(Belated) Byte vs Brick, Week Ending 12 Nov

I’m sorry our weekly comparison of the top-ten best-selling games on Steam with the top ten best-selling PC games at UK retail is a day late. I was busy standing by the side of a motorway waiting for a tow-truck yesterday. If only I’d stayed indoors and played more Skyrim – a lesson we can all take something from, I think.

So, what will prove to be the best-selling PC game of last week? Can you guess? Of course you can.

Steam (including preorders):

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
3. Saints Row: The Third
4. L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition
6. Foot-to-ball Manager 2012
7. Dungeon Defenders
8. Sonic Generations
9. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
10. Batman: Arkham City

UK retail/etail (not including pre-orders):

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
3. Foot-to-ball Manager 2012
4. Battlefield 3
5. The Sims 3: Pets
6. The Sims 3
7. The Sims 3: Generations
8. Rage
9. The Sims 3: Late Night
10. L.A. Noire

So, well done Skyrim. Toppling MW3 after just a week at the top is no mean feat. Oddly ugly elves > surly soldiers.


  1. mr.ioes says:

    I am surprised about Battlefield 3 not showing up @ steam sales. Also, seeing CoD only on places 2 makes me think the “new record on most sales sold in xx days by MW3”-Headlines in the media were bogus. Just as it felt when reading them.

    • Mr_Day says:

      Not much of a surprise, you can’t get Battlefield 3 through Steam – it is an Origin exclusive, digitally at least.

      EDIT: Oh, you can get BF3 through other digital retailers, but they give Origin codes. I didn’t know that. It is fun to do research, isn’t it?

    • Drayk says:

      Those exclusives are silly. I really don’t like this multiplication of online retailers. I know a little competition can be good but I like steam and don’t feel like they abuse their dominent position.

      Anyway. Hoorah for Skyrim, an RPG toping charts over an overrated fps is a nice surprise.

      I also think Skyrim is gonna be my GOTY, and 2011 had heavy competitors.

    • Beebop says:

      I don’t see why MW3 having record-breaking sales should be surprising, it is as far as I am aware the most popular *edit*series*edit* in history, more-or-less every teenager who owns a console-toy (more-or-less every teenager) plays Modern Warfare and will have been drooling over the release for months. I suppose PC sales are a slightly different world, but unsurprising nonetheless.

    • Simon Hawthorne says:

      This surprised me:

      As usual the Xbox 360 saw the majority of sales at 59 per cent, with the PlayStation 3 on 40 per cent (down from 42 per cent for Black Ops). The missing 1 per cent presumably accounts for the PC and Nintendo DS versions.

      Read more: link to metro.co.uk

      Read that again: 1% of all Modern Warfare 3 sales accounts for both the PC and the Nintendo DS versions. It’s not surprising that some games neglect PC gamers, given that context…

      (I know…the Metro…I know…)

    • Vandelay says:


      VGChartz says slightly different numbers, but pretty much the same. It also comes with some actual numbers.

      “The Xbox 360 version sold over 7 million units (57%), a milestone no other game on a single SKU has ever passed before. The PS3 version also saw impressive numbers with 4.8 million (39%), whilst the remaining 0.5 million was split between the Wii/PC. Of course, Japanese sales are yet to come and could push the PS3 version to 5 million units, a record in itself. Americas held 63% of sales with the remaining 37% going to EMEAA.”

      ( link to vgchartz.com )

      So, only 500,000 being sold on PC and Wii (not DS.) I’m not sure whether that is depressing or something to be proud of.

      I don’t know whether that includes digital sales though.

    • jimmm25 says:

      I am surprised that even that many copies of MW3 were sold on pc, as I often look at the steam stats (link to store.steampowered.com) and have only once seen the number of people playing MW3 reach 90,000 players. Since it is steamworks and mostly an online game, I guess there must be a lot of people who got bored of the game after a few days, or the 500,000 figure has been generously rounded.

    • Grygus says:

      Maybe I don’t know what a SKU is, but assuming it’s a box with a particular UPC, i.e., a single title on a single platform, how does 7 million sales set any sort of record? PC exclusive games have sold far more than that in the past; The Sims and World of Warcraft come to mind immediately with no research at all.

    • vagabond says:

      The linked article is talking about sales numbers for the first week after release.
      A google search tells me that the sims 3 sold 1.4 million copies in the first week, and that was EA’s biggest first week on the PC at the time.

  2. Orija says:

    Is Rage on sale? Also, is it still the mess that it was at launch?

    • Matt says:

      No, and no.

    • GenBanks says:

      It was on sale on Steam last week, but with the discount it was still slightly more expensive than it would cost to buy from an online retailer. The retail copies give you a steam unlock code, so you may as well get it from amazon or something.

    • vagabond says:

      Also, be sure it’s the sort of FPS you want to play, because although some people seem to really like it, I wasn’t impressed by it at all, and can’t recommend purchasing it for anything less than a 75% discount.

