Batman: Arkham City Arrives 18th November

No Manbat!
The nebulous “November” date for Batman on PC has been confirmed for the UK as the 18th, and VG247 note that Amazon has the US one date (predictably) for the 15th. The PC version is going to support 3D, DX11, and a bunch of the other in-vogue technologies, making it one of this years most graphical games, or something.

Reception of the Batman on the console boxes has been uniforming rapturous, so it’s probably worth the wait for a definitive PC version. Or not. Depending on the tightness of your Bat-fetish. Alec pointed out that the last trailer was here, but expect a heaving torrent of game footage soon, as the game hits other, lesser machines on Friday.


  1. Patches the Hyena says:

    You know Jim, I do believe that’s the closest you’ve come to suggesting picking up a console version of a PC game.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      Ok, let’s rectify that: Everyone should buy Godhand, it’s AMAZING.

      Oh, that doesn’t have a PC version. Anyway, it is, and you should.

    • Magnetude says:

      Another opportunity to post this? Well, it’d be rude to pass it up:

    • DrGonzo says:

      You know a game is good when you don’t punch people IN the face, but THROUGH the face.

    • Oozo says:

      And this!

    • Emeraude says:

      Always been fond of this one myself (the accent definitely *is* a plus): link to

    • DickSocrates says:

      I played Godhand. Thought it was cack. It’s only amazing if you like games in the intentionally bad comedy game genre (which does exist in Japan).

    • Emeraude says:

      Gameplay-wise it was an incredibly crafted experience, provided you like the genre, and could ignore the narrative elements.

  2. Ertard says:

    A reason would still be neat other then the obviously bogus ”lol we’re making it better”-thing. Honestly, I’d applaud a publisher just going out and saying that they want us to buy the console version as well as it’s an anti piracy measure (that doesn’t work, but hey, hasn’t stopped Ubisoft).

    • Cyberpope says:

      well it gives the console sales a little boost dont it. Thats not me saying “lol cus they need it amirite” its just people like high day one sales figures on big consolebox releases. It is quite a cleverly devious move and know people who at this stage would say fudge it and buy the console version friday.
      Hell I’d be lying if i said i wouldnt be at least tempted if i had a console

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      Interestingly, AC:Brotherhood was delayed on that very basis and it really was better with a vastly optimized engine and free dlc all round (dlc console users had to pay for may I add).

      Ubisoft is weird. Or mad.

  3. Cyberpope says:

    well thank god they delayed it, I’d hate to play a version that doesn’t overheat my graphics card and give me a debilitating migrane

  4. Giaddon says:

    “as the game hits other, lesser machines on Friday.”

    And today, in the US.

    • Cyberpope says:

      whale song disrupts internet lines

    • Magnetude says:

      Conversely, the Bloop is what happens when publishers are foolhardy enough to release a game simultaneously worldwide, and the pipes rupture and leak raw internet into the sea. If it were to ever happen again, imagine the Gulf of Mexico, but covered in youtube comments instead of oil.

  5. UnravThreads says:

    Oh, yeah! I can’t wait to buy a game with features that are standard in many other games and/or are completely useless to me! Yeah! I love how Rocksteady are making it known that it has something that isn’t DirectX 9! Yeah! No-one else does that!

  6. Zeal says:

    Apparently the hilariously priced pc Collectors edition has been cancelled. Lots of rage on its official forums and it keeps igniting mini pc/console wars.

    • Khemm says:

      The one which had a laptop included?

    • Zeal says:

      There was one with a laptop? Dunno, gist of it was – CE for consoles, mysteriously cancelled CE for PC.

    • Khemm says:

      There is one, shown here:
      link to

    • Zeal says:

      Wow. That’s not something that should be a thing.

    • UnravThreads says:

      Zeal, not to mention that the standard collector’s edition simply doesn’t exist for PC.

      That pisses me off more than anything else relating to this game.

