A New Skyrim Trailer To Pass The Time

If it's boring I'm going to hurt some puppies.

Skyrim is out in three days! Three! Not three years, but days. One of us is playing it right now, but it’s not me. But Friday’s my day off, so while you’re all at work, I’ll be able to sit watching it download on Steam all day. Take THAT, suckers. But in the meantime, for all of us who cannot play it before it comes out, there’s at least a new trailer to pass the time.

It’s a trip around the world. Which isn’t a world, obviously. It’s a country at best. They’ve become confused. I, meanwhile, am confused how a line like,

“Skyrim needs the Empire as much as it needs…”

can not end in a joke.


  1. King Toko says:

    Can’t wait to get married in it.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      I will steal all the flags from your map Imperial, your legate won’t be able to stop me.

      In fact, these are the final hours of your life, ’cause I see you’ve got slightly better gauntlets than I do.

      The age of cleptocracy has begun!

    • Eddy9000 says:

      The blue plates are nice, but the brown ones seem to last longer

  2. diebroken says:

    I feel I might be sick on Friday… ;)

    • Arrakiv says:

      Why, I think I can already feel myself getting a bit of a cough already. Most unfortunate, that.

    • Danarchist says:

      Hehe I know where i work (Symantec) there are no more day off slots left on any of the support teams. One of the managers was asking what was up in our Friday meeting last week.

      Pray to god nothing happens to your network on Friday, you’ll be talking to India ;)

    • TheBigBookOfTerror says:

      Coincidentally, my month long holiday just happened to fall around the release date. I wonder how that happened?

    • Apples says:

      I’m taking a lovely holiday to visit my parents week after next. What? Skyrim and Saints Row 3 somehow got preordered to their address? How did that happen, I wonder?

    • Phantoon says:

      Here in the US we have a holiday which conveniently is the same day as the Skyrim launch! Clearly this was planned by the Illuminati! So that we would learn how to defend ourselves against space dragons! SPACE DRAGONS!

  3. Duffin says:

    A bit of wee just came out.

  4. Beelzebud says:

    Just looks like Fallout with swords!

    • Wizardry says:

      Looks nothing like Fallout. It’s first person and 3D for a start.

    • King Toko says:

      You can change perspective.

    • AlwaysRight says:

      (It’s a running RPS joke)

    • Metonymy says:

      I know this makes me a bad person, but I wish this were Fallout 4. With so many low quality apocalypse games coming out, and really, I’m not going to name names, I’d prefer to see some more FO before the genre gets any more saturated.

      I’ve always hated melee combat, and oblivion is almost unplayable without swinging a sword occasionally. I don’t see this one being any better in that respect.

      Fortunately the modding doesn’t look like it will be too difficult.

    • Donjo says:

      Classic Wizardry.

    • Spakkenkhrist says:

      Quick Wizardry, you have to let them know the error of their ways!

    • RandomGameR says:

      Witcher 2 will be better.

    • Mattressi says:

      Mojang have really outdone themselves by the looks of this trailer!

    • Pasperix says:

      @Mattressi You have made my week! Or at least until Friday.

  5. JFS says:

    So is this gonna be Oblivion with snow or what?

    • MrMetlHed says:

      I’m pretty sure that’d be the best review ever if it was the entire article: “Oblivion with snow.”

    • Ultra Superior says:

      There was snow in oblivion. There weren’t dragons though.

      “So it’s oblivion with dragons, huh?”

      Sounds like an ad. Uncool.

    • DigitalSignalX says:

      +1 Oblivion With Dragons™

    • Boarnoah says:

      BTW this is using the oblivion engine right? If so do you think it would work for the same PCs which can run oblivion? 0.O

    • Kuroko says:

      Oblivion with Swords

    • Kryopsis says:

      “BTW this is using the oblivion engine right?”

      No, it isn’t. Bethesda has finally abandoned Gamebryo.

    • aircool says:

      It’s cold, wet and windy outside at this time of year (and for the next six months as well I expect). I wish they’d make a game somewhere nice and warm… and not so brown.

  6. The Hammer says:

    That was a very, very impressive trailer. Restrained in tone, and projecting some gorgeous environments.

