Ridge Racer Unbounded Destroys Cities

Cars: famously territorial animals.
User-generated tracks and cars fighting or something: Ridge Racer Unbounded! I didn’t realise this about the new Ridge Racer game, but fortunately Namco’s press release guy was standing right here in the internet: “With the new sophisticated City Creator, fans can easily create an unlimited number of tracks and share them with their friends for limitless replay value,” he says. Thanks, Namco guy! Anything else? “Domination Race encourages players to destroy everything in sight including rival cars, the environment and other traffic on the road.” Cars destroying the environment, eh? A lesson there for us all. Mm.

Strange promotional video below!

I copied that video embed code into clipboard like four times before I actually remembered to paste it. Each time I managed to then copy something else before I got back here. Yes, it’s a measure of the length of my attention span that I managed to get distracted in the time it took to switch to this tab from the Namco videos tab, and it happened several times.

I am doomed.


  1. AshEnke says:

    It’s actually quite attractive.
    A bit of Split/second, a bit of Trackmania, a bit of Burnout, but it looks fun !

  2. CaspianRoach says:

    So it’s Trackmania with collision detection.

  3. Chizu says:

    This interests me alot more now. The first teaser vids were so “meh”.
    I likes me some good violent racey action.

    They had the Flatout guys working on this right?
    I did so enjoy those games.

  4. Jake says:

    So in this game you play a someone that builds cities or worlds and then tries to destroy their rival’s creations with their car? And one of your rivals is creepily narrating this video and is angry that you are trying to ‘take over’ her city and so is out to destroy your creations in her car? What? They should have called this game Vengeful Car Gods.

  5. rayne117 says:

    That voiceover was really weird.

    And my general experience with racing games is you’re either in 1st/2nd spot fighting it out and the rest of the people are in the back wallowing in their failures, or nobody ever sees another person and they just drive to the finish on their own times. That second one DOMINATES the whole point because you never get to hit other people.

  6. scottossington says:

    “Domination Race encourages players to destroy everything in sight including rival cars, the environment and other traffic on the road.” Cars destroying the environment, eh? A lesson there for us all. Mm.

    It’s for writing like this that I continue to come back to this site. Hilarious!!

  7. Prime says:

    I miss Wipeout on the PC. :(

  8. Text_Fish says:

    That voice actor has to win some sort of award for her lack of enthusiasm.

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  10. subenji says:

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  11. Phinor says:

    I so wish Bugbear would go back to their roots and did Rally Trophy 2. Or heck, even went back to FlatOut and instead of going the FlatOut 2-Ultimate Carnage route, go the other way. Make it more like you are (contact) racing with terrible cars and less like you are playing a racing game with explosions.

    But ah, I’m dreaming. It will never happen when majority of racing gamers just want.. well, what Ridge Racer offers.

  12. Danny252 says:

    “I’ll track you down”

    Hee, a racing game made a joke.

    It was a joke, right?

    Cos any time someone says a word with homophone with a meaning related to the subject, it’s a joke?

    I’ll get my coat.

  13. Roshin says:

    Another Ridge Racer, eh? They’ll BURNOUT at this pace.

  14. skyturnedred says:

    Didn’t even know this series was still alive. But since it’s being developed by Bugbear, I will check it out. Racing games with destruction are always fun for a while.

  15. wodin says:

    Destructuable buildings, yet no car damage model, and I expect no cockpit view.

  16. Ondrej says:

    I don’t know, but shouldn’t this be Unbound? Or I might just be slow on Friday morning..

  17. vodka and cookies says:

    Namco releasing something on the PC! that is surprising, if only they would do that for more of their games.

  18. roryok says:

    Hey does anyone remember Streets of Sim City? Was I the only one who played that?