Rage: Surprises And Miseries

this wouldn't have happened in the Voodoo 2 days. Actually, it probably would. And you wouldn't have had much internet to help.

Question to the floor: how’s everyone doing with Rage at the moment? There seem to be mixed reports as to the efficacy of the recent patch – for some it did the trick, for others (especially on ATI cards – our own John Walker claims the game is still more or less unplayable on his 5850) it didn’t help the glitching and texture pop-in, and others still have claimed it made things even worse. Carmack claimed on Twitter yesterday that id are still monitoring forum reports, and suggested those experiencing difficulties browse said forum for help. They’re worth a check, even though it’s massively tiresome to have to do so for a game you paid good money for, as there are a raft of fixes and tweaks doing the rounds – most of which at least involve only the relatively simple act of downloading a replacement config file.

I also spotted this Steam thread, which offers a second wave of config files designed to entirely bypass the game’s contentious auto-settings and force the game to run at max. Many people are reporting success and a better-looking game as a result.

For me those caused crashes, but fortunately, the game’s running well enough on its own merits/patch, so I’m lucky – but there’s no escaping that Rage needs another patch or three yet. I’m also a little disheartened by the state of some of the textures even when everything is running hunky-dory – outdoor environments and character models look amazing, but getting up close to anything in Subway City is a bit of an eyesore. Modders, we need your help.

What was an incredibly pleasant surprise, however, was firing up the game on my newish Macbook Air (calm down, I pretty much exclusively run Windows on it) and finding that it both ran well and looked pretty good. I was even able to turn the texture cache to Large to fix the pop-in – I’ve put a couple of hours of play in on that machine and all went tickety-boo. I’d guess it’s running about 30 frames per second rather than the sweet-spot of 60, which does make the driving bits especially feel less cor-blimey, but it’s far smoother and shinier than I’d ever have expected from this Intel HD3000 integrated graphics chip. I’d already been impressed that it could just about keep up with Deus Ex HR on low settings, but this is a sign of what it can do when a game is made with it in mind. If only ATI users could feel things had gone so smoothly, eh?


  1. dandy-pandy says:

    my Nvidia GTS 450 had no issues, i finished the game, few days ago, kinda 16h gameplay it was very fun, but kind of short, looking forward to a sequel

    • torchedEARTH says:

      Try some MP MadMax style car shooting to bulk out the playing time.

      “Where did my life go?” you will cry!

    • Tyshalle says:

      Really? Only 16 hours? I wonder if you were rushing through things a bit, unless the game just abruptly stops. I’m already at the 15 hour mark and I’ve only just arrived at Subway City. Given the fact that there’s a whole new slew of races, with a new vehicle, and what appears to be many more NPC’s with numerous quests, I’d hope I’ve still got a decent chunk of gameplay left. And that’s without me doing much exploring at all.

    • Vagrant says:

      From what I’ve heard the game and all content only took about 10 hours? Which, honestly, is a few hours too long for my tastes.

    • dandy-pandy says:

      sadly i didn’t rush at all, it just ended abruptly.
      did all the quests, did some races,
      i heard the medium gameplay time is 10 hours..so i was kind of slow :)

    • neofit says:

      That’s what I read too, in some reviews a day before its release in Europe, when I was still thinking about pre-ordering it: 9-10h of content. So of course now I am waiting for a Steam sale. I am amazed that people are still talking about this thing, whole days after its release.

      NB: for racing I go to the professionals, for MP I have MMORPGs and Arma.

    • leahcim says:

      These second set of config files are a complete nonsense.

      The guy “fusedcore” seems a bit of a fruitcake and if you see the thread no amount of posters trying to make him see reason or the truth has helped so far.

      Many of his config commands are just made up and have no effect at all. They are not valid commands in Rage.

      You may as well add

      set com_MakeMeABigOne 1

      in the config as anything he has added.

      In short, his new idea to use a sound related cvar (s_locklistener) to get around the locked cvars is just fantasy posing as claptrap. It doesn’t work. It won’t work. It’s complete rubbish.

      Please correct your article.

      Sorry to hear your friend cannot get his HD5850 working. Sounds more likely it’s processor related though. Does he have C2D chip? That’s a known issue if so, discussed in the readme with the patch.

      Hopefully new drivers will fix it, if not, he should get an i5 :)

      Game is running just fine here 1080p/60 frames a second, large texture cache etc on
      i5 2500k
      win 7 64 bit

      using the 11.10 v2 drivers from AMD.

      (and all my other games still work too. Minecraft and TF2 and so on)

    • randknu says:

      I have just finished the game with my AMD 1100T cpu and 2×6870 not crossfired cards. I enabled crossfire AND eyefinity over tree screens and voila no problems with that either. runs like a charm. no modifications, steam-game. Just download and play, all gfx settings at max.

