Hands On: Syndicate

A man walking near a thing at dusk or dawn. FACT.

As everyone knows, Syndicate is back. And as everyone also knows, it’s a first-person shooter, which perhaps isn’t the direction everyone was expecting it to head in. I’ve sat down and played a small section of the game, and below you can read my thoughts.

If you watched the in-game footage of Syndicate released a couple of weeks back, you’ve seen the section of the single-player game I was able to get my hands on at a recent event. Unfortunately the only version available was on 360, but I bit my bottom lip and bravely went on. (I’m assuming the PC version will have some manner of anti-aliasing, and not look quite so wobbly.)

I was going after Chang to get the device in his head. I’m not sure who Chang is, nor why I want this device, but a man who clearly has more authority than I told me I should. And that, well, is it really.

Syndicate, or at least the ten minutes of it that I played, was disappointing. Not because it’s a first-person shooter based on a top-down strategy game and seems to have little in common with the original. I don’t care about that. The existence of the new game in no way affects the existence of the first game, and we’re promised that this FPS’s story is entirely based in the Bullfrog-created world. It was disappointing because this snippet was surprisingly dull to play.

Let’s be extremely clear – this was ten minutes. I played only ten minutes of Deus Ex: Human Revolution in June this year, and didn’t feel much toward it. Syndicate could easily flesh out to be an extraordinary game. But, at this point, my confidence is knocked. And that knocking comes in conjunction with the inevitable comparison with DX:HR.

Ur, Alex?

It’s unfortunate for Starbreeze that the two games look quite so similar. Clearly a coincidence (Syndicate would have been well into development before they could know how DX was going to look), it’s one that’s going to prove an extra challenge for EA’s shooter. Because it is a shooter, and it’s not trying to be much more than that. This isn’t a game that encourages stealth – it’s a game about brutally shooting everything that moves.

And it’s remarkably brutal. That scene in the footage, where the man in the room loses control, shoots his colleagues, and then himself in the face – that’s pretty shocking. It’s a lot more so to be the person causing it.

Along with big guns, you have three special abilities (at least at the start). They are Backfire, Suicide, and Persuade. The first causes enemy weapons to explode in their hands, obviously causing them quite an owie. The second, being quite self-explanatory, has the enemy kill himself. And the third, by far the most interesting, causes the target to become a colleague, joining your side in a firefight. These abilities are recharged by killing more people, and you can add to your skills with various improvements of your brain-tech. Names I saw and scribbled down included Perforator (which causes direct shrapnel explosions), Kill Streak, Dexterous, Cerberus Backfire and Adrenaline Rush. However, I didn’t get to experience any of these in my short play.

So as you use your ability on that man in the other room, and the staged moment of his unwillingly murdering the others and himself, the terror and desperation on his face makes it pretty clear you’re not playing a good guy. Not a bad guy, either, apparently. Just a man doing what he’s told by his bosses.

It doesn’t seem likely that the game will be too deeply exploring the ethics of this. It really is aiming to be a brutal shooter, with the gun-toting mentality of the original game intact. It’ll be interesting to see how such a thing is received 18 years on. But perhaps more interesting will be to see how it stands up in a dense field of run-n-gun shooters.

In the glimpse I saw, it’s pretty crucial to point out that I felt like I was in control. The only people fighting with me were those I mind-controlled to do so, meaning Syndicate certainly differentiates itself from the curse of the Modern Warfare acolytes. But that brings us back to that Deus Ex comparison.

Both games are rejuvenations of defunct licenses, created by teams who did not work on the original. Both were massively popular cult hits with die-hard fans, extremely nervous of the newer game. And as I mentioned, both look awfully similar. But Syndicate isn’t going to try to offer a third of what DX was up to. It’s deliberately not a multi-pathway stealth RPG. It’s a shooter. And I’m concerned that may not be enough.

