Attracktive: Data Jammers FastForward

I wanted to make a joke about data-marmalade, but it would have been rubbish so I didn't

New from Digital Eel, the wonderbrains behind Weird Worlds and Strange Adventures in Infinite Space, Data Jammers: FastForward is reminiscent of all that is good in the world. Or at least some of the things that are good in the world, like Tempest and speeding through cyberspace. The demo of this wireframey hacking-as-racing delight has been entertaining me for the past few minutes and the full version, available for $9.95, is clamouring for my attention. But my attention is needed elsewhere, so I leave it to others to discover its myriad joys. Observe the trailer, with obligatory posh-voiced computer lady.

The official website describes the world as ‘glowrific’ and I can’t argue with that. My initial thought was that I’d be memorising track layouts and enemy placement but to my great joy, randomisation occurs, which makes things far more exciting, if perhaps less exacting. This is very good indeed and I strongly recommend a dabble with the demo.


  1. johnpeat says:

    Hmmm – I gave the demo a whirl and I can see some appeal but there are some nasty issues too…

    A lot of the time you can’t see any distance ahead of yourself – this the game often feels like I’m “along for the ride” instead of playing it.

    I’d say it was a memory test, but whilst track layouts seem fixed, the position of rings/bonuses etc. seems to vary enough to mean you need to be psychic to know where they are/lucky to just find them.

    Another gripe is that pressing B on an XBOX Controller ends your game instantly – no “Are you sure” just “Game Over – Score xxxx – thanks for playing” – that’s not wise surely??

    Nice idea – some highscore-getting appeal for sure – but far too random and based on luck for my tastes

    • Shadowcat says:

      I agreed 100%, but I kept playing the demo (perhaps largely out of faith in Digital Eel), and tried to concentrate more on being aware of the far distance (whenever possible) as well as what was happening around me, and I’m definitely feeling more in control now.

      I’ll probably take the plunge for a tenner and see what happens (after all, I was a bit dubious about the Brainpipe demo too, and that turned out to be awesome!)

  2. Cooper says:

    Reminds me of torus trooper:
    link to

    Which is good, because there’s some lovely little games over at ‘ABA games,’ and it’s been ages since I last played one. Tumiki fighters is well worth checking out.

  3. iGark says:

    Why is it always the job of the “Defender” to destroy the whatever it is? Doesn’t the defender ever… defend?

  4. Snegletiss says:

    Audiosurf all over.

    • johnpeat says:

      You couldn’t have made it more obvious you’ve not played it if you said “I’ve not played it, but…”

  5. Urthman says:

    What a bizarre website they have. It says “entertaining you since 1999” and looks like they’re still using the exact same HTML they started with in 1999. The central graphic for FastForward’s website is a generic picture of a box and CD with artwork for this game pasted into the template. This for a game which is only available for digital download. Weird.

    • Wulf says:

      They do that, that is a thing they do. I’m not sure whether they’re being ironic or just lazy.

  6. Hoaxfish says:

    Could we represent the “data stream” as something other than neon colours and glass for once?

    Maybe some sort of elaborate water-slide

    Oh, and maybe a friendly male person voice instead of robot woman voice?

    • Wulf says:

      To be honest, I’d like to see something closer to a Tron: Legacy aesthetic. Artistically, Legacy was breathtaking.

    • Prime says:

      Artistically, Legacy was so conservative it made me weep. :(

    • truths33ker says:

      “Artistically, Legacy was so conservative it made me weep. :(”


  7. Wulf says:

    These guys won me over with their Infinite Space and whatnot games a long time ago, and I’m absolutely fascinated by this! It’s like…


    It’s like Tsunami on a track, isn’t it? I’m up for some of that.

  8. rayne117 says:

    Dood, I’ve always wanted to be a D.O.O.D.

    And I wish data streams really looked like that. Flying through the air and stuff. It’d make buffering YouTube videos a lot more fun.

  9. zhmmxx says:

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  10. iikka says:

    Note that the game is also available on Steam, with the global leaderboards and achievements we all love: link to

  11. LintMan says:

    Looks pretty, but I’m disappointed. I really loved Strange Adventures in Infinite Space and was very much hoping they’d return to that direction, rather than more Brainpipe-like razzle-dazzle stuff.