Confirmed: Battlefield 3 Features Destruction

Will no one think of the buildings!?
Not long now until the great beast of Origin stumbles into our gaming crosshairs, but if you can’t satiate your Battle-need, then there’s a useful trailer out. It’s one minute of the game’s environmental destruction features. Few dudes get shot, no-one gets kicked, but a lot of stuff ‘splodes. BELOW.


  1. WoundedBum says:

    That’s the most ‘splodin’ in my face in one minute i’ve ever had, that said there seemed to be a slight lack in actual building destruction (the stuff that was there looked great though).

    • Escalus says:

      Speaking as someone who did limit himself to Operation Metro, I am hoping that the other maps are less static.

    • WoundedBum says:

      I tried Caspian Border and I remember specifically being in a tank and a bloke ran into a small concrete building. The fact that he was completely safe from me was the most disappointing thing in the beta.

    • Untruth says:

      I remember a few buildings being destructable in Caspian, but not many?

      I don’t mind this being set pieces, just as long as every building is a set piece!

    • Tomkan says:

      The end music/sound at every bf3 video is just stupid, no idea who made that up, but it’s stupid.

    • BrotherCabbage says:

      @WoundedBum: From my experience, all of the small concrete structures on Caspian were destructable, except one specific, bugged part of the two on either side of the road at Gas Station.

    • Jambe says:

      @Tomkan: hm. I actually like it.


    • mondomau says:

      “That’s the most ‘splodin’ in my face in one minute i’ve ever had,”

      Really? No one’s going to touch that?

      Anyway, I seem to remember a lot of destruction in the beta – granted, it was mostly small arms fire and grenades, but it seemed fairly dynamic to me. Didn’t get much time in Caspian so can’t really speak for the larger scale tank & RPG wrecking.

    • D3xter says:

      Destruction was largely disabled in the Beta (especially on Metro considering the “falling through the ground” bug resulted from the fact that you can blow cover holes into the ground at almost any time using grenades or C4), don’t compare that to the end product.

    • Outright Villainy says:

      @ Tomkan: Agreed. All that staccato electro used in these trailers is bloody awful. I don’t even have anything against this kind of thing. (Friendly faith plate from the Portal 2 OST is excellent), but this nonsense is really irritating, and just makes me quit every BF3 video ten seconds early, or at worst, have to play every video with the sound way down.

    • Tomkan says:

      I hope there will be no such sounds in game or I’ll be very mad. :(

    • skurmedel says:

      @Tomkan: Same here. Was just wondering if anyone else is as annoyed as me about that bloody noise.

  2. Njordsk says:

    same scenes over and over… Wake up DICE, need freshness there

  3. mxu says:

    What a huge disappoitment. I was looking forward to some meaningful destruction gamewise, like blowing a hole in the wall to get into a building or collapsing a building by some bazooka rape. Instead I see lots of pre-scripted “hotspot” destruction like in the original Duke Nukem 3D where you shot a hole in the screen in the movie theater. Half of these clips have been in other trailers already.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I think I recall blowing out some walls on operation metro so we could get around the bottleneck and stop getting slaughtered. Although, I didn’t see it as much as I would have liked, but, it was a beta.

    • simonh says:

      Yeah, there are quite a lot of destructible walls and stuff. The problem is that not all walls are destructible, even when they’re the same thickness, and there’s no way of telling which ones are and which ones aren’t. So you’re always unsure about whether your explosives will do anything.

    • ShineDog says:

      You’ll be happy to know that you have been able to do this since BC1.

      Yes, it’s hotspots in the sense that entire buildings are made out of prefab pieces that explode, but it is, in the case of the size of buildings found in the BC games, basically the entire building that collapses.

      In BC1 you couldn’t destroy certain load bearing walls or floors, so buildings remained standing in a skeletal form, but you could happily blast a hole from room to room, or make a breach from the outside.

      In BC2 it was the same, but once a certain amount of damage was done to the overall building the load bearing wall would collapse and the whole building would come down. On the largest buildings the superstructure remained intact.

