Silly Shooting in SickBrick

Laser disco explosion matrix!
Any game that starts out like Duke Nukem Forever, with the player in a toilet, makes me wary. SickBrick does that. But then two minutes later I’m in a Portal-ish test chamber, albeit a simple one where I’m just blasting clunky robots, and everything feels just that little bit better.

SickBrick’s not polished to Portal’s perfection, but I had a lot more fun with it than I did Duke. It does a good job of keeping everything moving along. While it starts off with a few basic battles against uninpired robots and turrets, things got a bit more interesting, and silly, as I progressed.

The testing facility likes to toss robots at your chainsaw and guns. Every room has something to kill. Although the action is rather standard and a bit shonky, it eventually gets combined with a few challenges, becoming a lot more vital and fun. Standing and shooting at the robots isn’t nearly as interesting as fighting them while you’re all being kept floating in the air by a room ful of fans.

Up up in the air!

It has aesthetic ambitions, but without the budget or engine to realise its potential. An early test chamber is criss-crossed with laser beams, that seem to be holding the detritus of an explosion frozen in their beams. A van and a wall are held in the air, but at odd angles, like they’ve been blasted by an invisible bomb. It’s an oddly pretty tableau, and then a few minutes later I’m fighting another room of enemy bots. They die in hilariously unspectacular collapses, their components falling apart in the same prescribed yet physics driven way. The spherical robots come apart like South Parks’ Canadians.

Like shooting a Canadian robot.

But it’s enough to keep plowing on, especially the gently mocking tone of the audio diaries and graffiti on the walls. It likes to keep reminding you that you’re playing a game, while throwing the occasional GLaDOS-ish invective out: “There’s a 42% chance that I will destroy your groin.”

It’s a troublesome recommendation. I enjoyed it, sure, but there are definite black marks. The engine is plasticy and the physics are shonky, but it’s got a little bit of wit and a silly sense of style and I really want a few more people to cast their eyes over it.

SickBrick’s £4.99 and out now. You can grab it from Desura.


  1. iucounu says:

    Off-topic, but I was idly spectating on OnLive the other day and watched someone load Duke Nukem Forever and then deliberately drown Duke in his hot tub at the start of the game. And then reload, and then drown him again. This went on for like, 20 minutes. It was hypnotic.

  2. P7uen says:

    Come come now, first thing you did in Goldeneye was drop into a toilet cubicle and murder a man on the throne.

  3. helmehytte says:

    its also available on GamersGate:
    link to

  4. SickBrick says:

    I’m the developer of SickBrick and just want to say thanks to Alec for posting this. SickBrick shall now surely reach the heavens of game-sales. Like 20 or something!

  5. PleasingFungus says:

    …didn’t Portal also start out in a toilet, technically?

  6. nblake42 says:

    Silent Hill 2 starts in a toilet, too. SO THERE

  7. SickBrick says:

    All good things start in a toilet. No wait, that’s not right…
    Now all I need is a:
    link to

  8. Joe W-A says:

    An engine can be plasticy?!?

  9. SickBrick says:

    One other thing, it’s obvious that Craig only played through the first 3 levels :D Later you can haz GIANT HOVERTANK and outdoors levels which look much nicer that the indoors ones. And there’s a boss fight in which buildings topple to the ground and shit.
    link to
    link to