Sky Budgets: Airline Tycoon 2 Demo

I am scared of these people.

It’s never been my dream to run an airline. But then again it’s never been my dream to shoot thousands of aliens in the face with an improbably large gun, and I do that in games all the time. You can now find out if simulating the running of plane-o-businesses is your sort of thing with the demo for Airline Tycoon 2. It offers three campaigns from the game’s single player mode, allowing you to plan routes around the world, meddle with four of the game’s planes, and, er, manage the finances. See, I never have to do the accounts when I play Mans-Shooter VII: Shoot Them In The Necks. You can get the demo from here and here. If you’ve ever run an airline, tell us how realistic it is below.


  1. zytos says:

    … but is it as good as Aerobiz?

  2. The JG Man says:

    Why are there two red barrels next to that plane? That’s GOT to be a breach of health and safety. What happens if an intrepid adventurer fires at it? Honestly…

    • Untruth says:

      Do barrels contribute to the crate count or is there a multiplier?

    • Sagan says:

      The multiplier is the volume in liters divided by ten. Huge crate used to dictate the level layout: large multiplier. Tiny crate on a shelf: Small multiplier. (but there are often many of those, so they add up)
      Barrels tend to have a smaller volume than crates, so their multiplier is smaller.
      But: clearly all of those barrels have a volume of way more than ten liters, so their multiplier is bigger than 1, so yes, they count as a full crate.

  3. Khann says:

    Genuinely enjoyed the first one.

    • mageta says:

      Like me.

      And I think this looks actually worse than the first one.

    • Acorino says:

      The first one was a weird mix between the simulation and adventure genre. Truly two genres you would never think of putting together. And it didn’t really work, just like you would expect. But it was…interesting.

    • sidhellfire says:

      It worked for me.
      I mean, game had terrible gameplay concept, but on the other hand I loved it. To some point at least.

      Just like Monopoly is awful board game, yet I still had great experience playing it.

  4. step21 says:

    so, what’s the difference to the first one? Looks almost exactly the same …

  5. thegooseking says:

    Took me a while to notice that the livery on that plane wasn’t actually anything to do with planes. Clever.

    • LionsPhil says:

      A mighty landmark processor if ever there was one.

      Actually, combined with the Theme Park-esque plastic raytraced people, I thought I’d fallen through a vortex into the mid-’90s. Alas not.

  6. Mitchk says:

    When I saw that picture for the first time it wasn’t the plane that caught my attention, it was that chap’s monstrous chin…

  7. caddyB says:

    Is that Einstein on the background near the plane?

  8. manveruppd says:

    Here’s how you run an airline:
    link to
    According to that guy, it’s all to do with buying hedges in oil futures and then shorting your bet (or vice versa, I’m not in finance). The accounting department in that airline was generating more profits than the actual flying-people-about business!
    Does this game model that? :p

  9. schurem says:

    is the 486DX2 66 end-game content?

    • Wahngrok says:

      I noticed that too since the 486 DX2-66 was my second PC. So let’s hope it goes at least up to (my current) i5-2500K. ;)

  10. crazydane says:

    Loved the first one so much, started playing it when I was pretty young (maybe aged 10 or 11, can’t remember) best thing was when me and my brother got some LAN set up and that made the game so good! I really liked how strange and quirky it was as well.

    I am very much looking forward to this. Although I fear that it will not live up to my wonderful memories of the first one.

  11. buzzmong says:

    Is it as good as Airbucks though?

    (Yes, that’s an oldie isn’t it? Same people who made Detroit iirc)