Look, Here Is A Diablo III Cinematic

Demons make good stoves.
“WooooOOOoooo! Mystery… strange tomes, funny hand-writing… AND! CUE! FANTASY WORLD!”

An except from the script, there.


  1. Battlehenkie says:

    Time to put on my robe and wizarding hat.

  2. plspirit says:

    looks amazing, but i imagined azmodan always like an skinny evil genius type of well demon, and will we see also belial? maybe in an d3 addon?

  3. DevilSShadoW says:

    Pretty! They should make a movie.

    • mandrill says:

      I say that after every cinematic trailer Blizz releases. Its one thing they are undeniably good at.

  4. Jet says:

    Wow, those animated eyes are just incredibly lifelike.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      For sure, someone put a huge budget on textures and it paid off nicely.

    • tstapp1026 says:

      Blizzards commercial animation department is simply up there (and arguably beyod) the likes of full production companies like Pixar. They really do amazing work.

    • Bobsy says:

      I thought they farmed it out to a third party company?

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      This is Blur Studios, IIRC, the same people who’ve done all of Blizzards stuff, as well as the rather nice Dawn of War intro movies.

    • apollyonbob says:

      Nah, they don’t farm out to 3rd parties. They have a 85+ person cinematics team that does all their cinematics for all their games.

      I mean, it’s similar to farming out in that the individual game teams farm out to the cinematics team, but it doesn’t leave the company, no.

      And I have actual proof to this claim: link to gamasutra.com

      You don’t have an 85 person cinematics team and farm out cinematics work to anywhere, no. Blur does good work, but I’m 99% sure Blizz has never used them. BioWare on the other hand …

    • zergrush says:

      Aren’t you mixing things up? I’m pretty sure Blizzard’s animations are done inhouse.

    • Skabooga says:

      Whatever else I may think about Blizzard, the first time I see the cinematics for one of their games, I’m always most impressed. Even back with Warcraft II, I remember thinking, “Surely, this is the height of computer game cinematics!”

    • JackShandy says:

      Sure, but I wish they’d spend just 10% of that animation dosh on a good writer. What kind of demon says “You thought you were soooo clever”? Sounds like a teenager.

    • mondomau says:

      @ JackShandy: True, that was pretty cringeworthy.

    • Nameless1 says:

      @JackShandy: yeah.
      Compare It to the Diablo 2 cinematics and It just plain sucks.
      We’re already seen how much they care about a good writing and narration with the disgusting work they did on Starcraft 2, this will be the same.
      One more reason to not buy It, at least for me.

    • Xocrates says:

      @TsunamiWombat: Blizzard’s stuff has always been done in house. Blur has similar quality but they do the cinematics for pretty much everyone except Blizzard.

    • Carra says:

      “In terms of development staff it’s probably around 350. World of Warcraft is about 135 people, 40 for Starcraft II, 40 for team 3, our cinematics team is about 85 guys. ”

      I hope they’re using those people to work on an actual movie, else it looks like overkill.

    • Azradesh says:


      No, all of Blizzard’s cinematics are in house, Blur have nothing to do with it.

  5. cmc5788 says:

    Well, looks like at least for now they’re not deus ex’ing the Prime Evils back to life.

    • plspirit says:

      you have to consider that demons (and angels) never really die, they are just disembodied and can return if they find a host

    • cmc5788 says:

      True, but without soulstones they shouldn’t be able to do much.

    • Casimir Effect says:

      The thing I have with the Diablo universe is how crap the ‘good’ side is. Last game had the angels doing pretty much fuck all, and where are the gods in all this? Where’s anybody except for a single adventurer in fact?

      If I was born into the Diablo world then as soon as my infant hands could the means I’d leave it. Shit ain’t worth it.

    • ZephyrSB says:

      Pretty sure that’s down to some holy code of ‘not interfering with mortal affairs’ or some such. Tyriel is basically breaking all the rules by getting involved with the Horadrim and the heroes. And look where THAT got us….twice (or thrice…). I think the Diablo world would be better off if he could just leave things alone.