      I used over 20hours of the first playthrough on normal difficulty. but i explore a lot, race all races and try everything. Now on my second playthrough in eyefinity 3screen mode on nightmare difficulty should slow down the playthough quite a lot.

      That being said i think it ended very abruptly, as if developers ran out of time or something.

  2. acidtestportfolio says:

    i uninstalled it

    it’s the company spinning their tires in the mud and sinking

  3. Nallen says:

    I keep almost buying it and then thankfully not. It’s the ATI thing that’s really keeping me away. Instead, I’ve started watching a Lets Play of it :)

    • TheApologist says:

      Yeah – me too. I’ve hovered over the buy button about three time. If not for all the ATI problems, I’d probably have clicked.

    • Goomich says:

      At least you have a buy button.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      Yeah, I would recommend not buying it just yet.

      I’m running a AMD Radeon HD 6870 and can finally play the game smoothly. But to do that, even after the patch, I have to install the old 11.9 drivers (11.10 v2 preview won’t allow me to play a bunch of games, including Minecraft). I then need to extract a dll file from the 11.10 v2 beta drivers and put that in the Rage directory. Then I have to have a configuration file set up so that I can play the game without horrible texture pop-in and without crashes. Without the configuration file, the game will crash quite regularly.

      AMD or id has definitely not fixed the issues and I won’t recommend anyone buys it until they have. Teaches me to pre-order games.

    • Shadram says:

      I keep looking at the Buy button, seeing the US $90 written on it and laughing my arse off. No, Bethesda, just… no.

    • DigitalSignalX says:


      care to email me your config file? I have tried creating several from steam threads with no luck.. I have a 6870 as well, and It runs fine up to any transition point like outside to indoors. Then the textures just go grey or start to pop in like mad, forcing me to restart.

      Running catalyst 11.10 v2 preview as well, no issues with other games so far *knock on wood*

      “Digital.Signal.X” uses Google mail.

    • Nesetalis says:

      i’m having major problems here.. got a 6790, and the game just.. well.. it runs at 1 frame every 5-10 seconds. It bottoms out all 4 cores on my CPU, doing god knows what, and just sits there, giving me a frame when it feels like it. The main menu runs smooth as glass though… :p

  4. Bishop says:

    Game runs fine other than some low res textures. My problem is the game is awful, what’s all this talky talky **** doing in my shooting game?

    • Gusj says:

      The talking is boring, especially on a second playthrough, but you can easily skip it by walking away from the character talking.

    • JackShandy says:

      If only you could shoot the NPC’s.

      And thus iD comes full circle.

    • Echo Black says:

      I’ll admit that about halfway in the game, after I noticed the plot wasn’t going anywhere and was gonna end up being your good ‘ol id throwaway plot anyways, I wished I could just skip all the NPC interaction bits and cut straight to the shooting. Quake II had a weak story but at least it didn’t make me sit through lengthy exposition bits. It’s fine to have lots of dialog and and put an effort into characterization, but to justify that decision, you need to actually have your world and characters be interesting and worth giving a damn about. Otherwise, the player will feel like his time is being wasted. I didn’t rue any of the time I spent sitting through exposition in, say, The Witcher 2, but these same parts in RAGE felt both uninteresting and unnecessary.

    • LionsPhil says:

      JackShandy wins the thread!

  5. Schadenfreude says:

    My 5850 is having issues. Elements of the UI pop in and out all over the screen – not bad at first but just gets worse and worse the longer you play.

    I’ve put the game on the back-burner until it’s sorted.

    • Taconinja says:

      Same card and course of action here as well.

    • bglamb says:

      I’m on a 5750 (I think). Spent 3 hours trying fixes. Still doesn’t work.

      Texture pop-in, had issues with no textures loading at all in some areas, or sometimes just loading hyper-low-res textures that were all smudges.

      Also crashing about 75% of the time on loading screens.

      Pretty poor performance id.

    • Quine says:

      5870/Core 2 Duo here- at launch I was getting 10-second freezing every 3 seconds.

      After the patches and some tweaking I’ve got it running at an almost playable rate at 720P but it’s like you’re wading through treacle. I currently have the option of either massive lockups or random texture squares appearing all over the place depending on if the AI widget is enabled or not. I’ve given up until they patch it further as even my weedy CPU should be doing better than this.

      On top of which I keep hearing the game is a bit crap overall so probably not worth my cash anyway.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Whoever said that is mad! The game is excellent. Its just a mess at the moment. If I turn textures up its a mess of weird blocks. If I turn em down I get loads of texture pop in
      plus the game always crashes or freaks out after 2 or 3 loads screens.

