…What? Oceanspirit Dennis

Yes, I may only have posted this because it features a zebracat

Here’s five minutes of your life you won’t get back. Fortunately, you might rather enjoy them. Or you might be bewildered by them. Or you might be angered by them. I’m at a loss to accurately describe your likely reaction. Oceanspirit Dennis is a one-screen, non-complicated point’n’click adventure made in AGS, which seems to be gleefully ripping the piss out of other point’n’clicks, out of Final Fantasy, out of RPGs in general, and most of all out of itself. It may well have no purpose at all, and I kind of like it for that. I also have a headache, due to particularly sadistic use of sound. Ben Chandler’s happily stupid little creation can be found here. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Via Indiegames


  1. Jayson82 says:

    Just downloaded and played this…..wtf?…….

  2. HermitUK says:

    Why do zebracats never listen?

  3. Knufinke says:

    link to clarvalon.com
    Itt’s some kind of meme over there. I think its’s hillarious and I don’t get it at all.

    Ed: Found something:
    link to ags-ssh.blogspot.com

  4. lhzr says:

    ben chandler! bookmarked !

  5. ThreeOhFour says:

    Haha I honestly can’t believe this is on RPS ^__^

    To be honest, the Oceanspirit Dennis games (at least the ones I’ve made) are full of nonsense, tongue in cheek misogyny and the sort of logic-free writing that suits a few of my AGS friends just fine and everyone else probably finds really strange or offensive.

    As for this particular game – last night I tried playing Final Fantasy X, and this pretty much sums up how I felt about that experience.

    Sorry about the sound issue, really, I never got this when testing and will try to fix. Please turn your speakers down for now!

    • !Chow says:

      I was pleasantly surprised when I saw ‘Oceanspirit’ in the title of a post in my Google Reader and it was not from AGS Blog or AGS Games feed. Worlds are colliding.!!

  6. PleasingFungus says:

    Okay, that was fantastic.

    If only the zebracat ever listened! If only…

  7. Nyst says:

    I tried to play this but the mouse control is terrible. It keeps jerking and freezing, with the mouse icon being in different places then where it actually is. There’s nothing in the settings that’ll fix this either (I did try giving it more memory)

  8. kraii says:


  9. qptain Nemo says:

    I also have a headache, due to particularly sadistic use of sound.
    Why, thank you. You make me feel like an accomplished sound troll. *blushes*

  10. Sagan says:

    Enjoyable. Thanks.

  11. bill says:

    I knew this would be Ben Chandler just from the screenshot.