Storytime With Battlefield 3

I thought about using an MW3 image for giggles, but I'm so tired of men on the internet getting upset with me


(Also, ‘who’s the real terrorist here?’-style political intrigue, which is presumably the long-hinted-at moral greyness of BF3’s plot).

Battlefield 3 launches next week, somehow.


  1. westyfield says:

    More like a first person kicker, amirite?

  2. weego says:

    wow, they’ll fit all of that into 3 hours? </troll>

  3. thatcity says:

    it’s gonna be a good pc game!

  4. Tei says:

    I love to see Paris burn. Paris is like my favourite thing burning. Also I want to dynamite that antenna, with all the snipers of the world inside. And never ever play again metro. Except from inside a APC.

  5. CaspianRoach says:


    • Koozer says:


    • Quasar says:

      I think my speakers are broken, they keep making this buzzing noise after every BF3 video.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      That sound is the ghost of Johann Amadeus Mozart.

      He’s crying.

    • Chaz says:

      All the jet fighter squences made me think they should have used a really cheesy 80’s Top Gun style sound track.

      “Playing, playing with the boys”

      It would make a nice contrast to all that po-faced seriousness.

    • The Hammer says:

      YES IT IS.

      Oh man, so soon! I am not prepared!

    • Nick says:

      really.. I think it sounds shit.

    • Post-Internet Syndrome says:

      It’s friggin Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart you cretin.

      I’m sure Johann Strauss would approve though. I certainly do.

      [buda bum ba dum dum…]

    • westyfield says:

      Let’s play that game where we bother to look stuff up before slinging around words like ‘cretin’, shall we? I’ll start:
      “Mozart’s father Leopold announced the birth of his son in a letter to the publisher Johann Jakob Lotter with the words “…the boy is called Joannes Chrisostomus, Wolfgang, Gottlieb” …The baptismal names “Joannes” and “Chrysostomus” have German equivalents, namely “Johann” and “Chrysostomos””
      He had loads of different names, he was christened Joannes, which is Johann in German.

    • MajorManiac says:

      I said this before, but I’ll say it again. To me it has a very strong Terminator vibe.

      I even made this mash-up to prove how well it fits – link to

  6. LarsBR says:

    I did pre-order on Origin a while ago, but I’m extremely confused about when we get to play it.

    So all the marketing material says “Oct 25”, which is the day it’ll be out in the US. Being in EU i’m naturally unhappy about the official “Oct 28” date here. No fucking oceans, amirite?

    The Origin store-page says “Oct 27”. Okay?

    And I just got a mail about pre-load being open, that says “Oct 26”.

    I’m getting mixed signals here, EA.

    EDIT: After finishing pre-load, starting BF3 from Origin reveals that it’ll be unlocked on the 27th at 1am CET.

    • Phinor says:

      North America 25th, Europe excluding UK and few others 27th, UK and few others 28th. That’s the basic schedule for every EA game these days. I also received the Origin e-mail with 26th as the release date but I’m willing to bet that it unlocks around 0AM-2AM (depending on your time zone) between 26th and 27th and that the 26th is there just because their e-mails originate from US and it’s still the 26th in US when it unlocks in Europe.

    • Baka says:

      Buddy and myself are contemplating about getting US Keys for Europe, good idea?

    • Davee says:

      The web store from which I pre-ordered it (Webhallen in Sweden) is saying “Oct 27” currently. I hope they send it earlier like they sometimes do by mistake or to avoid delays. :)

      But yes, differing regional release dates are the worst idea in gaming history. Or at least amongst them.

    • oxymelum says:

      Does anyone know a cheaper place to buy the digital version from in mainland europe? Direct2drive doesnt work as it requires a credit card.

  7. Zaboomafoozarg says:

    This game is everything that is wrong with PCs, gaming, society and the world today.

    • opelwerk says:

      Why’s that then?

    • JonClaw says:


    • LTK says:

      Say what you want, at least it doesn’t look like ass.

