Modern Wherefare 3: The Nonboxing

Team America already did this!
We don’t have it, so we can’t do an unboxing. We weren’t even invited to the launch party, which we instead pretented to attend by huddling around Twitter and watching for tweets from those who were there, then reading them out in mock versions of their voices. But it would be remiss of us to not point out that Modern Warfare 3, which is not even on our Steam press accounts, is now out.

Someone somewhere will get around to reviewing it, as it’s only fair to let you know how many explosions per minute there is, but this is one release that RPS will pick up when we have time. And judging from my Steam friends list, it seems a lot of people are thinking the same way. All I can see is someone playing Sonic Generations.

It’s also only making a small dent in the overall Steam Stats . If you add the single and multi-player numbers together it would be the current most played game, but the peak numbers are surprisingly low.

Did any of you buy it? Is it any good? What does the box smell like? How many discs did it come on? Was it just one game too far in the series?


  1. Maldomel says:

    Hum..but were you uninvited, or not interested in this game to the point of not going there and refusing to do review on the first days like everybody out there will do? I do wonder, because RPS doesn’t really seems to like those games where you shoot men in the face while not looking at a shit-ton of explosions.

    Not that I am not okay with it, just asking.

    EDIT: My bad, my reading skills aren’t quite sharp at this hour with a bad sleepless night behind me. So you weren’t invited in the first place.

    • John Walker says:

      Actually, we LOVE those sorts of games. I adore a good FPS. I think. It’s hard to remember that far back.

    • Blackberries says:

      I was being asked about Half-Life 2 over the weekend. As I tried to explain why it was so vaunted, and that it hadn’t really been matched since, I began to get rather sad that it’s been seven years and still stands much alone :<.

    • Craig Pearson says:

      I love shooting people. I love it a bit too much, tbh.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Battlefield 3 was bad?
      I love me a good shooter, however, I haven’t played a horrendous one for a while, even CoDMW2 seemed ok to me, albeit with the silly no dedicated server rule, and hormonally charged tweens blurting out on the mic.. thank god for mute

      ~E: I should point out that I meant CoDMW2 multiplayer seemed ok, singleplayer was very meh~

    • thepaleking says:

      You should try Metro 2033, Blackberries.

    • Blackberries says:

      You know, I so very nearly bought it when it was on sale on Steam a couple of weeks ago for four pence and a packet of crisps or something. But I’ve been trying to restrain my normally reckless game-buying habits and actually start playing some. I will play it at some stage though. Thanks.

      Corrupt_Tiki: The BF3 multiplayer is tremendously fun but the campaign leaves a lot to be desired. Not that I was looking for decent singleplayer from a Battlefield game, but I think John was referring (slightly flippantly) to singleplayer experiences.

    • DickSocrates says:

      I wish someone would explain why Half Life 2 is so great, because I played it and both Episodes and hated it.

    • battles_atlas says:

      I think the onus is probably on you to explain why you hated it

    • TheApologist says:

      Yeah Metro 2033 is the first FPS I have enjoyed in a long time . Bioshock. STALKER. Though those are not simply FPS’ of course.

    • Orija says:

      Agree with thepaleking and TheApologist, Metro 2033 (and Half Life and Deus Ex) is how linear fps’ should be made.

    • Magnetude says:

      I haven’t played a lot of the BF3 singleplayer but surprisingly, what I have seen is actually worse than MW. Which makes the fact that it’s a shameless ripoff even more embarassing.

      The online more than makes up for it though, so it’s cool. Still can’t get over how damn cool it is basejumping down to the third point on Damavand Peak and shooting rockets down at snipers while snipers shoot bullets up at you as you plummet.

      Also I should really finish Metro. Got stuck on the bit where you have to get past the nazi camp and never went back to it

    • Prime says:

      “I wish someone would explain why Half Life 2 is so great, because I played it and both Episodes and hated it.”

      I didn’t hate HL2 but I do think the original Half Life was a much better game. HL2 literally lost it’s plot somewhere up someone’s rectal cavity, decided that character development was more important than fluid action, and tied Gordon down to a series of adventures with annoying ball-and-chain AI companions across a series of fairly mediocre levels. Also: the Gravity gun was way over-rated.

    • scienceshoew says:

      @Prime: sorry to be the pedantic jerk, but I think by “literally” you mean “figuratively”.

