Capital: CCP Offer Discount, Overdue Nerf

Possibly roburky's best screenshot.
CCP have announced that folks who quit over recently disgruntlings can now sign up again for 30 days at $4.95. If you are a recently-lapsed player then you should have received the offer by email. Not that this in itself is interesting or enticing as such, but this is. CCP are finally talking about rebalancing capital ships to make them less overwhelming in fleet fights, less able to escape by logging off, and less versatile overall. If they’d done this a couple of years ago I might not have become a lapsed player myself. Let’s hope it has the necessary impact on the game and reduces capital ship use overall.


  1. CaLe says:

    If they do make the changes (rebalancing) then why is there still a desire to have less capital ships? I know next to nothing about EVE but just wondering.

    • simonh says:

      Not sure I understand your question really.
      Right now, capital ships are overpowered, thus lots of people use them.
      If they get nerfed, fewer people will use them.

    • CaLe says:

      Oh I thought they were really rare. Didn’t know they could be ‘over used’.

    • pupsikaso says:

      They are rare, but the thing is that because the game for the past 2 years has been nothing but huge alliances becoming insanely rich, building supercaps isn’t really that big of a deal. And people have had plenty of time to train up the necessary skills.

    • kyrieee says:

      Supercapitals are so expensive that they’re irreplacable for most people who fly them. They used to be quite frail but two years ago they received a buff to their HP and damage output making large fleets of them almost unkillable (CCP thought they were so expensive that there never would be large fleets of them). If you’re being shot and log out you stay in space for 15 minutes, but these ships had so much HP that they could tank most fleets for that long. This is being changed to ships not disappearing at all when you log out if you’re being shot. This, in combination with a nerf to their ability to deal with smaller ships, will make deploying them much riskier and like I said, most people cannot afford to lose their ship, so they will probably see less use.

    • buzzmong says:


      So rare and expensive that according to the summer 2010 QEN manufacturers were having no trouble churning out well over 500 supercarriers per month? :P

      Supercapitals (supercarries and titans) are somewhat expensive for individuals, but not for alliances. Alliances having shed loads of money isn’t normally a problem, but the bigger issue was supercaps being so overpowered in terms of both DPS and hitpoints that they simply weren’t dying.

      EvE works on faucets and sinks. One of the biggest sinks is ship destruction as it takes minerals out of the game. If the biggest and most expensive ships simply aren’t going bang and therefore sinking ISK out the economy, well, you get what’s happening now. Everyone has more money to build and buy more of the big ships.

    • kyrieee says:

      Ships blowing up doesn’t remove ISK from the game, in fact it is actually actually one of the reasons for inflation.

    • Danny252 says:

      If for “Irreplacable” you mean “Shoot DRF Titan, see same pilot in new Titan tomorrow”, then sure.

      (Okay, sure, it’s the DRF – normal rules don’t apply)

  2. TooNu says:

    Fair enough that they are making actual changes to the FiS bit of Eve..which you know, is the MAIN part of EvE.
    I quit 3 accounts from 4 years of play time (so 12 years of sub money total!) because their attention was not on EvE and any changes to EvE did not effect the actual game. Features such as Incarna and Incursion and Tyrannis show how CCP really are thinking about their spaceships game. And it had no bearing on the actual game part of it. Just more features.

    So I think I am going to wait for REAL changes to the entire game and existing mechanics and existing features before I consider coming back. And I’ve left many friends in there to.

  3. pupsikaso says:

    Promising changes in winter isn’t going to make me re-sub now. They have to deliver the changes first.

    And besides, this doesn’t really address the issue that 500v500 blobs are just not fun, period, capitals or no capitals. We want small gang warfare back!

    • Koojav says:

      Just move to the W-Space :) Not many capitals there and I haven’t seen fleet bigger then 5-6 people. Although most of them (for PvP) are T3 ships.

    • pupsikaso says:

      W-space is a joke at the moment. There are only two types of people that go into w-space. There’s the carebares and then there’s the gankers. So you either have 6v1 ganks, or carebares that logoff at the slightest hint of trouble and don’t log back in weeks after. The place is utterly dead.

  4. Sardaukar says:

    As lovely as this news is, I’m more interested in two other bullet points from the list presented last week- assault ships and faction warfare. As a militia member who loves frigates, seeing both points was cause for a change of shorts. Now we just need to know what they’re doing with them…

  5. Kelduum Revaan says:

    Its not so much that they are over-used, its that they can (at the moment) fight everything, and do so well.

    The changes should mean that they need a support fleet now comprised of sub-capital ships, and they can’t easily wipe out a sub-capital fleet without that help.

  6. UniuM says:

    I come to RPS read the gaming news for quite some time now. and i never had the oportunity to register, but i had to register now to express my concern about this news.

    I was a 4 year EVE player till about 3 or 4 months ago. And i too was frustrated with some stuff CCP was ignoring and mostly i was mad with the stuff they were doing. But was their game, you can just say 2 or 3 things in the foruns, then that’s it. After that i just have to think about your time and your money. I made a choice of leaving, maybe sharing the same reasons with alot of people.

    Now i too receive this email ”giving’ me the oportunity of not spend 10€, and after saying ”Return and experience the new direction of EVE Online.” should i consider that? I think they should first make the changes, improve the cripple EVE-O there is currently online, and then offer the month, and maybe… then maybe! i Should consider go invest my time and my money in it.

    Eve online is still a great ideia, but first its a great community, they should focus allways…. allways first on that.

  7. buzzmong says:

    This is only the first round of Capital Balancing. Personally, I think it’s good, makes a few wrong steps (dreads didn’t need to lose their bs sized drone bay), but isn’t going far enough overall.

    CCP still have the same massive problem they’ve got with Supercarriers (Moms) and Titans that they had back when they added them to the game: They’ve got no role.
    Every other single ship was added with a role in mind, even Dreads and Carriers, whereas Motherships and Titans were added because they were “Awesome!1!”.

    The whole supercap problem isn’t going to be solved unless they remove supercarriers. Titans can be made into some sort of super logisitcs or mobile base (possibly tied into Sov), but currently supercarriers will still simply overlap the role of dreads and carriers no matter what CCP do to them.

  8. mcol says:

    Step in the right direction I guess, but CCP have been out of touch for years now, going to take actual delivery of new promises to convince many.
    So many player and ex-players though miss the old small fleet skirmish style warfare, indeed that was the peak of my eve activity; getting into un-winnable fights and somehow prevailing through luck and sheer audacity. So I hope some CCP love is sent that way, instead of this narrow beam focus of ‘one thing at a time on the headline grabbing items’. I have no interest in caps, super caps, massive fleet battles etc etc. So I will wait patiently and watch, un-subbed.