    • kikito says:

      No, because it isn’t brown.

    • simonh says:

      It’s blue-green!

      What most surprised me in the trailer was probably the facial animations, they look very good, especially the man at 1:34, almost LA Noire level.

    • Smashbox says:

      “This is not a trial, you are guilty. I know how ya fuckin’ story is!”

      Is that right?

    • Kollega says:

      I don’t doubt there’s plenty wrong with modern military shooters, but saying that BF3 is EVERYTHING that is wrong not only with the first-person man-shooting genre, but also the society and the world is a tad bit too extreme, don’t you think?

    • Elltot says:

      I COMPLETELY agree. BF3 is worse than famine, poverty, cancer and evil military dictatorships across africa and the world. Of course there is no proof of this, but it is a SCIENTIFIC FACT!

    • Pathetic Phallacy says:

      And that was Zaboomafoozarg, a new member of the FOX team, reporting on the liberal bias of video games. Thanks Zaboomafoozarg for that insightful and factual research.

      Now we go to an interview with Ted Nugent, where he’ll be discussing the evils of the “blackies” and the “homos”

    • BrotherCabbage says:

      I think it’s actually “I know how ya’ fuckin’ story ENDS”. I thought it was “is” when I saw it the first time.

    • AmateurScience says:

      @Elltot I see what you did there ;)

  8. Davee says:

    Huh. That looks really good!

    I’ve always been pro-MP with the BF games, but this got me interested in the SP campaign for the first time. Maby DICE actually pulls it off really well. Waiting with excitement. :)

    • Talnoy says:

      Very excited for the single player now. Much more than before. Dice, you’ve just raised the bar.

  9. opelwerk says:

    Yes, it is another manshooter.

    But damn, this trailer turned me on.

  10. rupert says:

    whohooooo the battlefield theme is back !!!!!!!!

  11. brian says:

    They could literally do the worst single player campaign in the world but play the theme on loop and I would never be able to stop playing it. Also I mean that looks like a pretty snazzy single player thing.

    • Dobleclick says:

      +1 on the theme. Nice subconscious marketing: We’ve heard those weird sounds in each and every BF3 trailer so far, and now they’re suddenly transformed into an epic tune!

      Me want.

    • Davee says:

      An epic tune based on the epic BF1942 intro theme. DICE is flirting with us veterans and I like the result. :)

    • Kollega says:

      @ Dobleclick: That’s kind of an odd thing to say. I’ve recognized those techno noises as a remix of Battlefield theme from day one.

    • Sassenach says:

      They’ve added the higher pitched bits too it that are less distorted to both flesh it out a bit and make it more recognisable, but it’s not like it was ever an enigma.

  12. reticulate says:

    They’re actually doing a proper single player thing? Colour me impressed.

  13. nubbuka says:

    I swear to god, I was wearing my pants before this trailer started…

  14. BrendanJB says:

    Ah yeah, looks like a military shooter with some good production values. I look forward to hanging out of the side of a car shooting things on a busy street.

    Also this – link to

  15. konrad_ha says:

    Oh, so they went with “Basic Plot A” then .. *yawn*.

    • reticulate says:

      Eh, it’s standard-issue war porn starring You, the gamer, as the man what shoots other mans.

      I don’t know if anyone dialled their expectations particularly high for this one, and it looks like a bit of fun. The real meat is in the multiplayer, and that’s where it has a good chance of being excellent.

  16. DrGonzo says:

    Well it looks shinier than COD. But not much different! Having said that, I’m shallow and will be picking it up just to see what my new gpu can do.

  17. Aspongeinmauve says:

    I find the single player in military themed games very dull usually, but that was a damn good trailer.

  18. McDan says:

    I know who the terrorists are in this game, anyone who is shooting at me and isn’t me. Sometimes I shoot myself, I get carried away.

  19. Ergates_Antius says:

    I’m not interested in shooting pretend people, I want to shoot real people.