    • bear912 says:

      I rather love manshooty games, as well. I still enjoy poking fun at them quite frequently, though, particularly because of all the pomp, fandom, and angst surrounding them. A fan of Serious Business Shooter A feels he must defend his game against Serious Business Shooter B whose fans are equally rabid, and meanwhile, some folks who aren’t fans of either like to try and get in on the fun by saying to each-other, “What a bunch of kiddies! They’re obviously not fully developed because they enjoy a game which takes so much less skill than Other Game Genre of Choice. Our genre is for real gamers!”

      In the end, all parties involved have engaged in what amounts to a grand willy-waving contest, which ends up looking quite silly (and, in fact, quite amusing) to all the folks who take the time to step back and actually think about the situation. I think that’s why poking fun at manshoots is so fun… I can’t say for sure if the hivemind agrees with me, but there are my $0.02.

      Also, I’ll contribute by waving my willy for the Half-Life series.

    • Nick says:

      scienceshoew: link to

    • mondomau says:

      Nick: Interesting link and an excellent point.

    • scienceshoew says:

      Nick, good point, and normally I’d agree that this sort of prescriptivism is silly, but I just can’t stand creative “literally” use.

  2. konrad_ha says:

    If you’ve played MW or MW2 you probably don’t need a review for this.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      This is a silly statement.

      I have played CoD4. It was pretty damn good. It had some niggling balance issues, but nothing too terrible (if you can overlook the fact that there’s basically three class loadouts).

      I have played MW2. It’s a steaming pile of shit. It wasn’t designed so much as vomited onto a screen out of someone’s anus. It didn’t have dedicated servers, and their listen-only architecture does not work. It’s a truly atrocious game.

      Reasons people might need a review of MW3:
      – is it balanced?
      – does it have servers, yes or no? (there’s some confusing messaging around this – yes, say Activision; they only work for unraked matches, say a whole bunch of people – which is functionally equal to not having dedicated servers at all, at least for the first 50 hours of MP)
      – is it a console port like MW2, or does it actually feel like a PC game, as claimed by Activision?
      – does it run as smoothly as MW2, or suffer from the same tech hiccoughs as BlOps (one would presume the latter since it should be using IW’s branch of the engine, but one doesn’t know for sure)?
      – is the SP as pants-on-head retarded as MW2’s (betrayal! Russia invades the US because one dead man had a US passport planted on him! betrayal! the space station is destroyed by a blastwave in space where there is no atmosphere! betrayal!), or is it closer to CoD4’s semi-realism?

      The whole “hurr durr it’s exactly the same game as the previous one only with some textures swapped!” thing is long overdue an ignoble death, and you should be ashamed of being part of the people keeping it alive.

    • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

      What you’re looking for is simple information, not an actual review. especially not an RPS one.

    • Archonsod says:

      Yeah. Everyone knows they change the button you have to hold down to win every other release too.

    • Optimaximal says:

      @Alexander Norris

      I believe they’ve said that dedicated servers are unranked in the eyes of IWNet (i.e. they don’t award XP to your persistent characters), but the server rcon allows you to decide the unlocks available to players.

      Presumably connecting to them creates a temporary character or something.

    • Milky1985 says:

      “I believe they’ve said that dedicated servers are unranked in the eyes of IWNet ”

      So the environment with no host advantage and less connection issues is the UNRANKED version, whereas the host advantage one is ranked?

      Which genius thought that was a good idea?

    • djbriandamage says:

      I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I’ve enjoyed every CoD so far except for World at War (which is hateful and clunky) and BlOps (which I haven’t bought). I only care about the single player games so I wait for them to go on sale for $20ish, but I’ve played every one of those games several times over because they’re so spectacular and the aiming and movement are so solid. It’s a shame the series has gone from storming the cliffs of Normandy to snowmobiling with Uzis but I still have a good time with the mechanics if not the idiotic premise.

    • Alexander Norris says:

      Tusque: it’s the kind of information reviews should convey.

      That said, I wasn’t arguing for an RPS review, I was arguing against the daft notion that the existence of CoD4 and MW2 absolves us all of the need for any kind of review of MW3. :P

  3. cwoac says:

    Probably because the larger majority of the rabid book holiday/call sick to start the moment you can player-fanboys are on the 360. Not sure if its a console vs pc mentality or simply 360 vs pc day #1 sales numbers, but thats my 2p

  4. Corrupt_Tiki says:

    It’s a shame that the series insists on maintaining supidly expensive prices, and is never on sale.