  3. sbs says:


  4. thegooseking says:

    I bet Saints Row 3 would have taken second place on the Steam store chart if only it were available on Steam in the UK.

    Yeah, ok, maybe not.

  5. JackShandy says:

    The elves are fantastic! Finally, a race of non-humans that actually looks inhuman. They can still be pretty, just in a really weird, exotic way.

    Can elves and humans inter-breed in The Elder Scrolls? What’s the result?

    • Gnoupi says:

      There, I have a game for you: link to en.wikipedia.org

    • Llewyn says:


    • Lars Westergren says:

      > Can elves and humans inter-breed in The Elder Scrolls? What’s the result?

      I think I read in one of the books that most of the humanoid races can, but the resulting child will take pretty much all of its racial characteristics from the mother.

      Don’t recall if they mention Khajit or Aragonians. I’m sure Googling will reveal much literature on the matter though.

    • Aspongeinmauve says:

      I think Bretons are supposed to be half-man half-mer, though I think it’s something to do with the Gods. I’m assuming Imperial/Nord/Redguard + Altmer/Bosmer/Dunmer =/= a Breton.

    • JackShandy says:

      Interesting. What’s the theme of Bretons? I get that Nords are cold humans, and Imperials are the boring fantasy-race humans from every game, and Redguards are black humans with some kind of arabian curved-swords thing – what do Bretons do?

      (Not that anyone asked, but I am playing this Dunmer lady).

    • sneetch says:

      On a similarly unrelated note, (no-one asked me either) but I just recently realised that I automatically and unconciously (maybe subconciously?) created and started playing a dunmer version of Link from the Legend of Zelda. I even have the hood.

      I would guess that Bretons are either vaguely French or vaguely celtic, I imagine blue woad and tartan would feature a lot in their generic celticness.

    • Archonsod says:

      “What’s the theme of Bretons?”

      West European. They even wear kilts in the highlands of High Rock.

    • Limey says:

      I always assumed they were French because a Breton is someone from Brittany. But I guess it could be a coincidence, or maybe just a vague reference that doesn’t indicate any cultural likeness.

    • oceanclub says:

      “I always assumed they were French because a Breton is someone from Brittany. ”

      I’d say it was the Celticness of Brittany that inspired the use of the name, as well as the Frenchness:
      “Passionate, eccentric, poetic, flamboyant, intelligent, and willful, the Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and the supernatura”

      Sure, that sounds like your average Irishman alright.

      Though it’s notable that the Bretons on Oblivion have French names rather than typical Breton names (well, judging by these lists, maybe someone more knowledgeable could correct me):

      link to uesp.net
      link to en.wikipedia.org



    • Davie says:

      They do have very French names much of the time. I’d always just thought of them as poncy wizard types–I guess I haven’t really looked into their background very much. Hmm, to the wiki!

    • pertusaria says:

      “Passionate, eccentric, poetic, flamboyant, intelligent, and willful, the Bretons feel an inborn, instinctive bond with the mercurial forces of magic and the supernatura”
      Sure, that sounds like your average Irishman alright.

      Average Irish stereotype, maybe – we don’t all re-enact Riverdance at the crossroads. ;-)

  6. Chaz says:

    Will there ever be a top 10 game sales chart that doesn’t feature a Sims game?

  7. Will Tomas says:

    Great to see Skyrim doing so well.

  8. stahlwerk says:

    I wonder how minecraft will chart, what with 4 million sales on launch day.

    • philbot says:

      It’s not about to feature on either of those charts anyway.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Skyrim: Guess what, Modern Warfare?

    MW3: What?

    Skyrim: INYERFACE!!!

    MW3: Oh yeah? Well guess what, Skyrim?

    Skyrim: What?


    *Skyrim runs away sobbing*

    • Carra says:

      Good point. It’s great to see Skyrim doing so well. And it’s also very sad to see that the most popular game is a lazy console port. Give me my keybindings!

    • iucounu says:

      There’s a mod for that now, I believe.

  10. Milky1985 says:

    Actually glad to see sonic generations still up there in the steam top 10 list, that was a surprising gem of a game this year so hope it does well so we can get some more sonic games where you only play as sonic!

    • Hatsworth says:

      To me it suggests that Ubisoft made a bigger mistake than I thought by not releasing Rayman Origins on the PC. Especially given that it’s a series with history on the platforms, and reviews have been over the moon.

  11. Kleppy says:

    Well deserved, my GoTY by a mile (even though I spent an MMO amount of hours playing King’s Bounty, and I’m still only up to those dwarven mines)

  12. Valvarexart says:

    This Foot-to-ball Manager you speak of and this The Simulators 3: Critters, are these videogames per-chance any videogames that are worth purchasing? We would like your opinions, oh great RPS-journalists!