Dragon’s Eye View: Skyrim’s Ultro-Map

Where the streets mostly have no names

I suppose we’ll need to come up with some sort of battleplan about how we cover Skyrim mods, given about fifty more of them crop up every time I blink. A round-up a little later down the line would only be sensible, but in the meantime this particular one is just too fine to pass up. Skyrim’s map – one of several sources of interface-based ire for Jim – presents the game’s world as one grand vista, but what it can’t do is show you much in the way of what’s actually at the place you’re thinking of visting. The Map In Full 3D mod is the Google Street View-aping answer: enabling that curious scrollwheel finger of yours to zoom right down to the ground and pan across the main open-world part of the game. It’s NPC-free, but it’s a spectacular way to have a bird’s eye view of a splendid world that’s almost as chilly as Southern England is today. I CAN’T FEEL MY TOES.

I’m keeping my Skyrim mod-free for a little while longer, but as soon as I’ve polished off the main quest I’ll be attaching as many weird nodules as I can find, including this.

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  1. portchd says:

    I saw this on skyrim nexus the otherday, and was sorely tempted to get it, but I’m waiting until someone comes out with a complete UI overhaul…it’s livable for now, but I will be replacing that ASAP…

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Do you use WASD for the menus? Never even touch the mouse, just use WASD. I love the menus… like, LOVE the menus… and I have been a PC only gamer for 20+ years.

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, it took a little bit of adjusting to, but I reckon I’m doing menu stuff faster now than I ever did in Morrowind or Oblivion. You can get to most things in a half-second input string without moving your hand at all.

    • portchd says:

      @ Dominic, that seems cool, but to be honest, if someone designed a menu overhaul for skyrim that still used the 3d model system, and maybe changed the skill viewing thing a bit, i would definetly get it…hint hint…?

    • StingingVelvet says:

      Yeah, the skill tree/leveling menu is the only one that is pretty clunky for me. I doubt it’s much better with a pad either, they just did that one a bit off. The rest of it though… genius. Get in and get out.

    • Orija says:

      Hmm, it could be my superlative excitement for this game but I too really like how the in-game interface is. It’s quick and snappy, and get’s the job done. I had trouble using the mouse (and in the character builder) but I quickly got used to it. Haven’t really seen the skill sub-menu though.

    • quintesse says:

      Are you seriously suggesting that you *like* having for example all your items in one big list with a small icon next to it to see that you’re actually using it right now and NO way to see what the differences are between one and the other? (well except for a +/- which only refers to raw damage numbers)

      Buying/selling is even worse. I want to be able to hold my list next to the vendor’s so I can, like, *see* what I’m missing or rapidly comparing one item to another.

      And the skill “constellation” might look cool but sucks big time, luckily you will only need it a couple of dozens of times during the entire duration of the game.

      At least with the keyboard you’ll make less mistakes because the number of times I’ve been thrown out of the menu system because I clicked slightly to the left of the menu item are numerous ><

    • adonf says:

      Yes the keyboard layout is very convenient, if you’re right-handed. If you’re left-handed then I hope that you like to play with your hands close together or that you have enough room on your desk to have the WASD keys in front of your right shoulder.

      (Also, I believe that some dialog boxes don’t have keyboard shortcuts, like the save overwrite confirmation dialog)

    • StingingVelvet says:


      I put great value on being able to get into a menu and get out of it as quickly as possible. Skyrim’s UI is built to facilitate exactly that, so I love it. I was never a fan of mouse-driven menus and endless tabs despite being a PC gamer because they’re very slow. Morrowind for example had probably the most PC-like interface ever, but honestly I hated it because it took forever to do anything.

      Agree to disagree.

    • Arglebargle says:

      I place great value in the UI setup being flexible enough to let me set it up as I prefer.

      And I do like more info, useful filters, etc.

    • Snargelfargen says:

      I have had a much easier time using the keyboard only for menus, but only for very basic things.