    Oblivion was atmospheric in its environment and this surely will be too. I didn’t actually expect to see those set-pieces, so that was a nice surprise. The beheading, though a genre cliche, was very bleak.

    And no dragons at all. Interesting that they emphasise other aspects of the world this close to release!

    • Ultra Superior says:

      There are at least two shots of a mild scene with the horse and the carriage.

      There is one they fear….HORSEBORNE !

      …and when the truth finally dawns, it dawns in HAY !

    • skalpadda says:

      “Interesting that they emphasise other aspects of the world this close to release!”

      I was pleasantly surprised as well. Even happier that none of the voice acting was atrocious either.

    • TheBigBookOfTerror says:

      The aurora borealis shot is amazing. Finding that location (assuming it’s not a Skyrim-wide effect) is one of my immediate goals.

  7. James G says:

    I’m probably going to regret looking forward to this one, but what the hell. Its going to be Monday before I get my hands on it though, as despite the pre-order I have a job interview and a stag (not my own) weekend in the way.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Be careful. Lots of dragonborns will be hunting stags this weekend.

  8. aeromorte says:

    11.11.11 free day on my university … yeah everybody gonna play skyrim!

  9. King Toko says:

    Is anyone getting the collector’s edition with the Alduin statue?

    • Brumisator says:

      When I went to my local olde videogame shoppe, I told the shopkeeper I wanted to preorder Skyrim, just the regualr version, none of that special edition silliness.
      He answered that they dind’t even order any of those overpriced pieces of crap for his store.
      The we high-five’d and I rode away on a pink dragon.

    • aircool says:

      No way – that thing looks even worse than the horrible thing that comes with the SWTOR CE.

  10. sneetch says:

    “Skyrim needs the Empire as much as it needs… chocolate forges”

    They’re such teases, “If you are Dragon-born then…” also sounds like the set up for a joke that never came.

    • thegooseking says:

      “If you are dragonborn then I’m a mudcrab’s uncle” perhaps.

    • Larkington says:

      “If you are Dragon-born then…you are born from a dragon. A dragon’s vagina. A vaginal dragon-birth.”

    • DeadPanda says:

      “If you are dragon born, then that explains how your mother bakes scones in her vagina.”

      Or something like that.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      If are Dragon-born then… kill your parents! And then, kill yourself!

    • Larkington says:

      @DeadPanda Hmm, your vagina joke was much better thought out. I just wanted to use it somehow.

      Vagina: The birthplace of mankind.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      If you are dragon-born, then… why aren’t you, like, you know, a dragon?

    • Unaco says:


      That way be spoilers!

    • Kent says:

      If you really are a Dragonborn, then you’re in the wrong game. (Clue: Google dragonborn pictures).

    • Ultra Superior says:


      The dales of skyrim are icewind cold.

    • Danarchist says:

      Ah Skyrim and Vajayjay. My two favorite things. Too bad accessing one blocks access to the other.

    • Reefpirate says:

      I’m pretty sure mankind was born in the testes.

    • Shadram says:

      @Danarchist: There’ll be a mod to fix that. Probably the first mod to be released, actually, judging by Oblivion’s mod scene…

    • Syra says:

      @Danarchist : I can happily assure you that I shall be having both at the same time, there is yet hope for all.

  11. AlwaysRight says:

    I’m usually so restrained and immune to hype, but I’m as giddy as a school girl about this.

  12. elfbarf says:

    I’ve tried watching Occupy Cyrodiil a bit but the guy playing it is absolutely terrible.

  13. Jake says:

    The graphics are great – especially the people’s faces. Lizard people are rubbish, the horses are chubby and the archers are not really pushing themselves if they shoot at targets from that far away. ‘Another bullseye!’ yes well done.

  14. Davie says:

    Oh, this does look lovely. So much incidental detail where Oblivion missed it.

    Also, did anyone else notice Jason Statham about a minute in?

    • Ultra Superior says:

      I noticed ‘uuge square-shaped piece of bacon on a plate in front of him.

      What was the question again?

    • Faceless says:

      Thought the same thing.

      Bloody proper uncanny, innit?

