The Wager Is Complete, The Archive Revealed

It's a game about... an archive?

Remember the completely splendid Pirates-like The Wager? Well, it’s getting bigger again, and developers Surprised Man are calling it complete. Which means they’re ready to announce their next game, The Archive. You can find out more about both below.

It’s well worth getting hold of the completely free The Wager. A pirate-themed game that touches on Colonisation and Cpt Meier’s Pirates, you make a bet with a rival sea-lubber that you can earn more money in the given time than that bastard, Sir Lester Marwood. It’s an explore-em-up, with games only lasting about 15 minutes, making it the perfect accompaniment to a lunch break or need for a quick burst of distracting fun. For instance, this sentence is being written 15 minutes later than the previous one.

Version 1.2 is out in a couple of days, and adds in some useful new features. You can, at last, build docks on colonised islands, which means you can explore further into the map, and there are some extra-high value islands introduced. New upgrades have been added. There’s lots of new content, which is the main reason for playing – jokes and events to read about, and of course a bunch of tweaks.

And that sees the team move on to The Archive, about which we know nothing at all but for the following screenshot:

So there you go then. We’ll order Surprised Man to tell us more about it immediately.


  1. Zakkeh says:

    That second screenshot is a face. Just sayin’

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      That face is a bit too purple for me

    • SurprisedMan says:

      Hah. It’s a very (VERY) early development screenshot when I was playing with the destructible terrain code Kieran added into the game. The final game will hardly be purple at all!

      Well. It might be a little bit purple.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      Err, isn’t the face brown?

    • SurprisedMan says:

      Excellent. This is exactly the sort of high level speculation we were hoping this screenshot would generate.

    • indigohjones says:

      Head brown, facial features purple.

  2. Uglycat says:

    The Wager’s Eula is amusing.

  3. SurprisedMan says:

    Hey guys.

    As the amended post says, the Wager 1.2 will be out in a couple of days (Tuesday, 11pm GMT to be precise), and the map-save-bug will be fixed as well as a host of other little bloobies. We’ll let you know again when it’s actually out.

    Oh, and as for the Archive, you’ll be able to hear a little more about that in the Podcast wot we do, I’ll throw up a link on tuesday. Thanks for playing!

  4. CMaster says:

    The Wager like Pirates? Don’t really see it, it has to be said. Lacks the swashbuckling, action filled, and well, piracy driven experience. A hell of a lot like Strange Adventures in Infiite Space? Oh yes. Great fun? Without doubt.

    • dontnormally says:

      Never heard of Strange Adventures in Infiite Space until now.
      Thank you for that.

      Love games like this.
      If only someone would make them more story-driven and first-person. With visceral action!

    • iucounu says:

      “Press X to make Smiling Mick not die of scurvy.”

    • BeamSplashX says:

      “You pressed X. He died anyway- buttons don’t cure scurvy!”

  5. TheGoddamn says:

    Brilliant. Trying out The Wager got me to play Civ V (despite having it since launch) and for that I will be eternally grateful.

    Can’t wait to play the final version; it always irked me that I could never manage to uncover the whole map.

    • SurprisedMan says:

      It’d still be pretty hard to expose the whole map in the new version, but since I’m here and talking, I can at least tell you a couple of things we’ve done to help people explore a bit more. First, we’ve made the whole play area just a little bit smaller, because before it was pointlessly large. Second, as noted in the post, we’ve added in the option to purchase a dock which will help you explore further out to sea. Huzzah!

    • dontnormally says:

      A great game, this!
      Very satisfying gameplay.

      The addition of more things to purchase and more encounters to navigate will definitely flesh it out nicely.

      The addition of upgrading colonies via buildings could either stop at docks and add to the existing goals, or really take the game in a new direction. Maybe you’d consider a sequel some day? (:


  6. SurprisedMan says:

    Hey, dontnormally. We’re just a team of two and with more ideas than we can keep up with, but the thought has occured to us that a sequel might be something we want to do one day. If we ever do it, we’d likely re-build it from the ground up, using everything we learned from making this one which still has a lot of its Game Jam roots, despite there being a lot going on under the hood. But so much could happen between now and then that I’d be very reluctant to make any promises on that score. Thanks!

  7. HothMonster says:

    The wager has the best License Agreement I have seen in a long time.