Burnout Paradise For No-Pennies

Cars wot go free

Edit: Still working after all! But you have to ‘buy’ it and apply the code via the Origin client, not the website. UK only, by the sounds of things.

Me: Fancy a free download copy of the pretty good Burnout Paradise?
You: Ooh, yes please. You’re so good to me, Alec. I think I might love you.
Me: OK. first you’ll need to install EA’s controversial Origin…
Me: Well, whatever. My cat loves me, so I’ll be alright. Anyway, then add Burnout Paradise to your basket from the Origin store, and enter PARADISE at checkout to remove all cost from it. Yes, in capitals.
You: OK, I might do that, but if you tell anyone I installed Origin to get my hands on a freebie even though I’ve spent the last month loudly saying I would not, I’m going to kill your cat.
Me: Deal. Oh yeah, and this probably won’t last long, so get a move on, right? And stay the hell away from my cat, you bastard.

Via HotUKDeals via PCG.


  1. Valvarexart says:

    Aww, I still love you <3. Origin isn't worse than, say, Windows.

    • rocketman71 says:

      Yes, it is.

      Windows probably DOES spy what you do, and sometimes they send info to Douchebag Central at Redmond, but at least they don’t block your machine when you post in a forum what a POS Windows is.

    • GallonOfAlan says:

      Paranoid much? Windows does not spy on what you do. Any evidence for Windows 7 being a POS apart from what some men said on the internet?

    • Milky1985 says:

      MS have been beaten over the head so much by regulators that they do realise that its worth avoiding baiting issues, and so i think its highly unlikely they would be spying on you, in fact as they ask persmission to most of the things they do i think its very highly unlikely.

      (And to preempt the “but you need to contact them to activate”, then yes you do contact them, theres no personal information in that contact however , its an activation and so is not spying)

      EA have not been hit on the head as much (although they do act like they were, or at least dropped as a child)

      Maybe you are thinking of Chrome and ChromeOS?

    • amorpheous says:

      Upboat for Milky.

    • n0s says:



      *Sound of point going over GallonOfAlan’s head*

      What he meant to say was, IF someone posts a post on MS forums about what a POS windwos is, MS doesn’t block you from using ALL their products, like some companies do.

      He didn’t say windows IS a POS, he said that MS doesn’t overreact IF someone should happen to think that and state it.

    • Baconator says:

      Windows hate is so original and creative.

    • Wulf says:

      I dislike unwarranted accessing, it’s a pet peeve of mine. I watch programs on my system and I like to know what they’re accessing and when, I like to know that this is because I’ve orchestrated it, so that everything is running like clockwork.

      Windows doesn’t do unwarranted and unsubstantiated accessing.
      Steam doesn’t do unwarranted and unsubstantiated accessing.
      Origin does do unwarranted and unsubstantiated accessing.

      Simple as. I don’t care why, I don’t care what they do with it, but that they do it is enough for me to not use it. I don’t like seeing processes going crazy doing goodness knows what. It just bugs me. Nothing else on my system does that, the only things that have done that on my system were called ‘spyware.’ I don’t care whether Origin is spyware or not, that’s irrelevant. I just don’t see why I should give Origin a free pass that I offer to nothing else.

      Until they tell me of this accessing and give me an option to stop it, I’m going to hold my opinion.

      This is entirely valid because it’s personal preference. I’m sure that the pro-Origin & anti-Steam propaganda brigades will try and poke holes in my opinions, but even that is irrelevant. It’s up to me to say what I do with my computer. It’s up to me to say what programs can do with my computer. I’m not allowing Origin to go over my helmet, so to speak.

      I find it annoying. To quote Jensen, I didn’t ask for this.

  2. endintears says:

    That was quick!

  3. Hoaxfish says:

    edit: lol, Origin… making deals less confusing

    Me: Deal on
    You: hurray
    Me: Deals off
    You: awww
    Me: Deals on
    You: wait, what?!

