Kark At This: BF3 Expansion Trailer

This just in: Battlefield 4 will also probably charge for these maps.

I’ve spent the last ten minutes trying and failing to make the Battlefield 3 noise with my mouth, but it has too many digital effects over it and my mouth, as I’ve just discovered, is analogue. Such mimicry is my usual reaction to squelchy electronica, and I just watched the trailer for Back to Karkand, the first expansion to EA’s five-million and counting selling lawnmower simulator. Join me below in watching it.

It cleverly takes the classic Battlefield maps (ie: the ones we actually want to play), Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqui Peninsula, and Wake Island, and takes the new engine and makes them kiss. The are three new vehicles and ten new weapons, too. Bonus: if you pre-ordered the main game, you’ll get it for free, the rest will have to pay £11.99/$15/23.5666666 Peggles.


  1. Nallen says:

    £12! I am fucking incensed.

    • DrGonzo says:

      Yes. I didn’t realise all this until I had already bought the game. I’m rather pissed off in fact. I know when it comes out I won’t be able to play with my mates any more so I may as well quit playing now.

    • sneetch says:

      Really? This is a surprise? They’ve been moving closer to the COD model with everything they’ve done, BC2 Vietnam was (about) this price too. I saw it as inevitable.

      Edit: apologies guys, you’re right, it’s too much for something like this and touting it immediately after they release the game stings a bit too.

    • coldvvvave says:

      Remember Northern Strike? It was almost five years ago.

    • DrGonzo says:

      You may be right. I didn’t buy either BC2 or BF2 until well into their life spans, for very cheap including all the add ons. But this time I had a pc that could run it well at launch so I picked it up last week. I’ve definitely learned my lesson.

    • Groove says:

      “I know when it comes out I won’t be able to play with my mates any more so I may as well quit playing now.”

      Yeah….I’ve not bought it yet, and the idea of having to immeadiately lay down another £12 to actually play multiplayer is insane.

      I know a lot of people say they won’t buy the game over shit like this, but I was going to have bought it before the end of the year. Now I’ll never buy it, since if they’re doing this within a month of release, hell know they’re going to keep doing it.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      If you pre-ordered off Origin or got the LE box (or any Le digi or whatever) you get this for free anyway! They have plastered this info on every trailer, web-ad and TV spot for about 9 months. Why are all your knickers in a twist?

      Are you guys actually serious? If any of you skimped on the no price hike LE for this when the info has been in everyones face for ages, there is just no excuse for it aside from the ability to make complaining comments like this.

    • pepper says:

      Getting fucked over is not a reason to complain about? Do you realize that DICE added more maps in patches to BF2 after release in the past then is in this pack. Even the addons for BF2 had more content then just these maps.

    • Nallen says:

      @shaydeeadi So here’s the deal. I go in to Game to pick up the LE and they have sold out. I know that the back to Karkand stuff is 4 maps so I think to myself, 4 maps cannot be more than £8. They’ve already made them for God’s sake. So I go ahead and buy the regular version for £5 less and think, well, I am happy to take the hit.

      What I did not expect was for it to cost 30% of the initial value of the game, or be released a week later.

      You know what would be sensible? the other shooter is out in a few days. This map pack should have been given to everyone, free, when that launched.

    • Groove says:

      “You know what would be sensible? the other shooter is out in a few days. This map pack should have been given to everyone, free, when that launched.”

      I think that’s a good point. You’d assume that with the rivalry between the two games EA would be pulling as hard as possible to steal customers away from ‘the other shooter’.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      “You know what would be sensible? the other shooter is out in a few days. This map pack should have been given to everyone, free, when that launched.”

      That is very true, and I would be miffed slightly had I of not got the LE since I read the memo.
      Probably still would of bought it though, hate to admit.
      A buddy of mine managed to get the LE on the Monday in a shop, I just assumed that everywhere still had loads of them going about.

      I have very reluctantly begun getting involved on this pre-order malarkey as you seem to get left out if you don’t, but I also have no interest in making a stand on something so frivolous as a game purchase if option B will cost more in the long run.

    • HolyLiaison says:

      You lot are whiny little bitches. Crying over $15 or whatever it is in your silly little countries. I pay that much to go to a damn movie just once! Plus if you compare this to the CoD series and their shittacular DLC’s with only 4 maps this is a way better deal.

      This is what gaming is now, a giant DLC party. Grow a pair and live with it or get the fuck out.