    • ceriphim says:

      5800 here, and while I initially got a black screen and CTD on startup, after browsing through some threads and disabling some Catalyst features it runs…

      Kinda. Ok, so it *does* run, and with a good framerate, but there are still weird issues
      -Constant near-imperceptible “jitter” whenever I look around sharply, which actually started to make me a little nauseated after an hour or so. I’m not sure exactly what it is but it just slightly feels out-of-sync with my movements
      -Every single banner suffers from blinking
      -Mouse acceleration in the menus (WTF is wrong with iD here? Jesus christ I have to change the resolution of my mouse every time I use a goddamn menu)

      And then there’s the non-tech-related just weird issues (some of these others have brought up)
      -The story is just terrible. I think moreso because it seems like they’re kinda trying to have one in this game, versus their other games where it was obvious the story was only a method of getting you into the world and turning on the gibfest
      -The guns have a lightweight, almost useless feeling to them. Full auto burst from an assault rifle and the mob is still staggering around trying to reload, what? *Multiple* headshots with pistol, assault rifle, and fancy assault rifle to kill? Are we going to use headshots or are we not, iD?
      -The racing & shooting are two completely different games. The racing physics are extremely unrealistic and floaty, while the FPS physics are much closer to reality which is jarring
      -Some textures just look like total shit, like they were pasted right from HL
      -Blatantly bad invisible walls at several points, preventing you from exploring, taking an alternate route, or even jumping over a shin-high wall for no obvious reason

      -Finally, after four hours of play, I just really don’t like it, which is probably the biggest issue overall

      Was there just a massive groupthink circle-jerk at iD for the last five years with everyone convincing everyone else that their game is fun? Cause the game I’m playing sure as shit falls firmly in the category of unredeemedly mediocre.

  6. WoundedBum says:

    My 5970 has played it absolutely wonderfully, except every now and again my ATV decides it’s time to attack the sky and launches itself into the blue. And gets stuck. FOREVER!

  7. Griddle Octopus says:

    Everytime I turn around it reloads all the textures. Thankfully, I’m used to playing games that look shitty (I forced Deus Ex to run the first time without a graphics card – wireframes and no textures, pretty much), so I’m still going on.

  8. DuckSauce says:

    I don’t have the game but, Brink and Rage are running on some version of the id-tech engine I believe? Even if not the same, that sheer fact guarenteed a no buy after the Brink Free Weekend, I have an Ati card, the game had problems, terrible problems that had not been fixed after how long? (I also have ET: Quake Wars, it runs somewhat crappy on a pc more than capable of handling it too, but that might just be the feel of the game)

    So henceforth, I did not buy Rage because it was guarenteed there were still gonna be problem and even after weeks it’d still be broken and I was right as this article shows. Boy am I glad I didn’t get it.

    It seems the id-tech engine is a terrible engine for some Ati users and perhaps… a great engine for those with the blissfully lucky pc that doesn’t have problems, but for everyone left with the shit like me, well I think it’s a crappy engine, not gonna buy any game made on it without being able to do a test run first and faik, ET:QW, Brink and Rage never had a demo, Brink only had a free weekend… once.

    Way to win over customers? Not really, give demo and make sure the game runs properly on all systems.

    Sigh, I’m ranting I know, but I can’t believe developers that make games on the id-tech engines and then still there are a lot of ati users left with a broken game, it’s just so terrible and then hold a free weekend with such a game? It only lost them sales and not just for Brink, Rage too and any other id-tech game without a demo that runs properly.

    • WoundedBum says:

      Brink was was on Tech 4, not 5 but I wouldn’t be surprised if some issues had crossed over. I could be horrifically wrong though.

    • Optimaximal says:

      It’s largely terrible for ATI/AMD card owners because their OpenGL implementation is terrible next to Nvidia’s…

      It’s not *really* id’s fault – they’re just using one of two readily available graphics APIs.

    • augustl says:

      You are horribly wrong. Brink runs on id tech 4, and they wrote their own renderer and a few other things. Brink does not have megatextures etc etc.

    • DuckSauce says:

      I never said anything about their engine version being the same, just same engine, that is fact.
      What is also fact is that ET:QW ran terrible, Brink ran terrible and Rage is apparently running terrible. For some ati users. Any changes made obviously didn’t affect the fact that the fps and other things are horribly broken in id tech games for me and some others.

      So what part am I wrong about hmm?

    • cristhianfs says:

      Brink runs on Unreal Engine 3, if I’m not mistaken. Hence the exaggerated character models.

    • pmh says:

      id Tech 4 (aka the Doom 3 engine) and id Tech 5 are different engines altogether. It is absolutely incorrect to call them the same engine. It’d be analogous to calling UE2 and UE3 the same and pointing out that only the number changed. A lot of the issues revolve around poor OpenGL drivers and overaggressive tuning of the engine on id’s part.

      No, Brink runs on a heavily modified id Tech 4 engine.

    • DuckSauce says:

      They may be different, but the same mistakes seem to be made, the only games I know that have these problems are the more recent id tech games and a game almost no one seems to know called Bet on Soldier, that had garbage performance for no reason either.