      The skill menu for example branches between different things, and pressing “w” takes you to the skills almost at random, because the menu is configured for an 8-axis stick, not the 4-axis wasd solution.
      I also have to scroll up and down like crazy to browse through the inventory, especially since equipped items are muddled in alphabetically with everything else.

    • vodkarn says:


      I put great value on being able to get into a menu and get out of it as quickly as possible. Skyrim’s UI is built to facilitate exactly that, so I love it. I was never a fan of mouse-driven menus and endless tabs despite being a PC gamer because they’re very slow. Morrowind for example had probably the most PC-like interface ever, but honestly I hated it because it took forever to do anything.

      Agree to disagree.”

      I think most people agree, and that’s specifically why they have that pressing escape DOESN’T exit a menu (for one example).

    • psyk says:

      I find the mouse works well in menus 90% of the time the other when it dosen’t for the other 10% it’s easy to fix.

      The little arrow is fav stuff the BIG FUCK OFF arrow is what you have equipped

      I don’t think some people have actually played the game tbh.

    • StingingVelvet says:


      TAB is quicker than escape because you don’t have to move your hand. Not really sure what you mean I guess.

    • Thants says:

      It’s that escape has been the standard key to exit out of a menu in PC games for probably two decades. It’s already very firmly fixed in my muscle-memory. The same thing drove me insane in Rage. Making a standard key do the opposite of its usual function is just guaranteeing that people are going to absentmindedly misuse it, over and over.

    • Bensam123 says:

      Nah, the menus are horrid and consolized. There is an option to plug in a xbox-360 controller. I’m sure you guys would enjoy them much more.

      The UI is disorganized and disorienting. You can’t order anything, you can’t use the mouse for anything, you can’t bring up the journal without pausing the game, you can’t bring up a mini-map outside of having the normal map up which you need to toggle on and off, way point markers are hard to place, there is relatively little to differentiate differences in distance on the compass (contrast is your friend), you can’t reassign keys for quick switching to spells… lets say if you want to bind a soul, use a 2her, go into berserking, and then switch to a shout, even with the favorites list (which can’t be reordered too) the enemies are ontop of you before you get your 2her out at the end of that.

      The UI is a consolized steaming PoS and I even suggested to my friends who also thought it was awful to plugin a xbox 360 controller because it has the option and it would work better. Their eyes just glossed over and then they said no on principle.

    • Dominic White says:


      I’m left-handed. You know what my solution is, so that WSAD is easier to use?

      I move the keyboard to the right six inches.

    • adonf says:

      @Dominic White: I do that too, but it means I have to move the pile of important papers and food packages and magazines and tea mugs that reside on the right of my keyboard.

      Looking on the bright side of things: Skyrim might eventually make me clean up my desk. And here I was thinking this game would only bring more procrastination…

      (Still, even though there are solutions, this is a UI that forgets not everyone is right-handed)

  2. GetUpKidAK says:

    This is exactly what I expected the map to do without a mod. Well, without that much zoom anyway.

  3. Jim Rossignol says:

    Oh that’s the stuff.

    • Reivles says:

      Suggestion #1 for the battleplan: Have a “Skyrim mods” tag. So you really can find the posts in one click.

  4. magnus says:


  5. The Sombrero Kid says:

    This proves is that bethesda rendering the map completely useless was a design decision!

    • Calneon says:

      Or they wanted it to be similar to an actual map, not essentially giving yourself noclip…

      I won’t be using this mod, looks incredibly immersion-breaking.

    • thrawn says:

      I kinda agree; also, you cannot render the world map while in town or indoors… however I still don’t like the current zoom levels. I feel like at the very least I should be able to get perspective by seeing the whole map at once and also I should be able to zoom in a little more than you can. The solution is simple, forget the full mod and just add this to the end of Skyrim.ini:


      You can fiddle with those numbers to get the levels the way you like. It won’t be as pretty in terms of rendering the world textures, but from 2500-3000 minimum range, it’ll be fine.

    • Agamo says:

      “Or they wanted it to be similar to an actual map”

      If they wanted that, they could have made, you know, an actual map.

    • Nallen says:

      I have a boxed copy and guess what, it contains a map. A printed map.

