Face Fear: Lego Harry Potter Yrs 5-7

Don't get me wrong, I'd be scared if I woke up and this thing was standing over my bed, comical expression or not

With all the talk of genuinely blood-curdling experiences over here, I bring you something else in the build up to Halloween. Lego. This short trailer for Lego Harry Potter Yrs 5-7 doesn’t actually show any gameplay, but it does capture one of the things I like about the Lego games; they don’t buckle under the occasional self-importance of the franchises they depict.

Whether it’s Lego Batman trying to brood and realising that Lego can’t brood, or Lego Voldermort trying to be scary and realising that Lego can’t pull that off either, Traveller’s Tales show a healthy appreciation of the ridiculous and the absurd. For that I commend them, even if the voice at the end of the trailer is far too gee-whizz for this hour on a Thursday.

Of course, I am made of stern stuff so when Halloween does roll around, I shall be replaying Amnesia and then forcing people to watch A Tale of Two Sisters. That is my tradition.

Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 is out November 11th in North America and on the 18th in Europe and, presumably, elsewhere. I’m actually really looking forward to it, silly little man that I am.


  1. sneetch says:

    Fantastic! Harry Potter 1-4 was my favourite one so far.

  2. Screwie says:

    Thanks for reminding me, A Tale of Two Sisters is a very excellent film that I have not seen in a very long while.

  3. tikey says:

    Game face?
    Obligatory reference:

    link to media.giantbomb.com

  4. Jason Lefkowitz says:

    Is there really a need for them to show gameplay at this point? Don’t all the Lego (Insert Popular Franchise Here) titles basically play the same?

    • Squire says:

      By that reasoning we shouldn’t watch any trailers for MW3.5/4 or Battlefield 4.
      They’ll both just have armed forces discharging weapons at other armed forces so why bother.

      Side note – The connection/references Lego games create with their franchises is more satisfying to play than ANY game based on a film in my opinion. Wolverine – Orgins The Game [sp?] came close but shat on its own hands at the last minute.

  5. seanminty says:

    Yerp, can’t wait for this. The only thing lacking in Harry Potter 1-4 was a standalone flying level. The flying in the StarWars games was always tricky but I always really enjoyed them so I was looking forward to Quid-age\Squididge\Squigly-spooge-age. I’m not expecting them to fix that in this though as the books don’t have HP playing in years 5-7.

    Right if all that didn’t make me sound like a big enough panzy I’m off to read twilight and trim my pubes into flower petals.

  6. chabuhi says:

    I love me some LEGO(tm) games! I really must pony up for a controller for this next opus. Hard to think that I’ve been through every Lego game on the PC without a controller.

    Yes – I’m a glutton for punishment. I even tortured my way through the Killer Croc level in Arkham Asylum on keyboard and mouse.

  7. misterT0AST says:

    when I saw that first picture I immediately thought “Lego Mussolini”
    I’m glad I was wrong.

  8. Tams80 says:

    0:26 – Crab on opium?

    0:28 – Rodent crack addict?

  9. Jim9137 says:

    Links to brooding lego batman failing at brooding whilst brooding about failing in brooding of his brooding attempt! Broody!

  10. malkav11 says:

    Tale of Two Sisters is an amazing movie. One of the very few horror films I’d recommend even to people outside of the usual genre aficionados.