Frankenstein’s Modster: TF2 Halloween Mods

It's a week of updates, plural, and they are in no way alive

While Valve prepare to release their Team Fortress 2 Halloween update, the mod community have been highlighting some of the most bone-chilling, spine-tingling items submitted to the Steam Workshop in a week-long event rather splendidly titled, Night of the Living Update. So, do you want the temperature of your skeletal apparatus to decrease? Do you desire spinal sensations of a peculiar nature? Traipse to the website and explore the blood-soaked offerings on display, some of which may make their way into the official update. This is particularly horrible. With two more nights of updates to go, I’m hoping for a Cthulhu mask. What’s the neatest thing you’ve found in the Workshop?


  1. UnH says:

    It’s a pity that only people who installed this mods can see them on others. And I’ve noticed that not many players have done it.

  2. Dusk777 says:

    So what’s the deal with the downloading of stuff? What does it mean replace X item?

    • PeopleLikeFrank says:

      They’re mods rather than new official items – they replace the model & texture data for one of the existing items so that you see the mod instead. They don’t ‘replace’ the item in your inventory with a different one, and the original data can be swapped back.

  3. Timtoid says:

    An awful lot of Demo stuff… but the Pyro hats are so sick! Hope they make it in!

  4. Agro says:

    @Dusk777 The item replacement allows you to see yourself wearing the items you’ve downloaded in-game when you wear/equip an item from your backpack that you’ve replaced with an item from the fake update. This only works on servers that allow custom skins and items. For this update they’ve also teamed up with Mecha the Slag. His “Advanced Weaponiser” servers enable some of the items to appear in-game without you having to download anything ahead of time.

    I run a TF2 podcast called KritzKast. Last night we chatted to Smashman, the guy responsible for stitching together the Night of the Living Update (NotLU) website. That interview is uploading to our youtube channel now. It wil be listed as “KritzKast #140 Post Show” . By the sounds of it a tonne of work by the facepunch Emporium went in to making the whole thing. Considering they only started in August they have created a fantastic fake update with still more items and maps to be released in the days ahead.

  5. Hideous says:

    I’ve got two items in this thing. One is in Day 3, in the Cellar. The second should show up soon.

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