    Well, not real people exactly, I mean real pretend people.

    No, I mean Real people being pretend people.

    Er… real people pretending to be pretend people.

    Pretend people who are actually real people pretending to be pretend people. Yes, thats it…

    • Monkey says:

      You want to shoot Justin Bieber? Good

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      I think I get it: You want to shoot other people who are playing BF3?

      …Because whilst they’re distracted playing the game they won’t notice you sneaking up behind with a Derringer, right?

  20. buzzmong says:

    Silly DICE, Battlefield games don’t have a single player.

    What’s worse, I’m looking upon the SP with disdain, as it’s development time and money that’s not being directed towards the more important mulitplayer side.

  21. stahlwerk says:

    I want a Carrier-based flight sim that looks this good. Not realistic, but good.

  22. Syrion says:

    It looks good, no question about that. But, you can’t deny that there is oh so very, very little that distinguishes this trailer from any Modern Warfare trailer. The only difference, at the moment, is that we just expect it to be better because it’s made by DICE.
    I’m sceptical if the single-player campaign is going to be any different from Modern Warfare in any important way.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      Do DICE have much history with SP campaigns though? the BFBC2 one was OK, but nothing brilliant.

    • Cim says:

      There’s probably going to be a story you can follow, they seem to have gotten that down if you look at BFBC2 and Mirror’s Edge… that alone is a step up from the competition. I never had any idea why I was doing what I was doing in any of the MW games. All that jumping around from character to character with story parts jammed in the loading sequences… just ends up being a garbled mess.

      It’s probably not going to be great but it can’t be *worse* than MW singleplayer.

    • Shooop says:

      But for 90% of PC gamers the name behind it is all that matters.They’re too busy ragging on Activision for re-releasing the same game 3 times while simultaneously kissing DICE’s ass for copying those same games.

      It’d be hilarious if it weren’t so sad.

    • Pathetic Phallacy says:

      @ Shoop

      “They’re too busy ragging on Activision for re-releasing the same game 3 times”

      Call of Duty: 2004
      Call of Duty 2: 2006
      Call of Duty 3: 2007
      Call of Duty (modern): 2008
      Call of Duty (world): 2009
      Call of Duty (modern 2): 2010
      Call of Duty (black): 2011
      Call of Duty (modern 3): 2012
      Call of Duty (?): 2013
      Call of Duty (?): 2014
      . . .

      Three games indeed.

      Nothing more sad than a troll.

    • Gary W says:

      Whatever happened to the freewheeling “Kelly’s Heroes” vibe of BFBC1 SP? I rather enjoyed driving my APC over farmers fields & golf courses whilst hunting for gold bars.

    • D3xter says:

      Shoop: Someone forgot how Battlefield 2 looked in comparison to Battlefield 3…
      Let me jog your memory:
      link to
      link to
      link to

      Apparently, nothing changed?

    • Shooop says:

      @Pathetic Phallacy:

      Nothing more sad than another smug idiot who wants to pretend they know what they’re talking about.
      You ever play CoD 1 and 2? They’re PC exclusives, so I guess not. 3 was garbage and console exclusive, but it was different compared to the first two.

      They started the photocopy process right after 4 with the fifth game (MW2). A quick Google would have saved you from your own ignorance. For shame.

    • Shooop says:


      It’s amazing how many of you have next to zero comprehension skills. I’m comparing BF3 and the previous 3 CoD games.

      It again amazes me how much these two fanbases have in common with each other. Both are made exclusively of idiots. Maybe together they could stumble through a group reading of See Spot Run in about an hour.

    • John Connor says:

      What’s important is that you’ve found a way to feel superior to both, Shoop.

      Now go do your homework.

    • Heliocentric says:

      Cod 2 was not pc exclusive
      It was very much a 360 title.

    • Shooop says:

      I stand corrected then Heliocentric. At least you bother to actually do some reading. I stand by my comment that number 4 is when the team got lazy and started repeating themselves though. Because it can be proven by playing the games.