    • Soon says:

      I’d always assumed there’d be a reveal how he’s been orchestrating the whole thing for centuries or something, for that reason.

  6. D3xter says:

    I’d be more interested in a Torchlight 2 Cinematic, or at least some new Gameplay.

    • Starky says:

      No one cares mate – every D3 thread some people just feel the need to say how much they’d rather see/play torch2, which is nice and all but utterly pointlessly flame-baiting.

      I want to both.

    • mwoody says:

      Yeah, look, I’m interested in Torchlight 2 too, but this trend is getting “first post” old.

    • D3xter says:

      Yeah well you apparently care at least as much as I do right now about Diablo 3 e.g. I couldn’t even be bothered to click the “Play”-button on the video up there. Blizzard can go hump someone else instead with their DRM and Monetization schemes xD

      I do honestly want to see more about Torchlight 2 though, the last proper vidyas they released date back like about one year now and apparently it’s to come out December 13th if their German/Austrian/Swedish publishing partner is to be believed: link to gamersglobal.de

    • alundra says:

      Actually Starky, I a lot of people do care and want to see more Torchlight 2 coverage by the media, it’s almost as if it’s makers are not as much into PR shilling as Actilizzard is, or maybe they don’t have the millions to do it, nevertheless it should prove to be a better game overall, and one that I can play when I want and where I want.

    • Leelad says:

      I reckon you would be hard pushed to get a Torchlight 2 trailer out of Blizzcon…..

    • mondomau says:

      Guys, the RPS chaps did actually put a post up specifically asking you not to post in a thread saying you have no interest in the topic. Just sayin’. How bout you direct your input to say, a Torchlight 2 thread somewhere?

    • D says:

      Bringing up Torchlight 2 in a Diablo 3 advertisement-post (as in “here’s a new ad for the game”) is EXACTLY what should happen.
      Lots of times have I been reminded here on RPS of some lesser but better game, due to the advertisement efforts of bigger, emptier games.
      The “if you have no interest” rule is not to stifle this behaviour, but to prevent people just writing “meh”.

  7. SighmanSays says:

    Damn, I almost expected him to introduce himself as “Kotick, the Lord of Avarice.”

  8. P4p3Rc1iP says:

    Well this was somewhat disappointing… Where’s the mystery? “You released me and now my army will march and destroy the world! Look at how evil I am!!!” And waht’s with the young girl? Why not an old, wise man? A bit cliché, no?

    • Salt says:

      I’m not sure if a Diablo cinematic really needs a sense of mystery?
      I imagine this gets shown to the player quite early on in the game to establish the story: Demons are bad, big demon is extra bad, and he wants the McGuffin.
      Sets the scene for a dozen hours of killing demons and chasing around after the McGuffin.

      Is a young woman researching late into the night cliché? I’d have thought an old man doing it would be more clichéd. Anything that Gandalf did is automatically fantasy cliché.
      Incidentally I don’t think she released Azmodan (after all he wants the stone on the table where she’s sat), instead he’s projecting that message to her. The big bad outlining their plan to their enemy like that most certainly is cliché.

    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      Yeah, I added the “young girl” bit as an afterthought. I meant to only really refer to the “bad man outlining evil plan” bit.

      Perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions. The plot might revolve around the young girl trying to warn the rest of the world where nobody wants to hear her story (“young girls are so ignorant, she probably had a nightmare”) so she has to do all the daemon killing herself and the big bad guy (Who is he anyway?) to save the world.

      Or is that cliché too? Damn, I can see why it’s so hard to write an original story.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      Originality and quality aren’t the same thing. There are only, like, three possible plots in the whole of literature. It’s what you do with ’em that makes your writing interesting or not.

      Diablo 3’s looks pretty dull. Like D2’s, which barely even registered with me as I played through it umpteen times. Only the first Diablo had a plot worth following.

    • mwoody says:

      Heh, look into the theorycrafting about who/what that “young girl” actually represents – and pay attention to Azmodean’s phrasing – and you’ll find there’s more going on here than you think.

    • Amun says:

      @Salt: Behold, a Diablo cinematic with mystery.

