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The Bargain Bucket Yes! Not So Octopus!

Get a move on. The first deal listed in this week’s bucket has less than an hour and a half left on it, so you probably want to just skim read this intro, barely pay any attention to my weekly plug of my web site about cheap games,, don’t even pause to exchange pleasantries with me (have you had a nice week?). Get straight into the meat of the post, this week’s discount download round-up is here:

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy – £7.49/€9.99/$9.99
RPG/Shooter mashup, with just a smidgen of Deus Ex in there too. Here’s what Jim said of this:

The game world is a sort of amalgam of Warhammer 40k’s mythic pseudo-magical theology and more familiar Deus Ex-like cyberpunk. You are a super-assassin working for some kind of monster-slaying brotherhood who are struggling for control of various locations against other cyberpunkian factions of men in dark glasses and long coats. All this is backed up with a library of written back matter, which I couldn’t really be bothered to read. It’s nonetheless impressive that the team have put so much work into their world, even if they couldn’t quite afford to flesh it out.

More RPS coverage here.

AssCreed 2 – £3.38/€5.08/$7.49
AssCreed 2, the second of the AssCreeds. Fans of the series often tend to say that Ubisoft took a lot of the feedback on problems from the first game, and fixed them for the sequel, before refining further with AssBro. I guess that’s one way of looking at it, there’s certainly a bit more to do in the second one, and even a couple of sections where you have to think about what you’re doing, but to me it felt like more of the same, albeit with more distractions from how little you actually feel like an Assassin in these games. Pretty environments and animation though.

Dirt 3 & F1 2011 – £20.39/€27.19/$33.99
Two of codies latest games about car wot…well, I’m sure you know what it is these cars do by now. Here’s wot Jim thought of Dirt 3:

The driving model is consistently comprehensible while providing options enough to suit a range of traction tastes. Flinging various machines around the exotic lanes of Michigan and Kenya – machines that range from 1960s relics to supercharged contemporary abominations – has been a delight. I just wish my “hosts” wouldn’t waffle so much in the interim. Those lavish menus remain lovely, but I am just in it for that sense of speed, and I don’t care what you think of my podium position, Ken.

And here‘s RPS coverage of F1 2011, with a bonus post about Metro: Last Light from what looks like John typoing the tag. Bonus.

Duke Nukem 3D [Atomic Edition] – £1.87/$2.99/something similar in other currencies.
They really should try making a modern update to Duke Nukem 3D, a game that played similar to this but with shinier modern graphics would be lots of fun. DN3D definitely looks a bit long in the tooth these days, but it’s still a good shooty time.

Deal of the week
NightSky, Fate of the World + DLC, Scoregasm, Irukandji, Bullet Candy Perfect, Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please!, PC – £2.72/€3.18/$4.37 (at time of writing)
All of these come DRM free, and with codes to optionally register them on Steam and/or Desura (except for Irukandji & Bullet Candy Perfect, which aren’t on Steam). The price will fluctuate over time: it’s all explained here. Another fabulous mix of games from the Indie Royale lot, and you’ve got another three days yet to take advantage of this offer. The next bundle from them is called “The Really Big Bundle”, so it looks like they’ve got something special planned.

Also of note:
Anuman promo at GOG
Saints Row: The Third – £22.85. Registers on Steam (and I think it’s UK only).
The A.Typical RPG – 66p/€0.77/$1.02
Mens of War for cheap
Two days left on the Humble Voxatron Bundle

For more games that are cheap, go explore the regularly updated record of gaming discounts over at

Cheers Rob Fearon for this week’s new Bargain Bucket header image, you should probably go and get his Bundle of Wrong.

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