    I would like to play it, just to finish that god darned story arc, but, I am not paying full price for it, and I am glad I didn’t pay full price for CoD:BLOPS either.

    • oliwarner says:

      Steam never has the series on sale but the DVD copies are very often available for half the RRP a couple of months after release. You buy it when it hits £15-£20 and register it to your Steam account (not that you have any say in it) and throw away the DVD.

      I’ve been doing this with a lot of games that Steam refuses to put on sale. I get all the benefits of Steam at the proper market value.

    • Innovacious says:

      blops was on sale once during the summer sales, I’m sure it was. But it was still more expensive than most other games even with money off.

    • atticus says:

      I bought CoD MW 1 + 2 + World at War just a couple of months ago on Steam. And yes, they were all on sale, or else I wouldn’t have bothered since I’m only interested in playing the single player campaign. Can’t remember when this was or at what price, but they were on sale.

      EDIT: It was all the way back in June. Midweek Madness: Modern Warfare series 50% off.

    • Artiforg says:

      @Innovacious. You are correct, it was a summer deal. £26. A decent saving seeing as they hardly discount the CoD games on Steam and when they do it’s very little off.

  5. AcidCrashX says:

    **Pauses Bastion**

    Modern what?

    • fyro11 says:

      Modern Whatfare. Except it’s on version 3.0 now. Who’d have thought guessing “what” with your friends could be so fun.

    • sinister agent says:

      Modern Wat: Zany adventures with the Tyler family as they try to settle into life in present-day Bromley. On this week’s episode, Mrs. Tyler discovers the shopping channel, while Wat is accused of throwing eggs at Boris Johnson.

    • bwion says:

      The kid shoots some guys.

      Then he just hangs around for a while til the cutscene’s done.


      That’s a long cutscene.

      zzzzzhuh? Oh, right.

      The kid shoots some more guys.

    • djbriandamage says:

      Jim Rossignol just rages for a while.

    • Unaco says:

      What’s Bastion? Console game?

    • sinister agent says:

      Wat’s Bastion (s2e06): The local pub is threatened with closure by the brewery. Wat organises a protest movement, assembling 20,000 locals who occupy the beer garden, until the brewery reps take him aside for a private chat. Mrs. Tyler discovers Mills & Boon and sets out to meet a sheikh.

    • shaydeeadi says:

      Whats Bastion?

      Why child its a game.

    • westyfield says:

      Wat’s Watt. S03E01. Wat enrols in an electrical engineering course at the local university, despite being allergic to electricity, much to the chagrin of Mrs Tyler, who retaliates by stealing a shark.

  6. varcynal says:

    Not interested, have BF3.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      What he said.

      I enjoyed BLOPS as it corrected some of the wrongs of MW2, but frankly the gameplay is getting old, BF3 just pushes things forward too much.

    • Flappybat says:

      I’m skipping this after Black Ops was a big waste of money. This is what the hours played looks like:

      Me: MW2 140 hours, Black Ops 19 hours
      Friend: MW2 170 hours, Black Ops 11 hours.
      Friend: MW2 217 hours, Black Ops 21 hours.

  7. Teddy Leach says:

    It has helicopters and men with guns. It looks a bit grey.

  8. Zoomon says:

    Player Numbers down during the night and on a weekday morning in Breaking News exclusive.

    RPS have sat in the corner throwing snidey sarcastic comments, whether undeserved or not is an entirely different question, towards Modern Warfare 3 and then wonder why they don’t get invited to it’s birthday party.

    • Corrupt_Tiki says:

      Be quiet, and sit down Zoidberg

    • Unaco says:

      I agree on the player numbers. It’s almost as bad as that Redox guy on the forum, taking Red Orchestra 2s player numbers on a Sunday night when BF3 has just been released and going “the numbers are low, hahaha the game is a failure”. Steam is currently on the ‘down peak’ of it’s user cycle. It’s release day, so people will be downloading, or waiting for the post man, or waiting to get back from work. The current numbers are the peak numbers… so the peak numbers are going to be low, because the game has not reached it’s peak for the day, it’s still approaching it. It hasn’t been in the Steam cycle for a full day and reached its peak. I’ll predict that in about 10 hours, there will be significantly more people playing.

      When I started writing this there were 41,000 people playing it in one of the two forms. Now there are 46,000 people. A growth of ~5,000 in 20 or so minutes. Even that is more than TF2’s peak numbers, and that’s F2P.