    • MadMatty says:

      Its cliche as fok- nice texturing tho, and it had a moody start, ruined by the demons cliche delivery of the plans.
      Atleast it wasnt as bad as the video of the chick with the twin repeater xbows.

      As for there being only 3 plots in litterature, i disagree.
      I mean, Pulp Fiction- which plot is that?

      Does D3 really need a story? heck no

    • Saul says:

      Diablo 1 had a plot? I mustn’t have gotten that far. Seriously, though – Blizzard games could be made so much more interesting with some decent writers. Their animation is up to the standard of Pixar, but their writing sure ain’t.

    • Srethron says:

      Comparing the amount of spoken dialogue in Amun’s video (the Diablo 1 intro) vs. this new Diablo 3 cinematic is interesting. And yeah, if this was done by Pixar, the big demon would have paused and said, “you almost got me monologuing.”

      ♥ Blizzard’s cinematics team. But how far we’ve come. The company has unquestionably embraced the summer blockbuster at this point.

    • OtioseNexus says:

      Diablo’s whole plot is “Nasty demons try and take over the world”, hell (hurr), that could be shortened to “Bad guys try to take over the world”. It’s not original, but its the same plot that’s been used for some brilliant games/films/books. Diablo has never been one for overt plot, but if you look a little deeper there’s usually a fair bit, or at least there was in the first (not having played the 2nd, to my shame).

      I think of this trailer as introducing the Demon this game will focus on and the introduction of Cain’s niece (for those that missed the reference). Cain, as those that have been following the snippets that have been release will know, dies in this game, and poor Mary Sue here takes over his job. It also shows that she has a vision while attempting to gleam some insight and looking at that stone (I assume a soul stone?). Whether this is the stone or her, or both, we don’t know, or I don’t either way, but it is an interesting fact.

  9. jplayer01 says:

    So, why’s she crying?

    • BatmanBaggins says:

      Possibly because there’s a giant scary monster right in front of her explaining how he’s about to end the world?

    • snv says:

      Nah that cant be it. As the thread just above this one lay out thats pretty common.

    • Tei says:

      Diablo conquering the world means no more cute puppies.

  10. Turkey says:

    Boo! Where’s the dutch angled skeletons and the tiny waiter? I thought this was Diablo!

  11. Doesn'tmeananything says:

    Nice tech, I guess, but everything else is plainly terrible.

  12. JonathanStrange says:

    Aww, and here I was hoping for Beelzebub… or did we kill him already? I don’t know sometimes, hard to keep track of all these ancient primordial evils.

  13. McDan says:

    She’s upset because she picked up the wrong book at the library, she wanted the one about happy demons who have fun parties. not evil ones. Poor lass.

  14. Radiant says:

    What the fuck was that all about?

    Is this another one of those times where I need to have read 50 million shit ‘novels’ to understand what the hell is going on?

    Halo was indecipherable unless you read every single god damn pamphlet ever created.

    • Radiant says:

      Also if /that/ is the world you are trying to prevent from being ravaged they can fucking have it.

    • BatmanBaggins says:

      No, it seems pretty straightforward if you’ve at least played the first two games, or even just Diablo 2, really.

      Azmodan is a big evil demon who didn’t fall into the same trap of being killed that most of the other greater evils did, and now reckons he’s gonna send his own hellborn army in the world to claim his place at the top. That basically covers it, I think.

    • Nevard says:

      Please don’t jump to such ridiculous conclusions
      Blizzard said themselves that they edited out bits of it so that they weren’t spoiling the plot, and why you’d assume it had something to do with novels at all baffles me

    • smartalco says:

      How the fuck did you not understand Halo? I never finished the first game, never played any of the second, and Halo 3 still made enough sense to where I wasn’t lost. Same with ODST and Reach.

    • aerozol says:

      lol, Halo was too complex for you eh?

    • FunkyBadger3 says:

      Hang on, there’s a plot in Halo?

      The bit at the end of 3, where that little floty thing turns into the bad-guy, I mean, what the hell?

      Very odd, Bungie make such great looking cinematics, but their narratives are incomprehensibly awful and self-important.