      Surely there are more games using OpenGL and surely I have played those, I play a wide variety of games, the above games are the only problem cases, so it’s not OpenGL, it’s either something with how the engine using it, or how the developers using the engine use it. Whatever the case, without demo’s I will not buy any id tech based game in the future until I had a chance to test how it runs and what other pleasant surprises it has for random Ati users.

    • xGryfter says:


      I can’t think of any AAA (non indie) games off the top of my head that are OpenGL. Everyone pretty much uses Direct X 9, 10 or 11.

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      xGryfter is right. There really are not many AAA games that use OpenGL.

      link to en.wikipedia.org

  9. dreadguacamole says:

    The game runs fine, and looks gorgeous on exteriors. It also runs silk-smooth and there’s no pop-in.
    The problem is on any indoors; the textures on the first “dungeon” (the ghost hideout) look hideous, full of compression artifacts and extremely low-res – both washed out and pixellated, which must be some sort of achievement. It kind of looks like Kane&Lynch: Dog Days, but with textures from 2004 (and sometimes not even that); distractingly bad.

    My question is this – is it supposed to look like this even after adding launch commands, and creating & editing a rageconfig file as per the forums?

    • DevilSShadoW says:

      as far as I am aware, yes it’s supposed to look like that. I’ve been looking everywhere for a “fix” thinking my GPU was simply not good enough just to find out that they did in deed stuff the game full of lowres mainly because of consolitis.
      You can imagine how those horrible textures tend to look decent in 720p when you’re sitting on your couch far away from your TV.

    • dreadguacamole says:

      Thanks, I thought maybe the config settings weren’t taking (as I didn’t see any difference when running them)


    • ceriphim says:

      Yeah I think it is. I’m playing on my 1920×1080 so I’d expect resolutions optimized for 720 to look slightly rough but unfortunately, slightly ain’t even half of it.

      Some of them just plainly look like absolute shit, cobbled together with a few minutes in Paint. In fact I have the opposite problem with items vs scenery in this world that I had in DXHR, in this game it’s just painfully obvious with decent-rez items sitting on slop-rez world geometry.

    • DrGonzo says:

      No, they aren’t meant to look like that. Either you are having issues similar to me, or you are exaggerating about it like most of the internet.

    • dreadguacamole says:

      Hey, don’t take my word for it. Here are a few screenshots:
      link to steamcommunity.com

      All taken within a single room, but it’s the same all over the place, especially where there’s mood lighting. The worst offender is the green wall with the skulls – I don’t think there’s even ten shades of green there, and the very visible crosshatching on the right hand side.
      It’s fine (more than fine!) on exteriors, but in corridors where you run up against walls all the time, it’s very bad. I’m not very technical, but beyond the textures looking fairly low-res, it looks like there’s a problem with the way the lighting interacts with the textures.
      My rig is ok – a 3 gig phenom II with 2 gigs and a 560Ti.

  10. DevilSShadoW says:

    Game has been running great on my GTX 470. Everything is running on max. Was running it with the extra CFG file for overwriting the auto setting prior to the patch and also with forced vsync. Had no texture pop-in problems whatsoever. With the patch it’s more or less the same story but without the forced vsync and… well that’s about it. It runs perfectly for me.

  11. Bharg says:

    Game worked for me with the ati fix on my 6850.
    Problem is though that the fix crashes on minecraft…

    Hope you guys will comment on the “ending” of the game.

  12. faelnor says:

    This is what I did to get RAGE running on my 4870X2:

    – Update to the latest Catalyst drivers and application profiles;
    – Download and install the beta 11.10 Catalyst drivers;
    – Set the Catalyst settings to “Application defaults” where available, “Performance” elsewhere, “Triple buffering” off, “Catalyst AI” default (very important);
    – Check for any RAGE configuration file inside the user folder that might override a new config;
    – Use the “Mid-range” rageConfig.cfg profile from the Steam thread;
    – Launch Rage from Steam using the following command-line launch parameters (right-click > properties):
    +set com_skipIntroVideo 1 +set g_fov 90 +set m_rawinput 1 +jobs_numThreads 0

    m_rawinput 1 allows more realistic mouse input (no smoothing)

    jobs_numThreads 0 is necessary on my system because there are compatibility issues between Catalyst AI and my Core2Duo CPU (yes, CPU – this seems to be an issue restricted to Core2Duo + ATI Radeon HD 4xxx setups) resulting in corrupted “checkered” textures everywhere and hang-ups every 100 frames or so. But Catalyst AI is necessary to run RAGE properly, so this terrible, terrible option disabling one of the CPU cores is the only solution at the moment.

    Eventually I’m getting a very pretty game, running rather smoothly for something which only uses one CPU core and only one GPU chip (4870X2 is a single-card crossfire of 4870). It’s not a constant 60 FPS but it’s extremely playable.

    I would like to add that these config files in the Steam thread are a must for pretty much anyone playing the game. Some of these settings improve the quality of textures even for people who already can run the game properly.