The key thing is, I had little fun when I was playing it. The first time I Persuaded someone to fight with me was great, a really nice idea and well executed – he fought well, and didn’t feel like a 30 second power-up. But beyond that, I went into rooms, killed people, and then looked around for inanimate objects to use my brain powers on. They let you override computers, door locks, etc, which seem to be intended to offer some sort of puzzles.

However, the only example in this short demo was entirely flawed. The challenge was predicated on knowing to need to look high above you for the first time in the game, and nothing hinted that this should be the case. I asked a nearby developer if I’d missed something, and he said I had not, and that this was something they were going to change. However, it seems they only noticed it after the press were getting stuck. Some internal testing, Valve style, would seem in order here.

Combat was pretty mundane, and it was mostly easier to kill people with the gun than faff around with the special abilities. I died a couple of times with absolutely no warning, and then on replays breezed through, which was a touch confusing. And then there were stupid, annoying flying things (SAFT), which apparently the games industry still hasn’t learned not to include in games. Except these ones required that you “override” their shields before you can shoot at them!

This all climaxed with finding Chang, who held a gun to his own head and said if I took another step he’d blow his brains out and thus destroy the chip. So I stood still, and nothing happened. So I shot him in the head. And took the chip. Hmmm.

So I don’t know. It was not an impressive showing, but it was far too small a chunk to draw any proper judgements from. Unfortunately, it’s the only single-player chunk they showed us, so it’s all I have to go on. The weapons are certainly meaty and satisfying, the game extremely violent and amoral, but it felt pretty hollow, pretty pointless. I really hope we get to see more of the game soon so I can have my mind changed.


  1. BoZo says:

    Sounds exactly like I had imagined.

    • DrSlek says:

      Exactly what I expected from that 11 minute gameplay preview. Just looked like another bland FPS. Just what the industry needs in this day in age.

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  2. Matt says:

    What a shame.

  3. jthmmdom says:

    I find that one can never make an accurate conclusion of a game within that short of a time period.

    • John Walker says:

      What an excellent point!

    • wu wei says:

      I find that people hold onto their preconceptions about a game regardless of the feedback coming from others who have actually experienced it.

    • Jim Rossignol says:

      If only you’d said that in the preview, John.

    • gallardo1 says:

      John seemed diplomatic enough to me, but remind that those were the ten minutes the developers wanted to show you…

    • CaspianRoach says:

      I find that shooters on consoles sell no matter how good or bad they are.

    • Text_Fish says:

      Both Sindicate and Deus Ex: HR are rejuvenations of defunct licenses.

    • PoulWrist says:

      You only played 10 minutes, I only read 10 lines.

    • abigbat says:

      That would have really cleared it up. More so if you’d said it a few times.

    • Kal says:

      Maybe you can’t get a complete overview of a game in only 10 minutes, but John never pretended to be doing that. 10 minutes – especially 10 minutes hand-picked by the devs to show off the game to the press – 10 minutes should be plenty to find out whether or not the game is going to grip you. This game clearly didn’t and that is worth reporting on.

    • Warskull says:

      While 10 minutes isn’t a very long time, this is 10 minutes the developer hand picked. If that 10 minutes was unimpressive, maybe you should temper your optimism a bit.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      @ Jon Walker

      Yes you pointed that out yourself. Yes you made every attempt to quell the judgements. Yet still, knowing people and the internet, you had to know writing this that it would effect all opinion of the game forever. The first impression people hear is often the one that sticks.

    • Jikid says:

      @StingingVelvet Actually the thing’s not quite as simple. You say that first impressions “often” stick – but if you actually experience the thing further, first impression pales in comparison of getting to know the thing, be it a game, movie or a living person. First impressions are only important for making you want to explore the thing more. In that sense, yes, this post may be detrimental for the game, but on the other hand the developers themselves asked for this attention so you’re barking up the wrong tree.

  4. The Army of None says:

    Ten minutes of Planescape Torment wouldn’t have appeared great. That said, this preview didn’t sound too great.