    • Milky1985 says:

      I like how you say “Steam is currently on the ‘down peak’ of it’s user cycle.”

      Then decide to draw a comparision between the current MW3 numbers and the current Tf2 numbers :P

      Shurly we should all wait about a month, then look at the peak values for a full day and see what happens then, in multiplayer games its the staying power that counts.

    • Unaco says:

      I agree, looking at the stats for one day, or at 1 time isn’t a complete and accurate thing to do. I just thought if Craig Pearson can claim it’s barely made a dent (when it was then and is now the most played game on Steam) and make a silly comment about peak numbers, I could try and put that in perspective.

      TF2 has had a cycle on Steam, so it’s peak number is a reasonable measure… CODMW3 HASN’T been through a complete cycle on Steam, its peak numbers are the current player numbers… and it hasn’t peaked for the day yet, so it’s peak numbers aren’t a reasonable measure to use currently. That peak will likely come when Steam hits its user peak. And, considering the current active player numbers for MW3 SP and MP (~72,000) now beats the peak for EVERY other game on Steam, I think when it does hit the peak it’s going to be quite large.

    • Milky1985 says:

      “TF2 has had a cycle on Steam, so it’s peak number is a reasonable measure… CODMW3 HASN’T been through a complete cycle on Steam, its peak numbers are the current player numbers…”

      Its the current player numbers on release day, which is not a reasonable measure in any way shape or form if you are going to compare against other games in the list.

  9. Blackberries says:

    Coo, lots of Craig action for us today. I approve.

    I was woken up at some small hour of this morning by housemates shifting around on the return from a midnight launch. I don’t think my brother has ever been so pumped for a game release.

  10. Innovacious says:

    I didn’t buy it, one person on my list of 121 friends got it on steam, but he works for valve now so he gets most games for free anyway. His game list shot up by about 2000 games when he got hired.

    • Blackberries says:

      Only a single person on my Steam list even “wants” the game, while none yet own it. Not that it won’t sell like cocaine-laced hotcakes. I’ve heard (only anecdotaly) that pre-orders in some places were higher than for MW2 and Blops combined.

    • djbriandamage says:

      You’re predicting this game will flop, then? Wanna put money on that?

    • Jamison Dance says:

      @ djbriandamage: No, he is predicting it will sell like cocain-laced hotcakes, and saying he heard it was more pre-ordered than MW2 and BLOPS combined. So kindof the opposite of what you said.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      I know 104 people on Steam. One person owns it and one person wants it. And the 7 people who are playing games right now are playing: Binding of Isaac, Altitude, TF2, L4D2, Foot-to-ball Manager 12, BF3 and Sam Max S3E5.

      I like to think I know mostly smart people.

  11. MichaelPalin says:

    So it’s time for me to decide: Watch the campaign on youtube or pirate the game to watch the campaign in my PC while pushing the buttons prompted on screen. I tried to watch the BF3 campaign on youtube, but I got bored by the third mission. At least it looked great on 1080p on the TV.

    • varcynal says:

      Woah! There was a campaign in BF3???? I guess I didn’t really notice it seeing as nobody buys BF3 for campaign just like people who play CoD stopped buying it for the singleplayer after CoD 2.

    • Magnetude says:

      Watching… someone you don’t know… play a poorly written FPS… on youtube.

      You know you could be watching things that actually improve you instead?

    • sneetch says:

      And you could just let the man watch whatever amuses himself without commenting, and instead do something that improves yourself.

      Then again, this is a comments thread, and these are definately comments, and each to their own, so knock yourself out.

    • Magnetude says:

      OK, sorry. It just doesn’t make much sense to me. To each their own I suppose.

    • MichaelPalin says:

      @Magnetude C’mon!, CoD scripts have always some good laughs at them and MW3 is easily going to be the most absurd of them all. I’m betting on Makarov trying to implode the planet by putting a bomb in the center of it. MW would really take advantage of some magma levels.

    • Magnetude says:

      Haha alright, I was laughing out loud during the bit in MW2 where you steer a jeep with one hand and fire an uzi with the other while you drive up the back door of a cargo plane as it takes off. That shit was crazy. BF3 managed to do none of the interesting stuff that MW1 did while refusing to go as over the top as MW2, I can see why you got bored with it.