    • InternetBatman says:

      In Diablo 1 they talk about Hell being taken over by a popular uprising led by two demons, Belial and Azmodan before the series started. They kick the Three out into the mortal world, which causes all the nonsense in the first place. Apparently Azmodan is now looking for the almighty Mcguffin, which is so full of plotdevicium particles that it can alter the world.

    • JackShandy says:

      Let’s see if I can clear this up. You see the big scary demon guy? That guy is baaaaaaaad.

    • Radiant says:

      Drunk post

    • Nevard says:

      There’s a moral here if you look hard enough

  15. Roaring Panda says:

    Oh hell it’s John Goodman, get out of there girl!

    • TheTourist314 says:


  16. Crius says:

    Blizzard really have to turn from Game to Animation Movie.

    Really. Enough of Blizzard games.

    • Nevard says:


    • Timthos says:

      Their whole two games (counting WoW as one) in the last ten years too much for you?

    • apollyonbob says:

      Yeah, have you played SC2?

      The writing in it was uh …

      What’s a … polite … Absolute fucking shit

    • Nim says:

      That’s not polite at all. Also the writing was nowhere near absolute fucking shit. If you’d like to know about true absolute fucking shit writing then let me expose to you to the productions of my near-hobo drug-using chain-smoking trash culture-worshiping friend (we all know one) who spends his time smoking various substances and writing works of fiction so vile it will shatter all your perceptions about absolute fucking shit writing.

    • Battlehenkie says:

      That depends, is your friend Creative Director at Blizzard Entertainment?

    • zergrush says:

      So it was this friend who created the vodoo dude then.

      Now it all makes sense.

  17. Stupoider says:

    Very pretty. A sorely predictable evil-guy speech, though.

    • BatmanBaggins says:

      Blizzard’s bad guy speech is always pretty trite, sadly.

    • cmc5788 says:

      Blizzard isn’t so much with the terribly inventive narrative. They make great games, but if you’re looking for a story filled with subtleties and all sorts of stuff that defies cliché, look somewhere else.

    • cyrenic says:

      Warcraft 3 (and its expansion) actually had some great bits of story and some interesting characters.

      I can’t tell you how pleased I am they made all those characters raid bosses in WoW for people to kill over and over for items with big numbers and pretty colors.

    • cmc5788 says:

      Warcraft 3 was an exception, but as you say, they went and flushed that one down the drain with WoW.

    • Ed123 says:

      Same. Really enjoyed the writing in Warcraft 3. In fact it was the main reason I even tried WoW when WotLK came out. What a letdown :(

    • Froibo says:

      Until you realize Arthas’ origin as the Lich King is just Anakin Skywalker.

  18. Flakfizer says:

    I’ve seen this before.

    Chuck his ring in the volcano. Job Done.

  19. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Ew.. nipple rings? I think someone was punished for being uppity in the past and is trying to get the last laugh. Seriously, I can imagine that demon being the runt of the litter. Or a lackey of some sort.

    • Benga says:

      yeah stood out as odd to me too – at what point does the bid Alpha Demon think I dont look intimidating enough with the spider legs and the internal face fire, I know I’ll get my nipples pierced!

    • Hoaxfish says:

      It’s his body! He can do what he wants with it!

      You’re almost as bad as his mum.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      You should see the tatto he got on his arse as a joke… man does he regret taking *that* bet!

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      He’s quite friendly, as long as you’re not holding powerful magnets.

    • Subject 706 says:

      Clearly he is overcompensating because the other demons picked on him because he is fat. Now he is desperately trying to be cool, going for nipple rings and long winded explanations of his evil plans. In fact, his self-esteem is so low, he needs to pick on the poor mortals to feel like a man. All he really needs is a hug.

  20. Giftmacher says:

    I’m really unimpressed by all the DIII cinematics so far. The plot of Diablo was never much of anything, but the shorts themselves at least used to be interesting.

  21. mwoody says:

    Much more interesting is the revelation that Diablo is female this time around.

  22. n0way says:

    I suppose the target audience of this clip are WoW players, who never, ever played a Diablo game before. If not, well. It fails.