    • Zulthar says:

      Don’t know if this will solve your zooming-in problem, but you can actually press L to view the local map even when you’re in the overworld. I use it a lot.

  6. Shar_ds says:

    Now someone buy skyrim nexus some new servers….

  7. Apples says:

    What? A map that actually works? Why would I want to besmirch my perfectly useless UI with that kind of nonsense? (I have been wishing for this mod since day 1)

  8. svge says:

    I just want a 2D map that shows roads and can fit in one screen. This is quite cool though.

    • Rusty says:

      This, exactly.

    • ancienttoaster says:

      Preach it bro.

    • Zarunil says:


      While the 3D map is cool, I find it largely useless for anything other than figuring out in which general direction I want to head.

      I’d love a detailed 2D map, or a weird combination of the two.

    • 2late2die says:

      What we need is a “satellite view + 3D geometry + streets overlay” style map in Skyrim like in Google Maps. Now, the first two are already covered and this mode does a great job of showcasing that, now we just need someone to add the roads overlay, with maybe hold borders as well.

    • MrWolf says:

      Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need…roads….

    • Danarchist says:

      Heh at first I was annoyed it was so hard to tell where the hell the roads were on the map. Then I discovered mining, random and very awesome bandit towns, and many many other hidden gems just off the beaten path. Now I almost completely ignore the roads, although I have heard I am missing out on things that way also…sigh so much to do…

    • Javier-de-Ass says:

      “What we need is a “satellite view + 3D geometry + streets overlay” style map in Skyrim like in Google Maps. Now, the first two are already covered and this mode does a great job of showcasing that, now we just need someone to add the roads overlay, with maybe hold borders as well.”

      And a little streetview man for 360 degree viewing on all the lines we’ve traced while walking across the world. Hehehe.

    • quintesse says:

      Like MrWolf I say: roads? we don’t need to stinkin’ roads! ;)

      Really I don’t need them, I just turn until on the map my arrow is pointing in the general direction of where I want to go and just run. (Luckily this is not like a most MMORPGs where even a rabbit can kill you, most of the time you can still back away if you encounter something a bit too dangerous)

      No, what I need most is a map of vendors/places in a city! Come on! AT LEAST let me put markers! I just arrived at Solitude and it’s stairs and alleyways are driving me nuts!

    • MultiVaC says:

      I would really love a roads overlay. As it is right now I don’t mind cutting across wilderness and finding all the cool stuff, but later in the game when I’ve already thoroughly explored some areas I would like to be able to use the map to find the best way to get where I want to go. You know, the thing maps are supposed to be used for.

    • Trillby says:


      Actually, there is a map of the city and its buildings – just press “l” (as in Leper, not Ingrate) when looking at the map and in a city. It works when you aren’t in a city as well, it just isn’t at all helpful otherwise =)

      Hope that helps…

    • FRIENDLYUNIT says:

      Me, I want to know where the roads are so its an actual choice when I cut across country.

    • ItalianPodge says:

      I find that using the Clairvoyance spell is the best way to follow the trails, once you’ve placed the blue marker it shows you the path to get there. Magicka eater though.

      Must admit that as much as I’d like to follow the trails I see some tower or mine appear on the compass and off I go happily sidetracked again, good job the fate of the world isn’t in my hands.

  9. jealouspirate says:

    Very impressive!

    Though, at least for now, I actually like that the map is only giving me sparse details. I’m still enjoying the thrill of exploration. “I wonder what that town is like way over there? Is it a bustling city like Solitude, or a couple of shacks like Winterhold? Only one way to find out!” Then I make my way across the unfamiliar landscape, and slowly I start to see the town appear on the horizon…

    • Jigowatt says:

      Absolutely agree. This map is stunning, but I don’t think I’ll install it until I’ve visited all the major locations (which is going to take a while). Been playing for around 15 hours and have only been as far south as Helgen and as far east as the volcanic springs. Seen nothing of the north/west/anywhere else. This game is HUGE!

