RPS Asks: Games For Halloween?

You are him.
It’s Satan’s birthday on Monday, which means it’s time to sit inside and pretend no-one’s home while the neighbourhood kids prowl for candy. But what games should we be playing while we make absent? It seems to me like Costume Quest is the thematically cute suggestion, and Amnesia is the Actually Scary suggestion. But what else? Your thoughts, please, folks.


  1. Igor Hardy says:

    For a perfect Halloween game you could dig out the ancient Voodoo Kid by the late Infogrames.

    And while you’re at it what about their pure horror offerings – the original Alone in the Dark trilogy, Shadow of the Comet – the best Cthulhu game there is, and the somewhat weaker Prisoner of Ice.

    Other then that you can’t beat Thief: The Dark Project for dark, immersive game world with hours of gameplay.

    But most of all I wish there was some kind of Halloween ‘Trick-or-Treat’ Pirate Kart to be honest.

  2. jaheira says:

    Enemy Mutalisks.

    The horror ….. the horror.

  3. Wizardry says:

    Escape from Hell

    A cheesy comedy horror RPG that uses the Wasteland engine. Turn-based of course.

  4. chabuhi says:

    Haunted House (on the cartoony/cute side)

    Doom 3 (I’ll probably be laughed out of here for saying that)

    Scratches (Definitely be laughed out of here for that!)

    Indigo Prophecy (QTEs be damned)

    • Stuart Walton says:

      Not quite.

      Scratches is one of very few adventure games that creeps the hell out of me. It’s a perfect recommendation for Halloween.

    • Jake says:

      What’s this Scratches? It’s on sale on Steam at the moment but I can’t tell what the gameplay is like.

    • rei says:

      Ooh, Scratches is on sale. Sold! I played it a little bit when it came out and found it really creepy. A bit too creepy perhaps as I’m not good with such things, but maybe it’s time for another go. The atmosphere was really strong.

      Anyway, as I recall it plays a bit like Myst, if that helps. Well a lot like Myst. Or exactly like Myst really.

    • Igor Hardy says:

      The author of Scratches hates Myst, if I remember correctly from his Matt Chat interview, so I don’t think he would agree with you about how the gameplay in his game is like. :)

    • Hidden_7 says:

      Oh no! He’s become what he hates! That’s the scariest thing of all.

  5. aircool says:

    Attic Attack!

  6. BathroomCitizen says:

    Before Halloween I usually scour the internet in search of Half-Life 1/2, Doom and Quake 1 Halloween-themed mods. Also some Neverwinter Nights 1 modules.

    It’s always a nice experience destroying monsters inside an haunted house – or something along the lines – during Halloween. Can’t wait.

  7. Bodylotion says:

    games like Killing Floor & Left 4 Dead 2 are great for Halloween. Also Team Fortress 2 (Halloween), Sanitarium, Clive Barkers Jericho, Ghostbusters and Vampire Masquerade bloodlines are good.
    I might play the Amnesia DLC “Justine” or Alien vs Predator but i probably end up playing Fallout New Vegas or FIFA 12………

  8. Archonsod says:

    Probably Sword of the Stars II since it’s released tomorrow. If I had to do something in theme though I’d go with the Druid campaign for King Arthur, seeing as it’s Samhain and all. What’s this Halloween thing you’re all talking about? :P

    Actually, the new DLC for Railworks that should be out later today has me intrigued – Trains vs Zombies.

  9. Chaz says:

    Minecraft single player.

    You’ve been playing for a couple of hours, and then you start to get this horrible suspicious feeling that someone or something else is in the game with you. How could that be? You’re playing it in single player mode, and yet still you having this feeling like someone is behind you, staring at you. You turn around quickly, but of course there’s nobody there, and yet still this horrible feeling persists that you are not alone, that some entity, some alien intelligence is sharing your game space with you; lurking, watching, waiting.

    Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

  10. Agricola says:

    + 1 for The Thing,

    Its getting on a bit now but if you can get past that its worth trying. It really is something to hand an AI character a medkit and hope he has your back, to then turn around and see that hes suddenly turned into a tentacled freak who wants to eat your face!

  11. The Innocent says:

    Well, not a PC game, but I’m having a few friends up to play a horrifying game of Mansions of Madness, using a scenario I’ve specifically designed for Halloween! It should be excellent fun.

  12. ResonanceCascade says:

    I always keep Undying installed for just this time of year.

  13. Fomorian1988 says:

    I myself will be taking the role of terror incarnation – as in, I’ll be still playing Dungeon Keeper. Abandon hope, ye who enter my lair…

  14. Jake says:

    Penumbra was scarier than Amnesia I thought – better voice acting (than bloody Daniel) and environment (than the oddly huge castle) and even though the combat was terrible the fact that you could at least try to fight gave the game an extra element that was missing in Amnesia where when you saw a monster you either hid or died, no middle ground. Those fucking spiders in Penumbra were infuriating and terrifying all at once.

    Silent Hill 2 is the scariest (and best) game I’ve ever played. 3 and 4 are good as well and still have pretty good graphics considering the age.

    Call of Cthulhu is not very scary unfortunately, possibly just a bit too dated. Condemned: Criminal Origins is actually a fun game with great first person brawling, but not half as scary as it could have been. Cryostasis might be worth a look but it wasn’t my cup of tea. The Void was just irritating. I can’t think of any others.

  15. Shooop says:

    Nightmare House 2.

    Mannequins! Mannequins every goddamn where!

  16. KindredPhantom says:

    How about the Half-Life 2/Source modification No More Room In Hell? It is releasing it’s first beta this halloween and should be fun for a few hours of co-op zombie shooting. link to moddb.com

  17. Bodylotion says:

    What about: Scratches, System Shock 2, Alien vs Predator 2, Dead Rising, Doom 3, FEAR, Metro 2033, Painkiller, Resident Evil?

  18. Timtoid says:

    I’m dragging my way through Amnesia. Hope to be done by/on Halloween. Maybe I’ll force myself to complete it Halloween night if not.

  19. sinister agent says:

    I will be playing the scariest of all games, again and again. Here’s a hint:

    Ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies and ponies aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

  20. Ham Solo says:

    Maybe “Limbo” again.
    Or “Call of Cthulhu – Dark Corners of the earth”. Gamebreaking bugs, but a great feeling.

  21. pertusaria says:

    Plants vs. Zombies is fun and on Steam, for those who haven’t played it already. Definitely filed under “thematically cute”, though, not scary. I also recommend logging into Kingdom of Loathing to trick-or-treat for anyone who plays that occasionally.

    I’ll be busy with non-game things during Halloween and not planning to buy anything spooky this weekend (so far), but looking forward to the Halloween Easter egg on Unepic.

  22. wererogue says:

    I can’t recommend Project Zero/Fatal Frame, because it was never on PC. Oh well. You could emulate it, maybe? It did a great job of making you feel at a disadvantage.

    I’d agree with all the people endorsing Sanitarium, CoC: Dark Corners of the Earth (I love the biometric atmospheric tricks it plays, and the treatment of the mythos is top-notch), and Bloodlines (oh god get the community patches).

    Additionally, if you have a lot of time (like dungeon-keeper length) Ghost Master is well worth a shot for a thematic game.

    Sherlock Homes: The Awakened is almost not awful, and is also really scary.