  4. eleion says:

    Why do you taunt me so, RPS? D:

  5. Stense says:

    Well thats a lovely way to start the day.
    Back in the murky depths of time, I used EA’s old store to buy some Mass effect DLC and absolutely hated their store system. It did mean I already had an account with them. So a few weeks ago I downloaded Origin and was surprised that its not really bad. Its basically just an orange flavoured version of Steam. I’m ok with Steam. I’ve not made any purchases or played anything through it yet, but it was nice to see the Mass Effect DLC I bought sat there ready, although no actual ME game (I wonder if I can activate my Steam copy on Origin as a backup? Doubtful). A free racing game is a nice addition, and the payment system looked, again, like an orange version of Steam. So Origin then, not the awful hell spawn I was expecting.

    • Dante says:

      Yeah, most of the noise is by people who hate it on principle, and by ‘principle’ I mean blind hatred towards EA.

      Some steam games do register on Origin as a backup by the way.

    • Milky1985 says:

      “Yeah, most of the noise is by people who hate it on principle, and by ‘principle’ I mean blind hatred towards EA.”

      Or they don’t like the computer scanning, EA’S attitude towards steam, being banned from forums meaning you lose all your games, bad customer support, 3 different types of password rules (which are chaning again for TOR launch) and maybe somethign else

      Just saying there may be other reasons.

    • StranaMente says:

      Yes, it’s a principle of mine not to be spied by third party programs on my activities even against my country laws about it. I’m curious just like that, odd, isn’t it?

    • djbriandamage says:

      Search Google for “Origin Germany spyware” to learn why so many people are wary of EA’s digital delivery service. It is suspected, based on tests and evidence, that Origin reports back to EA with information on some or all of the software on your computer regardless of whether it is related to your games. One researcher intercepted an outgoing packet to EA listing information on his tax and finance software.

      Steam does this as well but it is an opt-in feature for the hardware and software survey, whereas Origin simply uploads this information without prompting the user at all. By default Steam will not send this info, but Origin will.

    • Megagun says:

      @djbriandamage: No, he didn’t. That ‘researcher’ used a tool he didn’t know anything about, and interpreted what he saw in such a way that it revealed what he wanted to see. Yes, Origin created a file handle to some files belonging to a tax record application. No, Origin didn’t actually read these files. As far as I know, no research was made into whether any data regarding these files was actually sent off to EA.

      Stop spreading lies.

    • n0s says:


      What the hell was Origin even doing poking at those files? Any application that even touches any file that isnt strictly for running the game, especially from consumer-hostile EA, I’ll be extremely careful about using. and if it was even touching anything related to my financials, the piece of shit would be uninstalled instantly. Whether or not it’s being transmitted anywhere is utterly secondary information.

      Origin never coming close to any harddrive of mine.

    • Cooper says:

      It was part of the problem listed above.

      Origin scans everything on permanent drives to see what you have installed. It does not read all those files, and does not store any information APART from what you have installed.

      Steam does this too, but it is entirely opt-in.
      link to store.steampowered.com
      You’ve probably been asked by Steam if you would like to be part of the survey. And probably said no.

      My problem with Origin is this is not opt-in, it’s not even opt-out. Crawling and snooping around your computer is central to its functioning. And there’s nothing in the EULA to say EA won’t start collecting more information, without asking or telling you.

    • Milky1985 says:


      “No, he didn’t. That ‘researcher’ used a tool he didn’t know anything about, and interpreted what he saw in such a way that it revealed what he wanted to see. ”

      The research “tool” he used from the screenshot i saw is a freely available tool FROM MICROSOFT. It is called process monitor and can be fonud here – link to technet.microsoft.com

      Note the link? Yes that right its even recommended by MS

      You might not know anythign about it but its a perfectly legit tool used by lots of people, I use it myself from time to time (and will probably make sure its running and capturing during the TOR beta install to see just what origin gets up to)

      peopel say it wasn;t opening the files and its probably correct, it did however loop through the folders so we could guess that maybe the list of filenames was uploaded, as they have decided to keep us in the dark about what they ARE doing we can only assume the worst.

