R’lyeh Good: Magicka: The Stars are Left

Paging Mr Cobbett.
Arrowhead and Paradox have announced a new expansion for Magicka. It’s called The Stars Are Left, and it’s taking things a bit Lovecraftian. They explain: “Designed for players who love to craft the hundreds of different spells available in Magicka, this new campaign will pit up to four wizards at once against a horror-mystery inspired by the popular Cthulhu Mythos. The Stars are Left will boast a much requested feature from the players – a new adventure campaign, including several terrifying new enemies, bosses awakened from the depths of insanity, and several other miscellaneous Miskatonic minions.” Only the host of a game will need the DLC for others to be able to play, apparently. So that’s good.

Fairly pointless teaser trailer below. Hooray!


  1. Valvarexart says:

    FUCK YEAR! Magicka is one of my favourite games of the year, I have all the DLC etc and am a massive fanboy.

    • Daniel Klein says:

      A fuck year would be EXHAUSTING.

    • Bostec says:

      I’v had a FUCK YEAR, with my hands that is

      I do lots of typing and clicking.

    • G_Man_007 says:

      Why wasn’t I told about this? There’s only two months left…

  2. Schiraman says:

    A new story campaign, eh? That’s great.

    You know what else would be great? How about the ability to play through the existing campaign with friends, without constant connection problems and crashes (and lost progress when those things do inevitably happen) – that would really be super.

    • sneetch says:

      I started playing magicka with three friends, we just gave up. Constant crashes, mucking about with firewalls and ports and various other bollocking about just leeched the fun out of it. Such a shame.

    • westyfield says:

      Yep, the connection problems meant I couldn’t play with a friend. It’s pretty crap solo, so it sits there, not being played.

    • protorp says:

      Might be worth another try if you’ve not bothered for a while; I played through the campaign multiplayer for the first time recently (started a month or so ago) and didn’t have a single issue whilst playing. Hosted games often wouldn’t show up in the in-game server browser, but “invite to game” via Steam friends overlay worked fine once one person was set up in the lobby.

      One of the most fun gaming experiences I’ve had in a long while – great to hear that only one of us will have to fork out for the new campaign.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I bought Magicka solely as a game to play with friends and it was a pure waste of money in that respect. The game froze, crashed, and trudged in multiplayer. The host could move but the other character moved in stop motion.

    • Schiraman says:


      Yeah, that’s actually what I thought a week or two back – “hey, I’ve not tried Magicka multiplayer in a while, maybe they fixed it since I last tried?”.

      So four of us had a go at it, using Hamachi to connect up. They had not fixed it. Oh boy had they not fixed it. We couldn’t even get out of the first chapter.

      A few days later I tried it with just 2 players on our LAN – still didn’t work right, although we got a lot further before the whole thing burnt down, fell over and sank into the swamp (figuratively).

      I really like Magicka, but if you’re playing it successfully in multiplayer then you either know some trick that I don’t (in which case: tell me!) or you’re just lucky.

    • Stromko says:

      For me it’s been buggier lately than it used to be. Magicka just doesn’t like the network in my new house, so every attempt to play it ends up with most / all of the players looking at a black screen of death before we can get out of the first chapter.

    • SonofSeth says:

      Haha, i know, but Magicka is so awesome that none of that matters. I never played anything that’s so intrinsically fun and insane at the same time. AASSR FTW!

    • MellowKrogoth says:

      I’ve done most of the main campaign with two friends without using Hamachi or anything special, just inviting them to join the game through Steam. There’s a rare crash that sometimes happen when first starting the game, but apart from that it works. So it kind of depends on your setup I guess.

      What has been frustrating me is the chapter with zombies all over the place, you get buried in them and can’t see where you are after being resurrected 0_0 . Also in that same chapter you have to “cure” people in the village with a special staff, and the quest is buggy – it seems rather easy to get it into a state where it’s impossible to finish (thankfully you just have to hurt a peasant and talk to Vlad to restart it).

      Anyways here’s hoping that while artists and level designers are pumping out DLC, the core dev team is busy fixing bugs so that the game can work well for everybody. There are not many of them, so we’ll have to be very patient…

    • protorp says:

      @Schiraman : I wish it had been through a trick that I could share, as the gameplay shines once it works, but we’ve done nothing fancy, just invited friends through Steam… no extra port opening or fiddling with anything else. 2 of us are in France and 1 in the UK, but that doesn’t seem to impact it adversely at all.

    • Diving Duck says:

      Same here… fix the netcode and I’ll think about it. The upload amount is truly scary for a 4 player multi.