    It’s strange, but I find myself more excited about Skyrim than D3 at this point. And Blizzard starts to be too “mainstreamy” for my taste. Seems like the already simple and naive story of the series just got even more.. flat.

  23. Arglebargle says:

    Nice story, Blizz.

    I wonder if selling things on the Diablo 3 market will net you more money than bitcoins now….

  24. WotevahMang says:

    Yawn. Nipple rings were a nice touch.

    That girl fits more in a Final Fantasy cinematic not Diablo.

  25. Vinraith says:

    It’s nice to see that Blizzard can still put together a damned pretty cinematic. Maybe they should go into making films, it’s not as if they’re producing anything interesting on the game side of things anymore.

    • Stijn says:

      But that’s not true, is it? Lots of people still playing their games, and I personally find Starcraft 2 a really deep and good game. They keep improving it too, if a bit slowly.

    • jaheira says:

      I know Vinraith said something but I couldn’t hear it over the sound of my banshee missiles pummeling the other guy’s siege tanks.

    • Vinraith says:


      I should clarify that when I say “not interesting” I mean “not interesting to me.” I played all of 2 hours of WoW before it bored me to death, and my experience with Starcraft 2 was similar (a friend bought it for me or I wouldn’t even have bothered, the interface alone is reason enough for a micro-hater like me to steer clear). I won’t be buying Diablo 3 at all (and think I’ve talked the relevant friend out of it, based on his own experience with Starcraft 2) and I’m having a hard time seeing how Blizzard would ever go back to making games I find interesting. They’re steadily doing something, but I wouldn’t call it “improving.”

    • Subject 706 says:

      While I agree with Vinraith that S2s story was meh, the single-player campaign (not interested in multi) was one of the longest and best I’ve played.

  26. rebb says:

    Emo hair, its everywhere these days.

  27. Miggel says:

    Leah, hang in there girl, soon we’ll come to the rescue and kill all those nasties, or at least some of us :)

    Good quality movie, it’s always a pleasure to watch Blizzard’s animation trailers.

    • RakeShark says:

      She better hope we’re not on a train, or else she’s outta luck.

  28. Squishpoke says:

    So, some girl thought it would be a good idea to dabble in demon shit. She accidentally wakes up the most boring demon ever, who tells her all about how he’s going to destroy the world, Sauron-style.

    I’m excited for the game itself, but I can’t help but roll my eyes at this disappointing cinematic.

    • codename_bloodfist says:

      Indeed. They should have just adopted the plot from Bible Black instead of letting their WoW Quest Department do it.

    • Olddan says:

      Leah is the adopted daughter of Deckard Cain and she didn’t awaken anything, the invasion has been inevitable since Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone at the end of D2:LoD.

      Also remember that this cinematic isn’t meant to explain anything, it’s taken from within the game and whatever context it had there and has then been edited to remove spoilers. It’s purely to show off some pretty demons.

  29. Iokanaan says:

    how these demons from their high thrones can pester a little girly sobbing scribe is just diabolical! nice trailer nonetheless, I love the dust and movement of the throned demons awakening. nothing original, but, then again, it is Diablo.

  30. PaulMorel says:


  31. Hanban says:

    I thought it was three brothers… Has anybody read about this Azomadan(Azmodai?) before? He felt a bit shoehorned in..

    Admittedly it’s been years since I last flipped through a Diablo manual. Oh man, I absolutely loved the manual for the first game. Lots of neat art!

    • Olddan says:

      The Prime Evils were Diablo, Mephisto and Baal, then there were the Lesser Evils; Andariel, Duriel, Belial and Azmodan.

      Since the events of Diablo 2 and Lord of Destruction the Prime evils (and Andariel and Duriel) are out of the picture so Azmodan and Belial have been fighting for control of hell.

      The Lesser Evils were also responsible for the Prime Evil’s exile and original imprisonment by the Horadrim long before the events of the original Diablo.

      There’s a really good timeline of events in the Diablo universe on the official site:
      link to eu.blizzard.com

      Also Cain’s Journal for more lore goodness:
      link to eu.blizzard.com

    • Hanban says:

      Ah! Thanks for clearing that up!