    • The Army of None says:

      Seeing the above comment, I realize that this is basically what everyone is going to say. What a shame.

    • bill says:

      One hour of planescape torment wouldn’t have seemed so interesting either. Some people say it gets not-boring after that, but I personally wouldn’t know.

      Then again, FPS are usually a bit more “what you see is what you get”.

    • DrGonzo says:

      For me it got not-boring about 3 hours in. Possibly more, but I got really lost and confused in the first area. Thing is, it becomes so incredibly good after that.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      doesn’t the first 10 minutes of Planescape include the whole introduction of Mort, and Dienera (or however you spell her name), and other bits which are quite good.

    • rayne117 says:

      There is one painfully obvious thing you’re all missing:

      It’s not just ANY ten minutes, the developer hand-picked those 10 minutes to show when they knew a preview would be written of it.

      Those 10 minutes were wholly unimpressive.

    • lurkalisk says:

      It could just be they chose poorly.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Hopefully they didn’t suddenly all dry up into skeletons and disperse in a handful of dust though.

  5. Stevostin says:

    “Not a bad guy, either, apparently. Just a man doing what he’s told by his bosses.”

    Actually, that is what real bad guy happens to be in real life. Check Nuremberg’s logs.

    • Vlupius says:

      Not necessarily, you can be a “good guy” by simply following orders if the person giving orders is a “good guy”.

    • Teknorat says:

      “Not a bad guy, either, apparently. Just a man doing what he’s told by his bosses.”
      This made me cringe.

      Doing evil things makes you a bad person. Regardless of who or what told you to do them. “Just following orders” didn’t hold up at Nuremberg and it doesn’t hold up in any rational discussion, even one about games.

    • Premium User Badge

      FhnuZoag says:

      The distinction, as I understand it, is whether you had a choice in the matter. If you could have quit and deserted or disobeyed the order some way, then you are responsible for failing to do so. But as a cyborg in Syndicate’s universe, it’s not clear whether you have the option to disobey, at least without being immediately killswitched. This is probably more thinking about this than the game deserves, though.

    • Sheng-ji says:

      The Milgram Experiments would tend to suggest that 65% of humanity is evil then.

      Unless you are willing to concede that peoples minds can be manipulated, especially by authority

    • JackShandy says:

      Of course, humanity as a whole can be discretely divided into Good and Evil. The question is: If an evil person orders a good person to do an evil thing, does that good person become evil? Perhaps further study could result in an anti-virus to isolate and destroy the evil gene.

    • Rane2k says:

      The evil of inaction.
      The evil of failing to question or disobey immoral orders.

      There´s an interesting book on this subject matter, “The Lucifer Effect: How good people turn evil”, by Philip Zimbardo.

      Perhaps this is part of the game´s plot and will later be resolved by the protagonist revolting against his superiors? That might even be interesting.

    • gwathdring says:

      I judge people’s observable actions and behaviors. There is no way for me to know their deeper selves if such things even exists and as such I see no reason to distinguish between good and bad people. Only good and bad behaviors. And even then you’d have a hell of a time making me commit to a single, personally driven definition of “good,” “bad” or “evil.” Socially driven, perhaps, but it would by nature be heavily qualified and a-specific.

  6. Very Real Talker says:

    damn, looks so uninteresting!

    • Bfox says:

      Because it looks like they are trying to make a bland film rather than an immersive simulation?

  7. SpinalJack says:

    “I really hope we get to see more of the game soon so I can have my mind persuaded.” -FIXED

    Sounds pretty much like I was expecting but they’ve still got time to get rid of the less than perfect bits of the game.

  8. Prime says:

    Such a shame they made you play the trailer level that everyone has seen. Your impressions of the level have added practically nothing bar the worrying fact that not enough play-testing has been done.