      (Bet they find out that lots of people have odd sequentially numbered movie files in certain folders on there hard drives )

    • djbriandamage says:


      Well, I don’t know if I’d be so harsh as to call my comment “spreading lies”, but assuming the specifics of the claim are false there’s still the matter of opt-in versus implicit agreement. Steam asks whether you want to share information about your computer and assumes you don’t, whereas Origin simply uploads this information to EA with no means for you to opt out other than discontinuing use of Origin and all associated purchases.

    • Megagun says:

      @Milky1985: I know what Process Monitor does. I’ve used both Process Monitor and Process Explorer before; they’re very useful tools (happened to be using Process Monitor earlier today to debug a crashing application; turns out it was attempting to read a file that didn’t exist anymore, and it crashed because of it). I also know that a call to ReadFile has to be made to actually read file contents. Thus, I know that (according to the screenshots) Origin does not read file contents.

      As far as I know now, Origin scans through %ProgramData%, a system-wide configuration folder (*NOT* a ‘My Documents’ type personal folder; it’s system-wide for all users on a system) to presumably detect pre-origin installations of games or look up EA-made configuration files. When I had Crysis 2 installed and installed Origin afterwards, Origin detected my copy of Crysis 2 and I could start playing it through Origin.

      Scanning the entire %ProgramData% folder recursively might seem a bit odd. After all, why can’t they only scan for their own ‘known’ folders? I guess they decided to do it this way because they essentially don’t seem to have had a proper naming scheme in the past. On this three month old machine, I have the following EA folders in %ProgramData%: “EA Core”, “Electronic Arts” and “Origin”. Lord knows what other random crap they have put in there in the past. It might also be a localization issue. I remember from the Battlefield 3 beta that they localize their game’s installation folders (mine was called “Battlefield Bèta” rather than “Battlefield Beta”), so they might have decided to just scan the entire %ProgramData% folder just to be sure that they read all of their own configuration files correctly. (Note: this is mostly speculation based on what might be inaccurate data or presumptions, so keep that in mind)

      If you have a tax application that saves sensitive data unencrypted in %ProgramData%, you should stab whoever wrote that. Saving sensitive data in a publically-accessible folder is insanely stupid. Saving sensitive data anywhere on a harddrive unencrypted is even more stupid, as physical access equals root access (unless you’re smart and using software to encrypt your entire harddrive).

      (If you’re saving your porn collection unencrypted in %ProgramData%, you should stop using computers, or should start using TrueCrypt. Hell, storing your porn collection in a TrueCrypt volume is probably a good idea anyways, just to prevent embarrassing things from happening due to the search feature that ships with Windows Vista/7)

      I agree that assuming the worst is often a right way of mind, but assuming the worst and talking about it as if it were fact is going a bit too far, in my opinion.

      @djbriandamage: Do you have actual proof that EA is sending this data from your PC to EA’s servers? Also, Steam scans all installed applications on your system even when you don’t explicitly agree with it and just so happen to click that “add a non-steam game to my library” button. This does not, however, mean that it sends all of that data off to the Steam servers as soon as it has scanned your system. You have given both Steam and Origin permission to do so when you agreed to the EULA when installing the software. I’ll agree though that it would be nice and friendly if both Origin and Steam asked for permission when scanning for installed games or applications.

    • Wulf says:

      I have a strong distaste for Origin for three simple and entirely valid reasons.

      1. The client does unwarranted accessing. I don’t care why it’s doing it, I don’t care what they do with it, and no amount of talking on this is relevant. I want Origin to ask if it can do this accessing, and then if I click no it stops. Just like that other client out there… what was it called? I can’t quite put my finger on it. Ah! Yes. Steam. Just like Steam. I want Origin to behave as much as Steam does, at least.

      2. I don’t like the name. They used the name of one of my favourite developers, whom they gutted, left as a lifeless husk, and then tore the name away from to use for their download service. This is a personal reason, but to me it’s deeply personal. I still love Origin, the developer, and I always will, but I will never love Origin the EA store. If they’d named it something else, I might have felt differently.