  12. Jockie says:

    I usually pick up COD. The arcadeyness of the MP is actually pretty good fun, and there are so many terrible playerswho buy it and don’t have a clue, that I usually find myself gravitating towards the top of the scoreboard.

    But, £40 in a week with Skyrim pre-ordered and BF3 still taking up a good chunk of my free time seems like something I can’t justify.

    Normally I’d wait for a sale in these circumstances, but COD doesn’t do sales.

  13. Quinns says:

    I’d come back to write a review for you guys! You’d just have to be OK with me not having played it either.

    • sneetch says:

      Don’t toy with our emotions like this, Quinns. We’re men of flesh and blood, we have feelings, and hopes, and dreams, and shoes, and you can’t just leave us and then casually come back just as we’re getting over you!

      (Nice work on Shut Up & Sit Down.)

    • Quinns says:


    • Ultra Superior says:


    • Anthile says:


    • Tams80 says:

      We need more people in this group hug; it’s not working at the moment. =(

  14. Elltot says:

    Has anyone read the Daily Mails article on Modern Shooty Man 3?

    Makes for rather a comedic read. How I love their journalistic views, videogames are evil and all that.

  15. The Sombrero Kid says:

    Can we finally all accept that these games are for casual gamers with more money than taste & are shit, draw a line under and get on with making/enjoying games with some agency?

  16. ix says:

    A couple of my friends went to the midnight launch to buy it, and apparently there were lines, so from my anecdote to data extrapolation it still seems plenty popular.

    But I don’t really game with these guys because they have a very different taste in games. We’re not even steam friends. It’s times like these when you realise gaming has grown up. Saying you are a gamer is like saying you like watching movies. I need to know what movies to determine whether we have anything in common.

  17. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Much as I approved of the more northern direction RPS was taking when it hired Mr. Smith MkII, I approve even more of this Scottish action. I killed Craig Pearson in TF2 once, then he killed me in TF2 very many times.

    Meanwhile, on-topic. I don’t think I’m going to be bothering with MW3. I adored MW, played about an hour and a half of World at War, and have not been moved by any CoD games since. I think I really just want them to make a good lengthy single-player campaign and not bother so much with multiplayer, but I know that’s not going to happen.

  18. Milky1985 says:

    Did you say something nasty about the series to not get invited to the junket?

    Also is this the first cod with zero pre release reviews? Didn’t see any, looks like the embargo got lifted today and there was no special breaks in place for people (which is good imo, not a fan of the early release reviews for certain publications that say nice things)

    • sneetch says:

      I imagine RPS was viewed as not being very “receptive” to MW3. On the reviews front it’s pretty much getting universal acclaim from what I can see on metacritic, 30 reviews on the 360 version all pretty much lauding it as the second coming (apart from but I don’t know if they were posted after the midnight launch or earlier.

    • Milky1985 says:

      Reviews wise its not as good as the previous I think, two of the 100% reviews are telegraph and guardian (5 star system….. and i know at least the guardian used to have a good video gaming section but not sure about it currently). A lot more 80/85 day one reviews than usual.

      While i’m glad they didn’t bend the rules for anyone it happens so often now (specially with activision) the cynical bit of me thinks there was a reason :P

    • Blackberries says:

      The Telegraph has a decent games staff – or did when I last read anything from it a year ago. There was a lot of love for Amnesia and Demon’s Souls in the individual writers’ reflections on 2010, from what I remember.

    • Magnetude says:

      The Guardian said Black Ops had “hyper-realistic graphics” and gave it 4 or 5 stars, I think. With them you get either someone who knows nothing about games or you get Charlie Brooker, who is raising his trolling to Jim Sterling levels and would probably give it 1/5 just to bask in the warm glow of the furious tweets he’d receive.

    • sneetch says:

      I believe those angry tweets power his car. And his house. And the London Metropolitan area.

  19. Anthile says:

    These screenshots always remind me of Command & Conquer: Generals, which seemed to parody this kind of stuff long before it was even out. The next CoD is going to have toxin tractors.

  20. johnpeat says:

    Last year, someone I know rushed to the local ASDA to pickup his copy of BLOPS at midnight and rushed home – to find his XBOX has RRODed.

    So he rushed back and bought a new 360 – given that he’d booked a WEEK of holidays to play the game (no really…)

    This year he rushed to the local ASDA to buy this – rushed home and, yes, you guessed it, his 360 is, again, dead as a dodo.