    • vodkarn says:

      Awaiting orbital bombardment of new poster in 3, 2 …

    • HolyLiaison says:

      You know what would be sensible? the other shooter is out in a few days. This map pack should have been given to everyone, free, when that launched.

      Yes, that other shooter is coming out. You know the one that rapes you with DLC’s worse than any game ever. And they charge the same ammount for their map packs as DICE is for this one. But guess what? That other game gives less in theirs than DICE does, and you want DICE to give theirs out for free?

      Ain’t that some funny shit.

    • Sassenach says:

      Four posts with a confrontational tone on the first page alone. Gosh. I wonder what this could be.

    • nirs says:

      what are you guys whining about ? 10E is not much, even if you didn’t buy limited edition the game itself was cheaper than most full price games (49E and i bought my BF3 for 25E – digital version)

    • Shooop says:

      Seriously? Didn’t you read all the trailers telling you to pre-order and you’d get this for free?

      You didn’t really think they’d give it out for free to anyone who didn’t did you? They started using the CoD business model of selling map packs in 2010’s Medal of Duty.

    • Smarag says:

      We should still complain about it. Not providing mod tools and then selling map packs is unacceptable. Also those without principles should google for keys selling sites. Many of them still have the Limited Edition for 30-40€.

    • Premium User Badge

      Joshua says:

      [quote]Crying over $15 or whatever it is in your silly little countries. I pay that much to go to a damn movie just once! [/quote]

      That is because your currency is silly. We pay twice that for the expansion pack because we actually have stable currencies.

      [quote]You didn’t really think they’d give it out for free to anyone who didn’t did you? They started using the CoD business model of selling map packs in 2010′s Medal of Duty.

      Actually, they did it with Battlefield 2’s Euro Force and Battlefield 2142 Northern Strike as well.

    • Sheza says:

      You really should have pre-ordered then shouldn’t you? It was stated clearly that the Limited Edition was a pretty much “pre-order or good luck with leftover stock” situation, and it was clearly stated that the expansion pack would cost money if you did not have the LE.

      Also may I remind you that the world has not yet toppled itself, and October to December is not, as of yet, equatable to “1 week”.

      Good day, sir.

    • pertusaria says:

      @HolyLiaison: I take issue with your stance that DRM is just a fact of life, and DLC that costs more than one week’s pocket money (to throw another arbitrary unit into the thread) isn’t something people can be justifiably annoyed about. Gaming isn’t one massive DRM party, although FPSs almost all seem to be, so if that’s the only kind of game that interests you I guess you’re stuck. It doesn’t justify a broad sweeping statement on all gaming. And yeah, it costs me ten shiny yoyos to go to see a film too – that’s why I don’t go to films much anymore.

      I found some of the comments on link to rockpapershotgun.com fairly persuasive on why Origin is not just the same as Steam, but of course you may differ.

    • Zeronine says:

      So you draw a line in the sand and say “I think this is an acceptable deal for a game”, and then after a while a game publisher crosses that line. Some people are outraged and some try to calm the outrage claiming the line wasn’t crossed very far, and other publishers still provide decent deals.
      Reluctantly you draw a new line in the sand and either turn away from the unacceptable deal or you tell yourself there’s nothing you can do and you end up buying the game anyway.
      Soon after, the other publishers cross the old line one by one, to be able to compete with the publisher that first crossed it.

      A couple months pass and a new batch of games are due for release, but some of them appear to be missing some features you’ve been taking for granted, some only have half as many maps as you expected, some require you to register at the publisher’s server, some are released so buggy that they won’t even run on your computer.
      Reluctantly you have to draw a new line and you wait for next year’s batch of games.

      Next year all the games are missing features, some are missing even more features than last year. Some publishers start offering the missing features as a service you have to pay a monthly fee for. All the games have less maps than usual, some even have maps and gamemodes locked on the game disc and require you to pay more money to unlock them. Once you unlock them you can’t play with any of your friends who haven’t unlocked them. Most of the games won’t run properly at launch, some even require a special version of your display drivers to start, and it takes longer before the publisher fixes the problems. All the games require you to ask the publisher for permission to play they game you bought, some even require you to stay online for every second you’re playing the game, even though it’s a single-player game. Some require you to install programs that look trough everything you have on your computer.

      All the publishers ask you to go on their Facebook-profile so you can tell all your friends that you “like” them.

      You draw yet another line in the sand and start to wonder what the publishers have in store for next year…

    • Ruffian says:

      to be kind of fair, at least in my region most of the copies sold during release had codes to get this for free included in them. actually they still have tons of copies of it (dlc included) at the walmart up the street from me. yeah it’s stupid though still, i agree, they should just give it to everyone anyway.