      3. EA has been doing forum bans which equate to game bans. The sorts of shenanigans that Bioware pulled and we found unforgivable. The sorts of shenanigans that EA has pulled in the past and we found unforgivable. Why is it forgivable now? A forum ban is not and never should be a game ban.

      Two of these things they can fix. And if they do then I might work up a respect for them. But the name will always stick in my craw and remind me that this is the publisher that tore asunder one of my favourite developers, this is the publisher that destroyed Origin, and they’re rubbing that in my face. That’s my opinion, it’s how I feel, and the parts that I’ve claimed are factual actually are (as past RPS articles have shown).

      Yes, I have an entirely unwarranted and blind hatred for EA. Yup. Totally.

      Y’know what? I call BS. I’d say that those who have a valid distaste for Origin are being blindly hated by those who don’t. Haters gonna hate, right? It’s seriously going to piss them off that I’m so right about this, and they’re just going to hate all the more.

    • djbriandamage says:


      You’re right, I don’t have proof. I’ll take your points under consideration and give the EULAs a read before I rejoin this debate.

    • Megagun says:

      @Wulf: Points 2 and 3 are completely valid points. I think #2 is slightly silly (yet understandable), but #3 is a pretty serious one that I’d like to see resolved or at least cleared up.

      #1, on the other hand, is only semi-valid. I agree with your general line of thought, but you seem to apply double standards here (warning: I have a weak spot for double standards). Steam does slightly more invasive kind of scanning without explicitly asking you when you click the “Add a non-steam game to my library” button (Mandatory Process Monitor Screenshot and further discussion can be found on the forums here; ignore my stupid attempt at humour and just look at the Process Monitor screenshot). Steam’s scanning is more invasive but only happens after you do a specific action (which isn’t clear about exactly what is going to happen), whereas Origin’s scanning is less invasive but can’t be stopped and it’s not obvious that it is doing any kind of scanning at all. I’d love to see both Steam and Origin explicitly ask for permission to do that kind of scanning.

      Since this thread is now buried on page three of RPS, I’d love to continue this discussion on the forums rather than here.

      EDIT: I wouldn’t put too much trust in the RPS articles. Unless they’re well-written and contain some investigation (like the most recent article about EA’s forum/game banning), they unfortunately seem to be hastily written, with too much speculation and fear-mongering. I would suggest reading the Slashdot or Reddit threads for these kind of issues, as they often contain proper explanations and analyses of whatever is being discussed.

  6. Gnoupi says:

    Alec, if you were following SavyGamer instead of some cheap concurrent, you would have known earlier :P

    link to savygamer.co.uk

    Works only for UK, though, apparently.

  7. Sfitz says:

    The cost is too great.

    • The Infamous Woodchuck says:

      are you quoting generals? if so

      “i will position my self well”

  8. MiniMatt says:

    Of course, applying this code is considered an exploit and will result in your account being deactivated and your copies of BF3 and Mass Effect rendered unplayable.*

    Teehee. Lights blue touchpaper. Runs away giggling.

    * completely made up.

  9. Rustafur says:

    Is this restricted to the UK? I tried it in the client via in the US and it’s not working.

  10. Squishpoke says:

    “Origin has detected unwanted software on your computer (Steam.exe). Your account has been banned.”

    I can see this happening, given Origin’s current track record.

    • Crimsoneer says:


      Sorry, had to get that off my chest. This Origin hatred for no apparent reason is driving me up the wall. Rationality, people, common.

    • Meat Circus says:

      I’m guessing he’s talking about the cuntishly evil way in which Origin silently monitors all sorts of information about how you use your computer that has nothing to do with the game you’re playing.

      You know, like spyware does.

    • Phinor says:

      What about the fact that Origin sells Steamworks games? Although apparently only in the US much like this promotion is UK only. The last time I saw a decent promotion in Origin for non-UK Europe must have been Christmas 2009 when they mispriced Dragon Age.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      As covered by REAL LAWYER PERSON (and RPS friend) Purewal, that spyware thing is utter lies and disinformation. link to gamerlaw.co.uk

      As for selling Steamwork games…so? So do most digital distirbution outlets.