      And someone’s feeling superior John Connor? Who other than the BF fanboys who are simultaneously bashing CoD games even though it’s pretty obvious BF and CoD are now indistinguishable from each other in terms of gameplay?

      Silly, silly boy.

  23. Vlupius says:

    Looks generic and predictable, but bloody awesome nonetheless. I’ll probably buy it- once I have a pc that can properly run it on high settings, that is.

  24. Kollega says:

    Every time i see this kind of trailer, i think only one thing: what if? What if there are aliens under those gasmasks? What if the body of your character is saturated with experimental bacteria and nanobots that convert bullets you’re hit with to nutrients? What if the terrorists are puppeteered by werewolves, and US Marines by vampires? What if the Earth starts coming apart with magma pouring out on the surface, and you have to travel to seventeenth century to find the Enlightenment Wizard who has harnessed the power of several ancient artifacts and help him reverse the process? What if Russians are secretly commanded by the incomprehensible, ever-changing beings from the Great Beyond? What if, what if, what if?…

    And yet, it will still be a straight-up military shooter with no such plot twists whatsoever. What a shame.

    Also, did anyone else notice the small print saying EA dosen’t support or endorse the manufacturers of any weapons or vehicles that appear in the game?

    • westyfield says:

      “Also, did anyone else notice the small print saying EA dosen’t support or endorse the manufacturers of any weapons or vehicles that appear in the game?”

      It actually says that the manufacturers of weapons and vehicles don’t sponsor or endorse the game, which is sort of different.

    • Kollega says:

      Yeah… i think i even read it right, but it got mixed up in my head. Sorry.

    • westyfield says:

      It would be better if EA were endorsing the gear though – “Why play BF3 when you can drive a real T90? Available at the low, low price of only $3000000!”

    • MrWorms says:

      I don’t think that this game is necessarily going to be worse off for not including sci-fi plot twists. The developers simply decided not to make a science fiction game. It’s not like any game can be made better with the inclusion of aliens. If you want to play a military shooter with nanobots and a plot twist involving aliens, load up Crysis.

    • Kollega says:

      Except that in Crysis it was no plot twist at all, since it was widely advertised years before the game’s launch. What i want from “modern warfare” games are not just plot twists, but plot twists that subvert public expectations. For example, if the dominant setting these day was steampunk fantasy, i’d want a steampunk fantasy game with a plot twist that reveals it to be a post-singularity society with fusion power, nanotech, and energy weapons.

  25. fallingmagpie says:

    Yay! Glenn Morshower (Aaron Pierce in 24), voice and face.

  26. foda500orama says:

    I can’t wait to shoot my fellow men.

  27. Owain_Glyndwr says:

    Looks pretty damn awesome, but I’m a bit disappointed that the main campaign seems to be going the Iraq war expy route. If we’re going to play at war with this brilliant an engine, then shouldn’t it be a real apocalyptic World War III thing, rather than battling against 2 or 3 failed states?

  28. SirBarnz says:

    Can’t wait! The first Battlefield with a single player im looking forward to!

    Oh and @Smashbox: This is not a trial you are guilty. I know how your fucking story ends!


  29. Icarus says:

    1) ….Yes. This might actually be a thing I would consider playing.
    2) Dear DICE, Mirror’s Edge 2 in this engine, I’ll just leave my wallet here, please and thank you.

  30. owenj says:

    Looks great, and while a younger me would be out of his mind excited for this game; older me just wishes ARMA was “The Game of Games.”

  31. Outright Villainy says:

    Man, that actually looks pretty damn good; They even improved the theme and everyything!

    Until the end, again.

    • Elltot says:

      Am I the only one that likes the music at the end of the Battlefield trailers?

    • westyfield says:

      No, I like it as well. I prefer the 2142 theme, but the ridiculous amount of noise seems to fit BF3 much better.