    • akaleus says:

      Totally agree with you too. I’m still toying with the idea of turning the in game compass off all together just to heighten the immersion a little more. The more I refer to the compass and markers the less I really remember how I got somewhere and where it really is… if that makes sense.

      But I can see that mod being fun for taking some awesome screenshots. I was having a blast playing with the free camera console command… just type “tfc” in the console. Also, typing “tm” in the console will show and hide the whole menu system…. much quicker then going to options and turning the opacity to zero.

      Another quick note, if you want to take shots of your character in the game world while using free camera mode, make sure you are in 3rd person before switching to the free camera.

      There’s a great collection of console commands at link to elderscrolls.wikia.com.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Same here. One of the main reasons I’m enjoying the game is the size of the world, with any invisible walls a long way off. I’m constantly distracted by ruins and other structures that I see way off in the distance, hinting at something interesting to be found.

      There are things I really don’t like in the game otherwise, and if it wasn’t such a great “hiking adventure simulator,” I don’t think I’d stick with it. So I don’t want a map that telegraphs too much. It’s more fun to discover stuff on foot, or horseback. It’s a little annoying not to see main roads in areas I’ve already explored, but I’ll take that as a trade-off for keeping some mystery in the game. It’s still cool that this mod is available though, for those who want a more detailed “out of body” look at the world.

  10. Mut says:

    Gotta love the modding community. Now all I need’s an updated UI and a new version of Martigen’s Monster Mod, and I’m good to go. Well, except for the hundred other mods I’ll be installing over the course of the game.

    Yeah, I may have a bit of a problem.

    • Arrakiv says:

      I think I had 150+ mods the last time I played Morrowind, and probably 50ish the last time in Oblivion…

      Your problem, I understand it.

    • Cooper says:

      Currently playing Oblivion…

      Yeah, behind times and all that, but I’ve only just -now- got a computer that can run all the extra HD textures, models and scripts and fancy pants additions to the game (it crawled outdoors on a pretty decenty rig from a couple of years ago)

      I like my Elder Scrolls experience tailored like a suit from Savile Row…

    • akaleus says:

      I love modding these games out… I’m just dreading the day when all the sudden the game crashes on load because of some mod conflict just after a steam update or something.

    • RedWurm says:

      darn tootin’

      Before I rebuilt my computer I had FCOM installed for oblivion and it was quite magnificent. I don’t think I even scratched the main quest with all the shiny new toys I had.

  11. Reapy says:

    I don’t know, it seems too much though. I’d prefer a little bit of vagueness as I explore, and the birds eye zoom feels too much like a game editor than something that should be in game. Maybe that’s something neat to play around with or to use after I finish the game up, but it feels a bit on the immersion breaking side.

    Also the main map is fine for me, but I guess I enjoy trying to circle around mountains and stuff in order to find the correct way up to a location. Learning how how to get around in the world is something that I like doing though, so I can see how the map as is, isnt for everybody.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      I agree with the first part. I don’t want to be able to zoom in so much – I want moving my character about to be the only way to explore the world. Though I could see myself using this, after I’ve explored most of the world on my own.

      That being said, at little more information on the unmodified map would be nice. Streets, for example.

  12. chabuhi says:

    That’s really cool, but I’d be satisfied with a map that allows me to toggle off the cloud layer and maybe see some major roads in the global map view.

    • chabuhi says:

      Tried out the map last night — it’s a very straightforward ini file edit. It was neat-ish, but I soon went back to the default map. For me, there were a lot of gaps in the map geometry that made it look fugly. And on each relaunch of the game different bits of geometry were missing from the map. It was still cool to be able to zoom in closer, and the points of interest were all still correctly labeled, but to have huge blank squares where a sizable chunk of terrain should have been was a little bleh.

      However, I did not try to refine any of the ini settings they listed, so I may try to see if I can further tweak it and get something in the middle that I like.