    • Hoaxfish says:

      awww, come on, it should be

      “Origin has calculated a preCrime and detected a Heresy, and a thought-crime, stay were you are and EAgents will be along shortly to escort you to your local re-education facility”

    • Valvarexart says:

      The thought police will be at your house shortly. But no, it’s just pure bullshit the whole Origin-spyware-thing-story. People should understand that what they agree to in a ToS is more like a safeguard for the company than a sign that says “we WILL do this”. It’s like putting a sign on a gastube that “it may explode and burn down your house and if it does we will not be accountable for it, although it’s very unlikely.” It doesn’t mean that it WILL explode, and it doesn’t mean that if the person who just had his house burn down can’t sue the gastube-company, but he might just be dissuaded from doing so.

    • OJSlaughter says:

      ‘Non-UK Europe’ is also simple known as Continental or the Continent: I will admit they don’t seem to get quite the same deals?

    • StranaMente says:

      It’s not all crap, because from what I see, they infringe the law until someone bring them to court to make them cease doing it.
      Until that moment the laws (EU laws) exist but are not applied.
      The more you know.
      Because I’m a lawyer too.

    • Cooper says:


      If I buy some gastubing for my house, and it fails within its given operating parameters (temperature, humidity etc.) and within its given lifetime and BLOWS MY HOUSE UP. I damn fucking well will be suing that gastube company…

      Also, just because it’s in the EULA does not mean it is or will be done. Sure. But it does mean they can start doing it at any given arbitrary time, and they’ll never have to ask you…

    • Shooop says:


      Oh I don’t know. Just maaaaaaaaaaybe that’s not too big a jump considering they already can lock out your entire Origin account and any games you bought and paid for just for posts you make on their websites?

      But of course these little details always get past you EA-apologists lot.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      OJSlaughter, the Irish would like a word with you. ;)

    • Wulf says:

      And what if I have a problem with unwarranted accessing, what then? I don’t give a shit why they’re accessing. They tell me they’re doing it first, and then they ask if they can go ahead. A simple yes/no would suffice, and if I click no, they don’t.

      Can you guess what other service out there that Crimsoneer hates does that (just as I mentioned below, and I will rub this in)? Steam does that. Yes, Steam does. Steam asks you.

      I don’t care why they’re doing it, but if any piece of software other than a virus scanner goes randomly nosing around my system without my permission, without me knowing about it first and having given my consent, then it’s off. The level of accessing that Origin does is unwarranted, especially without permission, and that bothers me.

      That’s my opinion. Deal with it, reply to it in a substantiated way with evidence, or flip a kneejerk shit. The choice is yours. Though I’m definitely expecting the latter.

  11. gornmyson says:

    Well, Origin issues aside this does work (you have to enter the code in caps)
    Looking forward to playing this later… After about 200 hours of BF3 i expect.

  12. Meat Circus says:

    It silently scans your entire computer and monitors your processes for things EA don’t want you to see and doesn’t think you should have. It spies on you on behalf of its evil corporate master. And without even letting you know it does it.

    It’s disgusting spyware of the first water, and for RPS to be promoting it is disgusting. I’d have expected better of them.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      What have you got to hide?

    • John Walker says:

      Wow, even if Martin weren’t bellowing around like a tit, that’s the most ridiculous response imaginable. What have people got to hide? Their privacy?

    • Meat Circus says:

      Well, obviously I have the pirated copy of BF3. I had to pirate it, as that’s the only way I could get it spyware-free. Once EA give me a non-cuntish way to pay for it, I will.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Well, that’s a terrible justification.

      Honestly people, it scans your process list, installed hardware, and probably program list, and stores it in a way that isn’t personally linked to your account. It’s just as bad as Steam, any anti-virus you have, or any cookies you browse on the internet.

    • RaveTurned says:

      Welcome to the Internet. Privacy died years ago.

