Hey, You! Watch This Planetside 2 Trailer

Today's helmet shot.
Actually, I’ll let you off for skipping this one, because it’s really not all that interesting to anyone other than the Planetside hardcore. It’s a trailer for the New Conglomerate faction, and as such shows nothing in the way of in-game stuff, and instead delivers a bunch of spinning schematics of pistols, kneepads, and aircraft. Tsk. Get with the real trailers, Sony!

Oh hey look, the header image and the YT preview image almost line up to make a full person!

Real men wear purple, anyway. Did anyone actually play NC? Honestly, I think the game was basically TR vs VS.


  1. duncanthrax says:

    I was VS in PS1, grew tired of it. Plan on being TR in PS2. Stupid NC hippies!

    • Quinnbeast says:

      Yeah, I was one of those hippies. For shame.

    • Mutak says:

      More like Libertarian than Hippie, but either way, it’s better than being a Nazi or a Freak.


    • thetruegentleman says:

      Funny, I was thinking the same thing myself (having been VS). Less because of abstract notions, and more because I ended up fighting the NC all the damn time. I don’t even know if I ever fought more than a TR outpost. So in other words, as NC I would probably just end up shooting my ‘friends’ by mistake.

  2. Gnoupi says:

    “Hey you! Don’t watch that! Watch this! This is the heavy heavy monster sound.”

    • HeavyHarris says:

      “The Naziest sound of all” you say?

    • speedwaystar says:

      “the nuttiest sound around.” they’d be a bit miffed at your Mondegreen–Madness were on the Anti-Nazi League benefit compilation and were a fixture at Rock Against Racism gigs.

    • JYzer says:

      One (goose) Step Beyond.

  3. SAM-site says:

    Damn Barneys and Santas can get knotted. NC all the way. If you haven’t been part of a 30+ Vanguard column you haven’t lived.

    • ZephyrSB says:

      Thunderer rush worked pretty well too. Although I’m not sure I like the look of the new Vanguard as much as the old one – give me that sleek flat profile back! But that doesn’t matter, it still has the biggest gun :p

    • Codi says:

      I was always happier to fly a Galaxy and hot drop dudes over bases over and over again. I started out as TR but once I switched to NC I actually started enjoying the game. NC for life :D

  4. Obliter8 says:

    Keep your lasher-spam, and effete floating tanks fish-heads!

    Looks like we’ll continue to have the firepower advantage :)

  5. ZephyrSB says:

    Always seemed to be either NC v VS or TR v VS. TR vs NC seemed to be a rarity. Which is odd, being as they’re mortal enemies and all. Must have been all that lasher-spam getting in the way of a good proper stand-up fight.

    • Mutak says:

      Oh hell no! My worst/favorite battles from Planetside were trying to fight against the tide of grenade spam bouncing down the stairs of a tower from those motherf@&%ing Terran Maxxes!

      Now that i think about it, i think most of my negative associations with the Terrans come from one clan full of hackers – something with GOD in the title?

  6. ayo says:

    Vs for eva..Vanu gonna own jus like we did befo oh.
    Err pass me jetpack and me shiny new MAX(tm) suit i gotta keel me some NC and TR :-).Ohhh Sony did ya say my beta invite is comin?

  7. Bradderz says:

    NC till death!! Renegade Legion all the way.

    Love PS still, only recently stopped playing it and probably will resub again next time i get a decent chunk of leave. Cannot wait for this game, colour coordinated galaxy drops ftw!

  8. fugo says:

    Vanu are a bunch of vain purple lasher fairies. Ohhhh look at you in your super tight fitting purple suit. Real men don’t spend so much time working on our appearance BECAUSE WE ARE TOO BUSY SHOOTING THINGS WITH LARGE SHOTGUNS.

    Also TR are fannys.

  9. Sardaukar says:

    Stuff the TR and their massively latency-abusive guns. Stuff the NC and their melee weapons pretending to be guns.

    Vanu forever. Your jackhammers and Vanguards will be useless when our MAX suits are flying over your walls.


  10. Surgeon says:

    I love shots of men’s helmets.

    Both mhigby and PS_TRay are worth following on Twitter for early screenshots and other stuff like this:

    link to yfrog.com

  11. westyfield says:

    Why the cocking cock does a gauss rifle need a flash suppressor it’s like they don’t even know what a gauss rifle is aaaaaaaarrggggghhhhh

  12. Kollega says:

    I can only quote Ellis and say: this is cool. I like this kind of trailer that shows off the spinning guns and vehicles no less than actual gameplay demonstrations, oddly enough.

  13. Moonracer says:

    I’m glad that they had text in that video stating the obvious, like “this here is the barrel of the gun and that there is the trigger”. “Knee pads right here if you didn’t notice.”

  14. Scandalon says:

    A full person, with their top half facing the opposite direction of their bottom half!

  15. Galaxy613 says:

    VS and TR only? Oh hell NO it wasn’t! If SOE got rid of NC or any other faction then they mind as well brand it CoD:SyFy!

    NC all the way!

  16. Heliocentric says:

    VS have tanks that float on water…. I’ll give you a minute to think how that might change fighting.

  17. FRIENDLYUNIT says:

    Just make sure you give us a NSFW warning before showing any VS purple helmet shots.

  18. RC-1290'Dreadnought' says:

    Haha, the Star Wars Galaxies Interface sounds are back :D. I kept thinking I received a message.