    Still, my expectations for this have always been low, as in I’m not looking for Deus Ex levels of literary sophistication. It’s a reasonably pretty shooter with godlike Cyber-tech powers bolted on the side. Bring it on. :)

  9. knofc says:

    I always thought that a cross between the original and a sort of ‘Frozen Synapse’ style game would have been way better than yet another uninspired run ‘n’ gun.

    • Sirbolt says:

      Yes! And it would also work wonders for another XCom! You get somewhat original mechanics and all the people who think that turn-based is “too boring” or “unrealistic” get action, while those who actually like to plan stuff out get to do that as well. Win-win!

    • adonf says:

      Be careful what you wish for, because someone at EA might hear you and remake Frozen Synapse as an FPS.

    • playworker says:

      Molten Synapse?

  10. max pain says:

    It looks interesting to me! More brutal shooters! Minus points for flying drones though.

  11. Jnx says:

    It probably won’t have any form of multiplayer and after years of developement the story will likely last around 6 hours to complete. Calculated from all this I’d say the proper price for this is going to be 5 euros.

  12. n0s says:

    Heard in Starbreezes board room:

    “Ok, so we got this FPS almost ready to go, but R&D says its gonna faceplant. We don’t have any existing franchise to tag this on to. Our deal to make “The Sims Fight Back” fell through, we need to do something about th…”

    *door opens*

    “Sir! Sir! We got it!!!! We got it!!!”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “We got the Syndicate I.P., we can release using the Syndicate name!!!”

    “Slap it on! Rebrand it, and make some trailers with footage from the old games to get the hype going”.

    • diebroken says:

      LOL! With just a few word changes I could imagine that also happened at Bethesda Game Studios with Fallout…

    • gwathdring says:

      You may not think they succeeded, and I recognize a lot of people don’t, but I think it felt pretty clear they wanted to make a legitimate Fallout game in the vein of Oblivion. I don’t think it was tacked on. Let’s be careful to distinguish between “poorly applied franchise” and “poorly executed application of a franchise.” They aren’t the same thing at all.

      I also enjoyed the game, for my part.

  13. Echo Black says:

    This will get reviews in the 60-75 range, with the odd low-80s review here and there from outlets less jaded by its forgettable gameplay and wholly unnecessary existence.

    I’m posting this to test my augur propensities. Come release, I’ll use the RPS keyword search, return to this news item, and see how close I got. Let’s see how misguided “judging a book by its cover” really is.

    • merc-ai says:

      Echo Black, I completely agree with your score predictions.

    • Bhazor says:

      On release they blame misguided reviews for low sales and announce they’ll make no sequel.
      Six months later announce reboot for their reboot.

  14. TailSwallower says:

    Unfortunately, it’s the only single-player chunk they showed us, so it’s all I have to go on.

    Does that mean we can expect a post about the multiplayer portion soon?

    Not really interested in another shooter at the moment, but if a shooter is all we can get from a AAA Syndicate I thought Starbreeze could at least deliver an interesting one.

    10 minutes might not be a whole lot of time, but for a shooter I think it should be plenty of time for it to spread it’s wings and impress – just think of Bungie and their “30 seconds of fun” – especially when (as someone else mentioned) it’s the 10 minutes of game that the developers wanted everyone to see.

  15. bill says:

    It’s JUST a shooter? I seriously hope not because that 10 minute video we saw had incredibly dull looking shooting. There had better be something else.

    I hope the part you got stuck on wasn’t the incredibly obvious break glass puzzle in the video that seemed to be signposted in about 15 different ways. (if it was, then I hope your comment encouraged them to add a few more signposts, including some giant flashing arrows).

    Still, I for one am looking forward to pressing the “override”button before I shoot some more annoying flying things and having powers that aren’t as useful as just shooting people… that sounds revolutionary.

  16. bill says:

    I’m wondering why they have a giant kanji character for “shop” on their wall in what seems to be a high security office building.

    Do you think that’s the tuck shop?

    Or do you think they just used any old random kanji they could find?