    • Robbeh says:

      “I had to pirate it” Yeah, clearly if you don’t like the way a company makes or distributes a game you are completely entitled to pirate it rather than you know, just not playing it…

    • Meat Circus says:

      I haven’t played BF3. And I won’t play it until I can pay for it.

      Nonetheless, I deliberately sought out the spyware-free pirated version of BF3 to remind myself of how fucking stupid games publishers are.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      I’m sorry, you pirated it, then decided not to play it on moral grounds? Really?

      Also, do you have Steam? Or Impulse? or any anti-virus on your PC? Or do you pirate those as well?

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      I’d be very careful Meat Circus, looks like Crimonseer is winding up to report you to EA so you can be the first person to lose access to your games for posting on a different forum!

      “Do you have impulse, steam or any other heretical programs? Do you pray five times towards the EA HQ like I do every day?”

    • Hoaxfish says:

      “I like to wear trousers”
      “why? what have you got to hide?”

    • n0s says:


      “Well, that’s a terrible justification.

      Honestly people, it scans your process list, installed hardware, and probably program list, and stores it in a way that isn’t personally linked to your account. It’s just as bad as Steam, any anti-virus you have, or any cookies you browse on the internet.”

      Well, if it’s all innocent, it shouldnt be an issue for EA to provide complete and unlimited information and technical data on exactly WHY origin needs to know my complete running list of processes, why it needs to know every detail about my hardware? I want to know EXACTLY why this data is being pulled from my computer. If the reason is ANYTHING but “we need it to run the game” it is per definition spyware.

      “I don’t want surveillance cameras in my house”
      “Why? What are you hiding?”

    • Cooper says:


      It’s scanning and collecting of data is NOT OP OUT.

      It’s not even opt-in.

      I said this above. Steam does this too, yes. But -ONLY- if you let it – it always asks first (albeit with a somewhat annoying pop up)

      Same with AV and firewall programs. There’s always an ‘opt out’ of their user monitoring.

    • Shooop says:

      They’re trying to walk a thin line Meat. They are a game reviews site so they do actually have to play the games and tell us what they thought of them even if they come with borderline illegal crapware.

      But they’re not too happy about the whole thing. If they were perfectly OK with Origin’s bullshit they wouldn’t’ have reported EA banning entire accounts because of forum posts and thus causing some of EA’s own forum mods to register and cry, “Lies! All lies! We’re doing you all a favor!”

      I myself made the mistake of confusing what RPS was doing with their BF3 previews – apologies to John by the way. I realize now they made the good journalistic decision of separating the game itself from the controversy attached to it.

      And finally this article is dripping with snark aimed at the weak-kneed who will download Origin just for a free mediocre game even after swearing up and down they’d never touch the stuff. It’s “Boycott MW2” all over again.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Tired of the same age-old argument for piracy.

      If you do not agree with a publisher’s policy, then… don’t play the damn game. It’s too easy to say “I pirated it because I disagree, they left me no choice”.

      You agree with the license contract, buy the game, enjoy the game, or you just play something else.
      Enough of that stupidity, nothing justifies piracy.

    • Wulf says:

      You know what’s disgusting, G? All the purposeful misreading and straw men. Seriously. What the heck?! Do you all work for marketing departments or something?

      What Meat said is that he sought out a pirated version, to see a version that exists without spyware, and without making someone jump through ridiculous hoops to get a game. He didn’t say that he actually went ahead and downloaded it. All the implications in the world won’t change that.

      Furthermore, Steam asks before it accesses anything outside of Steam. it asks. Every time. And if you say no then it doesn’t. In fact, this has already been documented and proven numerous times around the Internet, since people were as paranoid and crazy about Steam as they are about Origin. But unlike Origin, they found no evidence. Propaganda is fine, but the anti-Steam propaganda I see is pure BS. If you’re going to have an opinion against Steam, back it up with fact.

      The problem that I (and others like me) have with Origin is that it does malicious accessing. What do I mean by this? It intrudes without my permission. It doesn’t even give me the chance to say no, unlike that other service out there that Crimsoneer hates so much.

