Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Giveaway

Register a beta account you will.

Would you like to play Star Wars: The Old Republic for a whole weekend? For free? See, I thought you would. EA plan a free server-stress-testing weekend in the very near future (they haven’t quite nailed down which weekend it will be yet, oddly enough), and we have 12,000 keys to give away. No, I typed that right. Twelve thousand. It’s first come, first served, and we recommend you click below right away before the rest of the internet gets wind of this.

If you’d like one, you need to make sure you’re logged into RPS (link at the top), and then head here. It will automagically give you a key, which you’ll then need to redeem at before midnight on Friday 18th. Do that, and you’ll receive an email letting you know when the beta is taking place to whichever address you have associated with your SWTOR account. (Which of course you’ll need to play the game.) Simple.

(By the way – if you’ve previously registered on the SWTOR site, and have received an email from SWTOR telling you you’re invited to the weekend, you don’t need one of these codes.)


  1. Vexing Vision says:

    I’ll take four, please. Thank you!

    • Nyst says:

      Erm, delete this comment please.

    • Harvey says:

      I’m ashamed to admit that i can not find where to put in my beta tester key on their darn black on blue site….

  2. Cinek says:

    Minor remark: those who registered for Beta on TOR website before 11th November shouldn’t get the keys from RPS or any other service – leave them to others. You will be allowed to precipitate anyway. You should already get an e-mail about it :) (an e-mail that made many people, including me, confused regarding whatever I’m in already or I’m not… but I read from TOR admin that ppl will get the access after some time if they registered already)

    Now… we wait. :)

    Personally I can’t wait for this – want to see the game in action. It’ll help me decide whatever buy this game or not cause recently I jump between NOGO and GETIT states all the time – some trailers make me think that this game is a crap looking and working worse than KotOR2 did back few years ago, while other trailers make me think that it’s a huge marvel, one of very few amazing games of this decade… honestly: I don’t know what to think about it. Good that they plan to make this beta. I’ll get a chance to make up my mind.

    • orolin says:


    • pischto says:

      Well a friend of mine signed up for testing a few months ago but didn’t receive the email. So I got him a key. Don’t want to be left alone in the beta..

    • LQ says:

      The email is especially odd if you are currently in beta testing .

    • Big Murray says:

      Can’t wait to precipitate. I think I am a bit right now in excitement.

    • Sorbicol says:

      If I can get the launcher to download this time I’ll give it a shot………

    • LegendaryTeeth says:

      I got my key and tried to create an account. Shame my user name contains inappropriate language. Oh well, I had other things to do this weekend anyway.

  3. loloquaker says:


  4. robzor says:

    thaaaaaaaaaaaanks RPS!

  5. Jarenth says:

    Cool, now I’ll be able to see what the lack of fuss is about. Thanks!

  6. orolin says:

    What if we’ve signed up for beta at a while back, and recently received an email form Bethesda saying we’ve been selected for beta participation – do we still need these keys? Or will we receive our own keys and additional info soon?

  7. GIGAR says:

    Epic! Thanks a ton :D

  8. Meneth says:

    Did you on purpose announce this while Reddit is down? :)

  9. Sp4rkR4t says:

    Why thank you kind sirs, wouldn’t mind an opportunity to look at this before I decide why it’s crap and ignore for all time.

  10. Icarus says:

    I can’t see where to go to actually redeem the key. :/

    Edit: Never mind, found it. You have to go to Account Management and then Redeem Keys.

    • Dragon Master says:

      Thanks for directing me, I was unable to find it either…Sneaky BioWare!

      Edit: In the announcement on the SW:TOR site, it’s said that the websites who give keys away, would have instructions as how to redeem them. Sneaky John!

    • Sanedraned says:

      It seems that i redeemed, “Message not found” well that would mean lots of fun!

    • Big Murray says:

      God bless you, sir.

    • Berzee says:

      Thanks! For me it says “Code Redemption” instead of Redeem Keys, but I never would have found it without you.

