APB Reloaded’s Live Action Nonsense

I might attempt to do a live action recreation of this later.

Oh, this spate of live action trailers the world is currently suffering from will surely end soon? Beyond giving the message, “we don’t think our in-game graphics are impressive”, I’m not sure what else they’re supposed to convey. But fortunately, this latest for APB Reloaded does occasionally switch to in-game footage. Which, of course, ends up looking (slightly) unfairly lame having just been watching its real-world equivalent shot on high-def film.

See how the ladies take their tops off? I think you’re meant to notice that happening.

You can of course go play the game right now, in the free beta over at APB.com. Have you been doing that? Any good?


  1. .backslash says:

    Anyone playing this, did they fix the driving lag or do you still need precognitive powers in order to steer one second in advance to where your car actually is?

    • Kelron says:

      I don’t know if I can answer that one, because I never had much lag to start with. I hear it’s been fixed, though.

      I still maintain it’s a fun game, but because it neither has headshots nor an open world (in the way people expected), they write it off.

  2. Big Murray says:

    The three and a hyphen words which are most likely to put me off buying a game.

    “Not in-game footage”.

  3. Anthile says:

    I want my 3:37 minutes back :(

  4. Hazzard65 says:

    I played the BETA a while ago. It was entertaining for an afternoon of something slightly new. It quickly ran out of steam though when I realized I couldn’t shoot who I wanted to, couldn’t fight with just anyone unless I was instanced with them nor were there any hit boxes to speak of, ammo is tied to the micro-transaction system. All of which culminated in a very short lived and boring experience.

    For a game that is supposed to provide an MMO experience with a free roaming GTA-like world it is cripplingly restrictive. It’s a whole lot of hot air really and it doesn’t take you long to figure that out.

    It still saddens me that they got this premise so wrong. HOW THE HELL DO YOU GO WRONG WITH COPS AND ROBBERS FFS!?

    • SAM-site says:

      In a couple of ways – first you make it so that in what is fundamentally a driving and shooting experience that neither the driving or shooting mechanics are particularly good. Second, you avoid designing anything as restrictive as one side having to play “cops” and make both teams reskinned versions of the same streetgang.

      While a very easy concept to understand, clearly a slightly more complex one to execute this cops n robbers lark.

    • Baines says:

      The biggest problem to me is the lack of interaction outside of missions.

      Yes, I’m sure it is to prevent griefing, but the result is a world that feels a bit lifeless. You can shoot, but you can’t hurt anyone except npcs. You can blow up cars, but not player owned cars. You can see the shootouts of missions in progress, but you can’t do anything (other than mess with stolen cars) to get involved if you aren’t part of that mission.

      They did add the ability for cops to “witness” crimes and then interact with a criminal, but what is a crime was extremely limited the last time I looked. (If you happened to be right there and mashing the witness button, you could witness a mugging or a smash&grab. While a cop could return a stolen car, I don’t think they could witness a car being stolen. And of course murder doesn’t count, though with the effectively suicidal oblivious nature of the npcs, it can be difficult to *not* kill someone anyway.)

  5. Dana says:

    I’d play this game for lulz and whatnot, but they butchered ue3, this game is barely playable on my rig.

    Unlike the DC Universe, which uses the same engine, has huge (bigger) city and runs flawlessly.

  6. Matt says:

    I just want my 50 bucks back. But we all know that’s never going to happen.

  7. capeutaine says:

    It does not make me want to play the game. It does make me want to see more rapid-cloth-changing-sexy chicks though.

    What is this game about in the first place ? This “trailer” does not say much about it.

  8. fenriz says:

    love the trailer. actually makes me wanna go back.

    But needs way more content and ofc the balancing.

  9. mollemannen says:

    if only the real game were anything like this

  10. Chaz says:

    I like the trailer, quite good I thought, however doesn’t make me want to play the game as that still looks a bit crap.

  11. brooklyn67 says:

    I actually find the live action part kind of disturbing. As a FPS player and action movie fan it makes me wonder “Am I a sociopath?”. Without any context or reason for the mayhem it just feels violence porn-y. Then again, I love the new CoD ads. But I prefer BF. I guess I just need more coffee this morning.

    I had some fun in the beta, back when, but felt the lack of any context or meaning made the violence not so much sociologically cringe worthy as just dull. I don’t care so much about changing my outfit in a game, I’d much rather be changing my environment. It would have been fun if there were ongoing turf battles, the ability to try and keep an area crime free, etc. As it was in the beta it felt fairly treadmill.