  2. CaspianRoach says:

    So no new single-player content then?

  3. coldvvvave says:

    Where is my Road to Jalalabad, Dice?

    • Dreamhacker says:


      (there’s a meme mashup for you)

    • Sweedums says:

      Jalalabad and Mashtuur would both be lovely additions, though I’m also a bit disappointed we won’t see dragon valley, that map was fantastic.

    • Felixader says:

      Dragon valley? Like the Dragon Valley from Dark Souls?

      Oh yeah i can picture it now, me, an anti air turret and those frickin’ dragons!

    • battles_atlas says:

      I am very much ensaddened to not be getting Mashtur

    • armyofdan says:

      I just want Mashtuur and Jbad. I highly approve of Oman and wake, though.

      At first i was irritated that it was the russians again but not I kinda get it. Their equipment matches up against the U.S. gear well as far as balance goes.

  4. Pheeze says:

    No MEC? How sad, I always loved the Arabic sayings and their uniforms/weaponry. Their theme music was the best by far.

    Come to think of it, I’m a little let down in the diversity of the factions in BF3… only 2. Feels more like a Bad Company game than a true Battlefield successor.

    • coldvvvave says:


    • westyfield says:

      Yeah, looks like they’re sticking with the heroic USA (hooray! freedom!) vs the evil Russians (boo! commies!), instead of the PLA/MEC. Shame.

    • Pheeze says:

      Surely it couldn’t have taken them long to re-skin RU and record a couple of phrases for the sake of this expansion pack. Alas!

    • ShineDog says:

      The lead audio guy has made some tweets and statements regarding the sound in game. From what I’ve read the sheer amount of audio is actually quite a factor in including a new faction. Apparently with multiple actors per faction they do about 80 lines per radio event, with common ones like man down having 300 variations. It might not sound like much but given recording studio time and hiring decent actors the obvious effort dice put into audio post production it’s not something they can just slap together.

    • 9of9 says:

      Yeah, looks like they’re sticking with the heroic USA (hooray! freedom!) vs the evil Russians (boo! commies!), instead of the PLA/MEC. Shame.

      Heroic USA vs the evil Russians? I always saw it as heroic Russians vs evil, greedy, corrupt etc. Americans who let CIA assets steal nukes and blow up gorgeous French cities so they can blame the poor, innocent Russians on it ^^

      Edit: Huh, looks my BF3 gravatar thing shows up on WordPress comments too. Groovy.

    • Strangineer says:

      AFAIK they talked Farsi/Persian, not Arabic :D

    • Commisar says:

      WOW, SO MUCH HATE over this DLC. it WAS FREE if you preordered. Oh well, haters gonna hate

  5. trooperdx3117 says:

    Well im definitely glad i pre-ordered this, im liking battlefield 3 alright but god none of them could even compare to Wake island!
    also is that craig pearson from pcgamer that wrote this?! Are you a freelancer now craig?

  6. Joseph-Sulphur says:

    Pearson? In my RPS? What is this madness?

  7. evilbobthebob says:

    Finally, some maps designed with PC Battlefield in mind. So many of the current maps are just messy and chokepoint-filled, and it gets worse with 64 players. Still fun, but not as good as it should be.

    • ShineDog says:

      I think the 4 big maps in BF3 are basically the perfect size for 64. Caspian, Firestorm, Kharg, and Canals are big enough to move around but small enough that things feel intense and epic. Some of the BF2 maps were almost a little too big, I would say. Too much backcapping and downtime.

      I’ll agree that the smaller maps, particularly metro, are too small. The new maps were all awesome though.

    • evilbobthebob says:

      Oh, I can agree with the 4 big maps being good. It’s the urban ones that have the problems, really. Oh, and Damavand. 32 players are generally better in those cases.

    • ShineDog says:

      I think the real problem is that 9 maps is a bit stingy. BF2 had 12, some of them really sucked but 3 extra maps makes a difference.

    • nubbuka says:


      I’ve seen this “comment” before. In the Battlelog forums, they talked about the maps and stuff.
      Battlefield 2 started with 8 maps when it launched (I do know its less than the number of maps in Battlefield 3 but don’t get me on the specific number because I don’t remember exactly).
      After two years, give or take, they released new maps, I think with the special ops expansion.
      Don’t forget about the destructible environment on the maps and what not. In that period of time to balance the entire map WHICH IS HUGE BTW you can make two non-destructible maps.
      Balancing the points and strategic points, etc’.

