Fear Nothing: Firefall’s Dreadnaught

The facial hair is the battleframe, the rest is window dressing

Most of the footage I’ve seen of the hugely ambitious and massively multiplayer shooter Firefall has made me nod approvingly at the scale and design of the world, which not only looks the part but also seems a place it’d be fun to soar through, raining death from above, and probably from the front, sides and back as well. Lo and behold, there is a new trailer that takes a different perspective; instead of whooping about size and numbers, this one zooms in on an individual piece of kit, giving a better idea of individual skills. It takes the form of an advertisement for the heavy weapon specialist’s Dreadnaught frame and it’s one heck of a sales pitch.

Stomping, minigun-whirring, stationary defensive zones…energy bubble shields? Why, there was barely a darting jetpack in sight! But that’s precisely why my desire for Firefall is on the increase. There is plenty of detail and beauty in the scenery here, but more importantly there seems to be room for genuine variety in playstyles, with utility and entertainment carried across the board.

I want a jetpack. I want to swoop toward my enemies in a disarrayed formation, the air scorched around me. But I also wouldn’t mind being this guy, holding the line, cutting off enemy attacks with tactical placement, and accidentally trapping a giant monster inside my shields and shouting to the heavens, “Oh, cruel fate, it’s Magicka again, isn’t it? I’m the comedic, slapstick, burned-to-a-crisp folly I have always been, but this time in a Battleframe instead of a robe.”

I’ll die. A lot. But I’ll die smiling.


  1. Derpington Hurrrrrrr says:

    I think Firefall might cure me from my MMO allergies.

  2. Thoric says:

    The gameplay is shaping up to look great. They’re also touting a massive, actually persistent (not static) world with dynamic events and jetpacks. Awesome jetpacks.

    Certainly one to watch.

    • Stevostin says:

      Don’t you feel even slightly annoyed by all those footages of a range unit running accross a bunch of static hostile who seems to have a hard time just hitting him just in front of them ?

  3. HairySammoth says:

    So, it’s a DC-Max from Planetside.

    Fine by me. A lot of my happiest gaming memories are from the inside of that MAX suit. Something about Planetside led to great unexpected emergent play. If Firefall can replicate that feel, then it’s already onto a winner.

  4. Stevostin says:

    It’s a shooting game with a third person view, which is an awful start. (the goal is to aim against what the POV allows which is generally compensated with ultra easy aiming gameplay – so either it’s painful, either in uninteresting, or both). Now there’s also FPV in that game but the fact they nearly never show it says it all about how they care about it.
    Then it’s incredibly ugly (rendering).
    Then it’s incredibly ugly (art).
    Then the gameplay looks terrible (like Halo but slower)
    How can someone even find this not an embarassing trailer is past me. One of the worst video I’ve seen here this year so far :(

    EDIT : and I am hugely interested in an MMO FPS, and there are nearly none. So I feel that I have to tell the world something’s going really wrong – sorry if I break a moderation rule here.

    • baby snot says:

      The trailer is amateurish I agree. I think Red 5 Studios do fine trailers when they stick to actual gameplay footage like this and this.

    • Tams80 says:

      More third person shooting games! More I say!

      A lot of your complaints are quite subjective. That and the beta isn’t even out yet.

    • CaspianRoach says:

      Subjective, subjective, subjective. Art is good, graphics are better than of current analogues and TPV is not harder to aim from plus you got more situational awareness. Include a number of completely different skills and weapons and you got yourself a great game.

    • Wounder says:

      At the end of the trailer, there’s what is clearly a first person perspective… so maybe the third person is optional and more suited to that battleframe?

    • GaryWolf says:

      1&2: Might not be your style visually, but if the gameplay is good, would you still mind that much?
      3: It’ll be free to play, so give her a spin and find out firsthand if it’s your thing or not :)
      4: Third/first person view is entirely the user’s choice. Middlemouse button switches between 1st and 3rd person instantly.

  5. Freemon says:

    It looks awesome! Can’t wait to give it a whirl.

  6. ZephyrSB says:

    1:40 – Thunder Dome: Two Men enter, One Man leaves.

    Love it :)

  7. Davee says:

    I’ve been mildly interested in Firefall so far, but this vid sure got me exited! I’ll have to monitor this one closely. :)

  8. BathroomCitizen says:

    I really don’t like the looks of the battle-frames. I’d feel a bit awkward if I wore one of those.

  9. buzzmong says:

    Well that’s silly, give the chap armoured forearms, legs and chest, yet leave his shoulders, upper arms and head bare?

    That’s just a disaster waiting to happen.

  10. neolith says:

    It looks interesting, but I’m worried about the F2P part…

    • GaryWolf says:

      When you say you’re worried, do you mean that you’re worried it will be another one of those “Pay2Win” titles? Because Red5 is designing this game to be completely skill based. Meaning that the shop will only contain convenience items, such as XP boosts or Crystite (the game’s currency) boosts, and vanity items, such as warpaint for your battleframe.
      If you’re worried in terms of quality, I would like to direct you to Red5’s Youtube Channel. It looks pretty awesome so far, and more to come!

  11. clockler says:

    “Omnidyne – Your future depends on us.”

    Sounds awfully evil right there. Just sayin’.

    • Wulf says:

      Of course it is. I’ve been getting a mild Warhammer vibe from this from the beginning, but in a good ‘inspired by’ way, rather than in a bad ‘ripped off from’ way. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Omnidyne is just using this war to profit from it. Hell, they might even be responsible for bringing those aliens to earth. Who knows?

      But yes, it does seem very Warhammery.

  12. Ergonomic Cat says:

    Like Yahoo’s Arkham City review, my excitement now goes to 6.

    (Ain’t I topical?)

  13. copyrite says:

    December is so close, yet so far… And that’s when my current favourite cartoony shooter will step aside to make room for my new favourite cartoony jumpjet shooter.

    • GaryWolf says:

      If you know players who are currently in the beta, you might be able to get into the game before December ;)

  14. Wulf says:

    I really want to like this. I really want this to be good.

    My only fear is their head writer. I won’t get into that again, but I have this morbid, clinging fear that he’s going to slip in some random homophobic bigotry somewhere that their team won’t catch, but I’ll notice it, and it’ll just ruin the game for me. The guy has some very questionably fascist views, the sort that make my skin crawl and increase my ire toward humanity in general.

    So Firefall will be on a one-strike basis, if they slip up even once then I’m just not going to bother. That’s not something I want from my entertainment. As a gay person I have too many bad memories of this as it is, and there are still swathes of our world that are homophobic in a hostile way, so the last place I want to see this is in my games. It might work for some people, but not for me.

    I’m just hoping that that won’t ruin this game for me, because it’s clearly very silly in ways that I appreciate, and I want to like it. I do want to like it.

    • Xelinor says:

      I assume you mean Orson Scott Card? He’s not the head writer, he’s only in charge of writing the story for the Manga they are doing to set the theme for the story (well, him and his daughter). He doesn’t have creative control of the story itself.

  15. slasher.098 says:

    I want to correct some misconceptions which seems to be present about this game. This NOT an exclusively 3rd person shoot. It is a FIRST PERSON shooter with the OPTION to view the game in 3rd person. This provides you the ability to see more of your surroundings via 3rd person while maintaining the superiority of a first person shooter for combat.

  16. porps says:

    cant wait for this game!

  17. Xelinor says:

    Wiki with lots more firefall info is here: link to firefall-wiki.com

    In addition to that, the Firefall community is very friendly, stop by the forums and say hi :)