    • HermitUK says:

      Due to budget cuts all employees are now required to purchase their own stationary from the office store.

      It also sells a variety of souvenir mugs.

    • BooleanBob says:

      Due to budget cuts all agents are now required to purchase their own weapons, upgrades and special ammo from the Corporation quartermaster.

      He can be found in the cargo bay of the Normandy.

    • Bhazor says:

      I’ll have five frag grenades, two packs of 00 ammo, a kevlar plate and a quarter of winegums please. Do you give Nectar points?

    • terry says:

      I’m Commander Miles Kilo and Shop is my favourite shop in this game.

  17. hosndosn says:

    Previews to old franchises turned into FPSs always feel like hostage negotiations. What are we afraid of? That they might kill the game if we don’t appear optimistic enough?

    Feel free to say it looks utter shit. Production value isn’t something you have to respect, these days.

  18. Muzman says:

    That bit where the guy shoots himself really has no nuance?
    Dammit, I was hoping that would be…I dunno…something. It seems so ripe with possibilities
    -You’ve got to shoot him before he shoots himself, but it can’t be in the head.
    -or you can stun him to stop the suicide but electricity might damage it.
    -You can persuade him not to kill himself and then drug him.
    -if he or you manage to shoot him in the head you might have a time limit before the chip ‘dies’ and you can’t extract it.
    -if the chip/head is damaged such that it can’t be removed you have to take the whole body with you.
    -or maybe just the head.
    -all of which depends on a mission failure state that doesn’t end the story if you manage to fuck everything up.

    The fun of your loadout and skills changing how you…oh just give us ultra dark Deus Ex you pansies!

    • merc-ai says:

      Giving more than one default “shoot him” outcome to that situation would confuse and alienate poor console players (and let’s face it, a lot of stupid gamers on PC as well). Also, common sense rule is that if there is even one way to fail that situation, no matter how small, then many players will fail it.
      So instead it’s just “press a button to shoot the guy, and then press another button to extract the chip”.

      Not that I would want negotiations or something like that in a Syndicate game (persuadetron aside).

    • wu wei says:

      would confuse and alienate poor console players

      This constant litany of perceived superiority from “PC gamers” adds nothing to the debate and is really tedious to hear.

    • Emeraude says:

      I always take it not so much as a jab at console players (a lot of us PC players also happen to be console users- each platform having its own strengths) as one at game makers’ general dumbed down design of console games, which seems to imply they believe their audience is stupid.

    • N'Al says:

      Maybe people should say that then, instead of “omg, teh console players r dumb!”?

    • merc-ai says:

      wu wei , N’Al:
      I initially wrote a Wulf-long comment explaining the difference between “dumb games” and “dumb gamers”, broader audience and gaming skill levels. But, eh, nevermind.

  19. kikito says:

    Watching that first image, it’s just hit me:

    Isn’t it stupid that an *undercover* agent is wearing a coat with his corporation’s big logo very visible in one arm?

    I mean, yeah, they can stun videocameras and what not, but why make it easy for the opposition to guess who is attacking them? Shouldn’t they be wearing as non-descript clothes as possible?

    • Avish says:

      But he got this cool leather jacket as a Christmas present in the corporation Christmas party!!

    • merc-ai says:

      Maybe that is needed to differentiate your team agents from other generic agents that run around :)

    • neolith says:

      Maybe this plays on Halloween ingame and Miles dressed up as Adam.

  20. ashfaq says:

    I never asked for this.

  21. Olivaw says:

    Comparing Syndicate to Deus Ex seems to be doing both games a huge disservice.

    I understand the compulsion to – they are both cyberpunk revivals and they do both look quite similar – but it’s like comparing a turn-based strategy game to a real-time strategy game. They are both about strategy, but they’re both fundamentally different things.

