Chaotic Co-Op: Space Marine

Things I have noticed - Chaos is often purple

Space Marine’s recently added co-op horde mode already has additional content on the way. Latin-Dalek-impersonating Exterminatus mode originally added two scenarios for free, but THQ are preparing to release another chunk of content called Chaos Unleashed. Keeping Chaos on a leash is like keeping a cat on a leash so this is a sensible move but what does it add to the game? For the price of “800 Microsoft Points or equivalent”, them being the world’s major currency apparently, Chaos Unleashed let’s you fight swarms of Orks and Imperial Guard as a ruddy great Chaos Marine.

The inclusion of both Orks and the Guard is suggestive of at least two new scenarios and there will indeed be multiple arenas, new boss rounds and new Imperial enemies to rip through. On top of that, there are three new multiplayer maps, which is nice.

I’m all for a bit of Chaos Marination. My first and only 40K army was made up of the blighters, with my modelling skills extending to gluing an extra limb on every third Marine and thinking to myself, this is totally the most chaotic thing.


  1. Nullkigan says:

    Exterminatus is largely unplayable because it uses P2P servers and an incredible number of people do not have good computers/connections. Even if I were interested by this DLC, I would not buy it because it would not work.

    Relic really need to think this “internet” stuff through before trying to make it the major selling point for their games, they have a record of terrible decisions (remember the original matchmaking and ranking systems for CoH and DoW 1?)

    • Ed123 says:

      Yep, mark me down as another victim of p2p. When it works, it’s great – I’m normally not a multiplayer guy but I made an exception for this. But the vast majority of the time lag in multi/exterm is well below the average experience I’d have in other games.

  2. hjd_uk says:

    “You milage may vary”
    Ive had a mixed bag of connections, some games have been awful and some have been absolutly fine.
    I think there should be more options like only allowing connections to games with certain bandwith and reducing the region in which connections are made etc. The matchmaking is as obscure and opaque as you could make it : Hit “Go” and wait for the cryptic nonsencical numbers to change until you get matched up :/ .
    On the whole though the P2P has been laggy (but i kind of expext that), it seems games companies code their networking libraries to non-UK connection speeds ( i.e to countries who actually have an internet infrastructure ).

  3. Theoban says:

    I’m having an enormous amount of fun in the co-op with my friends, one night a week we stop being nerds working in tech support and become giant armoured gods, repelling the alien horde.

    So whilst I’m not the world’s biggest DLC fan, I’ll probably pick this up, as more arenas and especially more enemies is going to be excellent

    And then wooshbang all the way to victory.

  4. razzafazza says:

    Playing Exterminatus solo is more fun than playing the bleh singleplayer campaign of SM – unfortunately it gets too hard too early so you obviously will never make it to the later waves on your own =/
    wish they d somehow scale the ammount of enemies to numbers of players present (like many other similar modes in other games do) but i guess making the DLC attractive for solo-players would only attract more people to buy the DLC and therefore be too logical to do.

    Obviously its most fun with a group of friends but gaming friends are hard to come by when you are an old fart with a family of your own and your gaming mates are in the same situation …. so that unfortunately happens way too rarely these days….

    in retrospect i (and them probably too) wish they skipped the crappy campaign and introduced more of the great multiplayer and coop goodness from the getgo. playing the coop mode solo with customizable AI mates (early previews for SM had those in) with more maps and the unlocks >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> failed blockbuster campaign anyhow.

    • nofing says:

      Yeah I don’t get that either. They made the same stupid decision in DOW:Retributions Last Stand mode (actually even worse, because you can’t even choose to play SP). I know those games are more fun, when played in a group, but sometimes I just want to play alone and far too often my connection is just too wobbly to support lag-free online play.

  5. Skeletor68 says:

    I just finished DOW2 and Chaos RIsing. Think I may wait until there is possibility of a GOTY version. Demo was fun.

  6. The Sombrero Kid says:

    If this had the depth of last stand it’d be immense, but it don’t, last stand is better.

  7. mondomau says:

    I won’t be buying this I’ve still got the hump about the shitty MP lag and also needing to unlock the customisation feature and then EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF ARMOUR INDIVIDUALLY.

    Irrational I know, but it irritates the piss out of me anyway.

  8. TormDK says:

    I’ll be getting this, simply to support the franchise.

  9. Snidesworth says:

    Chaos based co-op is good and all, but from the sounds of things it’ll be fairly similar to Exterminatus. New Imperium based foes and boss fights are nice and all, but how about something more objective driven? An assault on an Imperial outpost, perhaps? Small, opposing teams with asymmetrical victory conditions would be particularly tasty.

    New maps are good, though. As is the the inclusion of CTF which, from what the official website says, will be added for free.

  10. Magus44 says:

    I’m in the “What The Hell” P2P servers boat as well.
    Out of around 20 games that I tried, I got good pings in around.. 2 of them. Those 2 games were amazing. But It was so frustrating seeing what it could be always being blocked by stupid server decisions.
    I loved Last Stand, (even if it was stupid that you HAD to play with 3 people, ONLY 3 NO MORE NO LESS). Beat the final level and all had 2 level 20 heroes, and I want to play this but just cant. At least not the way I wanted :(.

  11. DarthBenedict says:

    Have relic ever made a game that worked on the internets?

  12. Hypernetic says:

    I’ve added this game to my growing list of games that I enjoyed but regret paying for. Whereas a game like Battlefield or even an Elder Scrolls game can provide years of entertainment for 50-60 bucks, this one doesn’t.

  13. bleeters says:

    Well, hopefully this’ll mean Space Marine turns up on steam in the UK at the same time.

    Not quite convinced that I’ll buy it, mind you. The co-op is great and all when it works, but so very often it just doesn’t. Why can’t I preview what classes others are intending to play, so we don’t end up with four tactical marines starving for ammunition? Why does it involve using an incredibly shoddy P2P system? Why does your matchmaking service keep putting me into games already in progress, so I have to wait until they finish the round to actually get in? Boggles the mind, sometimes.

    That, and Chaos are functionally identical to Space Marines in the multiplayer for this. New maps are all well and good, but I can’t quite shake off that uncomfortable suspicion I’m paying 800 monopoly pounds to unlock character skins that’re already in the game.

  14. Rond says:

    “800 Microsoft Points or equivalent”? Any word on a PC release?

  15. The JG Man says:

    Another one for the P2P disappointment. Space Marine’s MP and Exterminatus are extremely fun, but without the stable connection, it’s just flat-out not worth playing. The result is a great game that’s going to be lost to the library’s of all its owners as more stable online games come out. Which is a real shame because it was genuinely fun.

  16. Isometric says:

    Now if we could only play as Imperial Guard…