      I don’t know what’s so bad about the price of these maps. They are going to be epic. I for one have purchased the Limited Edition, per-purchased for a matter of fact. And I would gladly pay for these maps if I needed to.
      I know “In my good ol’ days, maps were free and weren’t 15$ for small maps like COD”,
      I agree with that. But guess what? EA is in control =\ That’s right.
      You can’t win them all. Eh?

    • ShineDog says:

      Uhm. Okay? I still think that by todays standards 9 isn’t many. It isn’t ridiculously terrible though, and since I’m getting 4 new maps to top that up for free I’m not that upset.

    • vodkarn says:

      “Don’t forget about the destructible environment on the maps and what not. In that period of time to balance the entire map WHICH IS HUGE BTW you can make two non-destructible maps.
      Balancing the points and strategic points, etc’.”

      The destructible environments don’t somehow increase the time it takes to make a map. Maybe by minutes, but it’s not like they’re individually modelling every single piece of physics object every time they add a new house.

    • Nick says:

      @nubbuka Um, no, Battlefield 2 launched with 12 maps pretty much all of which were bigger in play area than every BF3 map and most had multiple sizes for smaller amounts of players (BF3 sort of does this, only some of its maps are far too small for 64 to start with). I don’t know where you are getting your info from but it is incorrect.

      They released wake island for it not too much later, Special Forces had 8 maps alone, but they were a sort of seperate game in a way. Then they released a couple of other ones for BF2 for free much later in its life, and the two “booster packs” that sucked.

    • pepper says:

      Nop, BF2 started with 12 maps on release:

      Dalian Plant
      Daqing Oilfields
      Dragon Valley
      Fushe Pass
      Gulf of Oman
      Kubra Dam
      Mashtuur City
      Operation Cleansweep
      Sharqie Peninsula
      Songhua Stalemate
      Strike at Karkand
      Zatar Wetlands

      Fully patched to 1.5 you got all the boosterpacks for free and a total of 22 maps excluding the special forces addon which is not released for free.

      The maps that got freely released in patches are(non booster pack)

      Great Wall(1.5? the one map in china with all the canals etc).
      Highway Tampa
      Road to Jalalabad
      Wake Island 2007

  8. Dakia says:

    I thought they changed that and came out and said that everyone would get it free now. Let me see if I can find the link.

    Nevermind. I guess I was mistaken.

  9. Mike says:

    Craig, the reintroduction of the Peggle to RPS measurements has made me so happy.

  10. buzzmong says:

    It’s such a shame that the BF2 maps do look like they’re going to completely trump the standard BF3 maps.

    For the company who promised that “BF3 has the biggest Battlefield maps yet!” I didn’t realise they meant they’d manage do that by importing old maps.

    • wengart says:

      Firestorm and Kharg Island are really cool maps and Caspian Border is also pretty good, if a little too open.

    • buzzmong says:

      Yeah, but notice how they’re the big open maps that give a lot of freedom (and they still suck a bit in rush).

      Metro, Seine, Damavand (sp?) and Tehran highway aren’t very good in both rush and conquest.

  11. Inglourious Badger says:

    Try doing it with some sand and water in your mouth, I think that’ll give you the digital crackle you’re looking for.

    Also, Wake Island, yippee!

    £12 boo.

    Free with pre-orders, phew. At least I’ll be getting them then (Still boo about the whole £12 situation though, you used to get whole Vietnam skins + maps for that!)

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      And whatthehell is ‘extended persistence’? I’m sure i’ve received dodgy spam e-mails promising me that before

    • BAshment says:

      it means the £12 will be persistently gone from your account.

    • ShineDog says:

      As I understand it, you’ll complete challenges to unlock the new stuff, rather than it being tied to your class XP or overall level.

  12. sneetch says:

    Wait, I’m reasonably certain I got the Limited Edition from Game without pre-ordering… hmmm…. not 100% sure but I many be getting this free anyway.

    • Fadobo says:

      Same for me. Bought it in Germany on launch-day at MediaMarkt in store. Also says Limited Edition on the box. I’m pretty sure it had a flyer about that inside (I’ll check at home later) but there was definitely something about a Mass Effect Armor. I hope I get it free. Probably won’t pay for it.

    • SlayerCake says:

      Now I may be wrong now, but I’m almost entirely certain that you can ONLY get the Limited Addition and the whole thing was/is to stop people buying preowned versions. This may have changed by this point though.