      The devs claim that they need to sell DLC to afford to fix it… sorry, I’ve now drawn my personal line in the sand. They will get no more of my money until they get things fixed.

  3. Rii says:

    Nice pun.

  4. ran93r says:

    I bought the main game but haven’t bothered much with the DLC, I do love me some Cthulhu though.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I still haven’t finished the main game. Soloing is sufficiently intense that most of the time I just don’t have the energy any more, and organising multiplayer suffers the usual cat-herding issues plus the game is a temperamental and fussy bitch to connect machines together without weird lag effects. :/

  5. Zanpa says:

    “Only the host of a game will need the DLC for others to be able to play, apparently.”
    This right here is really nice. A reminder of the Game Boy Advance games where you only needeed one game cart to play with three friends.

  6. shoptroll says:


  7. Enzo says:

    They should add a new element to the magic system, that would be a good reason for me to get back to Magicka.

  8. Enzo says:

    This is totally offtopic but i don’t care:

    Holy shit, new DLC pack just came out for Railworks 3. It’s called Trains vs Zombies. There are zombies and flying trains in it. Christ.

  9. pupsikaso says:

    Uh, how many DLCs is that already? But have they actually fixed the problem with the game? Because I don’t see how they can possibly expect me to buy DLC when the game is broken?

  10. bick4ord says:

    does this fix the broken unplayable mess that is multiplayer?

  11. Anthile says:

    Wait, is Mr. Cobbett a giant spider?

  12. InternetBatman says:

    I’ll add yet another voice to the “they need to fix multiplayer first” crowd. After that they need to fix the horrible checkpoint save system. I liked it well enough, but gave up at the Fafnir level because the game kept crashing and the horrible save system meant that I had to start the level completely over, a level that is extremely fiddly in the first place.

    I liked the game, but I don’t expect those types of bugs when I buy a game months after release.

  13. scorcher24 says:

    No Patch the last month to adress the MP Problems.
    Nuff said.
    Ain’t buying until they fix their ****** Code.

  14. deadly.by.design says:

    Magicka actually works pretty well for both me and my friends that play it.

    So, yay. Any excuse to play more is a good one.

  15. Nim says:

    Will not buy until they fix both MP code and optimize the engine to playable levels (pseudo-gaming laptops at least).

  16. Tatourmi says:

    I have no issue with the multiplayer, I do however have an issue with the massive nerf they put on some spells, namely the self shield and the shard shotgun when imbued with other stuff. Both are now completely useless and are not funny anymore, I WANT MY SHARD SHOTGUN BACK! Oh, and besides the completely overpowered spell one friend of mine constantly uses, a strange mix between shield, rock, lightning and whatnot, that does an almost instant 3K to 4K damage and paralyses the enemy (Or friend) has not changed the least bit. It truly killed the game for me. I understand the need to nerf them, but they literally became useless.

  17. Xan says:

    This is nice, a proper expansion pack. Vietnam was a bit of a letdown, then again I guess I expected it to be like 1-2 acts in the style of the Adventure Mode.

  18. cloudkiller says:

    I played through the entire game in MP mode with my bro and only had a few issues from time to time. Just open up ports until things work, it worked for us and we had so much fun playing this game. Definitely will be picking up this DLC if for no other reason than to kill bro a few thousand more times. QFASA [space] … BAM, dead.

  19. Andrigaar says:

    Adding another: Fix your multiplayer code, and we’ll talk. Leave it in shambles, and all your DLC can be shoved up yer behinds. No use to me if I can’t actually play it.

  20. turd_ferguson says:

    me: omg magicka is great! every buy this game!
    me: omg they made a vietnam-themed expansion! this looks hilarious! it costs as much as the original game! i will buy this immediately!

    (plays first level of dlc)
    (plays… wait what?! thats IT?!)

    me: fuck magicka.

  21. Hoaxfish says:

    Given the previous trailers (especially the Vietnam one), I was imagining this was gonna be another good one… disappointed.

  22. Urthman says:

    It would also be awesome if they’d consider tweaking the game so it’s fun playing single-player.

    It’s already kind of fun playing solo, at least the first few levels, but then it just got too hard and I gave up.
    Something as simple as a difficulty slider. Or as awesome as re-balancing the spells when you play solo…

  23. Stephen Roberts says:

    While I think it’s a fantastic game, I too hold that the unreliable and cruddy nature of the net code is unacceptably poor. You can ignore those issues to release humourous costumes but not fully fledged campaigns.

    I would guess that 1/3rd of my steam ‘play time’ is menus / connection errors and general crash-fuckery.