Modern Warfare 3 Will Launch At Some Point

Gosh, I can hardly control my disinterest.

There’s a launch trailer floating about – it’s been around for a few days now, but it’s still not out for another couple of weeks – for a game called Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Whatever that might be.

This is, of course, the first game in the official Modern Warfare franchise not to be made by the original team at Infinity Ward. Instead it’s a joint effort of the IW leftovers, Activision’s go-to supply developer Raven, and the Dead Space veterans-containing Sledgehammer Games. With the CoD B-team, Treyarch, only working on the Wii version of this one, it’s essentially a new staff on what is unquestionably the biggest FPS franchise in the world. As they so immodestly point out in the trailer below:

What does it mean when a launch trailer appears two weeks before the game is launched? It means the world’s all messed up. I also like the classy sting for 360 on the end there. Fuck you, PC and PS3 gamers!

Now everyone below write angry comments about how you hate this game, and secretly check if your pre-order is still there.


  1. sneetch says:

    “Now everyone below write angry comments about how you hate this game, and secretly check if your pre-order is still there.”

    *Someone’s* credit card was rejected. :)

  2. The Ninja Foodstuff formerly known as ASBO says:

    I have actually become more endeared to this game over the last few months, mostly by virtue of the fact that EA is running around making so much noise about Battlefield 3 whilst loading it up with all sorts of negative “features”.

    That said, I probably won’t be buying this until it goes on sale (in like, 3 or 4 years time)…

    • abremms says:

      3 or 4 years? we’ll all be hating/secretly anticipating MW7 by then!

      basides, we’ll all have jet packs by then and everyone will be too busy jet packing to game.

  3. GenBanks says:

    ‘The most anticipated game IN HISTORY’
    quite a bold statement there

    • The Ninja Foodstuff formerly known as ASBO says:

      What’s the metric for anticipation, exactly?

    • Zealuu says:

      Maybe they did a Facebook poll.

      It’s certainly not my most anticipated game this year, let alone IN HISTORY.

    • db1331 says:

      I actually laughed out loud at that part. Personally, it wouldn’t even crack my top 5 for this year, let alone HISTORY.

    • xavdeman says:

      I don’t know what kind of poll they did, but on GameSpot’s “WW3” poll Battlefield 3 is winning (link to on all six continents. Since the game is not yet, or barely out you could say with confidence that BF3 is more anticipated. Since GameSpot is a relatively neutral site (compared to a hypothetical poll on the Activision Facebook page) the claim made in that trailer is totally bogus, although standard Slashdot poll rules still apply.

    • Dragon Master says:

      Somebody needs to get their ass kicked while chewing a bubble gum, but we’re all out of gum…

    • deejayem says:

      @Ninja Foodstuff – you can either use newfangled kiloquivers, or good old-fashioned imperial spooge.

    • Bobsy says:

      I suspect the metric used was cross-platform preorders.

      As to who precisely is anticipating the latest COD? Try every teenage boy in the world ever. Your average MW player is male, aged 11-18, has never read any games journalism in his life, and can only afford to buy (or convince his parents to buy for him) about two games per year.

      I work in an 11-14 school, and trust me, for most kids there COD is the ONLY game they are aware of. If they do happen to notice the existence of any other games, say, Battlefield 3, they are going to be EXTREMELY reticent to put down £40-50 on a product of unknown and unknowable quantity. With MW3 on the other hand they know exactly what they’re going to get, so it’s a lot easier to confidently make the investment.

    • Cheese says:

      I’m a teenage boymans who despises CoD. Try being a PC gaming nerd with the above meaning that every year there’s a fresh wave of endless talk about CoD and jokes and puns and utter horror. All this before they discover minecraft a year late and you get to hear the more closed-minded people (3/4 of the school population) calling it ‘sad’, ‘shit’ or any other weak and overused adjective if someone so much as mentions it. It’s not so bad in college I guess.

    • Donjo says:

      It’s actually a lot worse in college because then you have to do some HARD BLOODY WORK BOYO.

    • Davee says:

      I literally went “Hnnghnngn.” when I saw that.

  4. atas says:

    fuck this game!

    there I said it.

  5. ShineDog says:

    I quite like CoD, I prefer BF, and am a BF player at heart, but CoD scratches a different itch that I like scratched. Although something I found out the other day pisses me off a bit.

    I was, like everyone, really pissed that there were no dedicated servers in MW2. Blops was kinda iffy, but it at least had dedicated servers back.

    Then they made a big deal about getting dedicated servers back for 3.


    Oh wait, no, you can only use dedicated servers for unranked play. Want to play ranked? Play p2p in tiny games. No official servers running official settings, just p2p lagfests.