      Better way to see would be to check the little slip of paper in your game box that has the serial key on it, it should say “Also gives access to Back to Karkand on release.” or something similar!

    • Fadobo says:

      Just checked it home and yes, at least in my German edition there is a flyer for Back to Karkand. It says that the serial key of the Limited Edition you get free access to the DLC free of charge as soon as it’s available. Maybe the first stock only, or a used-sale thing for the consoles (you cant sell the PC-version anyway) but it’s definitely in my non-preordered version.

  13. strange_headache says:

    This is all nice and stuff and I’m glad that this expansion is already included for free in my pre-ordered limited edition… BUT I can’t play this frikkin’ game since that whole ORIGIN is spyware debacle broke loose a couple of days ago. Any words on that?

    I´d really like to know if the accusations are true and if so, when EA intends to fix the problem. Until this is finally cleared I´m just too afraid to launch the game. Unfortunately EA doesn’t seem to give a shit.

    • Lobotomist says:

      I decided to stay clear of the game, until ORIGIN spyware/privacy intrusion policies change.

      It is mater of principle.
      If you buck down and give them your money , you are condoning privacy intrusion on yourself.

      And as these things go , always by previous example (Its becomes accepted policy once it was done before)

      I really wish to play this game. I was waiting for it for whole year.
      And now I cant and wont buy it.

      Real sad.
      I wonder how many people like me are out there ?

    • aircool says:

      Origin? Spyware?

      Buggy and pointless, yes. But spyware? Slight overreaction, perhaps?

    • CMaster says:

      Sadly not. It’s debatebaly a very minor piece of spyware, but at the very least, it gives your filesystem a good scanning and then uploads some of the information gathered back to EA.

    • HolyLiaison says:

      Origin doesn’t send anything to EA. Yes it does scan your HD for other EA games to add in to Origin, but that’s it. All of you are paranoid bastards.

      @CMaster – Steam does that. It scans your system for all the programs you have installed, all your hardware, and sends it to the mother ship! Zomg we’re all going to die! Call the interweb police!

    • Strangineer says:

      There’s a crack to circumvent origin, just FYI. Google around a bit.

    • CMaster says:

      Nope. Steam asks you if you’d like it to do that. Origin just goes ahead and does it. THe suggestion that it doesn’t send such data to EA, when the EULA specifically gives it permission to seems unlikley. As I said, you can debate how much of an issue it really is.

    • strange_headache says:

      @Lobotomist: Unfortunately I did not know this before I bought the game. Origin would have been fine with me if it would have worked like steam, but yeah…

      @Strangineer: I know there is a crack floating around but I do not want to risk to be perma-banned only because I want to make use of my consumer rights :/

      @the rest: In general I don’t know how risky Origin is, I`m not a programmer. If people are indeed overreacting, I´d like a proper statement form EA giving us proof of what Origin can or can not do. In Germany, legal complaints have been filed against EA by official instances, so I´d rather have this whole affair cleared up rather sooner than later. Until then, the game is gathering dust on my hard-drive…

  14. yhalothar says:

    This is why I didn’t neither bought nor preordered BF3. Not Origin, not bugs, but this community fragmenting DLC crap. Am I the only one? ;/

    • ShineDog says:

      It’s a huge franchise. It would be a problem in a game with a handful of servers, sure, but the game has an enormous playerbase, you wont have any trouble finding a game, Hell, it’s easy to find a BFBC2 Vietnam game even now, after BF3 launched.

    • HolyLiaison says:

      Gosh, you must not buy many games then.

  15. simonh says:

    “Extended Persistence” sounds cool, but what does it mean?

    AFAIK, In my country you didn’t get Back to Karkand by preordering, you had to buy the Limited Edition (which was about £5 more, depending on retailer).

    • ShineDog says:

      Challenges to unlock weapons as opposed to being tied to your level and class progression.

    • Moraven says:

      The pre-order version was the Limited Edition on impulse. I got it the night/day off release, one of the last few places to still have it then, where Origin had taken it down already.

      Plus got a $10 gift card out of it.

  16. HaZiLLa says:

    Why can’t we have ‘enhanced destruction’ in the normal game?

    • HolyLiaison says:

      Pretty sure the “enhanced destruction” means they updated the old BF2 maps with Frostbite 2.0 destruction.

    • buzzmong says:


      Apparently it will be turned on in a patch/when the DLC hits. It was turned off because it was exploitable. There were problems with things like: if you have enough people/patience you could burrow out of the map with C4/explosives.