    • Quine says:

      I’m having similar issues with my setup. The steam threads outlining the steps above were very useful.

      Did you have to manually create(!) the texture cache directory under your username/appdata/rage/etc/etc directory?

    • faelnor says:

      Nope I didn’t. Actually I did completely clear that user directory before putting the config file inside the game directory, just to be safe.

    • Nallen says:

      And suddenly it’s oh so obvious why ‘insert disc and press start’ is the prefered AAA gaming method for millions and millions.

    • Quine says:

      Actually this is the first time I’ve had to get into the config files to get a PC game to actually run for years, and generally have more trouble inserting a disc and waiting half an hour for updates on my PS3.

    • speedwaystar says:

      omg, i kees you!

      +jobs_numThreads 0

      is the one essential setting which fixes things for my dual core CPU/HD 5270 combo. all the other tweaks are basically redundant.

      again, i kees you.

  13. jakonovski says:

    I’m playing silky smooth on the PS3, precisely because I didn’t want to deal with Carmack’s lack of pc programming prowess. Resolution drops are a bit distracting though.

    • Requize says:

      Carmack’s lack of pc programming prowess?

      What are you smoking and where can I get some?

    • cristhianfs says:

      yeah, not that he programed wolfenstein 3d, doom and quake, since he’s such a terrible programmer /sarcasm

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      How long ago were those again? A decade?

      No wait, two decades.

      20 years.

      You may want to pick games that didn’t run on DOS/95 to back up how great a programmer he is.

    • MultiVaC says:

      Doom 3? Regardless of what anyone thinks of that game, it was very technologically impressive at the time, and the engine was stable and efficient. Before that was the Quake 3 engine, which pretty much powered the entire shooter genre in the late 90s. Carmack is anything but a bad programmer, which is why it’s so disappointing that RAGE has been such a mess so far.

    • jakonovski says:

      Yeah, Carmack is a pc programming prodigy. Whose games don’t work on the pc anymore.

  14. Ravenshaw says:

    I’m in the middle of a ping-pong match with Steam customer services trying to get a refund, and I’m not having much luck. So far I’ve not been able to play the game at all; after leaving the ark it just freezes. After updating my graphics drivers and the patch, I’ve not even been able to start from scratch, the game freezes as soon as I enter the ark. Unsuprisingly I have an ATI graphics card.

    I must say that the opening cinematic is nice, so it can’t be all bad…

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      Keep on trucking i’m sure you’ll get it eventually if you push at it enough.

    • ceriphim says:

      Keep pushing for the refund. I wish I could.

  15. redwolf says:

    I managed to get it working ok on my 4850 (11.10 preview 2 drivers) using the +jobs_numThreads 0 command line instruction, but it was necessary to first delete the cache files, custom config files and run the game in safe mode.

  16. roryok says:

    Had texture pop in and other issues on my ATI 5770, then installed patch and new drivers and suddenly the thing was running at 6FPM. That’s Frames Per Minute. It would literally (yes literally) take 10 seconds for the screen to update. Something seriously frakked there.

    I swapped out the 5770 for an older nvidia 9600GT I had, and boom! No change. Oops.

    Fiddled with settings, turned off anisotropic filtering and suddenly it was buttery smooth. Turned it all the way up to 1080p (first game I’ve played that’s really looked better in HD) and turned on VSync, seems to run really well on the 9600GT, which was a pleasant surprise

    If it was just a prob with anisotropic filtering, it might not affect the 5770 but i couldn’t be arsed swapping the cards again when it runs fine

  17. Anarki says:

    Well the game was terrible for me on release (texture pop-in) but the patch fixed it pretty much completely and now it runs great (ATI 6870) so I am happy.

    The reason it runs so well on your macbook is because ID massively underestimated the standard of PC hardware and optimized it for low-end machines like that, which means it is actually crippled on high-end PCs and still looks like crap (or did until the patch anyway). Silly ID.

  18. felisc says:

    My good old radeon 4870 is now friend with this game since the patch. Also, the sounds of the shotgun and authority MG are amongst the best gun sound design i heard in a game.

  19. Phinor says:

    ATI 6970 here. Zero issues with correct drivers and actually just finished the game yesterday. The shooting/gameplay was ridiculously fun most of the time while the story/quests were almost non-existent. Also every character spoke very s-l-o-w-l-y. Macro scale graphics look great, individual textures are terrible so keep that in mind if you play games only to look at textures. Anyway, great looking game in motion. Driving was very average and the races added nothing to the game though I completed them all anyway. I dare say it’s id’s best game or at least among the best but of course not revolutionary like few of their other games. Oh and the ending was pure crap.

    Ok, I did have one annoying problem thanks to Steam. I had a power shortage yesterday while playing and Steam cloud decided I no longer needed my save games and rolled me back couple of hours. Thanks Steam cloud for giving me the option.. oh wait, you didn’t give me the option to choose whether to keep my new saves or the old ones.