    • boldoran says:

      I really like it too. I don’t want to like it but I just can’t help it.

      Maybe has something to do with the countless rewatches of the BF1942 intro I did as kid. Also why was there no footage of the Wake Island multiplayer map in any of those trailers? (It IS in the game right EA?)

  32. Radiant says:

    I watch a lot of DTV guff and I have never heard that ‘how your fucking story ends’ line.
    That is the most remarkable thing about all of this.

  33. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    Feels a lot like a retread of COD4 (Only with actual country names! ‘Insurgents crossing over from Iran? Did the Iranians sell them the rights or something?). But that’s not a bad thing really. Doesn’t seem to be as self-absorbed and overblown like MW became anyway.

  34. Shooop says:

    Oh another CoD trailer?

    A half-hearted “morality check” thrown in like the previous 3 games, a nuclear crisis, kicking down doors with Team America bravado into scripted sequences, not making it to the chopper in a scripted sequence and having to find your way back to it… Yep.

    Wait, this is Battlefield 3? Oh boy this sure makes good on your talk of “You beat CoD by being a better game” DICE. Did what you really mean to say is, “You beat CoD by being CoD with better graphics?” Because that’s all this is.

    • Alexnader says:

      Multiplayer. Granted even that has become more CoD-like but nonetheless multiplayer.

      DICE can stick all the scripted, epic looking set piece events into their Singleplayer campaign that they want because I get my taste of freedom in the game by running people over with the LAV-AD.

      People may say that “the best moments in SP come from when you have control and something epic happens etc” but those organic epic moments are a lot harder to facilitate and in my experience a lot rarer than having the player kick down a door and shotgun a couple of PLR or Russians or whatever the hell they are in slow motion.

      And those scripted moments, while not as “real” still leave me grinning if done well.

    • Shooop says:


      It find it tragically ironic that the same people who rag on the CoD series for repeating itself and being too much like a movie really believe that this game’s any different. And then they whine that all the shooters are the same.

      And the mulitplayer is pretty much identical to BC2 except the best part, destruction’s been scaled back.

      I don’t see anything here worth hyping other than really nice graphics. I’d love to be proven wrong but everything’s screaming, “Same game, different engine and name.”

    • John Connor says:


      You’re so cool, fighting the mainstream.

    • Petethegoat says:

      @John Connor
      Sorry, who exactly is fighting the mainstream here?

      As has been said, the plot appears to have literally been lifted from Modern Warfare.
      They ruined the theme.
      If you’re really that interested in the multiplayer, go back and play 1942, which I think we can all agree was the best Battlefield?

      There’s also the graphics I suppose.

    • Shooop says:

      @John Connor:

      Yes, because mentioning how similar to every other game I’ve seen the past 3 years this one appears is a great act so few others have dared to do before. Why I should be idolized like Che Guevara for my grand rebellion!

      Have you anything useful to say or are you just going to keep spewing diarrhea from your keyboard in between pretending to do your school work when your parents walk in on you?

  35. Jabberslops says:

    So does anyone know if we still have no choice but to use our Origin Master ID as our soldier name? I want to use the name I have been using on Bad Company 2. Right now that is the only thing keeping me from buying and playing the game despite everything I hate about Origin and Battlelog.

    • Alexnader says:

      You still have to but you can change your Origin Master ID now thanks to the collective “wwaaaaaahhh” of thousands of ticked off PC gamers.

      I already changed mine through the 1337 h4x way of using Scrabble Free for Android. :P

      And since some guy’s a douchebag I’m stuck with Alexnad3r instead of what it should be. I feel like I’m 12 again…

  36. Jabberslops says:

    The website just had a 503 error so I don’t know if my last post got through, so Ill try again.

    Do we still have no choice but to use our Origin Master ID as our Soldier name like in Beta or can we pick a name or use one we already have? This is currently the only thing keeping me from buying and playing BF3 despite everything I hate about Origin and Battlelog. I am only tolerating Origin because I installed it on a clean Windows 7 64bit install on my new 500GB hard drive which I used for the BF3 beta.