  12. Eynonz says:

    Sadly the game is too unbalanced :/

  13. wererogue says:

    I tend to think that it’s to try and sell to people who switch off when they see game graphics – the way that the Wii ads are all about people in the living room, and often only show gameplay when you can see a screen as well. But yeah, it’s not a great effect.

  14. Karlix says:

    So yeah, long time reader, but mention of this game made me finally start posting something.

    First off – I am extremely biased. I have more than 1000h spent in the closed and open betas of GamersFirst, not counting the time I played the RTW closed beta and live of APB. I think that this game is still a gem – massively flawed but still unique and awesome. Also, I am a graphic designer. K, that’s the warning, here goes:

    PROS of the game:
    * One of the best character customisation suites I have seen in any game.
    * THE BEST visual customisation suite for clothes, cars and tattoos – you create the graphics on the clothes and cars with an ingame editor. I have seen nothing remotely close to this in any other title.
    * Nice open world, with many varied places, all of which can be accessed during the missions.
    * Awesome sound design – especially city ambient sounds
    * A very distinct and and high quality art style (note: art style, not graphics as such).
    * A wide choice of different vehicles and guns that for the most part do not overlap.
    * Unique combat mechanics / TPS.
    * PvP only.
    * F2P.

    CONS of the game:
    * Unique combat mechanics / TPS.
    * Open world.
    * Often biased/somewhat broken mission locations.
    * Repetitive missions.
    * PvP only.
    * Hackers.
    * Matchmaking.
    * F2P.
    * Steep learning curve, not helped by absence of good tutorials.

    K, so yeah – first off, it’s still a third person shooter. Because of this you can look around corners and you can be looking at the opposite direction to where your character is looking, making your character snap by 180 degrees when you start shooting. Because many people are not used to this, they often get steamrolled, which results in them quitting the game and throwing around hackusations left and right.

    That is not to say there are not many hackers. APB uses PB… Yeah. However the devs of APB have started to implement some very good anti hack measures. They already have rooted out almost all wall hacks. Aimbotters still roll new chars though…

    Free 2 play sadly means it is a lot easier for the hackers to reroll new chars on new accounts. Overall the game is not purely Pay 2 Win after its transformation to F2P, however a few of the guns that are only available for cash do show signs on just being plain better, even if the difference is a slight one. Also the F2P players get a lot less money (which can be a pain, as all the guns are now leased, except some of the ones you buy with real cash) and get less contact rep (sort of XP) as well as less layers for customisation.

    There are many small tricks and weird things to the gun battles of APB, however when you get the grips with them they are all manageable and interesting to play with. However without any tutorials it is really hard for a new player to persist and learn them all. And here comes the big one: APB IS A TEAM GAME. IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE GAME DON’T PLAY IT ALONE. Only experienced players can do that well to some extent. Khem khem, I am looking at you, game reviewers. When all the harsh reviews came out about the first iteration, it seemed that most reviewers had been playing alone… A team of new randoms does not stand a chance against a smaller but well experienced team who are using dedicated voice coms.

    The missions are repetitive and more often than not they favour the defending side (which is chosen pretty much by chance), however a bit of variety is brought in by the fact that missions can happen in many places around the quite large districts so the same mission is rarely exactly the same twice in a row.

    The world is open (divided in instances). At max there are 50 enforcers and 50 crims on the instance. You can only shoot people on your mission, except if a person is doing extremely well and gets a bounty on his head. Then the whole opposing faction can kill that person (or on crims – everyone). However if you collide with a vehicle that is in another mission, you will still hit it, not go through, so sadly there are ways to grief.

    The developers are working in two new types of districts: turf wars and racing district. They sound promising, but they players haven’t seen or heard much about them yet. The live release is in December however, and they have promised at least one of these then.

    The design bit is exceptional: you can create many different graphics so really rarely there are two characters or cars that look exactly the same. This is one of the selling points for me. The design part also is sort of like crafting in other MMOS. Designs are the main going thing on marketplaces. Also you can design death themes in a music creator. Here are a few of my creations as an example: My APB Designs.

    The game runs on an extremely modified Unreal engine, so the performance is hit and miss, but it should be playable on an average gaming rig. The game itself doesn’t look spectacular but it also doesn’t look bad in any way (at least in my humble opinion). Sounds design is awesome for the most part though.