  20. pkt-zer0 says:

    The low-res textures are a result of the game needing to fit into a couple dozen gigabytes. The source art is what, 1.21 TERRABYTES!?! (read the same way as “JIGGAWATTS”).

    So yeah, that kind of compression will have some losses involved. It’d be interesting to see what the game looks like with the textures recompressed to 200GB or something instead.

  21. Omroth says:

    Runs fine on my 6990s, but I found it a bit boring! The driving just made me want to play Quake Rally as well.

  22. Theoban says:

    Got a 6950 and I was getting the texture pop-in quite badly, but the patch sorted that no problem. It still happens when I first load the game, but no worse than in any Unreal engine game (Bioshock for example)

    Updated to the latest beta drivers before the patch hit, didn’t seem to make any difference. No performance issues to report, quite enjoying it really. It’s Borderlands – loot – art style + better shooting + decent driving

  23. Taverius says:

    Finished it and *loved* it on my GTX 485M.

    Its currently uninstalled – as it takes 12% of my 200GB SSD – until some patches come out and 285-series goes stable for Verde Notebook drivers.

    Then I’m giving it another go on Insane :D

  24. mejoff says:

    Graphically it’s fine for me, still trying to find a tweak to stop it dropping into shitty mariokart 3rd person every time I get in a car, everything looked so good from Dan’s passenger seat…

  25. Ertard says:

    Well, everything small in the enviroment, apart from larger textures/models and characters look like absolute shite, so it still looks like shite. Nothing wrong on my end, so there’s that.

  26. AMonkey says:

    I’m so glad I never pre order Rage. I’ll just wait till its £10 and had several patches at this rate.

  27. dreadguacamole says:

    Just thought I’d share my first experience with the game:

    – Pretty cutscene. Beautiful music. Game’s off to a good start.
    – Is one of the guys on the other pods wearing shades to cryosleep?
    – hmm, everything looks shiny. The hard drive diagnostics on console is a nice touch – wonder if it will pay off if you return later in the game.
    – Oh my god, the exteriors look incredible. Drooling heavily.
    – Ok, that buggy moves a bit weirdly. I ignore the driver’s platitudes to board his car (never get into a car with strangers) and start poking around.
    – Holy shit, I just blew up! No in-game reason given for it, either – guess the devs couldn’t be arsed to think up of a decent way to stop me from heading into the wastelands walking on my own. Man, even Sierra was better than this. An invisible wall would have been better than this. Still, I chuckle and reload to the last checkpoint… guessing it must be after I got jumped by the mutants.
    – Pretty cutscene, nice music. Hey, wait a minute! Dammit. Well, at least I didn’t play long. Let’s just skip it and get into the game…
    – wait, what’s the key to skip the FMV? holy shit, you’re telling me that this is unskippable? and I have to go through the unscripted bits again? Argh!

    At this point, I killed the app and went off to play Dark Souls on the XBox, which at least pisses me off for all the right reasons.

    • ceriphim says:

      Good god, Dark Souls. I am loving that game so hard right now.

  28. augustl says:

    My ATI HD 4870 still have issues. With Catalyst AI on, I get freezes quite often while playing the game (5 seconds or so freeze every 5 seconds or so). With the numThreads launch options set to 0 and catalyst AI on, I get a good looking game but horrible FPS. With numThreads unset and catalyst AI off, I get checkerboard textures. This is on the preview 2 drivers and the patch installed.

    • faelnor says:

      This is a known issue for which there is no satisfying solution at the moment.

      What is your CPU and your display resolution? I’m quite doubtful about the “horrible FPS” part.
      Displaying 1680×1050 with only one E8500 core active, I get 50-60 FPS indoors and 30-40 FPS outdoors, a bit less when the scene is really complex or full of effects.

    • augustl says:

      An Intel Core 2 Duo E8400, resolution is 1920×1200. My FPS is around 10-15 from the looks of it. I haven’t measured CPU activity etc while playing the game, though.

    • faelnor says:

      Probably not the CPU then.
      Hmm, did you try the latest beta 11.10 Catalyst drivers? Maybe the larger resolution is enough to explain the difference in performance. That’s roughly 500 000 pixels more to render every frame :P

  29. yhalothar says:

    I gave up when faced with yet another run through the desert, so that I may shoot mutants a location I already visited, and which was likely to be followed with more pointless npc hunting.

    At that point I said “fuck it” and didn’t turn the game again. The shooting part is nice, though. Shame about the blocky textures in dark or less prominent areas.

  30. Brahms says:

    Is it confirmation bias (I have nVidia) or has there been more ATI problems than nVidia lately? As in say, the last year or two?

    for the record, I stick with nVidia because of their linux driver support rather than any belief that their windows drivers are better.

