Thin On Top: Four New Max Payne 3 Shots

Pictures are like the ultimate slo-mo.
New shots of Max Payne 3 are always a welcome sight. Not due until March next year, we’re obviously still a way off from actually seeing anything useful, so clearly dripping out the odd picture here an there is the usual tedious PR game we all have to put up with for some reason. Still, by February we’ll be sick of the sight of it, so let’s make the most of still feeling that frisson of early excitement? I don’t know. I’m confused about what to be cross about. I’ll just be cross about everything.

Stupid bloody kittens cutely playing with each other. Sodding cure for a terrible disease. Ghastly ponycorns frollicking in all that stupid free money.

Click on them to make them magically zoom toward you, threatening your face.

Don’t forget to read Andrew’s preview of the game, whatever you do.


  1. povu says:

    Still looks like Nick from Left4Dead 2 with more facial hair.

  2. Burning Man says:

    Why can’t I see the bottom edge of the image in the previews?

  3. coldvvvave says:

    I asked for this.

  4. pacificator says:

    He’s old and fat but he can still do matrix like jumps :). It would be funny to see him fail in 1 of 5 attempts to jump like that.
    On the other hand am I the only one that sees something unusual with his arm in the last picture?

    • ThinkAndGrowWitcher says:

      “…something unusual with his arm in the last picture?”

      Yes, the prosthetic hook at the end of it is the wrong way round.

    • Jim9137 says:

      It’s not very anatomically correct.

      The explosion, that is.

    • pacificator says:

      Maybe it’s from that warp speed blur…?

  5. HelderPinto says:

    Wow that bottle in very high res on the second to last shot!

  6. Aspongeinmauve says:

    I can get over Max being bald, but sunlight? Max Payne is played in the gritty night.

  7. Squire says:

    They look good but is anyone worried by this phrase written under the first screen [4th screen on rps], as seen on the Rockstar Newswire

    “Certain areas of the environment will trigger a special Bullet TimeĀ® sequence, allowing Max to unleash even more devastation on his foes.”

    Uh Oh….hopefully it means aiming and shooting what you want from that construction crane hook while sliding in slo-mo but it could easily also mean PRESS X TO KILL THE BAD GUY IN THE FACE.

    John – Did your man who played the demo code see anything like this happening?

    • SlayerCake says:

      Actually I’m almost certain he said in the preview that you get unlimited ammo for a brief period of time but you still have control.

  8. Kleppy says:

    That certainly looks like a game in which you shoot guns.

  9. Shooop says:

    Diving towards people while shooting.

    This is Max Payne.

  10. Jesse L says:

    Why would you dive and shoot toward a guy in cover? There are no bullets to dodge, you just want him to stay ducked behind cover. I imagine Max is in the middle of a series of suppressive leaps… Poor guy seems to have developed a complex and can’t shoot a gun with both feet on the floor. Having that hook to hang from in the fourth picture must be a real relief.

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