Men of War: Vietnam Game Editor Released

Be advised, we have found Buddha and are seeking enlightenment, over

Those men, they do like a good war. But what, if anything, is armed conflict good for? It’s good for modding tool updates, that’s what. 1C Company have just released an update to Men of War: Vietnam, focusing on balance issues and ever-popular mod support. A tough game on release, even the mighty brains of Jim and Tim had trouble with the difficulty of the base game, as Jim mentions in his review of the first level. It’s good to see that problem addressed. It’s better to see the comprehensive new mod tools, allowing creation of custom scenarios and entirely new maps. Mod tools, the order of the day.

The new patch will automatically update for Steam users, and is also available to download here.


  1. Real Horrorshow says:

    Quick, someone replace all the voice acting.

    My tolerance for poor production values is very high, but Jesus Christ…

    • PleasingFungus says:

      The voice acting is the best part of Men of War games! If you honestly don’t enjoy lines like “And zis is the smartest choice of all you have”, you are dead inside.

    • Real Horrorshow says:

      My favourite is the American soldiers shouting “For the Motherland!”

      Perhaps someone in Russia might think that’s just a common battle cry, but someone needs to explain to him how weird it is coming from a Yank.

    • timmyvos says:

      “Aim is in the reachzone” is like the best thing in the entire series!

    • roethle says:

      Best voice acting since Soldner: Secret Wars. I wish my little men of war would walk around muttering Soldner to themselves.

  2. Nallen says:

    Where are all the people saying this is the easiest game they ever played and they accidentally completed it or super hard mode just by half-heartedly waiving their cat off their keyboard?

    • purple light says:

      yeah where are those people. this is the only one of these games that’s given me trouble, mainly because of out-of-the-blue mines in the middle of nowhere and getting my helicopter patrol timings wrong.

  3. Vinraith says:

    Mod tools, that’s excellent! Here’s hoping for a Vietnam-era dynamic campaign mod, though I really wish the devs would get around to making a game of that sort officially.

    • oatbag says:

      DCG has been out for a bit. Although Im hoping that with this update, the newer version of Vietnam DCG will be easier to install. I lost hours trying to get it to work. STEAM is not friendly in this way.

    • Vinraith says:

      Ah, cool, I hadn’t noticed that so I appreciate the heads-up. Is MoW:Vietnam a Steamworks game?

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      Not sure if it’s steamworks but I haven’t seen it for sale at GamersGate just through Amazon (who sells a lot of steamworks games).

      I usually don’t buy if it’s not on Gog, GG.

    • destroy.all.monsters says:

      My apologies – it is now on GamersGate (though they do carry some steamworks games too) with Other DRM listed. So it might be infected with Steamworks after all but possibly not.

    • Vinraith says:

      Gamersgate always lists Steamworks games as “Requires Third Party Download” in the DRM line, so presumably it’s not.

      That’s good, after SotS 2 today I’ve had my fill of surprise Steamworks titles for the decade.

  4. cairbre says:

    I like the other MoW games assault squad being my favorite particularly after the last patch how does this game compare. I really only play single player.

    And Aim is in the reach zone is one of the greatest lines in gaming history!

  5. zhchgg says:

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  6. flem says:

    Not a bad, very realistic. This is for cool men.

  7. RetaSchm4451 says:

    mat kinh hang hieu
    It’s funny considering 1C Is the publishing company for most if not all of the Men of War games. and the games they make themselves in the series turn out to be garbage compared to their Child Companies like Best Way and DMS. I totally agree…the only thing I was looking forward to about this game was the editor and making my own battles in it. I have already finished all the missions in MOW V and I’ll be back playing MOW AS in the editor and online as of now.
    I’ll give them a few weeks to see if C1 adds the editor in an update and then if not, I’ll delete it just as I did with MOW RT.