks.

    • bleeters says:

      I had sort of hoped in advance that the final level would see your particular space marine victorious but mortally wounded with it fading out to credits, then fading back in as he is sealed inside a dreadnought for One! Last! Battle! as death incarnate and wading into a hundred enemies at once. Hey, ‘ard boyz? Remember all those times you gave me difficulties in the single player? It’s clobbering time, and it’s you o’ clock.

      But no such luck. Harrumph.

    • Khemm says:

      @Jazz and Optim
      So, the only issue is focusing only on the Ultramarine trio? No problem, who said that we couldn’t have multiple, interesting secondary characters which aren’t all Space Marines? Or that one of the “characters” couldn’t be a Dreadnought? That would help the story too, the main focus would be on the main 3 Ultramarines, but secondary characters would help both the story and gameplay.

      As for level design and lack of setpiece moments, those should be miles better in the sequel.

    • Jazz42 says:

      No problem with that in essence. Remember this is the first game of what will probably be a trilogy, as is the way of things. Think of it as Assassin’s Creed, with the second being, hopefully, a massive step up on a solid foundation.

      That said I want a Tanith First and Only game a la Killzone. As I play Killzone 3 it’s the only thing I can honestly say would work better.

      That or a game based on James Swallow’s ‘Nemesis’ with the assassins.

  8. Theoban says:

    I’ve been looking forward to this mode, loved Last Stand for Dawn of War II so hopefully this will help me fill that craving for co-op bashy times.

    I’ve really enjoyed it so far, even the multiplayer. It’s not a deep game at all, but I play for half an hour, bash some things, my screen is splattered with blood, and I am happy. Simple game for a simple man.

  9. Ranger6six says:

    Apparently, it’s already finished for the Xbox and the PC. Now we just need to wait 18 days for the bloody PS3 version to get certified.

  10. barichnikov says:

    This was an excellent game, and I hope it becomes a kind of platform for future release, a bit like DoW2 was with all the expansions. I hope we get other races’ campaigns and DM. I say good job Relic, and keep on rocking.

  11. DukhaDave says:

    But… Exterminatus is the use of orbital weaponry to completely wipe out all life on a particular planet. What an unsuitable name.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Exterminatus by handful of Space Marines just takes a little longer. They might need more bolts shipped in from time to time too.

    • Optimaximal says:

      I thought it was just the systematic purge of a planet by the Inquisition, using whatever means are deemed the most appropriate with which to destroy any taint of Chaos…

    • Jazz42 says:

      Exterminatus is virus bombing the crap out of a planet by the Inquisition.
      Ye olde ‘nuke em from orbit’

    • vecordae says:

      Yes! But it’s also “High Gothic” (also known as “Dubious Latin”) for Extermination.

  12. Metonymy says:

    Eldar are the only thing that would make me look at a sequel. I know they’re space elves, but they are not “pretty,” which is the main reason people hate elves. They’re an important idealogical foil to the zeal of the Imperium, showing that even caution, reason, and logic is batman insane in WH40k. Which makes them adorable. And they screwed a chaos god into existence, which really, is difficult to surpass.

    I don’t enjoy reloading as a gameplay concept, and I also don’t care for one-hit kills, situations without tactical options, or arbitrary limitations on ammo. If I want to use a lasgun to kill squiggs, that should be my own cognitive misfortune, and not impossible due to ammo restrictions.

    Yes, I said batman.

    • vecordae says:

      Since the game is called “Space Marine”, it would probably be safe to assume that one probably won’t be playing as something that isn’t a giant guy in power armor. In this case, the primary purpose of the Eldar, given their importance as ideological foils to the Astartes, would be to soak up bullets and have their heads caved in by power hammers by the thousands. Is that really what you want?

      Or do you want something in a similar vein, but focused on playing an Aspect Warrior?

  13. nimzy says:

    Jim EXTERMINATUS Rossignol. It kinda has a ring to it.

  14. roryok says:

    It can’t look dated already its not even out yet


  15. Jake says:

    Space Marine was good fun single player, it’s a shame you can’t do the whole campaign co-op because that is what makes Gears of War the more enjoyable game overall.

    If they make a sequel, in addition to proper co-op I would like to see:

    – Less friendly Space Marines and Cadians. They were all far too nice and heroic and not half as grim as I imagine these guys to be.
    – Scouts and Terminators: A scout, that had to use cover and could pilot light vehicles/use sniper rifles and stealth would be a good contrast to the constant clunking power armour melee, while Terminator armour would just be stupid fun, especially on a Genestealer infested hulk, in the dark.
    – Slightly bigger Lascannons. They seemed too small to me.
    – A plot that didn’t involve magical doodads and made sense. I still can’t figure out what the point of it all was.

  16. zaygr says:

    One man (a real man, mind you) armed with a flashlight and garbed in cardboard, against an entire world full of the enemies of mankind. I would instantly buy this game if it were made. Kinda like Rainbow 6 (Raven Shield and earlier). Also, the first boss will be a single chaos space marine.

  17. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Mildly disappointing?

    (the point about the elevators aside) I challenge any fair minded person to say it didn’t deliver what it said on the box.