  15. kyrieee says:

    I bet it will be another amazing world with bad story and forgettable characters.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      It’s your character that is meant to be deep and unforgettable. You also, are the sole author of the story.

      You are given the amazing world, now roam free, spread your wings and carve the epos of your own journey into the rock…. of ages!

      I’ve been visited by Todd Howard in my dreams.

    • sinister agent says:

      Authors need good characters. A lack of interesting NPCs is a Bad Thing, however free-roaming the world is.

  16. Ultra Superior says:

    Skyrim needs the Empire as much as the dragon-born needs his silverware!

    • Barnaby says:

      You need either A) a job or B) some self-control.

    • LockjawNightvision says:

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as it needs seasons. Those imperial fancy-men think they’re so damned fancy with their fancy not-having-a-year-long-winter.

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as it needs government-subsidized indoor heating. So, uh, maybe the empire’s not such a bad idea, is what I’m saying.

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as it needs an additional dragon. Word among the plainfolk says hey’re already infinite!

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as it needs another pointy helmet. Why I remember when I was a lad, we had two pointy helmets amongst seven brothers, and we thought we were lousy with pointy helmets! Now there are pointy helmets everywhere you look! And I bet you not one half of the people wearing them had to kill one of their own brothers for the privilege! What were we talking about again!?

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as a troll needs endochondrial giantism. Or mitochondrial trollism.

      Skyrim needs the empire as much as a goblin shaman needs another human skull necklace. You know he’s just going to wear it for a week before it goes in the storage trunk with his tattered robe, six cave mushrooms, two lockpicks and eight gold pieces.

    • Knight117 says:

      Yeah! What has the Empire ever done for us?

    • Lacessit says:

      Sewage, education and Dragon-control?

    • Syra says:

      They provide the sewage?

    • sneetch says:

      Yes! All you can eat! A candle in ever lamp, sewage in every bowl! That’s the Imperial promise!

  17. MythArcana says:

    I understand this is a new engine, but the more clips I see, the more it still looks like GameBryo on an XBAWKS to me. Something is off with the lighting, but I can’t put my finger on it. Hopefully, this game won’t be a huge disappointment.

    • Davie says:

      Something’s always off with the lighting in Bethesda games. I finally realized why Fallout 3 looked so strange to me–because only characters cast shadows. A wall can be brightly lit by the sun even if there’s another building in the way, things like that.

      That was my only graphical complaint in FO3–If they’ve fixed it in Skyrim it’ll be perfect.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Large flat surfaces without grass. Disturbing.

      Looks like demon souls almost.

      BUT who cares ? Witcher is there for prettiness, Skyrim is there for thieving!

    • jimmm25 says:

      Judging by the lack of anti-aliasing and smooth camera movements, I would say that it is xbox footage, so if you noticed something wrong with the graphics, it probably wont be a problem when you play it on a PC.

  18. Bfox says:

    Gonna be fun waiting for patches for a year..

    • vecordae says:

      I know how you feel. I bought Sword of the Stars ][ on pre-order and have learned my lesson.

    • Urthman says:

      Patches and mods.

      This game is going to be utterly fantastic a year or two from now.

  19. Dana says:

    1:20 – Donald Sumpter ?

    • Davie says:

      More Donald Sumpter, I say. He saved the 40k movie form being complete shite.

      Although I do believe the voice actor in question is Christopher Plummer.

    • iucounu says:

      He’s my uncle. Don, not Christopher Plummer, that is.

      PS: I’m almost positive that is him, by the way, but just ‘almost’. It’s odd how difficult it is to recognize people you know from a v/o sometimes.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      @Davie We must be the only people here who saw the 40K movie. Cheers!

      I liked the voice acting a lot in that movie. Shame about the animation.

    • vecordae says:

      I have also seen it. I am not sure why as I have only read a handful of 40K books (the Ciaphas Cain books, Titanicus, and the thoroughly awful novelizations of the Dawn of War games). I remember enjoying the movie, but can’t remember much of the plot. What I remember most is the lack of helmets and the scripture-encrusted loin-banners.

  20. michal.lewtak says:

    Is anyone else sincerely worried that the game will suffer from a FOV smaller than the beam of a flashlight, which the first person player model will be adjusted for, so even if you increase the FOV to proper values, the arms and weapons will be extremely outward-facing?