    Syndicate is a shooter. Deus Ex is an “immersive sim” that has some shooting in it if you want to shoot. Syndicate’s shooting looks to sound and feel better than Deus Ex’s, not because Deus Ex did it poorly, per se (although it certainly didn’t do it perfectly), but because shooting is all the player will likely have to do, so they spent more time working on it and not on a hacking minigame.

    They are two completely different kinds of games with completely different goals appealing to completely different kinds of people.

    Anyone on RPS going into Syndicate looking for Deus Ex will just have an inevitably bad experience. It’s an action game. I’m interested in hearing how it is as an action game. Not as a competitor to Deus Ex. So don’t tell me it that shooting “may not be enough.” I’m not concerned about lack of other things to do when I’m considering buying a shooter. Which is what this game is.

    • Gundrea says:

      How bizarre. I’m looking for the opposite kind of game. the Not-Shooter where despite being armed with many dangerous weapons your goal is to resist the urge to put bullets through the head of everyone in the queue for the ATM.

    • Olivaw says:

      They made one of those, actually! It was called Postal 2.

      Well technically you could decapitate everyone in the queue with a shovel and kick their heads down the street after visiting the ATM, but you weren’t really supposed to.

      It wasn’t a fail state, is what I’m saying.

    • John P says:

      I do wish people would clarify whether they’re talking about Deus Ex or Human Revolution. Human Revolution is not Deus Ex. And this Syndicate looks nothing like Deus Ex.

    • Kadayi says:

      Agreed. it’s a comparison based on fictional setting rather than game genre, and therefore erroneous and slightly misleading. Saying that though, it seemed counter productive to have game journalists play a demo which has effectively already been shown to the general public. However it should be noted that several US based game journalists played the demo before the developer walk through video was released to the public and were more enthusiastic in their opinions, so perhaps John playing after the fact has some impact upon his assessment.

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      I thought a better comparison would have been XCOM.
      The originals of both games are quite old now, and not been revived for a while, both have a large and devoted fanbase, and both are being remade from strategy games into FPSs.
      Also, both are causing screaming apoplexy’s of rage in their more hardcore fans.

  22. alh_p says:

    I have friends who exclusively play consoles (i know i know, how CAN I be friends with them?) and they found DXHR not shooty enough (scandalous!), so this is probably going to go down well in their dumbed-down mega-accessible shoot’em-up console world. How very depressing.

    • Archonsod says:

      Or y’know, maybe they just think their shooters should be shooters rather than half arsed RPGs.

    • alh_p says:

      Fair point. Maybe that’s why I can stand the sight of my “friends”. Gosh, i hope they don’t feel such snobby condescention towards me too.

  23. briktal says:

    Sounds very Syndicate.

  24. Enzo says:

    I don’t get why people are calling the old Syndicate a “strategy game”. Syndicate was basically a more complicated Cannon Fodder clone with no strategy whatsoever, you just run through the city shooting and shit explodes around you. A FPS reboot is perfect for Syndicate.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Oh, that’s quite alright. If you keep spreading that, you can also convince yourself the original Syndicate was in fact a first-person shooter in a 3rd person view, and that makes this FPS reboot all the more of a natural step. Dunno… just giving you more ideas to justify murder.

      Besides, who cares (John Walker certainly doesn’t)? So we can start slightly changing the original game in our minds to fit with the new one. Also, it’s a well known fact we are sorely lacking in first-person shooters. Someone has to step up and save this dying genre. This is another idea.

    • Werthead says:

      Since Syndicate came out before Cannon Fodder (and had a demo out a full year before Cannon Fodder came out), the idea of it being a ‘clone’ of Cannon Fodder would seem to be temporally problematic.

      I think people are slightly exaggerating the strategy side of Syndicate (some of the hardest missions can be beaten by simply having your agents stand around the corner from the enemy hordes with a primed flamethrower), but controlling four agents simultaneously, leaving them to fend to their own AI devices where necessary, choosing whether to use vehicles or not, deciding on weapons load-outs and picking what tech to research next did at least give you the veneer of choice and tactics. The remake doesn’t even appear to offer that.