    • HermitUK says:

      Another year, another debacle over dedicated servers that could have been avoided.

    • bear912 says:

      I wonder how long it will take someone to figure out a way to modify the ded-server to act like a ranked server…

      Err, ranked peer.

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, I’ve played every Call of Duty demo to death in the past before buying the game. Of course, half of them didn’t release for the PC, and MW2 didn’t have a demo, so combined with that and the storytelling being vile (plus the price) I gave it a miss. Oh well.

      Still pre-ordered BF3 because someone hinted I should.

    • Olethros says:

      I have to agree with ShineDog on the part of multiplayer. I love the BF series and I loved MW but when MW2 came out for the PC and didn’t have dedicated servers I stopped playing MW2 alltogether. After having spent more time finding suitable games and then often getting dropped for no apparent reason I uninstalled and never looked back. The two games are distinctly different but spurning proper dedicated servers is just a big no no for PC gamers. I would love to see some sort of statistics when BF3 and MW3 have been out for a while on which platform the respective games get played. I could make a wild guess as to the results.

  6. Cheebahh says:

    Fuck this industry! There I said it.

    I won’t be picking this or Battlefield 3 up, sticking it to the man!

  7. Smashbox says:

    I’m sure the 3 disparate developers working on this game will manage a cohesive and original work. It certainly doesn’t seem like a total scramble to pick up the pieces after the whole Infinity Ward debacle.

    • DK says:

      Also, the worst thing you can do is supervise what Raven does. They’re at their very best when they get a license for something well known, an engine that’s been explored already and they can go hog wild.

      The Raven contributions to Hexen, Heretic, Star Trek, Quake, etc. were all brilliant.

  8. Maldomel says:

    I like MW and MW2 for their single player campaigns, and I think it will be no different with MW3.

    NOW you can hate in the comments.

    • says:

      That’s how I am. Why can’t they sell a single-player only version for half price?

  9. Groove says:

    If this game was £20 then I’d buy it.

    I’ve always been interested in trying one of these, but not £40 of interested. I’ve had Portal 2 and Arkham City (on pre-order) this year for around £25. This is the basis for my value calculation.

    Unless your £40 game comes with a board and some plastic dudes in a bag then you can get right to fuck is what you can do.

  10. skyturnedred says:

    I’m still waiting for the leap to the next war. First we had WW2, now it’s all modern wars, so I’m hoping for some sci-fi stuff soon. Scratch that, I want musket wars.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      I want Call of Duty: Roman Warfare. Featuring Cpt. Price as a Centurion.

    • Chandos says:

      I would like to see a Spore style COD, where Cpt Price starts out as a single cell organism and fights his way through various stages of evolution.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      Thus confirming that Price is actually immortal?

    • Chandos says:

      And earning a cameo spot for himself in the next Soul Calibur.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      I always kept thinking that it was BF2 which started off the whole modern warfare vibe.

      I wonder why BF2142 did not succeed at kicking off a future warfare vibe..

  11. Teddy Leach says:

    EDIT: Burn in hell, comment system.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      You have angered the Reply Gods, now you will feel their wrath.

  12. D3xter says:

    I’m mostly bitter of what Activision turned their RavenSoft division into, the guys that made some of my favourite FPS’s among them Soldier of Fortune, Star Trek: Elite Force, the Jedi Knight series and Hexen/Heretic etc.

    They should be working on a Nuu-Engine based Jedi Knight, instead of working on another Quake-Engine based Call of Doody.

    Also Activision, because of em I also gave up on all Blizzard games since they’ve been acquired so there’s no chance in hell of me buying any of their other titles at the moment, and seeing as all they’re making lately is Call of Doody or any other sort of bad console rehashes/movie tie-ins for James Bond/X-Men/Spider-Man/Transformers and ruining Spyro I’m not very tempted either :P

    • Kandon Arc says:

      To be fair lack of new Jedi Knight can be blamed squarely on Lucas Arts and their continuing quest to ignore much loved series (e.g. Jedi Knight, Republic Commando) in favour of bland titles that are instantly forgotten.

  13. Tyshalle says:

    I’m not even sure it qualifies as the most anticipated game *this month*. I mean, we’ve got Uncharted 3, Saints Row 3, Arkham City, not to mention a little something called motherfucking Skyrim. I thoroughly enjoyed the single player of MW2, but it’s pretty ridiculous to me that a 4-6 hour campaign and yet another carbon copy of the previous CoD multiplayer should qualify this as such a special event.

    • Teddy Leach says:

      The internet exploded when Eurogamer dared to give Uncharted 3 an 8.

      Activision does seem to be up itself a bit. As usual.