    • Bonde says:

      Thanks, me too had some problems finding it.

    • The Tupper says:

      Yeah I’m getting ‘message not found as well. Patience…failing…enthusiasm…….waining….don’t….really……like…MMORPGs….anyway!

      Edit: It worked – just took a bit of LMB spamming. I now love MMORPGs and all they stand for.

  11. thomashanauer says:

    You, sir, are awesome.

  12. Digedy says:

    All hail Horace the grand provider!

  13. MadTinkerer says:

    Signed up!

    I think I’ll start as a Sith Inquisitor. Enough playing the good guy, I want to be an Evil Space Sorcerer! Mwahahahaha!

  14. itsshinzo says:

    From the official forums –

    These instructions only apply if you have secured a Beta Test Weekend Code from a media partner site. Click here for the list of participating sites.

    Congratulations on getting a Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Code for our upcoming Beta Testing Weekend! Now you need to redeem your Beta Code before 11:59PM CST on Friday, November 18th to get into this Beta Testing Weekend! To help you along, we’ve provided these easy-to-understand steps that will guide you through the process of redeeming your code:
    Navigate your web browser to
    Login to your account by clicking the “Login” button at the top right corner of the website.
    a. If you do not have a account, click “Sign Up” and fill in the appropriate information.
    Sign up for our Game Testing Program by going to link to, and accept the Game Testing Agreement. This will enable your account for the Beta Testing Weekend.
    Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Star Wars: The Old Republic. You can see the minimum system requirements for yourself in our Frequently Asked Questions.
    Make your way to link to and redeem your Beta Code.

    Congratulations! Your account is now ready to take part in our Beta Testing Weekend. We want to thank you for taking part in this Beta Testing Weekend, and we hope you enjoy your time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic!

  15. akincih says:

    RPS i love uuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

  16. f1x says:

    Awesome, I redeemed the key
    My only doubt now is, is it possible to start downloading the client already? cause I dont see it at the SWTOR website

    • Gnoupi says:

      Same for me, I can’t find how to download it. Would be nice if it was possible to start downloading before the actual short event, for people with slower connections.

    • Njordsk says:

      Hear hear.

      2mb sucks, I don’t want to spend the weekend downloading the damn client.

    • f1x says:

      checking the FAQs apparently it will show here link to when its avaliable for download

      edit: I have slow download rate aswell so suspecting no testing for me until sunday unless I get to start downloading soon :p

    • StranaMente says:

      It’s more than 18 gigabytes. Are you really sure you can/want to download it?
      Can you do it in time?
      Me, not… to all of the questions.

    • eZ` says:

      Give this link a go, but I have a feeling it won’t work…
      Try and start it as soon as you can. The download is mammoth, over 20GB.

  17. TheLongKahn says:

    Ah, the glorious perks of working at night is getting first crack at things like this.

  18. Thaliost says:

    I had never had a reason to register with RPS before but in order to get the key, I did.

    In the registration form, I was prompted to reply to the question: “Who is the protagonist of the Half Life series?”

    Upon entering my most serious response of “#care”, I was informed that it is incorrect…

    Thank you for your attention :P

  19. sectR says:


  20. Notsane says:

    Hmm. Although I used mine on, it seems you can also redeem it in Origin itself.

  21. scorpionbruno says:

    Can’t wait ,………………… tnx RPS .

  22. JB says:

    Thanks, RPS!


  23. BlackHao says:

    Thank you RPS. You’re one of the reasons PC gaming still remains the best thing in this crazy world.

  24. hjarg says:

    Nice! Thanks a lot, RPS!

  25. silgidorn says:

    Thank You So Much!

  26. simakuutio says:

    Looks promising:

    By redeeming this code, you are now registered for the following:
    Message not found

    Well, let’s hope I’m in anyway :)

    EDIT: Seems like I got it right so …
    EDIT2: Hmm.. ok, I’m in but how I’m supposed to get that client? They will inform about that later on?

  27. Lujo says:

    Wow, looks like there’s a point in gettin up before noon after all. Thanks RPS!