  25. Ultra Superior says:

    So one game is out, Deus Ex:HR, an exceptional game, yes, but still just a one single game in a long time – and suddenly it seems like the genre of cyberpunkish FPSs with more gameplay options than just pulling the trigger is a crowded genre? I don’t know. I played deus ex stealthily, hunting XP points…. so I’m looking forward to enjoy its brutal and more straightforward ‘sibling’.

    Sadly the plot seems so predictable… your colleague and superior is shooting harmless civilians in cut scenes…. takes no genius to see which ‘surprising plot twist’ is coming.

  26. jezcentral says:

    On the plus side, at least it isn’t doing the equivalent of Brothers In Arms: Furious Four. They’re making the previous BIA games squeal like a pig.

    • Bhazor says:

      Furious 4 is probably the most insulting of all the recent reboots because unlike most this one is actually being made by the same team. To suddenly jump the shark like they have done is the equivelent of telling each of thier fans to fuck off, personally, one at a time. They decided to just screw their fans (not to mention the real life veterans who inspired/directed the games) and go for the easy money.

      Fuck you Pritchford. For reals.

  27. Two Sheds says:

    “It doesn’t seem likely that the game will be too deeply exploring the ethics of this.”

    Why do you say this?

  28. Hoaxfish says:

    You know, I got a weird desire to play this game last night, after reading a thread about how lame the ending of Deus Ex: HR was…

    Simply because I’d like a game with cyberpunk style, but without the weird push-button to decide moralising.

  29. Wulf says:

    In the polygonal future…

    …there are only hexagons…


  30. lijenstina says:

    “I know what will look good! More honeycomb patterns. Hexagons everywhere!”

    “Tell me, did You forgot how to define other patterns in Photoshop and that is the only one currently installed ?”

    “Hmmm ….. Yeah……”

  31. Jimbo says:

    Persuade enough enemies to fight on your side and it’ll be just like CoD!

  32. Kevin says:

    I’ll be honest I’ve never played the first Syndicate, but the first and third screens after the jump really do make it seem like this game will be dull and bland. On the Giant Bombcast, Jeff Gerstmann said that this game would be in line with DX: HR, but I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about. DX: HR made every single wall, nook, and cranny interesting to look at. This just looks totally drab and bland in comparison.

    • Iskariot says:

      “DX: HR made every single wall, nook, and cranny interesting to look at.”

      No it did not.

  33. gszx1337 says:

    I have to agree with an earlier comment by phuzz: The first thing I thought of when I heard about this was X-COM.

  34. Iskariot says:

    I am disappointed.
    If there is a lot of exploring to do and the world is quite open I would feel a little better.
    If the AI is good and the weapons feel convincing I would feel better still.
    If it is a strictly linear corridor shooter I will wait until I feel the price is right.
    I am thinking 9 bucks or something like that.

    It also depends on the length of the game. For less than 12 hours of single player game play I never pay more than 9 bucks unless it has good replay value.

  35. Dreadwolf says:

    Yay! Yet another brilliant IP that’s becoming a bland and uninteresting FPS…
    The Developers/Publisher sure seem eager to not sell it to the fans of the originals.
    This is really getting boring and tedious.

    Can’t wait for Need for Speed FPS, CIV-FPS and Chess-FPS!

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  37. gayylalgli says:

    The way EA are rushing this out there sort of concerns me. After all these years do they simply have a turd in their hands that they’re trying to very quickly dispose of? It’ll be interesting to see if they ramp up the marketing closer to release or give it the Shadows of the Damned/Alice treatment (not to say those were bad games, I thoroughly enjoyed both).
    That said, between the trailer and these impressions it’s sounding like a fairly promising game. Seems neat enough, but I really wanted more RPG emphasis out of Deus Ex: HR rather than less. dich vu seo