  17. Tmoore says:

    I paid as much for Vietnam, and i’d happily pay the for this content. Luckily i pre-order so i won’t have to.
    I don’t understand why everyone whines so much about paying for new content. If it’s quality content and you enjoy it, of course you should pay for it.

    $15? that’s what – a couple of a mixed drinks at a bar, not including tip – maybe. vs. at least 20+ hours of gaming fun. No problem, here’s my cash.

    I’ve been a gamer for 20 years – I’ve never met a more entitled bunch than my fellow gamers. Blows me away sometimes. flame on.

    • ShineDog says:

      If it was teeny arenas like a CoD game then I probably wouldn’t see it as good value, but these are enormous elaborate things.

      Also, it was advertised as a preorder bonus heavily for a long time. I’m surprised anyone is surprised by this.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      If you aren’t outraged at paying £6 for a drink then you probably won’t be outraged at paying £12 for 4 maps. The rest of us are a bit shocked.

    • Groove says:

      “I don’t understand why everyone whines so much about paying for new content. If it’s quality content and you enjoy it, of course you should pay for it.”

      Because it’s 4 maps, 3 vehicles and 10 weapons, but costs the same as a 1/3rd of the game. It’s blatant price gouging. I’d happily pay a few pounds for new content, but £12 is ridiculous.

    • Theory says:

      I look to the base game for comparison. It’s £40 (not that I paid full price!) for 12 9 online maps, 6 in co-op and around 10 in campaign, and lots of guns and vehicles. £12 for four maps, and a handful of vehicles and guns is a massive price inflation.

      Even more offensively, $15 == £9.35, not £12.

      I did buy The Missing Link though…

    • ShineDog says:

      9 maps in the base game, not 12. Having an extra 4 is pretty much essential in my eyes. This was pushed heavily as a preorder/LE bonus, I’m surprised so many people didnt get the LE.

      (Also, tbh the price would annoy if it was for tiny CoD maps. Given the scale of these and the time I’ll get out of them the price seems OK. If I was paying extra. Which I’m not.)

    • gwathdring says:

      To be fair, four IS a third of twelve. Doesn’t take single-player maps into account, though.

    • Tmoore says:

      Well – my first reaction to this “full game costs X, add on costs Y – it’s price gouging / inflation” argument is that i don’t buy it for a second.

      When i buy a new game, i don’t look at it and say Ok, How many guns, how many vehicles, how many polygons per character animation, bla bla… and tally them up in a spreadsheet, divide by cost. I look at the product as a whole. Who’s developing it, what are their goals… art design, gameplay design, so on so forth…

      If you’re basing a man shoot on raw data like that, i think you’re missing the point… i mean, i’m sure MW3 will have a bazillion perks, achievements, gold armor, tiger striped bazooka skins and any number of maps and modes, but if it’s still the same BS twitchy game design then it’s not worth 60 bucks regardless.

    • Tmoore says:

      The other point i’d mention is one that gets brought up and i think is valid – when i started gaming 20 years ago, you know much games cost?

      60$ (sometimes more.)

      And now, 20 years later they cost 60$. maybe less.

      so lets see – i punched that into an inflation calculator (US dollars) 1992, to 2011:
      What cost $60 in 1992 would cost $92.06 in 2010

      so i think we’re still doing pretty good.

    • Groove says:

      “When i buy a new game, i don’t look at it and say Ok, How many guns, how many vehicles, how many polygons per character animation, bla bla… and tally them up in a spreadsheet, divide by cost. I look at the product as a whole. Who’s developing it, what are their goals… art design, gameplay design, so on so forth…”

      You’re throwing yourself behind design? Really?


      Porting some pre-designed maps and throwing in some extra weapons is more like a (free) mod than an expansion.

      Also, I think you’ve missed the mark if you think anyone here is bashing BF because they’re a MW fan. Personally I’m so annoyed at BF because I was previously excited about it.

      “9 maps in the base game, not 12. Having an extra 4 is pretty much essential in my eyes”

      That isn’t a defence, that’s the problem. By your own words this isn’t a stupid optional extra, it’s nigh-essential to properly enjoying the game.

    • Tmoore says:

      I’d hardly call it a recycle – perhaps the basic layout of the maps are the same, but with the inclusion of destructible environs & new tech – it’s a completely different beast and i’m sure plenty of time has gone into rebuilding these maps. So yes, i’m throwing myself behind design. Design, and that ineffable thing called “Value” and to me – 4 huge, “new” maps, a couple vehicles, a few guns, that slight smack of nostalgia – completely worth 15 bucks.