  13. Pictoru says:

    I think i’ll go down the path of modding my skyrim when i’ll run a second character , i should see what the guys at Bethesda worked on for such a long time D:

  14. PodX140 says:

    Combine this with a fog of war type system and I’m completely and utterly in love. As it is, it feels overpowered and I know I would cheat it. As others have said, it feels like it ruins the feeling of exploration.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      yea, the “this map is bad, let’s just have full control over a spydrone to fly all over the place in full detail” seems to completely blow any sense that it’s a “ye olde world” map straight out of the water

    • Dominic White says:

      Yeah, this reminds me of people addressing problems like some items being too heavy to carry around in realistic numbers by completely removing all carry limits, so that the player hauls around every single item in the game world, breaking the economy and combat balance simultaneously.

      A logical fix would have been to lower the opacity of the cloud layer in the original map by maybe half. This is total overkill and just ends up looking kinda weird and janky.

  15. neolith says:

    This is nice – but still not what I expect of a simple map.

  16. noom says:

    All I want is a mod that’ll make nighttime actually dark. Being able to see everything in perfect clarity right up to the horizon at 3am just makes me sad.

    • Toberoth says:

      It’ll happen, give it time. It didn’t take too long before a similar mod came out for Fallout 3. I can’t remember the name of it (“clear skies” seems to suggest itself) but it made night time exploration fucking scary.

    • sneetch says:

      Is it more a need to turn down the brightness on your monitor or adjust your gamma maybe? The game seems dark enough at night on my PC but it seems quite right to me that you can actually see at night, there are two massive moons, clear skies or broken cloud cover, no pollution and our characters haven’t spent their entire life under sodium lamps so they actually have night-vision.

    • Ushao says:

      Sneetch has got it spot-on. It could stand to be slightly darker but honestly, if you’ve ever lived in real open country with no light pollution you can see from horizon to horizon on a clear night with the moon up. I was driving back home through the midwest US and could have driven down those roads at night with my headlamps turned off.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      on a clear night with the moon up

      Yeah, but. Those are two important qualifiers. I’ve gone camping in the mountains where it’s pitch goddamn black at night.

      At least for me, the problem with bright nights in Skyrim is that it makes sneaking around implausible.

    • Zenicetus says:

      I used to do amateur astronomy in dark sky areas that were pretty close to the pristine state of a world like that in Skyrim. With completely dark-adapted (and young) eyeballs, what you can see still varies between something that looks almost like daylight under a full moon, to pitch black when it’s a moonless night with cloud cover (i.e. no starlight).

      I haven’t been paying much attention to the moon in Skyrim, so I don’t know if it’s possible to model moon phases, and set the amount of darkness to that, plus weather effects. But that would be cool. A varying amount of darkness would be more realistic than just one setting. A full moon night for hunting. New moon and clouds, stay somewhere safe for the night.

    • alexanderwales says:

      Keep in mind that the world of The Elder Scrolls has multiple moons, so the brightness should be a little bit higher than in the real world.

    • psyk says:

      Have been using “Fellout NV” for new vegas

      link to newvegasnexus.com

    • Ushao says:

      TES moons are also ridiculously huge. I’d not be surprised at them illuminating the landscape that much more compared to our puny baby moon.

  17. Cooper says:

    For those that think this is ‘too much’

    It’s an ini file tweak

    Change the ‘maxzoom’ and ‘minzoom’ to whatever suits you best.

  18. asshibbitty says:

    Here’s the list of possible mods that I’d install right away, now going to check if some are already here since the game has conveniently crashed to desktop for the first time:
    Portable alchemy tools.
    First person horse riding.
    2D map, just use that one texture.
    2D view for perk trees with no need to zoom in 
    Rework menus that only work with mouse, remove random confirmations like when quitting alchemy.
    Make sun move smoothly.

    • Toberoth says:

      Yes and yes. Especially want the 2D skills menu and the first-person horse riding. I’ve absolutely no idea why the latter wasn’t an option to begin with.

    • psyk says:


    • Soon says:

      I just want footprints in the snow.

    • Fragacide says:

      I actually enjoy not having alchemy supplies taking up inventory. I can leave all my ingredients at home, and when I go to sell my junk, I get my supplies, go make some potions/poisons, go make some armor/weapons, then sell anything useless. Then I go back home and put back anything I didn’t use. Works great for when you’re the type of person that likes to loot nearly EVERYTHING like I am.