  31. Azhrarn says:

    My ATI HD5870 with 11.10 Preview 2 drivers runs the game just fine. I get some very minor corruption in the flags/banners (flickering shadow effects / black flickering flags etc) but nothing else beyond that.

    16x AF, textures at 8192×8192 and 4x AA at 1400×1050. Cache set to large.

    Smooth as butter, which is odd considering that I spent an hour or 2 just trying to get the game going.
    It crashed like clockwork 2 seconds after starting until I turned off OpenGL tripple buffering.

  32. Keneu says:

    I’m in the process of getting a refund for it. I was thoroughly disappointed by my entire experience with it – gameplay, content, graphics (both the issues on release and when actually functional when compared to what’s advertised) and PC support in general I guess.

  33. LionsPhil says:

    Macbook Air (calm down, I pretty much exclusively run Windows on it)

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy. The only reason to put up with Apple hardware is to run OS X. :|

  34. wodin says:

    I posted about the graphic problems wit regards to this game on a certain forum. Then some bright spark had to put in his post which was a shortr eview of the game to forum members about the game running “sweet as a nut”…I pointed out to him that he really should have also said but many people are having problems…I was then set upon as if I was being outragous suggesting that to him and he implied that I was the only one having problems.

    All this ended up with me leaving said forum after an eight year stint. as others decided to back him up…which was odd.

    So all in all Rage and it’s problems have caused me even more strife…so I have uninstalled said game.

  35. asshibbitty says:

    Runs well on my 5850 after the patch, glitches on banners. The game’s miserable enough without performance problems. HR is both HL2 and Butcher’s Bay combined to Rage’s Doom 3.

  36. mcwizardry says:

    Runs great for me on a 5770, texture pop-in is only noticeable after loading a save game for the first time.

  37. Chaz says:

    Didn’t get the game until yesterday, so I didn’t have any of the day one problems. Runs great on my GTX 460, no texture pop-up issues that I can notice.

    Everything looks great, amazing even, when viewed as a whole, but my god do the textures look ugly up close.

    I get what Carmack says about the PC not being the no:1 concern as far as development goes, and that’s understandable. However those same concerns haven’t stopped Crytec and Dice crank it up to 11 for their PC versions.

    Oh yes I should also add that I’m very much enjoying the game too. Great fun in my opinion.

  38. CoFran says:

    The only thing that wont work for me in this game is when I hit the multiplayer button, I can’t seem to get out of my own car, the E key wont do anything, and ive looked thru my bindings.

    When’s that gonna be fixed ID?!

  39. malkav11 says:

    I never had any issues to start with.

  40. Ezhar says:

    It runs splendid on my GTX 285, with only minor texture popping and some blurry textures, but I guess it’s just designed that way for the weak console graphics.

    However the game itself is no more than average quality, in terms of fun. Driving is surprisingly good and the controls are extremely responsive, and that’s from someone who usually hates driving games. I especially like the rocket races. The town characters are also rather well done (my favorite is “Coffer”, the merchant in Wellspring). But the story fails to awaken any interest and the actual combat is very dull, which is terrible for a game that is supposed to be about combat. Even though my crosshair is right on spot, my shots often miss, which is not something I’d expect from the guys that made Quake 3. Also killing someone with a single shotgun blast when they can easily shrug off a whole magazine of assault rifle rounds seems a bit off.

    I’m slowly working my way through it, but would drop the game in a heartbeat if something more interesting came out today.

  41. Milky1985 says:

    Technically still got issues but mostly better, texture pop in is sorted (i assume the texture cache thing also actualyl creates the magical texture cache folder now for people who never created it, wonder how ati/nvidia are to blame for that one) and ti plays ok. Can’t do soem of hte racing missions due to the level just not loading at all (get massive curroption on screen).

    Still have an issue with the cars just refusing to turn every now and again, seems to happen after i boost a lot, lost a couple of races that way. That and the godawful handling in general (think its linked to KB controls, for anything other than basic A to B i need to plug in my 360 controller to do anything useful, but how the hell in the future do you have a handbrake that stops you dead so quickly)

    But the main thing that is annoying me is how much time is spent going back and sodding forth, if i ever do a second playthough i migth get a big hd and fraps just the time you actually spend playing the sodding game and not traveling between areas. I bet it only makes 2 hours worth of footage total.

    Another area i think shoudl be look at is a variation of the time to crate idea, the “time till i have to use a weapon other than the pistol”, this would exclude forced weapon changes but the ammount of hte game that can be done just with the starting gun and melee, am playing on hard and it STILL took 5 hours before i had to use another weapon, regenerating HP has made this more and more an issue in my eyes :/

    Oh and id can sod off if they think I am buying another game from them due to massive level of argogence they have shown over this one. Luckily knowing there development timeframe it won’t happen for another 5 years anyway

  42. KillerB says:

    Its weird as i have had issues but i keep coming back for more. It initially runs fine on my NVIDEA 9800GT (3gig Ram & Quad core 2.66) for about 20 minutes. There is texture pop in when i first look around but then its fine, but then when i leave a town there are suddenly SEE THROUGH TEXTURES EVERYWHERE, but i can see grass and vehicles but the floor and ceiling have DISSAPEARED!
    I then have to save the game, and load the same save game for it to be fixed!!