      In BF3 it appears to be the same as BC2, certain destruction is disabled so some of the buildings only collapsed to the BC1 level. Not every building will collapse to the level of BC2 ones though – you have city fights in BF3 where BC2 didn’t, so in the case of a city, while you are still able to blast from room to room and destroy the facade, the bulk of the building remains standing. As for disabled destruction, you couldn’t destroy the tower in the beta, but now you can, so hooray!

      It still looks pretty impressive when an entire street has had huge holes torn from the buildings, even if the buildings are still standing.

      Small buildings can be utterly obliterated in a tank shot in all the games, so that’s always fun.

      Metro was FAR less destructible than most maps, the real problem was nothing was particularly destructible untill stage 4.

    • PoulWrist says:

      The collapsed tower looks like the ending victory/loss cutscene that played at the end of BC2 matches.

  4. Joshua says:

    There are no civilians in this game so we can fully enjoy all the blowing up 0_o.

  5. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    I never saw this in the beta. That’s not saying the beta was bad, either.

    • Captchist says:

      There’s a lot there that wasn’t in the beta. Like the ability to stand in the middle of the street for 3-4 seconds and not be shot in the head by a sniper.

  6. simonh says:

    Wha!? So you can destroy the giant antenna on the Caspian Border? Didn’t know that, damn I should have tried it on the beta :(

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      I saw a fair few planes smash into it, mine included, they should have made the twin towers out of that stuff!

    • simonh says:

      I’m thinking that maybe you need to blow up the anchors to the support wires around it. I was actually thinking about trying that in the beta, but never got around to it, assumed that such a large structure would probably be indestructable :(

    • BrotherCabbage says:

      Some of the destruction events were turned off in the Beta, and the tower was one of the more advanced bits they turned off.

  7. Iokanaan says:

    a compilation of mutiple video’s showcasing this feature:
    link to
    it actually seems to be quite dynamic (and I’m talking about more than the glass). the guys playing sound impressed. the sudden disappearing of debris is less to my liking, though.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Thank you! My faith has been restored, guess I didn’t notice so much in the beta as I was always rocking an M4 and trying not to get shot.

    • felisc says:

      ah, nice. things exploding ! with dust ! yay !

    • Mitchk says:

      Those C4 explosions at the end were splendid!

  8. McDan says:

    Now that’s ka-blammo.

  9. jay35 says:

    Ehh…. 90% of the actual destruction shots appeared to be from singleplayer content. Still a bit disappointed with the level of destruction in the two beta maps.

  10. Jnx says:

    Not impressed. They sure make the destruction a big deal although it’s always been scripted or setpieces. It’d be worth trailering if it was the (destruction) quality of two latest Red Faction games.

  11. aircool says:

    Oh dear… I was forever getting stuck in BC2’s collapsing buildings as I frantically tried to navigate the exit doorway in blind panic.

  12. Angelo Cameo says:

    I was definitely disappointed with the lack of destruction in the beta as well.

  13. Icarus says:

    Shoot! Kick! ‘SPLODE.

    Ahh, NextWave, how I do miss thee.

  14. D3xter says:

    I’m soooooo looking forward to this after playing the Beta, I almost couldn’t stop after they unlocked Caspian Border…

    At first with only the Metro map and all those bugs from falling through the ground to invisible people, disappearing names, the massive Lag and the “CoD” feel to it of only running around like a retard trying to shoot as many people as you can over and over again without much of any tactics involved in doing so I didn’t particularly like it, even pondered if I want to get it at all…

    But after playing Caspian Border for like 10 hours, getting to Rank 25 or so and unlocking a lot of goodies like the Anti-Air rockets, the EOD bot: link to and a lot of weapons/weapon gimmicks I really really want it now and ended up Pre-Ordering it right after xD

  15. Zulthar says:

    We’ve already seen all of this before, what the hell?