  19. joebucksvoice says:

    A number of you have already alluded to this but I would prefer a map like this:


    Throw on the icons as I discover places, a little arrow to show where I am, and those nifty shields for each town and I would be happy.

    Part of the fun is discovering that remote mountain pass to get where you are going.

    • oh_wayne says:

      If you pre-ordered the game you got that exact map but you could hold it proudly and feel like a real adventurer.

  20. 9of9 says:

    I’ve got a sinking feeling that this map probably doesn’t work quite as advertised. While, obviously, the game’s dynamic loading is much better than Oblivion’s (you don’t see any ‘Loading, Please Wait’ bars while travelling outside, thank goodness) I don’t really imagine it’s geared up for sweeping, fast terrain traversal at the click of a button.

    More than likely, you can only actually zoom in to that level of detail in the cells that are loaded around your character – meaning everywhere else is bland cardboard cutouts.

    • StingingVelvet says:

      It says right in the youtube comments that only the area you are in will be fully detailed. The rest will have their basic LOD textures.

  21. Advanced Assault Hippo says:

    Sorry, but I don’t get the appeal of this at all.

    It’s just some weird bastardised fly-mode that lets you see any details of the map from any angle, well before discovering them with your own eyes in the game world. Just seems totally superfluous to me.

  22. Jools says:

    I really love the early days of modding for Fallout/Elder Scrolls games, before mods start congealing into bloated compilations and every good mod is packaged with twenty horrible ones.

  23. Zarunil says:

    I’ve decided to start anew, turning off the in-game compass and using only the paper map as guideance.

  24. Pliqu3011 says:

    Can’t seem to download it… Are skyrimnexus’ servers down?
    Has anybody else even succeeded in following the link in the video’s description?

    I need this new map badly, though I’m afraid it will uncover some locations that would otherwise be a discovery and a surprise. :/
    Well, maybe I don’t need it that badly after all…

  25. BurningPet says:

    Only thing this mod does is making me miss the flying abilities in morrowind.

  26. Premium User Badge

    gritz says:

    Alec, do you care to defend your preview description of the Skyrim UI as being “Pure Sex”?

    I wonder if all this UI mess would have been addressed prior to release if any journalist had given it an honest preview. Everyone could tell it was going to be as bad as Fallout and Oblivion, but no one writer would actually stand up and say it.

    • Megadyptes says:

      Hah he actually said that? I never bothered reading any previews or got much into the hype of Skyrim before I bought it and now I have I find that the UI is pretty crappy. “Pure sex”? really. I’d love to see Alec answer this as well.

    • iucounu says:

      I seem to remember a statement to that effect, yes, though I would never accuse RPS of being ‘dishonest’ or somehow too intimidated to mention the UI in previews.

      I could well imagine liking the UI much more on a console, as it seems better suited to a gamepad; mouse & kb feels buggy. Perhaps all or most of the previews were on a 360 build?

    • Premium User Badge

      gritz says:

      Yes, the preview was on the 360, which is another issue altogether.

    • iucounu says:

      So, I’m kind of reassured by that, because most of my complaints about the UI – including the mystifying decision to bind the mouse buttons to the wrong hands – are about wrestling with the mouse & keyboard interface. Assessing a UI is something that depends crucially on the input method, I think.

      Do you reckon I might be able to play Skyrim using a PS3 controller? My 360 died year ago and I think my pads are on loan somewhere.

    • Adekan says:

      As I recall, the Xbox version was the only version available for review nearly until launch.

      Don’t hold Alec accountable for that..

    • Hoaxfish says:

      pure sex

      So, what, a mess of arms and legs all over the place, which leaves you exhausted, but you have fun when you find the right thing?

    • alundra says:


      google x360 pad emulator (hint “x360ce”, there are others) that way you can use your PS3 pad as an X360 pad in 99% of the games that support those.

