Dungeon Defenders Dev Kit Released

walk through here and emerge from a blue portal in Episode 3

Adorable, colourful and surprisingly hefty, Dungeon Defenders action-orientated take on tower defense was like an unexpected rainbow preceded by the light drizzle of a delayed PC incarnation. However, the release of the development kit could be the pot of gold at the end of that rainbow and it’s a pot of gold radiant enough to actually dry any remaining bitterness out of your sodden clothing. Which is one way of saying that providing the ability to dabble with the source code is a fine gift. More details below.

This isn’t one of those things that will only be of interest if you’re the sort of person who doesn’t mind tearing file structures apart because new content will be available to download from within the game interface itself. What’s more, the developers reckon they are providing enough power and malleability that entire new game modes could be created, such as cute and cuddly RPGs. If only mods were always so easy, more people would appreciate them and games would eventually last forever.

There’s an alpha version of a 16 player capture the flag mode available for free as well, showing the tip of possibility’s iceberg. Available on Steam now.


  1. mjig says:

    “games would eventually last forever”
    This is what devs are afraid of, that and the idea that you won’t be willing to buy their $10 3 hour DLC.

    • Hoaxfish says:


      Of course, without modding we don’t get things like Tower Defense/DotA, and all those mods which fix Bethesda games.

    • caddyB says:

      I read that first part with David Mitchell’s voice. It was awesome.

  2. yutt says:

    Only 3 comments and one is spam!?

    This is a great game, released so polished that it makes Skyrim and BF3 embarrassments. The post-development support has been remarkable. This team is going places. Frankly the quality of the title is almost unbelievable coming as a first release from an independent developer.

    SDK releases are rare enough these days, but the extent of this devkit puts even many of those to shame. Combined with existing UDK tools, I hope to see something amazing come from the community. The potential is there.

    I’ve heard that the game sold extremely well on the PC. If that is the case I expect to see much more coming from Trendy in the coming years. They seem to be one of many new PC developers who “get” the platform. Which is desperately needed in an age when so many of the founders (Bethesda, Blizzard, Bioware, et al.) seem to have lost site, or at least stopped caring.

    • NightKid says:

      I wouldn’t call their release polished. They had massive latency, disconnection and TrendyNet server issues in addition to progress tracking & UI bugs. Hell, there was a patch a day within the first 3 days of their launch, which tells you how technically flawed the game was then.

      Having said that however, it also speaks volumes about their post-release support, which brings the game to what it is today, and I ultimately forgive them. Still, it begs the question, if they were gonna be awesome on PC, why on earth did they delay the PC launch to coincide with consoles and not let PC be a testbed to begin with?

    • yutt says:

      Actual the answer to both the instability of Trendynet at release and the PC delay are the same. I believe they were developing Trendynet itself in the interim. It was necessary for the PC release, isn’t in the console version, and couldn’t be tested on a large scale before release. Not trying to make excuses for them, but I think they were unprepared for the PC release to be quite as successful as it was.

  3. ShrikeMalakim says:

    Maybe they can add an invert mouse Y option, so I can actually play the damn thing. Seriously, why are some games which include first-person or over the shoulder views still failing to include this option?

    At least it’s not Beyond Good & Evil. Lovely game, and I really WANT to play it, but the only invert option for mouse inverts both X and Y.

  4. DOLBYdigital says:

    Played the demo and was very impressed but wasn’t sure about the online community. This game is ok single player but I could imagine it being fun with others. Now with modding support, I’ll add it to my list.