  16. SLUSHIE says:

    I like how the debris just disappears into the ground.

    Or like how on Operation Metro debris from the upper level falls though the ceiling.

  17. Moni says:

    My favourite strategy in Bad Company (the first one) was to just run around with C4 making holes in everything. It was viable, as an attacker it opened new routes to the objective, and as a defender it took away enemy cover.

    It was also funny to piss off sneaky snipers trying to hide inside a building.

  18. Nemon says:

    The caspian border tower now destructible? I might not hang out there scoring the odd awesome humiliating-other-side-headshot-kill that much then. Which probably is a good thing.

  19. Tams80 says:

    Most of that looked scripted. ¬.¬

  20. Ovno says:

    I am the only one who played the beta and thought it was crap?

    Felt too much like cod, and just generally felt a bit shit, plus web based server browser was a ball ache….

    • PoulWrist says:

      No, according to the forums there were thousands like you. Congratulations :D

    • Ovno says:

      Cheers, and excuse my lack of going on ea’s forums but I don’t really care enough to go digging that far, plus was more interested in the rps communities opinion rather than that of the rest of the internets random noobs.

  21. CaspianRoach says:

    I wish I could marry the sound designer of this game.

  22. Yargh says:

    I’m not sure what beta some of the commenters were playing but I saw loads of destruction on both Metro and Caspian Border.

    The only things I wasn’t able to explode were the massive concrete blocks, shipping containers, the ground, the ceiling and most supporting pillars. Oh and the antenna on Caspian Border.

    By the end of most matches I played pretty much every structure at the capture points had either been gutted or flattened, the border fence had several tank sized holes in it and the forest had far less trees.

    On Metro, the maze of passages had been opened out into straight lines and the buildings in the last zone usually had no facade left.

  23. cristhianfs says:

    Bay-splosions zomg!

  24. Radiant says:

    The marketing meeting for the music/sound thing went like this:

    “We need music that wont alienate our audiences”
    “How about this? It’s not rock, it’s not techno, it’s not rap”
    “It’s both”
    “bad ass fuck yeah”

    *hi fives* *does coke*

  25. Reapy says:

    I got turned off the game by the beta, but it was due to having poor performance on my machine. The first night I tried it, I was getting around 30 FPS on metro, so turned down all the graphic settings, and got around 50/60 and was playable… until the attacking team pushed into the last section of the map, and that area ran at like 15fps.

    Then later in the week the servers I got on, I couldn’t push my framerate past 30 unless I was looking at the ground, even when i turned the resolution down from 1680 to 1280 with everything low/off, it had no affect on my framerate.

    My pc is probably about 1.5 years old, where I bought upper/middle of the road stuff (I forget what I have now, I7 processor, ati hd4050 or something I think (goes in my head when i buy, then right out again)…anyway no games recently have given it any sort of trouble, so I was wondering why bf3…which is on consoles, is having trouble.

    Any issues I did have with the game aside, having no way to get my framerate up means I shouldn’t spend money on the game, but I wonder if it is just a product of the beta/drivers rather than reflective of the end product.

    Also couple things set off my meh factor… felt like I’d played it all before, it just has shinier graphics. I might wait for whatever inevitable expansion that is coming for it.

  26. Shooop says:

    99% of that was scripted. And about half of it was recycled footage DICE already showed us several times before.

  27. Koozer says:

    I’m actually looking forward to see how the earthquake plays out in the singleplayer. Crazy!

  28. Bobtree says:

    What an awful lot of screen shaking. I really hate this effect and how overused it is. I’m considering the $42 preorder download from Amazon today, but this made me pause. I’ll have to go watch some non-abusive gameplay footage first.

  29. NereidaS6546 says:

    seo service
    BF3 is not fun and is rather frustrating. I wouldn’t be playing it if there were any other games that offered a similar online experience to BF2 or BF2142. others are purely down to your general, sometimes misguided opinion, especially in regards to what you think the game should be or what must be in it
    like randomly picking something out, vehicle whoring?