  7. Khemm says:

    If that means we’ll get a better product, I couldn’t care less about the delay.
    Games like Dead Island and Rage would have gotten much better press and more satisfied customers if they had had bugs ironed out before release.

    By the way, how many of you guys buy or play games the day they are out on store shelves? Maybe it’s just me, but I often buy them and they then reside next to my PC sealed for a few weeks or months, because I’m busy finishing other games or having too much work to focus on gaming.

    • Emeraude says:

      I will when it’s a game I’ve been waiting for a long time an for which I want to show support.

    • DickSocrates says:

      Cor blimey! It was never about fixing it or making it better. It’s purely a marketing tactic to a) Boost console sales b) Lessen piracy via boosting console sales. c) Show disrespect to PC owners because we’re worthless scum that don’t even deserve to be talked to.

      Unfortunately, I would do the same thing in their position. Piracy on PC is insane. I would have handled it differently, I would have said when the PC version was out last month instead of dragging it out as far as they could and totally blanking all PC questions as if we didn’t exist (on the official forums… yes, that’s how much I want this game.)

      But anyway, time to get on with my life.

  8. WhataShame says:

    Well, I guess that does it. Goodbye until next year on a steam sale Bats. Maybe.

    Seriously, who needs this game month later when everyone will be playing MW3, BF3, Skyrim, SR3, Zelda etc.

  9. Nick says:

    Oh hey, will this one hide and corrupt my savegames when I’m close the end like the first one? (thanks GFWL!)

  10. adonf says:

    “The PC version is going to support 3D”

    Oh that explains the delay then (Although if the console versions were in 2D then they have some seriously talented bitmap artists)

    • Christian says:

      Hmm, wait: Didn’t they mention in the GiantBomb Quicklook that the console-versions also support 3D, and that right now?

    • CannedLizard says:

      Console versions support 3D. They even print a big ol’ “3D” on the front of the box.

  11. The Sombrero Kid says:

    I will continue to mention GfWL on every B:AC post in the vain hope that it gets through to Rocksteady in time for release that i wont be buying the game i’m looking forward to most because of that hateful malware.

    • Khemm says:

      Haters gonna hate. I hate Steamworks, vastly prefer GFWL for my single player games, but I’m not “hardcore” enough to boycott them even if they have Valve’s spyware/bloatware included.

    • Nick says:

      what is there to like about GFWL exactly?

    • Khemm says:

      Offline installation for starters.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:

      It’s not a boycott, unless you consider not buying broken things because they are broken as a boycott, i’m not boycotting everything in a shop when i don’t buy it.

    • Khemm says:

      How is GFWL broken?

    • Emeraude says:


      Never suffered from it myself, but the horror stories about patching fucking up your game and/or saves are numerous enough – and hit home close enough – that I’m wary of the thing. Still prefer it to STEAMWORKS a thousand times, I’m with you on that – for the same reasons it seems.

    • Nick says:

      “Offline installation for starters.”

      Yes, great, then when my offline profile went online in another game it fucked my offline saves forever. Quality.

      Also.. online installation when I’m downloading a game isn’t an issue to me oddly.

      I’m not saying steamworks is good, I’m saying GFWL is shit.

    • Emeraude says:

      “I’m not saying steamworks is good, I’m saying GFWL is shit.”

      And as a someone who does *not* download games, STEAM is worse than GWFL.

      Objectively, GFWL is the worse service on that we c, but as my only aim is not to be forced use either, it is the more bearable. Simple as that.

      I personally think STEAM is a good thing as an option. It’s nice that people have it.

      When it is forced down my throat, I find it bad – and I’m fed up off being insulted for thinking so really (not by you, in general I mean).

    • Drinking with Skeletons says:

      I was under the impression that installing a GFWL game required a one-time online activation.

      However, I do agree that, if you are forced into largely offline gaming habits as I am, GFWL is the superior service.