    • InternetBatman says:

      They were actually in one of those pedestal books in the first game.

  32. Teronfel says:

    Fucking awesome,hells yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Caddrel says:

    I can’t believe that entire thing was computer generated. Incredible.

  34. FunkyBadger3 says:

    Hang on, is there a plot in Diablo?

  35. Sardaukar says:

    Anyone else see “Azmodan” and just start giggling? As a kid playing the first Diablo, I read the texts mentioning Azmodan and Belial and always wondered what became of them while playing Diablo 2. I was afraid the Big Bad of Diablo 3 would be the angels, or some demon general. I don’t care how much criticism the series may get for lacking story (YMMV), it’s very well told (if you stop murdering mook monsters long enough to chat with some folks) and judging by this, that trend will continue.

  36. mmorpg games says:

    “none of this make any sense to me, what am i missing uncle? RMT? ” should i buy the Blizzard pill, so i can see more clearer.


  37. Leelad says:

    Chris Metzen, single handedly keeping sore throat medicine industry afloat.

  38. HeavyStorm says:

    link to diablo.incgamers.com

    Nice thread that relates the plot of the third to the one in the first.

  39. InternetBatman says:

    Was that a pitlord from WoW? They could have been a little more creative in demon design. Hell, just crib off the Sandman if you want unique demons. I think parents groups would get angry about the baby with the snake umbilical cord.

  40. sPOONz says:

    If that trailer was actually for some 6hour epic movie saga I’d have wet myself.

  41. GiantSquid says:

    I call shenanigans! No way a girl that attractive would be in a dingy dungeon like that scribbling nonsense in a dusty book.

  42. BathroomCitizen says:

    Is she Deckard Cain?

  43. lafinass says:

    @Casimir You should give the books a read. The world they are on is actually a pocket world created as a personal playground for a group of renegade angels and demons and all humans are descendants of the original line of nephalym crossbreeds. There’s actually a lot of lore behind it.

    I just can’t figure out who the 3rd evil they showed is. To my knowledge only two are left alive, that big boy and Belial. The rest should be ‘dead’.

  44. Bosscelot says:

    I’m digging Azmodan’s design but I agree about the trite nature of the speech. Diablo isn’t high literature but it’s capable of more. The Baal and Marius scenes from D2 were very well done (although a big part of that was the voice acting I suppose). It feels like you could cut out half of what Azmo is saying and the end result would work far better. It’s nice to speculate about some of the things like the black soulstone and the demons in those chairs though. I am interested in the story despite Blizzard’s best efforts to dissuade me with that terrible speech.

    Still hate Leah’s design however. The stupid modern stylish hair and the those bloody nails irk me to no end. Trying too hard to be cute and/or sexy and it just isn’t.

  45. gcmwalker says:

    I just want to say, I read your alt text, and it’s hilarious.

  46. Miew says:

    I think the nature of the game doesn’t lend itself to an elaborate narrative anyways. A bit of triteness is fine, it’s still enjoyable as eye-(and ear-)candy

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  48. FriendlyFire says:

    I’m sorry, I have to say it: the second the big demon showed up, I could feel Tolkien rolling in his grave over and over again. Blizz still knows how to do epic cinematics, to the extent that even someone like me with zero interest in any of their games still loves watching them, but… This cutscene’s story is so ridiculously taken from Tolkien it’s not even funny. The demon looks like a Balrog crossed with Sauron, there’s Mt. Doom in the background, the army looks a lot like Mr Fiery Eye’s one and he’s going out of his way to find the One True Thing.

    • Froibo says:

      I normally defend against this argument because every story and genre is going to stem off from the past creators and originators. However, Blizzard does it to such a shameless extent.

    • Felixader says:

      It doesn’t help that this looks amazingly close to when the Zerg ae rushing out their fleshy gates.

      WoW and Starcraft and everything Blizzard always shared a bit too much of everything for me.

  49. FataMorganaPseudonym says:

    Looks nice, but not nearly nice enough to convince me to get the game while the always online deal breaker is still present.