      Side note: Cost is of course, a relative thing for us all – if you make $15 an hour, it’s different han if you make $50/hr – to me, i compare the cost of games to other “free time, fun time” costs like drinks at a bar, pizza, going to the cinema, etc – 15$ for 20+ hours of novel entertainment? well worth in comparison.

      As for the MW3 issue? I think you missed the point – i’m not trying to draw comparisons or slander MW3, i play that game as well and enjoy it for it’s own merits – what i was saying though is that i don’t think arguments people make when they try to value a game based on simple quantities (20 guns, 10 cars, 5 golden rings, 4 calling birds…) holds water… i think games should be judged on quality first. I’d rather a game with one gun, done right, than 30 guns done like black ops…. (k, had to get a jab in there.)

    • Theory says:

      @Tmoore: so you’re the guy who buys all those hats.

      On a more serious note, I am well aware that £12 is good value for money in most respects. There are two things that insult us here:

      – The price has been greatly inflated in comparison with the (very, very similar) base game at the expense of ignorant/entranced players. If there were extra overheads this might be excusable, but there are in fact few to none.
      – The price is arbitrarily one third higher in the UK than the USA. Were the pack the £9 it ought to be I would probably swallow the inflated price and go for it.

      Of course, neither of these problems are unique to DICE/EA in any sense.

  18. asshibbitty says:

    The Battlefield 3 noise, if I’m thinking of the right one, is also analogue :) That’s the one thing I’m happy about that insipid orchestral crap has finally given way to something more sound designey

  19. Moraven says:

    Attack Sand Buggies look fun. Hopefully all the people who take any multi passenger vehicle for their own use to dump it at a flag to die 5 seconds later will take it instead.

    Heli getting the sniper on the construction crane, the memories. It will be fun to have destructive buildings on the urban levels.

    • Tams80 says:

      That bloody sniper.

    • Koozer says:

      I admit the sniper on the crane made me grin/convulse with painful memories.

      I am not looking forward to half the servers being Wake Island 24/7 again.

  20. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Stupidly greedy. Which will pay off for them, sadly enough. Also, anyone want to bet they had this done when the game was released?

  21. Stellar Duck says:

    I can’t figure out if I get the maps for free. If I don’t, I’m honestly afraid I’ll break my holy vows to never pay for a map. *sigh*

    • ShineDog says:

      How did you get the game? All preorder copies should be Limited edition. Limited edition gets the maps.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Got it off of GamersGate, but it doesn’t register as Limited Edition no more. At least the cover picture changed and now just shows regular edition.

      Oh, well, I suppose I could shoot off a mail to support. They are normally super great at responding fast.

    • HolyLiaison says:

      If you look on your games list in Origin and it says “Battlefield 3 Limited Edition” you get the maps for free.

    • Shooop says:

      Of course they did. They said at the end of almost all the trailers “Pre-order to get Back To Karkland map pack free.”

      And lo and behold people fell for it.

  22. SketchyGalore says:

    Not to say that CoD is a good barometer for such a thing, but this system is still MUCH nicer than any of the CoD DLC I’ve seen released. Their map packs usually cost the same amount as this and add 5-ish maps, and that’s it. This is four maps (with massive nostalgia bonus, for me at least), vehicles, and perhaps most exciting for an unlock-loving gun nut like me, 10 weapons. That sounds less like a map pack and more like a mini-expansion.
    Luckily, I pre-ordered, but I would have paid for it anyway. This game is worth it.

    …Oh, and yeah, I’d agree with the whole “Why Russians?” sentiment.

  23. TsunamiWombat says:

    Needs more Journey to Jaburo

  24. My2CENTS says:

    That’s retarted, the content was ready before game release, but the great marketing gurus decide that 4 maps is enough for $15. At that rate a game would cost like a second-hand range rover and MMORPG would mean contract with the bank for 15 years. Come on people don’t fall for the nostalgic crap they bring with Gulf of Oman. I don’t care if this game had LE i never pre-order games and i don’t like being fucked, just because i didn’t bought it before release.

  25. Hardtarget says:

    Anyone complaining about this when they have been advertising it for th past 9 months is just being silly. I pre-ordered a few months ago from Direct2Drive when they had a sale and a coupon so I got it for less than 45 bucks and it came with this pack. DICE certainly isn’t screwing me on this.