      Steam regularly ignores my preferences regarding automatic updates (not to mention its habit of mysteriously erasing immense chunks of game files), and frankly I don’t have the bandwidth to redownload titles nor the patience (I average about 15kbps). So even when I install a Steamworks game via disk or backup from my not-good-for-gaming-at-all laptop (which I can take to a public library and get better, if still not amazing, speeds) I will typically be locked out of two to four titles because they are updating or Steam has erased, without notification or reason, game files needed to run.

      It wasn’t until my living conditions changed that I really understood the grim truths about Steam. Impulse–which has 100% optional updating and defaults to offline when no connection is available–and GFWL–which also defaults to offline if no connection is available, continues to collect (and allow you to view) achievements in offline mode, and is no more obtrusive–are superior services for the Internet-challenged.

    • Khemm says:

      @Drinking with Skeletons

      Yes, GFWL games often require activation, but they do that in a much better way than Steam.

      My experience with buying GFWL games is as follows:
      – buy a DVD
      – insert the disc into the drive
      – install offline, GFWL client installs itself nicely with the game, the latest version guaranteed to work with the game is on the disc
      – go online for literally a second so that the exe is activated, eventually launch the game, enter the CD-key, done, switch to offline profile if I don’t want patches, achievments and so on – enjoy the game

      As you can see, I have to go online only for a few seconds when I launch the game for the first time.

      My experience with Steam:
      – buy a DVD
      – insert the disc into the drive
      – I can’t install my game yet, I have to install Steam first. OK
      – can’t install Steam offline, have to establish an internet connection. OK…
      – Steam has installed, but now it’s stuck updating itself
      – now I’m allowed to install the game – again, internet connection has to be established at all times, even when the files are copied from the disc. If my connection drops, Steam cancels the installation. WTF.
      – the game has finished installing, now it downloads a few hundred of megabytes from Valve and I can’t do anything about it. No, it’s not always the latest patch, the key pieces of data on the DVD are missing
      – download finished, it took a few hours
      – data corrupted, game won’t launch – verify integrity of cache
      – finally I can go offline, Steam still needs to launch first or I won’t be able to play my game
      – now I can disconnect from the internet.

      Sorry, but Steam makes the installation process a real pain in the three letters and forces you to be online on a fast connection. I hate that.

    • Nick says:

      as I said, I’m not arguing the various merits of either, I’m merely saying the GFWL is shit and has actively harmed my gaming for no good reason. I’m not going into an argument about whether being kicked in the balls is better than being punched in the balls or anything of the sort with reguards to lesser of two evils or whatever.

      If you want my experience with Steam, the number of times is has fucked me over with my game progress is 0, the number of times its failed to work in offline mode since HL2 for me is 2, the number of times it has forced me to run two processes in the background that it previously didn’t require to play the same game after an update is.. 0.

      I dislike having my games tied to it if I don’t buy them from it.

    • The Sombrero Kid says:


    • IAmUnaware says:


      The blatant lying doesn’t help your argument. It just makes you look like a Microsoft plant.

      Steam has only to be connected for a couple of seconds after the game data is installed so that it can check the data and make sure that the whole game is there.
      If large portions of the game are missing from the disc, why would you have to download them when using Steam but not when using GFWL? Is GFWL some kind of data sorcerer that will conjure the missing data using a wand or perhaps a crystal ball?
      Running Steam in offline mode does not involve some kind of incantation that requires you to be connected to the internet. You start up Steam when you don’t have an internet connection (or simply terminate your internet connection) and it will pop up a box that says “You don’t have an internet connection. Attempt to reconnect or run in offline mode?” and you click the offline button. I just did this two days ago when my internet went out unexpectedly because the cable people were working on the lines.

      We get that you don’t like Steam, but again, lies aren’t a legitimate way to make your point.
      And even if you feel the need to crusade against Steam when nobody was even talking about it, that doesn’t excuse defending GFWL. It’s nice for you that you’re apparently in the minority that has never had any problems with it, but it IS an objectively terrible service for all the reasons these other people have mentioned, and it SHOULD be complained about every time a GFWL game is released until publishers get the idea and stop using it (or its quality improves tremendously, I guess).