    • MistaJah says:

      You could fix both those things in FO3 with fairly simple ini tweaks.

    • Fiatil says:

      You’re pretty much assured that it will be 75 out of the box. But as has been said, it’s never been too hard to change that to something reasonable either.

  21. One Pigeon says:

    I’m more worried about the guards training with their targets only two metres away. I think they took “wait till you can see the whites of their eyes” a little too literally.

    • Ultra Superior says:


      Spec-ops close quarters combat training. First flashbang spell, then these archers come in. They can also shoot more arrows at once to imitate the sawed-off shotgun effect.

    • Davie says:

      Superior, you made me laugh. Well done, I’m now imagining a Tamrielic SWAT team.

    • Renfield says:

      @ Ultra Superior:

      You made me log in just to thank you for that mental image.

  22. fallingmagpie says:

    1:10 – female character in armour that fully covers her shock!

    • sinister agent says:

      She’s making a mistake. As soon as she covers her sternum, her enemies will realise that it’s not invulnerable and start to hit her there.

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Kitchen is a dangerous place. ha ha

  23. MarloBrandon says:

    The Witcher 2 is better.

    • Ultra Superior says:


      Bethesda is just filling the dragonslayer niché left untouched by witchaahtoo.

  24. Knight117 says:

    First thing’s first people….

    Find a dragon. Die. Alot.

    • Biscuitry says:

      Skyrim’s going to have Alots in it? Nice! Why did no one tell me this sooner? Totally going to buy it now.

    • IDtenT says:

      I remember alot of fire being discussed.

  25. sinister agent says:

    That was a pleasingly understated trailer.

    Correct me if I’m an idiot, but those dialogue snippets made it sound like Skyrim kicking up a revolt against the empire. That makes the plot sound VERY interesting to me, for once.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      A rebellion against the Empire, you say? I’ve not seen that before!

      Being a tit aside, I’m excited too! I’m going to steal ALL the stuff in that trailer, and struggle to find someone who’ll buy it off me

  26. Vlupius says:

    It is rumoured that in the Netherlands the game is already being sold via official channels. In fact, I know a friend who’s already playing Skyrim on the PS3.

  27. Stevostin says:

    The game engine looks more and more retarded. Animations and characters are really good, thus, so at least it will be better than Oblivion on a major point. Mood seems OK and deeper thant Oblivion, although the “I desperately want to catch the LOTR fans attention” truism is a drawing identity a bit.

    Still, no PC footage. I predict a sea of bugs and an ugly port. Although a Beth fan, I’ll wait for the cheap offers in a few month, unless there’s a huge surprise.

  28. Bungle says:

    No one else has a problem with the awful lip syncing in this video? I played Oblivion and didn’t like it, and I honestly can’t tell why there is so much hype surrounding this game.

    • Valdyr says:

      Maybe because…a lot of people did like Oblivion, and are looking forward to another iteration of the series? Seriously, it’s not that hard to understand. I hate the Twilight books, but I don’t wonder why Twilight fans are excited for movies being made of them.

  29. DigitalSignalX says:

    “One of us is playing it right now”

    Does this mean PC review code has finally been released?

  30. DigitalSignalX says:

    One of us is playing it right now

    Does this mean PC review code has finally been released?”

  31. coldvvvave says:

    1:49 – a texture pop up. Were they all drunk when they made this video or what?

    • Ultra Superior says:

      By ‘they’ you mean the marketing people who do this stuff ?

      They’re not drunk, they’re marketing people.

      Unplugged Xbox in their meeting room is the closest they get to gaming.

  32. Nim says:

    Skyrim crashes on PCs on the 11.11.11.

    • Valdyr says:

      They’ve said there’s already a day 1 patch in the works (or possibly completed), but yeah, probably. I don’t believe them for a minute when they say this is a new engine. But I also know that even if it’s as crash-prone as Oblivion, I’ll still sink a few hundred hours into it the same as I did with that game.

    • Ultra Superior says:


    • Rusty says:

      Programs don’t crash PCs. People who buy Bethesda games on day 1 crash PCs.

      Also, I am one of those people.