    This time he borrowed mine on account of only haven taken a 1 day holiday to play this.

    So there’s your empirical facts – 360s explode on COD release days and this one is only 1/7th of the holiday value of the last one…

  21. MerseyMal says:

    If BF3 hadn’t just been released, I’d have probably considered it. Then again I only have CoD 4 (thanks to a Steam sale) and I still haven’t played it.

    Besides, Skyrim’s out soon.

  22. Dana says:

    Jim Sterling gave it 9,5 so it must be a second coming of christ.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Jim Sterling is a twat with no taste. And not because of his CoD fanboyism.

  23. WMain00 says:

    I’d like to think that the reason nobody is playing it is because we’re all eagerly awaiting Skyrim.

    Going by the Steam Top Seller list, I might not be far off. MW3 doesn’t appear to be on the list at all…

  24. hellboy says:

    I enjoyed MW 1 and 2. Should I hand in my RPS membership?

    • Blackberries says:

      MW1 was a fun time. The single-player was an exciting ride and the multi-player felt great and pleasingly arcadey (though I only played it split-screen on a console, never online). I had no interest in MW2, mind.

  25. Lambchops says:

    Time to bring back the generic game review, which if I recall goes something like this:

    Modern Warfare 3 is a game about shooting people in the face from a first person persepctive. You will like it if you enjoy shooting people from a first person perspective. It has some bugs and technical issues. 8/10.

  26. airtekh says:

    Damn, I’m looking at those Steam charts and I still find it fucking amazing that a game that’s over ten years old is being played over everything else.

    Well done Counter-Strike.

    • Dana says:

      Its much more popular on consoles, though. Modern Warfare series, that is.

    • YourMessageHere says:

      I would lay credit/blame on China for this. Having visited a few months ago and seen internet cafes and (new) cars with CS logos and decals, it seems the pop FPS of choice there. Makes sense when you see the price of new computers and components – generally more than we pay, in a straight currency swap, while incomes on average are about an eighth of what workers here get.

  27. Flint says:

    Well, Sonic Generations is pretty fantastic.

    • Blackberries says:

      Is it really? I keep hearing this but can’t get over the suspicion and cynicism I have regarding modern Sonic releases.

    • wiper says:

      Indeed. Can we have an article espousing just how joyful it is to thrash a boss in Sonic Generations to the tune of Sonic Boom? Though it might also have to mention the fact that the game’s final third is somewhat underwhelming following the wonderful opening levels.

      That was @Flint, of course. Blackberries: it really is rather good. The 2D sections are considerably more entertaining than the 3D, mind.

    • johnpeat says:

      People who really liked the original Sonic seem to like Generations.

      People who didn’t – aren’t going to get it now either…

    • Milky1985 says:

      Yes sonic generations is pretty damn good, i would say it would convert a few of the people who shyed away from sonic due to the recent games if i’m being honest. Good little bit of writing take the mick out of itself as well at the end which i like as well.

      The crisis city levels in particular are very good levels, good music and level design (and the bit at the end of the modern level is great as you dash though it , although i kept on getting hit in the face with rocks), city escape level in classic mode is good as well, modenr seems to be not much different to the sonic adventure 2 version so i can’t comment due to playing it to death when i was younger on the GC.

      Only annoying thing is hearing knuckles and co saying “its a homing attack” every sodding time on the final boss. Yes i know, you have told me 10 times on the previous 5 times i screwed up tanks, don’t need telling again (other than that you never hear from the extra chars and they can be safely ignored, as they should be)

    • Flint says:

      Final third underwhelming? Crisis City in its both iterations is one of the best levels of the game in its sheer insanity (and THAT MUSIC), Modern Rooftop Run has been excellently updated from its very recent previous incarnation by taking all the original’s great parts and focusing on them, and while Planet Wisp doesn’t feel like a final level at all it’s still rather fun. The only thing I’d call underwhelming in the game is the final boss which seems like an afterthought; quite a shame really, considering how amazingly epic it could have been because of its premise.

      I adore the game, and the reception in general is very positive: I’ve generally loved the series’ more modern iterations despite a lot of people disliking them, but even the dislikers seem to be enjoying Generations quite a lot.