    Also please think back to 2142: Northern Strike or any of the Battlefield 2 Boosters or hell Road to Rome for 1942 and then the second expansion for 1942, both of which cost more and basically sucked.

    • Springy says:

      I hope, sir, that you did not just question the honour of Secret Weapons of WWII, because all gentlemen of standing know that it is the dog’s bollocks.

  26. Snuffy the Evil says:

    The bit that’s the most appalling is that this game only came out just a few weeks ago.

    It’s disappointing, really. For the people that said “You don’t beat Call of Duty by copying it; you do it by making a better game” (paraphrased), they seem to be copying it an awful lot.

  27. Howl says:

    Blood? Intense Violence? Strong Language?


    Although to be honest I could do with a little less of some of the strong language. The richness of the USMC’s apparent institutionalised homophobia comes across a little too well in BF3.

  28. Snuffy the Evil says:

    “Also please think back to 2142: Northern Strike or any of the Battlefield 2 Boosters or hell Road to Rome for 1942 and then the second expansion for 1942, both of which cost more and basically sucked.”

    The difference is that all of those games were gratuitously updated with free content and, in the case of Battlefield 2 and 2142, the booster packs were eventually released for free and were NOT trumped about before the release of either game (nevermind practically finished).

    EDIT: This comment did not go where it was intended.

  29. EnglishV00doo says:

    Anything ordered through the US store at the moment comes with a $10 discount code to use against a future purchase, the code is always the same:


    Maybe the UK / Euro stores are running the same promotion…

  30. Premium User Badge

    Joshua says:


    Actually, destructible enviroments do make a map more difficult to balance, because there are more routes to succes. The more routes to succes, the more balancing.

  31. Magus44 says:

    Okay, quick question, Because it hasnt really been answered AFAIK. Is this an actual expansion, akin to BC Vietnam. As in you launch it separately, it has its own servers, and you can only play on those servers with people playing that game. Or are they 4 new maps that can be put into Map rotations?
    Seems a bit silly to be fragmenting the player base if its the prior. And it hasnt even been out for a month.
    Maybe its just me but I cant really see that many people playing it for long. I’d imagine that there werent THAT many people who pre ordered. Would they even know this exists? If I’m a consumer, oh Ill go buy battlefield, its out. I didnt preorder never mind. load it up/install it, play it. Is there an advert for it? Its not really required then is it? Not like some of those other Online pass bonus things.
    Whereas if they put them into rotation I suppose people would be more likely to buy them? isn’t that what COD does? (not that we want that in any way haha.) But that would probably help sales.

    • Shooop says:

      They’ve used this same trick before, it’s nothing new. First time I saw it was in 2010’s Medal of Duty.
      From an actual thinking customer’s standpoint, yes it is stupid. But there are obviously plenty of people who don’t mind being nickel-and-dimed otherwise they would have abandoned it.

      Special Forces was an actual expansion pack because it added features to the game itself, new things you could do. It wasn’t just more maps, so it made some sense to separate it.

      And since the game has sold very well, even on PC they’re going to continue doing it. Because apparently people just can’t bear to be patient and wait for our eye-patched friends to work on it.

  32. umuumuoo says:

    link to mcaf.ee
    link to mcaf.ee
    link to mcaf.ee

  33. matrices says:

    Christ, endless self-entitled whining. With BC2, DICE released the game and did nothing for too long, weakening the community before releasing a map pack that was free.

    This time around, they’re fixing the mistake, opting to throw in new content at a reasonable 3 months after launch, and charging only if you didn’t preorder the game or buy it early. Good on them.

    Don’t want to pay $15? Don’t buy it; get it for half price on sale some other time.

    Comparisons to Battlefield 2 are unintelligent. That game could’ve had 100 maps and it would still have been worthless because any map with planes or helicopters was utterly broken anyway. I don’t even remember liking more than 3 or 4 Battlefield maps. Quantity isn’t quality.

    The size thing is a legitimate complaint, and clearly BF3 maps are smaller because they’re designed more around console requirements, but even then, they’re much, much more detailed than anything in BF2 and feel perfectly fine from the ground. It’s only in a plane or possibly a chopper that they feel uncumbering.

  34. red plague says:

    $12 sounds fair to me, as long as i wont be caught by a filthy choke point in the middle of a cross road with a few 122mm cannon and .50 aiming at me.
    Next thing they make for DLC will be a choke-point-and-lag-less map pack. maybe also an awesome feature that you don’t remain in the same place after jump pass a hip-high wall.