  27. Puppetmast0r says:

    Is there a new construction kit out yet? I’d love to start building myself and I have no idea how people are modding the game as it is, without a construction kit.

  28. paddyfro says:

    Some of these complaints seem rather bizarre, for example, I can see what one would prefer a 2d map for aesthetic reasons. But theres no additional utility to it, you travel as quickly off-road as on (and thats assuming for some reason you arent using fast travel), so why do you so desperately need to see roads?

    • Brun says:

      Well one reason is so that I don’t have to stop every 10 seconds and kill a pack of Wolves/Bears/Saber Cats/Dark Brotherhood Assassins/Vampires, etc. You still encounter enemies while on the road, but fewer of them.

      Also, the general terrain in Skyrim makes it more efficient to follow a road. It’s much faster getting from point A to point B when you don’t have to try to figure out how to get over or around a mountain.

  29. Fox89 says:

    Very nice. Useful for figuring out where all the mountain trails are I imagine!

    My favourite mod so far is the FXAA Injector mod. So. Much. Colour!

  30. Arglebargle says:

    Maps in these sorts of games should include everything that you could learn just by asking the locals:

    ‘Where’s the red light district in the city?’

    ‘Which way is Bronxholm?’

    ‘Where are the old mill ruins?’

    Etc. Because you actually can’t ask those questions in the game very often. And usually the quest journal entries are often exceedly poor at getting these details down.

    They could just give you the dang map as part of the intro.

  31. OJSlaughter says:

    I found the map cumbersome and am waiting for a simplistic one (actually an xbox owner of this game but still want to see it), this is quite the opposite but beautiful :)

  32. MythArcana says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I can see already that the community will end up fixes most of the shortcomings in this game. Ok…now who’s going to fix the interface next??

  33. Fragacide says:

    “Heh at first I was annoyed it was so hard to tell where the hell the roads were on the map. Then I discovered mining, random and very awesome bandit towns, and many many other hidden gems just off the beaten path. Now I almost completely ignore the roads, although I have heard I am missing out on things that way also…sigh so much to do…”

    Exploration is fine and all, but I’d like to be able to make the decision for myself on whether or not I wander off and get myself lost. Not having roads is killing me, especially if my eyes are burning and I want to finish one last quest before going to bed. Following whats-her-face to the burial site was a nightmare. With all the mountains you have to go around and with jumping not being quite the same as it use to effectively makes mountain climbing nearly impossible. Sometimes I just want to go do my quest objective, THEN I can go back and explore those ruins I found along the way.

    Or what’s worse is with curvy roads. I’ll take over 2 minutes running around a bunch of trees only to find out that if I had just cut through them I’d of cut that time by 300%. Not having roads on the map is terrible. But I do agree that making it almost as if you have no-clip kind of ruins the game. It’s not like our characters have a GPS they can look at. You could pass it off as a type of scrying, but unless I work for it, it’s just no good.

  34. Somerled says:

    Why no map item? In fact, why such a giant leap backwards in map design? Games have been getting this right for ages; even Daggerfall did this better.

    Have the character whip one out on a button press like Farcry 2. Add contextual notes like Silent Hill 2. Make your navigational aid something logical like a drawn map with clear denotations, not a bird’s eye view of the game world, like most games already do. Let the player buy maps of regions even, or find them as loot, or hear descriptions from NPCs, etc.

    And if you want to show off your world that badly, let us fucking fly that high and see it ourselves.

  35. Pemptus says:

    Things like that are the reason I’m not picking up the game for another couple of months. I want to play the game already fixed up by the modding community.

    That, and I should have a significantly more pimp gpu by then.

  36. Belsameth says:

    It looks fairly nice but still meh.
    Just removing the coulds would be good.
    Also, a little POI marker for eacht POI you get on your radar, not just that you actually visited. Not for fast travel ofcourse, but so you know they’re there and you still need to go…

  37. Rymdkejsaren says:

    I just hope they mod out potion spamming soon. I am surprised that a bigger fuzz has not been made about that, it is in my opinion a huge design flaw of the game.