  33. Kleppy says:

    God this looks so, so good. I will play this for many hours, and then… I will play it some more.

  34. Dozer says:

    If I had £600… well I’d pay off some of my overdraft.
    If I had another £600… I’d pay off more overdraft.
    If I had yet another £600… I’d finish paying off my overdraft.
    Then if I had £600, I’d buy a 21st-century PC and Skyrim.

    Anyone got £2400 spare?

  35. PitfireX says:

    I dunno why people are excited for this… its the same thing as oblivion and fallout ><. I just dont understand why the NPC have to stare into my eyes like demons when i speak to them.

    • vecordae says:

      They stare because they know what you did, but aren’t given dialogue options to speak their full horror and disapproval. So, instead, they try to hate-slay you with their glassy, lifeless eyes.

    • Pobblepop says:

      You’ve met the wife then.

    • Gwog says:

      Excellent commenting, above.

  36. Tams80 says:

    Not enough gesticulation!

    • vecordae says:

      I would pay up to seven euro-pound-dollars to see a “Skyrim: Gesticulations gone Wild” video hosted by a rap star or washed-up actor.

  37. CaptainVolcanoes says:

    What happens if you mess the Dragon shouts up? like.. almost complete them but then make a horrible error?

    FUS DO RA- *cough cough*


    Or how about backwards?


    *Everything comes hurtling towards you, giving you enough time to say “eep!” before being made into Dovakiin pancakes*

    What happens if you pronounce it wrong in front of a dragon? Will he roll on to his back and laugh at you, mock you mecilessly and call you Goatborn instead?


    • Pobblepop says:

      Yes and/or no.

    • Salt says:

      If you make an error in your dragon shouting before a dragon, they will force you write it out a hundred times on the walls of the palace.

      Messing up halfway through your shout is actually in the game, I believe. Most shouts are increased in power by unlocking more words. So you initially just yell FUS at people and give them a rather impolite shove. As you learn to speak more words you’re able to do the longer shout for more power. I think you can choose how many words to use in a shout by holding the button for longer/shorter lengths of time.

  38. IDtenT says:

    Far more interested in Amalur at this point in time.

  39. Pobblepop says:

    It’s all going to end up with me running around in the forest collecting flowers so I can make wine and wondering if I should wear my green or brown hat for a date with a fair maiden with infeasibly large knockers.

  40. running fungus says:

    Hilariously taking obvious pains to demonstrate they’ve hired more than a half dozen voice actors, by actually including townsfolk reciting boilerplate dialogue in the trailer. Love it.

  41. hungrytales says:

    It doesn’t look better than Witcher 2, does it?

    • vecordae says:

      Depending on whom you ask, your newborn’s smiling face doesn’t look as good as The Witcher 2. Granted, your new born’s smiling face won’t be quite as meaningful for other people.

    • Kleppy says:

      Maybe not but it sure as shit will be more fun.

    • Saiko Kila says:

      While I generally like games by the company, and probably have spent with them more hours than with any other company modern titles (oblivion alone like 600 h, Morrowind and Fallouts not much worse) I must say, that PC-quality graphics (and general feel) isn’t their strong point. They always use ridiculously low res textures for example and they tend to mix different quality textures in one scene. Or really visible repeating pattern of textures (like on grass in the video). They are not really good with their own engine, it seems, and even newer games tend to keep console commands from older games, sometimes partially functional. Which tells something about cleanup practices, and possibility to retain old bugs. Or even re-emerging of old bugs, previously patched, like it was with FNV. Also, sometimes, after installing a mod, I wonder why hasn’t it been in place from the beginning.

      From what I see in the trailers, graphics hasn’t been really improved, so yes, there are prettier games there.

  42. kirkbjerk says:

    Based on the modding community legacy for this series, I would likely be better off purchasing a non-steam version of this game correct?

    Steam and modding are not always friends I feel like. What are other peoples opinions? Will the steam version in regard to modding be ok?

    • vecordae says:

      Never had a problem modding a game that I had purchased through steam. The default installation directory is a bit different, but that seems to be it for me. Most heavily moddable games use the documents folder these days anyway.