    • Dubbill says:

      Yeah, you still have to use your Origin ID but there’s the option to change it now (assuming your choice hasn’t already been taken): link to

    • Jabberslops says:

      Too bad that doesn’t help one bit since the name I want to use is already taken… by me… with one of my personas. And some dicks took all the other variations I would have used.

      My Origin ID has a 3 on the end. I never added that 3 and I couldn’t get rid of it. It’s not even the name I wanted for my Origin ID, but I had to choose it because everything was already taken by me. So while it’s not a huge issue, it is annoying because now my name (which I came up with 9 years ago) is sullied by a number, as if it’s one of the many “whored” out names on the internet constantly being reiterated with numbers, letters and characters.

      This is one of those things where EA has really screwed up with Origin. Things were fine the way they were with me being able to choose a persona for more than one game.

  37. Donjo says:

    If I wanted a scripted experience I’d read a god damned BOOK.

    Ah no, it looks very exciting, I’d be surprised if the single player is actually an engrossing experience but it does look nice.

  38. Daniel Klein says:

    I don’t know how DICE do it. I thought myself immune to COD-clones, but this trailer makes me want to play this game really hard. +1 for their marketing for sure.

  39. Pootie says:

    Singleplayer? Nah, not interested. Waiting for my copy of BF3. Multiplayer will be many hours of fun…

  40. Donkeyfumbler says:

    My hopes and expectations for this game, as a BF player since day 1 of the Wake Island demo for BF1942, have climbed so sky high that they are now starting to come back down the other side.

    The marketing blitz has been so high-profile and relentless that I now cannot believe that I won’t be at least somewhat disappointed come next Friday. The only question is just how disappointed.

    • D3xter says:

      I actually expected to be the same before the Beta and I was in full “Hate Mode” after playing that horrifying “Metro” map for a few times of why they had to turn the game into “CoD”, but then I got to play Caspian Border and it was gloooooorious… so glorious that I played it for like 12 hours over the weekend and sneaked back home from Uni to play it some more only to find out the Beta had closed on Monday xD

      I, since then really can’t wait for this game to finally arrive… unfortunately I’ll probably have to wait till the 29th :/

  41. amishmonster says:

    I think the player is being briefed by a bald Jim Gaffigan.

  42. Durkonkell says:

    So, I’m not really much of a shooter type. I played a little bit of CS:S and I really liked BF2142 back in the day but I’m really an RPG man. I love a wide variety of dozens-of-hours long story-driven epics like Morrowind, Dragon Age: Origins, Mass Effect, Planescape, the KOTOR games (damn it, now I want to replay those…) and so on.

    Aaand I’m really looking forward to this game. This trailer was really bloody impressive for me!


    I can sit through Tinker Tailor (the original serialized Alec Guinness one), then watch some Star Wars and… maybe a James Bond film or something and enjoy each of them in different ways. The existence of the 6 hour long scripted military shooter doesn’t preclude the existence of Skyrim! Sometimes, you just want to be taken on an adventure. An adventure where you blow some things up in a tightly-scripted but very atmospheric manner.

    I suppose you want a point, eh?

    There’s room for this to exist alongside the epic 100-hour-plus open world RPGs – or whatever type of game you prefer – and for it to be an enjoyable experience. It may not be emergent, freeform and have branching decision trees and tons of dialogue and STATS and stuff, but that’s alright. If absolutely everything was ‘my type of game’, I’d probably be pretty bored of it all by now :P

    And for you people who prefer not to read things with too many words:


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  44. Shadowcat says:

    Alec: I would think a MechWarrior 3 image would have been confusing rather than upsetting.

  45. Shadowcat says:

    So the trailer looks slick, at any rate. Apparently it’s a single-player game? I thought the Battlefield series was multi-player focussed? No sale, though, assuming that EA’s ‘Origin’ client is a requirement.