    • Megadyptes says:

      Tell that to the millions of people that will no doubt rush out to buy this, propelling the game to the top of the charts in no time at all. Just because you don’t personally like a game doesn’t mean a lot of other people are not waiting to rush out and snap it up.

  14. Tuor says:

    Isn’t, uh, Half-life 3 (or HL2, Ep 3) the most anticipated game in history?

    • bear912 says:

      By me, certainly.

    • Starky says:

      Dunno the Black Mesa mod might actually be close to HL3.

      Still at least on the PC the “most anticipated game in history” is probably a tie between Starcraft 2 and Half-life 2 – both of which had massive audiences begging for any scrap of info, or news for years before they released.

      I don’t think HL3/ep3 has reached that level yet.

  15. Makariel says:

    This year alone I anticipated a couple of games more than Modern Waffles 3. I do anticipate MW3, but not even close to the extend where I would pre-order. I might post-order after seeing/playing a bit at a friends place (who is anticipating enough to have pre-ordered months ago and still plays MW2 on a regular basis).

    When and where will be the inevitable Battlefood 3 vs. Modern Waffles 3 pillow fight?

  16. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    It’s not a launch trailer, as the game is not launched. It is far more likely that it is instead a badly-spelled “lunch” trailer.

  17. Dawngreeter says:

    I find this game not relevant to my interests. But I like the alt-text.

  18. Zarunil says:


    I feel much better now.

  19. TensaiBoy says:

    If it doesn’t have puppies riding unicorns i’m not buying it *sadface*


  20. larchy says:


    That award for Worst British Accents is safely in the bag!

    • int says:

      That’s pretty interesting considering that the guy voicing Price is an English actor born in London.

  21. Shooop says:

    So that’s what’s become of Raven Software? I really wanted another Solider of Fortune. A real one, not a crapfest cash-in like Payback.

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Just like with IO Interactive….I would like me a proper Hitman sequel or Freedom Fighters II…But noooo its violent Hitman and Kane and Lynch…bah
      Bloody sellouts…

    • skyturnedred says:

      I really like Raven’s shooters because they don’t try to be more than they are. They’re just good ol’ fun. The first Soldier of Fortune is still one of my favorite shooters ever.

    • Erd says:

      I’d like to see a new X-men Legends.

    • Shooop says:

      Oh goddammit Frankie. You brought up Freedom Fighters. I loved that game and waited years for a sequel. Thanks for opening old wounds.

  22. Text_Fish says:

    I’m saving my military-shooter pennies for CS:GO thanks. :)

    This’ll probably make it in to the Steam sale for Christmas ’12 so I’ll play catch up then.

    • The Infamous Woodchuck says:

      the world wont be around by christmas next year. have fun playing the game in HELL!

  23. Iskariot says:

    I do not like multi player myself, but I would buy the game if it had a beefy single player campaign of at least 12 hours. But I already heard it only offers 6 to 8 hours. So this is a game I will ignore for now. There are so many cool single player alternatives at the moment that I will not miss it all.

  24. greg_ritter says:

    Oh, come on, i really like CoD. It has a bombastic single-player, and awesome, if slightly stupid (well, not so slightly) story. Plus, as a Russian, I reealy enjoy Russians in this series. They are so over the top, that’s great.
    “VorkUta” and FUCKING MINIGUNS in russian prison camp are AWESOME. Also, the fact that EVERY Russian refers to others as “comrades”

  25. lijenstina says:

    The most anticipated game in history should be WW3. SO REAL!

  26. Carra says:

    I was laughing out loud too at this bold statement.

    Duke Nukem Forever might have the “The longest awaited game ever” title, sure, but MW3? Euhm, no.

  27. Raymond Saint says:

    Jump In, Jump Out, Jump the Fuck around.

  28. Bobic says:

    I think the campaign in COD looks to be much better than bf3, dinosaurs notwithstanding.

  29. jay35 says:

    Shame it’s apparently still built on the MW1 engine, by the look of those character models. Given the trailer is where they try to make it look as good as possible, it’s looking pretty poor.

    BF3 has a linear scripted campaign but at least it impresses with the visuals and soundscape. MW3 doesn’t have anything better to offer, other than to be the Madden of quick-n-twitchy FPS games, which primarily makes it the spoiler to BF3 that we all like to enjoy when we don’t have time to jump into more team-oriented objective-focused play, but just want to ‘kill some dudes’.

    Anyone buying these gamers for the sp campaign is kidding themselves. It’s all about the mp.

    Definitely won’t be per-ordering it unless Steam pulls an Amazon and drops the price to around $40. Snagging BF3 for $42 was perfect.