    Why Rage Why!!!

    Anyone know why this is? I have the update and have large textures loaded, enabled GPU encoding, i.e turned all the gubbins on, though Vsync REFUSES to turn on even when forced on the NVidea control Panel. Bar this weird non-texture thing it runs really well. (Well Apart from the ‘orrible close ups of objects that look like a splodge)

    Love the combat though (Diving’s Mediocre). There should easily have been 5x as much shooty bits, larger game hubs and more missions……..this game had such great potential…….tsk…………

  43. Stompywitch says:

    It’s okay. I’ve played worse.

    But I wish I’d bought Space Marine instead.

    • celewign says:

      buy it anyways. space marine is awesome.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Space marine is 6 hours of the same fight with the same 4 combos against the same 4 different orcs, while sometimes 1-2 shooter orcs annoy you.

      There is also briefly a chaos demon/marine to fight and all of 8 minutes you get to play what is actually fun: the jetpack.

      So pretty much wot the RPS thunk.

      Not a must buy unless you are a fan.

  44. magnus says:

    It’s not bad on my 4 Gig RAM, Dual-Core, GTX560 set-up, but the game still needs work.

  45. HelderPinto says:

    Game is runing great for me! :) But yes, I needed to use one of the CFG’s AND the beta drivers. (I’m on nvidia tho)

  46. eightbitrobot says:

    I love it, it’s definitely an id game: satisfying gunplay and fast paced action. Also, strafe jumping is almost as fast as Quake 1 – good stuff!

    However I feel that it’s too easy, even on Nightmare difficulty the enemies never try to flank or outmaneuver me. They just stay behind the same cover for the entire fight and I can just pop a few clips in to them, hang back and let my health recharge.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      Did you say..RECHARGE?


  47. Pointy says:

    Runs great on my Xbox 360!


    I bought it on steam and played the first part up to Wellspring on my PC (3×3.2ghz gtx460 8gb) and
    it ran well enough (60fps 720p 2xAA).

    The reason I bought it for the 360 is thatI really liked the game but you don’t want to be sat 30cms from the screen while you play it because the textures will annoy you.

    Sat on the comfy couch with your wireless controller about 3 metres away from your lcd tv and the game is amazing.

    This game was made for the xbox (or possibly PS3, I had space on my 360HD to install it…)and you can tell.

    Once they patch the PC version up and release a hi res tex pack (dx11?) I will give a play through again.
    Also by then I will have a 3gb+ gfx card…

  48. Tmoore says:

    470GTX on an i7 here – everything hunky dory. Though two things.

    1. Serious screen tearing, even after the patch. I forced v-sync, that fixed it, but now in racing areas i get some sort of slight lag/rubber banding effect on the terrain, it’s slightly distracting. The vehicle doesn’t actual lag/rubberband, it’s actually the terrain around me. Very odd.

    2. Audio, when i’m racing, often the audio of the buggy/car/whatever engine will just… stop, like i went into electric car mode.

    Otherwise, it’s a fine, if strangely old school game… the actual combat, when i finally get to some after all this talking and racing (which i could give a shit about.) is fast paced and agressive, enemies while not brilliant tacticians, bob and weave, lunge and die in fun ways. I just wanted a nice distraction till BF3 / Skyrim anyway, mission accomplished.

  49. Jimmeh says:

    I used one of the steam forum config files (the 1.5GB one for my 580) and found the game looked mostly great with no popping in of textures. After the patch, I used the in-game options to mirror those same options and it broke it horribly. Bafflingly. It also made the mouse even worse in menus by disabling come of the mouse related launch parameters.

    Reverting to the pre-patch config solved the graphical problems at least, and subway city was quite pretty.

    What I found most disappointing aside from the terrible mouse acceleration clearly indicating a lack of care with the PC port, was the shameless reuse of content frontwards, sidewards and backwards. All the optional content was repetition of story areas with no attempt to hide it, and often it would be directly after you had just returned from the location in question.

    The character’s animation and personality was definitely the strong point of the game. Everything else felt artificially elongated for as little money as possible.

    It seems like ID did the majority of the ground work for an epic Fallout/Borderlands style sandbox experience with varied locations and choice, and then forgot to actually build the game. Instead we are left with a tiny gated world with invisible walls and content stretched thinner than an ant standing on the surface of a black hole.

  50. TsunamiWombat says:

    I feel bad, my game ran basically fine from start. Infact, upping the built in graphics settings added in by the patch crashes it for me. I did reduce popin to almost nil (or at least mass effectian levels) by improving the cache.