    Also some of the devs are quite communicative and receptive to ideas, complaints and comments, if they are worded politely enough. :)

    Overall it is a really unique game with many selling points but also many flaws and a hidden, steep learning curve. Also it can be stupidly fun when played with mates. A lot of ROFLCOPTER WTFBBQ moments to be had, not always because of the mission however, more because of the open world.

    If any of you want to try it and create the char on PATRIOT EU2 server, drop me a line and I will be more than happy to show you the ropes. Karlix is my crim char and nick on APB forums, Karlita is my enforcer. This invitation goes out to RPS writers too! :P

    P.S. Is this the moment I deploy the Flame Shield 300?

    P.S.S. If you would stay out in the open on the street like in the trailer you would die pretty much instantly.

    • McNab666 says:

      Well, despite being quite the wall of text I have to agree with everything this guy says…

      Such a great game with so much potential. Its just unfortunately too many people aren’t prepared to try the game properly and play it how it was designed, i.e. with a group of friends…

    • KindredPhantom says:

      I agree with this long summary of APB. I played APB since the early days when it was in closed beta, back when APB was owned by RealTime Worlds.

      I don’t like how they turned it F2P, the fact it is F2P is great, it suits the game more but when I look at TF2’s Mann co store then at APB Reloaded Armas marketplace I can’t help but feel that APB Reloaded is doing it wrong.

  15. dan. says:

    Meh, I quit playing after they reduced the amount of money free players could earn and then added pop-up ads after every mission.

    Pop-up ads which stole control from you unless you clicked a tiny “go away” button.

    So if you were, for example, level 5 Notoriety/Prestige when a mission finished, you invariably ended up dead.

    • Karlix says:

      Yeah the pop up after the mission can be annoying (from what I have seen from my mates, I am a premium player so have never seen it -_-), however it doesn’t come up if you are not/pre5 anymore.

  16. Cyberpope says:

    I did play this and have an opinion, but im at work so apologies if im a bit short

    its like an unfun saints row 2 where you can spend 30 real pounds on a gun that pisses bullets in a straight line and is completly silent

    drivings alright though. not the best ever but not exactly terrible. Lot of hot topic rejects running about

  17. Tams80 says:

    Including live action with in-game footage just makes games seem worse. Even ones with brilliant graphic.

  18. Gimmedacash says:

    This game is fun as hell! It does take some time to learn the game though.

    I play this game with everything on high….it looks fantastic….ok it’s no Crysis 2 but for what it is the graphics are pretty good.

    There’s so many ways to make money in this game besides just running missions that to complain that you have to lease your guns is ridiculous! It doesn’t cost real money to buy the guns either…it’s all in game money. You do, however, have the option to buy guns with real money……but….if you play the game and know what modifications to put on your leased guns then you can counter the pay to win guns pretty effectively.

    I was a Counter Strike player….never played a 3’rd person shooter before and said I never would. This game has changed my opinion on that. As Karlix mentioned there’s several advantages to the 3’rd person view such as being able to look around corners and such.

    The driving really has improved! I think most people formed their opinions about the driving from driving the entry level cars. If you know what cars to drive and what cars to stay away from then you’ll be much better off. If you hop into the car that looks like a Dodge Challenger then you got into the wrong car. That car is fast as hell but it’s like driving on an ice rink! If you buy, with in game money, the Mikro which looks just like a Mini….then you’ll get speed and the best handling car in the game.

    I have so much fun as an enforcer busting crims that are “ram raiding”. Ram raiding is crashing your crim van through a store front or garage door and stealing the contents. When the crims get away with it they can make a ton of cash….but if they are witnessed by an enforcer then you have a battle to see who keeps the cash. I made about $30,000 last weekend witnessing crims!

    Bottom line…this game is fun as hell but you can’t play it for a day or two and think that’s it…..there’s a steep learning curve and after about 2 weeks or so you’ll start to get the hang of it.

  19. CelticPixel says:

    Life action footage, used to advertise a videogame is in the same category as the fantastical box art that adorned early videogame boxes of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s saying “Yeah, isn’t this cool?” and you’re thinking “Well, yeah, but that’s not the game, and that’s not how it plays.”

    Last I played, I was (unjustly!) kicked by Punkbuster after entering the game, but that was a while ago to be fair. Not sure if that’s all fixed and working now.

  20. dee says:

    Dwarf fortress live action trailer please.

  21. Talorc says:

    How did they fit their mohawks into the car at the end?