    • Christian says:

      I’m with you here: GFWL means (at best) a bargain-bin purchase for me (meaning: no more than 5,- €).
      After the pain it took to get Arkham working (because of GFWL), they’re not getting more of my money. Nothing is worth using that crap.

      Oh, and @Khemm regarding your experience:
      Yeah, it sure works with the game you just installed. But don’t try to play another game after that (maybe one that’s older). You’ll be dll-hunting the internet for an hour.

    • Khemm says:


      You’re accusing me of lies when you’re hopelessly uninformed? Holy hell, why are most Steam fanatics so truth-resistant? I bet you never buy games retail, which is why you’re so clueless.

      I have a lot of gripes with MS, but I’m not going to bash GFWL like a tool because it’s a cool thing to do.

      “Steam has only to be connected for a couple of seconds after the game data is installed so that it can check the data and make sure that the whole game is there.”

      LIES. You have to be online from the moment you begin installation to the point your game is labelled as ready to play. If you claim otherwise, you’re uninformed and might as well claim the Earth is flat, none is going to treat you seriously. Buy a Steamworks game retail and see for yoursef.

      “If large portions of the game are missing from the disc, why would you have to download them when using Steam but not when using GFWL? Is GFWL some kind of data sorcerer that will conjure the missing data using a wand or perhaps a crystal ball?”

      Steam cuts files from the disc, often huge ones at that. GFWL uses ZDPP, which is a nice system- you avoid downloading huge pieces of data, yet the game remains locked until release date.
      Has it ever occured to you that Steam’s DRM solution is OUTDATED and STUCK IN 2003?

      ” Running Steam in offline mode does not involve some kind of incantation that requires you to be connected to the internet. You start up Steam when you don’t have an internet connection (or simply terminate your internet connection) and it will pop up a box that says “You don’t have an internet connection. Attempt to reconnect or run in offline mode?” and you click the offline button. I just did this two days ago when my internet went out unexpectedly because the cable people were working on the lines.”

      Offline mode never works me and many people. The only way to make it work is switch to offline mode WHILE BEING ONLINE. Otherwise, even when the box you described pops up, Steam will insist that you must connect.

      We get that you don’t like Steam, but again, lies aren’t a legitimate way to make your point.”

      You know what? Get yourself informed, instead of accusing other people of lying. You’re making yourself look like a Steam fanboy.

    • Emeraude says:

      @IAmUnaware :

      I have a friend who just can’t seem to use STEAM offline, he loses access to all his games (STEAM demands to connect first before it’ll enable offline mode if I remember well). Maybe it’s something similar for Khemm ?

      More importantly: why should anyone be subjugated to any of both services ?

      “I was under the impression that installing a GFWL game required a one-time online activation.”

      You made me doubt for a moment, so I just reinstalled my copy of B:AA on the laptop just to make sure; no online necessary. It *does* force you to log in off line in that crappy GFWL service to run though (not to mention that piece of shit Securom gets installed).

      Still, on that front, for me, GFWL beats STEAM.

  12. deadstoned says:

    If this games so good why does it use GFWL? :P GFWL is shit lol

  13. Mctittles says:

    I kind of wish DX11 would stop be used to explain what graphic effects games will have. Mainly because it doesn’t really mean anything. Minecraft could be written in DX11 and still look the same. I would rather see things like how they are making real time lighting, hdr, or whatever instead of a buzzword.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      This, honestly. Supporting DX11 means nothing. I can fire up UDK,
      search for BaseEngine.ini in the UDK path, and then search the key word
      “D3D11” and find “AllowD3D11=False”, change False to True, open UDK editor again, and Enable DirectX 11 Rendering in Preferences. Then I can not bother with tessellation or multi-threading or stereoscopic 3D and still make a DX11 game.