      (just to be even more contrary I’d also say that the Modern Sonic levels are more fun than Classic Sonic, but truth to be told I’m really loving the Classic Sonic bits as well – the CS bits in SonGen are the first time in eons I’ve genuinely fallen in love with 2D platforming)

    • wiper says:

      I genuinely hated both Crisis City and Planet Wisp (the former particularly in 2D, Planet Wisp equally across modes) – Rooftop Run was pretty good fun, though. My main problem with Crisis City was that I couldn’t see what was going on – fiery red enemies against a red, fiery backdrop with frequent debris and wind-effects obscuring both foreground and background made it nigh-on unplayable for me. Also, I’m not a big fan of any sections of Sonic games which slow him down – at least water sections can usually be avoided, and add tension in the form of your limited oxygen supply. The windy sections of Crisis City are unavoidable and completely lacking in tension, adding little more than frustration to the proceedings. Planet Wisp, meanwhile, I found to be ugly and rather tedious. And yes, the final boss was a big pile of rubbish. Still, the rest of the game makes up for it :)

  28. Screamer says:

    “We weren’t even invited to the launch party”
    How selectively forgetful of Activation …..

  29. Bursar says:

    I miss the Triforce review system.


    • Premium User Badge

      bsplines says:

      It ‘s OK, the new unicorn and puppy system is actually better.

  30. Ultra Superior says:

    Two days I count to the midnight sale of EL SKYRIM. Why bother with anything else when soon the truth will dawn….

    …..IN FIRE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AmateurScience says:

      Skyrim is the first game I have ever pre-ordered or even picked up on release day. And the first game I have ever taken the day off work to play on release day.

      I just hope there’s no game-ending bug action/post office strikes/catastrophic PC failure

    • Inglourious Badger says:


      If there is it’ll be because you jinxed it!

  31. Inglourious Badger says:

    Oh well. (Goes back to trying to complete Binding of Isaac)

  32. eXperiaL says:

    RPS , its a bit early to comment on the numbers. It doesn’t release in North america until 3 hours from now. Steam has locked it for some reason.

  33. mongpong says:

    It would be nice to buy and pay for the single player and multiplayer parts of these game individually. that way i could have bought the multiplayer part of BF3 and the Single player part of MW3. This would make a nicely rounded package….oooh matron.

  34. Moni says:

    PC Gamer were sent the Xbox version to review. Did RPS at least get sent the Xbox version? If Activision didn’t even do that, then RPS must have really done something to piss them off.

  35. Tyshalle says:

    Might the lack of people playing this on Steam right now have less to do with your clairvoyant predictions of the lack of this game’s success/appeal, and have more to do with the fact that the game doesn’t actually unlock on Steam for another two hours?

  36. Tams80 says:

    “What does the box smell like?” The most essential question. I will not buy a game if the box smells off.

    • mongpong says:

      It probably smells like the MW, MW2, BlOps boxes. They’ve re-used everything else!

      Ooohh I’m such a bitch!

    • Skabooga says:

      I flick the game box with my index finger and listen to make sure it has that wet, soft *thunk* sound.

  37. wcaypahwat says:

    There’s uhh… there’s an achievement. For starting the first level. On any difficulty.


    • Nick says:

      Its probably to keep track of how many people buy it purely for the MP.

  38. Nick says:

    This is because of that coke you supplied to Granger games.

  39. TomA says:

    I sort of want to like it, I’m pretty spendthrift when it comes to games, especially spur of the moment purchases on steam. I’ve been looking it over and over for something to justify it to me and I really can’t find anything. At the moment the only thing distinguishing the CoD titles in any major way seems to be the title.

  40. Skabooga says:

    We don’t have it, so we can’t do an unboxing.

    At first, I was thinking, “What? That Jim Rossingol guy was all over this game a few weeks ago.” Then I realized my mistake.

  41. Love Albatross says:

    Check your press account again, MW3 should be on there…

  42. Kadayi says:

    “Which is not even on our Steam press accounts, is now out.”

    Oh the tyranny.

  43. psyk says:

    It’s been out to pirate for at least a week now.

  44. enderwiggum says:

    I won’t buy it. Infinity Ward isn’t. Respawn is.

  45. 78stonewobble says:

    Oh I have to agree with ALOT of the Craig’s viewpoints here. Especially the “loudness” but also the storyline in itself and a few of the gameplay gripes.

    The story does offcourse lead up to some interesting mission setups. However it is barely up to b movie standard. Plot itself is unrealistic and over the top and atleast for me severely lacking in its ability to suspense my disbelief (or whatever it’s called). Just from the top of my head the factual things that makes me facepalm during my playthrough.