  28. jemsin says:

    I would love one, if there are still any going!

  29. Magicmerly says:

    Thanks for this guys :)

  30. TheLordMoosey says:

    Can I have one please, Mr RPS? Thanks a bunch.

  31. johnpeat says:

    How to see the game at it’s very worst, surely?

    “Come try a game which we’re trying to break with a sheer INVASION of new players(*)”

    (*) idiots with only 2 days to cause chaos…

    Still, if it grabs you in that short time, it’s not a bad thing is it?

    • Gnoupi says:

      Obviously a volume test. Ironing the bugs was earlier, now is to check how servers handle a bigger amount of players. As such, they only need a short period of time, and they are sure to push people to connect at the same time frame, more or less.

      Because once again, beta =/= demo.

    • aircool says:

      You’ll be seeing the beta client of course. However, most bug fixes will already be in the works for the inevitable release day patch. So whilst you won’t be seeing the final game, it will still be fun.

  32. Mordolloc says:

    I want to thank RPS, Google reader and whoever created rss-feeds, otherwise i might have missed it.

    Thank you, thank you…

    Heh, had to resist the urge to write Morgan Freeman at the registering form question about half life.

  33. Rii says:

    Anyone else not receiving validation e-mail from the SWTOR site after registering?

    EDIT: nvm, just took a while to come through. Although I did re-request it.

  34. anthonyda says:

    NIce one :)

  35. Phinor says:

    I have a vague feeling this test is going to be a catastrophe considering the servers haven’t been that great even before inviting a million new players to test it.

    Does the game use instancing or good old wow-like system, whatever that method is called?

  36. aircool says:

    Twelve Thousand? Yeah :) Now that sounds like a proper stress test.

    Sadly, I’ll be sunning my pink arse in Cyprus. Not a bad thing though, I’m looking forward to the game without having the usual ‘beta fatigue’ for a change (although I did swipe a key for one of my guildies who hasn’t got one yet).

    But cheers RPS :))

  37. Rielthan says:

    Me please. Thank you RPS!

  38. Stense says:

    Ta ducks.

  39. sneetch says:

    Thanks RPS! I’m looking forward to giving the tyres a damn good kicking here (there are tyres, right? Space tyres?)

  40. KoenigNord says:

    Thanks alot, I missed the previous sign ups on EA’s site.

    When i saw IGN giving their keys only to paying subscribers i hoped so much that they won’t be the only platform with keys. Now you showed up :)

  41. TheSchwarz says:

    I’ve registered and tried to redeem the key, and I get this:

    By redeeming this code, you are now registered for the following:
    Message not found

    Any one got this? Or any idea what this means?

  42. Lobotomist says:

    If all the keys have run out, you’ll see a message below telling you so, and sadness if you look in a mirror:


  43. megazver says:

    You have successfully redeemed the following code:
    You are now registered for the following items:
    Message not found

    El oh el.

  44. greg_ritter says:

    Wow, RPS, just wow. Thank you so much. We’ve talked about how to play beta with my mate only yesterday.

  45. StranaMente says:

    I was registered and received the email, but when I tried to download the client, first, it started with a 2 gigs video (or so it said), then it decided to start downloading 16 gigs client. Given that my top speed for most of the day is 50 kbps, I said, screw it, I don’t even like what I saw until now.
    I don’t want to spend 8 days to download it.
    Seriously 18 gigs?
    Why don’t they take the Guild Wars route, to download only the part that are necessary, and then make the player download the other parts as he moves?

  46. hymnharmonia says:

    I… can’t be bothered to sign up, honestly.
    Is it alright if I post my code here for grabbing?

  47. mod the world says:

    I just redeemed my code on Origin, i hope that’s as good as making an account at

  48. Palmer3 says:

    Got it. You guys are awesome. Thanks.

  49. ElvisNeedsBoats says:

    Terrific folks. Thanks for posting this.

  50. harddrivefinny says:

    Much appreciated guise.