    • Unaco says:

      Bethesda have said that they and Valve/Steam will be making sure that the Steam version (only version? It’s Steamworks) will work fine with mods. They’re having to do some things a little differently with how Steam validates files etc., but they said there should be no problems.

      It won’t be a problem for the majority of mods… just some of the special ones, like the Script Extender, which changes the exe or similar.

    • Sentient Waffle says:

      Didn’t have modding problems with my Fallout:NV steam version, and despite what Bethesda says, its the same engine, so shouldn’t be a problem.

    • Unaco says:

      Here’s the Source for what I said above…

      link to forums.bethsoft.com

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      Well, all versions of Fallout:NV are Steam versions. It’s a Steamworks title.

      That aside, I haven’t had any problems modding the Steam versions of Oblivion or Fallout3. F3:NV (Steamworks) allows mods just fine and I don’t see why Skyrim would be any different.

      Yes, some few games on Steam do have issues with modding, but most do not and can be modded just fine.

    • Rusty says:

      I would suspect this won’t be an issue. I had a bunch of mods for my non-Steam copy of Oblivion and they worked fine. When I replaced it with a Steam version, I was able to get the same mods working with only very minor difficulty – and I’m more-than-usually prone to technical difficulties.

    • kirkbjerk says:

      Great, thanks for the input!

  43. Lurklen says:

    Ha! I wont be at work cause I don’t have a job! I’ll be at home penniless playing Skyrim. So I win, I’m a winner yay…

  44. Arglebargle says:

    ‘Skyrim needs the Empire as much as’…a Dragon needs a bicycle.

  45. Matzerath says:

    Was I hallucinating, or did the first trailers look amazing, and since then there’s been a subtle decline in quality, until finally we have this recent trailer that now looks like a *slightly* improved version of their same damn engine?

    • stupid_mcgee says:

      I could be wrong, but I think the vast majority (if not actually all of it) has been XBox footage.

      It’s pretty common to use “lower res” (aka: console) screens and videos instead of the high-end Ultra Max Hardcore ZOMGodrays PC footage. This way, when people plop the disc into their respective Game-O-Trons, it’ll look like the pics, instead of looking inferior (which would cause wailing and gnashing of teeth).

  46. Iskariot says:

    If only for once I did not have to play the special hero from the prophecies everybody has been waiting for for ages that will save the world with the special powers he never knew he had etc. etc. etc.

    • Pasperix says:

      It makes the character relatable. The character is just an average schmuck who doesn’t know he’s special, just like you!
      “Yer a dragonborn, ‘arry, and a thumpin’ good one I’d wager, once yer trained leveled up a bit, o’ course.”

    • Rusty says:

      Ah, but that’s the thing: you don’t have to. You can just hare off into the forest/desert/Capital Wasteland and spend your time exploring and killing stuff and leave the world to itself. There are certainly things that Bethesda games can be criticized for, but they surely don’t railroad the player into a defined narrative. Don’t want to bother with dragons (/Oblivion Gates/Hoover Dam/your missing dad)? Just don’t; there are plenty of other ways to have fun.

    • JackShandy says:

      I’d love it if that were true, man, but I just saw a leaked video of the first 25 minutes, and every one of those minutes was a linear scripted tutorial sequence where your character embarks on an epic, prophecy-fulfilling quest.

      The first 25 minutes of Morrowind featured me throwing the main quest in a ditch, running directly into the ocean and diving for pearls.

  47. beetle says:

    @Larkington Setting up the the age-old conflict between the dragon-born and the Caesareans… I mean Imperials

  48. Tenorek says:

    don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, or if it is newsworthy, but pre-loading has started. I’m doing it as we speak!

  49. Pow3rhouse14 says:

    So from this quote… “But Friday’s my day off, so while you’re all at work, I’ll be able to sit watching it download on Steam all day.” Does that mean that Skyrim isn’t going to be up for Pre-Download? :(

  50. Pow3rhouse14 says:

    So from this quote… “But Friday’s my day off, so while you’re all at work, I’ll be able to sit watching it download on Steam all day.” Does that mean Skyrim isn’t going to be up for Pre-Download? :(

    • MultiVaC says:

      No worries, as of right now it’s available for pre-loading :)