    1. MW2: A nuclear weapon detonated in space generates a shockwave that destoys the ISS from, what I guestimate, 500 + miles away. Fry their systems sure! … But a windborne shockwave?

    2. MW2-3: The theft and cracking of one single satelite part leads to the complete breakdown of all US early warning systems. However unrelated to the satelite system itself. Aka steal hardware part xyz and US early warning radars and sosus network are disabled. Heck apparently this little satelite processor thingy majik also controlled the radar, sonar and brains on every single US and NATO base, ship, submarine, car and bike from the eastern US seaboard to Norway, Germany and Turkey.

    3. MW2-3. Just HOW did the russian navy plus army teleport itself to the US? They are presently lacking in airrefueling assets, aircraft carriers and the ability to transport by sea any significant number of groundforces. Maybe they just masterfully built an invasion fleet bigger than the one dedicated to D-Day in secret? Heck if they were able to do that they kinda deserve to win.

    4. MW3. Nervegas… Don’t fear it. It’s green and obvious…

    5. MW3. British intelligence and police suspect a terror attack and that it is to be carried out by weapons in a number of vans originating from xyz company ground. Yet they dedicate a special forces attack to catch 1 of the vans and somehow ignore the 12 others just driving unchallenged out to the rest of London? …. Why on earth didn’t they just cordon of the factory and check the vans/lorries? Probably would have taken even less time than coordinating the assault on the factory.

    Well I’m sure you guys can find an endless amount of more of these..

    Then there’s the gameplay issues/cliches: Any kind of transport that you enter have a 90 percent chance of crashing one way or the other. Any time you have to jump a gap you WILL slip but luckily get caught by npc xyz . The way the game takes controll of your character to illustrate that you have been hurt and can only wobble slowly with laboured breathing and sweat/blood in your eyes are way overused.

    I frustratedly tap the escape key to the menu whenever these happens. It doesn’t skip it but it gives me something to do…

    Now I know that endlessly spawning enemies are a stable of the call of duty series but… Sure it does add alot to the “keep moving under exciting enemy fire” but… Somehow it detracts from a sense of accomplishment. You can’t WIN against what seems like a determined enemy counter assault. It also seems like somewhat of a cop-out on the whole quality of enemy AI abilities.

    Thats alot of negatives… However I AM having fun in any case with the game. The actual gameplay (except a few things) are exciting and heartpounding.

    I’d say that the game is good at excersising your adrenaline gland but leaves the rest of your brain unfulfilled.

    My personal score for the game is 8 outta 10. Which is kind of a sad statement that a game can ditch so much story wise and still be a good game.

    • 78stonewobble says:

      Sorry for the wall of text…

      My own humble personal idea for a good action fps shooter that might have a bit more soul and emotional involvement to it while still having a good gameplay.

      There are probably stories of a gazillion real battles from iraq or afghanistan. Take inspiration from these. Maybe also UN operations in the former yugoslavia or missions in somalia.

      Remember the quote about combat being 5 minutes of pure terror and the rest waiting. Offcourse since it’s an FPS it can’t be completely like that but use it to show the huge difference for the individual on the line.

      Make the story about a single averae joe and his squads tour in one of these places. The underlying plot doesn’t have to be about saving the world… How about just saving a village somewhere from somewhat evil xyz warlord.

      I’m a little torn about missions themselves. Randomly generated maps/missions for replayability but I’m afraid that the quality would be too poor to support a good singleplayer campaign.

      Some missions that you can fail but would cause future missions to be harder, loss of a squadmate (poorer / noob replacement) and/or consequences for eg. the civilians you were trying to save.

      COOP!!! Singleplayer and multiplayer. Preferably the missions should be about the squad. If you’re singleplaying you have AI squadmates. In coop friends take the place of the squadmates and multiplayer is the combination of a few friendly and enemy squads sluggin it out on a bigger map.

      I probably couldn’t avoid the missions generate $ to upgrade your weapons no matter how unrealistic but it does add the awesomenestness of new weapons that people seem to crave….

      The most important part however would be a combination of a realistic emotionally engaging story line. It should get you to feel something for your squadmates and civilian NPC’s and utter dislike for the uhm… “evil” enemy dude…

      The holy grail of gaming? Decent AI, emotionally engaging, realistic story and even ze mythical coop?