    • bear912 says:

      I am in agreement.

  14. Drinking with Skeletons says:

    So will it remove the anti-used-games-market stuff? What I’ve heard is that several (optional) Catwoman missions are locked until/unless you register a code. I’m not particularly interested in playing as Catwoman, nor am I entirely opposed to the practice (I didn’t mind DA:O’s Shale DLC being handled the same way), but I support more robust ports on principle.

  15. 2late2die says:

    Don’t they realize that for about a month after 11/11/11 it’s pretty much a dead zone for releasing games. I’ll be too busy chasing dragons to beat up some lame thugs. :D

    • IAmUnaware says:

      Maybe I’m just being cynical, but perhaps they do realize that and this is a ploy to ensure that their console numbers are far greater than their PC numbers in order to justify abandoning PC support in the future (for the purpose of avoiding piracy, not having to bother with a port, etc.)? “Well, there’s no point in publishing on a platform where people don’t buy the game. It’s not our fault.”

  16. Mark says:

    I’ll be too busy playing Ass Creed Revelations to be playing this. And then there’s the worry over GFWL deleting saved games or whatever. Pre-order cancelled. Hope the delay was worth it.

  17. mwoody says:

    Y’know, I’d love to see RPS do like a once-a-week console post. Just a single update on the state of the “toy,” and a place for users to comment along those lines. They do it for boardgames, after all.

    It could be good for people who don’t even own consoles. Like, people who own the console version of this game could comment on its gameplay strengths and weaknesses before the PC version came out. Or we could discuss Dark Souls, a game that stands nearly alone as an example that the console game medium doesn’t necessarily have to produce things us PC gamers would look upon with derision.

  18. CommanderZx2 says:

    Batman: Arkham City restricted to USA on steam like Space Marine?

    The reason I suggest this is due to there being an Arkham City trailer on steam, but when I attempt to watch it I get the message:
    An error was encountered while processing your request:
    This item is currently unavailable in your region

    Here’s the URL: link to

    However if you force it into a US site acces I an see the trailer:
    link to

    This is a pretty sad state of a affairs if I am correct.

  19. CannedLizard says:

    I picked up a copy for my X-Box today (I’m in Canada), only to have my 360 red-ring of death on me. I can play in blocks of maybe 5-10 minutes. And I thought having a stable gaming platform was one of the few advantages consoles had OVER PC. Apparently not.

  20. Ryz says:

    Here’s the truly baffling thing about the pre-order that just went up on Steam.

    Yes, it lists GfWL. Nobody can agree on whether this is a good or bad thing, so either quietly celebrate or snarl angrily to yourself.

    It also lists SecuROM activations. Not a total surprise, given that it’s GfWL and these two are generally paired up just to make people miserable.

    It also lists Steamworks, including achievements and Steam Cloud. Wait. What?!

    So…Batman AC uses three different kinds of DRM on Steam. Two of which overlap each other, and one which is totally unnecessary considering it’s Steamworks and SSA GfWL. This is like some unholy triumvirate of DRM. I’m half expecting them to update the page and list TAGES just for fun at this point.

    Now, I’m not one of those “Steam or no buy!” people. I will happily buy from Gamers Gate or D2D or Amazon when the deal is good. I actually bought Batman: AA retail in order to avoid the SecuROM activation limits they slapped on the digital versions, as it was just a disk check for retail.

    But this is bizarre. Are there TWO achievement systems in Arkham City? Did they actually remove the main draw of GfWL for most of it’s supporters (not all, but certainly most) by replacing the 360 gamer score fodder with Steam achievements?

    I don’t understaaaaaaand. ;_;

  21. amishmonster says:

    Have RPS gotten their hands on the PC code at all? I’m not overly concerned about waiting or the GFWL kerfuffle as long as it plays well and is a good port.

    I’d rather play on PC than 360, but not if our version is sub-par.