Starcraft Universe PvP Test Playable Now

If only we could talk to the Protoss.
One of Starcraft II’s big boasts was how awesome its editor was going to be for making your own games and such. We’re just starting to see the fruits of that. One group of modders took Blizzard up on the challenge and got on with creating a Starcraft MMO. After some initial legal wobbles, the mod is now approved by Blizzard, and it’s PvP mode is now undergoing a beta test. You can find some more details here, and I’ve posted the developer diary video for it below.


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    Maltose says:

    Could anyone explain what’s happening in the video? It looks confusing.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      erm, PvP and Lightning effects… that’s as much as I could work out

  2. Nalano says:

    Please tell me that footage is sped up.

    • Mashakosha says:

      a lot of it is, yes. I even think the combat is a bit, too. Plus, you can bet that the vast majority of people who play this will, unlike the people playing here, have no clue what they’re doing. So don’t be too daunted by it.

  3. Nallen says:

    Means as little to me (and looks just like) WoW PVP

    • Nevard says:

      I’m fairly certain “WoW PvP” was exactly what they were going for

  4. Acosta says:

    Looks very good! It really looks like WoW PVP with extra lighting (I approve). This project keeps impressing me.

  5. Gundrea says:

    Ah, nothing beats a bit of Warsong Gulch. Just have to keep those damn druids from filching the flag.

  6. trigonometryhappy says:

    “Prepare for Basil!”

  7. Yage says:

    They are working on boss fights and stuff. It will be interesting to see how they tie it all together.
    The 4v4 maps are pretty big once you zoom in. It could work will if you are able to zone in to different map scenarios.

    Do you think it shows Blizzard are not interested in developing a Starcraft mmo in the future?

    I wonder.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      Not in the near future anyway. After all, Titan is a new ip.

  8. kikito says:

    They should definitively add more lighting effects & particle systems. I can still see the characters from time to time.

  9. BoZo says:

    This is insanely awesome, yet at the same time something I care nothing about…

  10. kimadactyl says:

    Is this the Blizzard Dota-like they mentioned? Or is that separate? Either way looks like 3D Dota to me.

    • Azradesh says:

      It’s a fan made RPG map/series of maps with WoW-a-like combat and classes in the Starcraft setting.

  11. Jambe says:




    Sorry. I’m surprised Blizzard let this pass, tbh.

  12. Azradesh says:

    I just want to say, this is NOT an MMO! Not in any way, shape or form! It’s just an RPG map/series of linked maps of which there have been countless before.

    It still runs in Starcraft 2 and is subject to the same player limits. Sigh.

  13. Torgen says:

    Isn’t this the guy who started this mod with the name “World of Starcraft” and Blizzard promptly whacked his peepee?