      Right, I’m done, but the bullshit here is thick enough here to be cut through with a knife.

      I feel sorry for Meat. I really do.

      Do you know what I want from today? People to stop giving me reasons to be entirely disappointed with my fellow gamers. I have a hole where respect for my fellow person used to be, and none of you are helping. You tore him apart like slathering, rabid beasts without even thinking of what he was actually saying.

    • plugmonkey says:

      “Well, if it’s all innocent, it shouldnt be an issue for EA to provide complete and unlimited information and technical data on exactly WHY origin needs to know my complete running list of processes, why it needs to know every detail about my hardware?”

      Yes, what on earth could a software developer want with an enormous database of its consumer’s hardware configurations?!

      Or an enormous database of what other processes people have running alongside their own software?!


    • Christian says:

      Meh, nice attempt, but I’ve seen better.

      Sometimes I miss the old times..where trolling was considered a form of art and eloquence..

  13. rocketman71 says:

    Too high a cost.

    And still no LAN support, like they promised.

  14. Carra says:

    What’s next? Giving us money to install Origin?

    • Ondrej says:

      Hah! That would be… apropriate! Money AND games!

    • Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

      Yes, the freetards should let them beg more…. OH PLEASE, here, have our entire catalogue of games, just INSTALL IT.

  15. Avenger says:

    Does the game come with a Steam code? If so, this is a very good deal…

  16. Ondrej says:

    I eat my nostril hair on a regular basis, so, no deal for me. Also, I hate Origin, but this post made me laugh silly.

  17. Crimsoneer says:

    Also, on a possibly relevant note, this is my favourite racing game of all time. It’s not for everybody, but I absolutely loved it, and it looks terrific on a decent rig.

    • ReV_VAdAUL says:

      I’d tone things down if you want your viral marketing to be listened to. An ardent defence of Origin AND an assertion that burnout is one of the best games ever is a little bit transparent old chap.

    • Crimsoneer says:

      Sorry, I’m not trying to market anything, just get really angry at this Daily Mail-like histeria around Origin. It’s like watching the HPV-causes-mental-retardation thing. Origin isn’t BAD. It’s a perfectly acceptable download client, that runs okay. It doesn’t eat your babies, steal your kittens, read your mail or steal your copyrighted essays so that EA can publish them. It doesn’t delete Steam, judge your pornography, or do anything else that’s particularly dubious. It will however,in the long run, cause more competition, and that’ a good thing.

      as for Burnout Paradise, it’s ridiculously awesome if you can learn to like the open world format.

    • Untruth says:

      Paradise is a beautiful bit of technology but gameplay wise it’s an absolute mess.

      Playing Revenge again after playing Paradise proves just how much they lost in the basics of gameplay. Driving around to find races and having to go to garages to swap cars on what is essentially a pick up and play game is crazy.

      The wisdom of an open city is nice, but the races have such similar routes (how many times can you go to the wind farm before you want to tear your skin off?) that you often feel tunneled just like a traditional track-based game.

    • amorpheous says:

      Untruth speaks truth.

    • V. Profane says:

      I’d much, much, much rather player an old school Burnout with separate levels. The open world adds nothing to the game other than a lot of back tracking and you still always seem to end-up racing to the same 5 or 6 places anyway.

      Oh, and I almost forgot DJ FUCKING ATOMICA!

    • iucounu says:

      Revenge was by far the best of the series. Paradise added a pointless open world, for all those reasons stated, and takes away things like the awesome Crash Mode.

      (If any of you has a console-o-box, Burnout Crash came out recently and is an excellent little downloadable puzzle game.)

  18. explosiveface says:

    Downloaded and installed Origin for the first time, and apparently I already own this. o_0

    • Moni says:

      It was free at some point before, probably for whatever the last EA digital distribution service thingie was before.

  19. Njordsk says:

    Oh you mean eating nostril hairs isn’t normal?

    I knew something was wrong.

  20. Lobotomist says:

    Good deal. But even that can not change my feeling towards Origin.
    No thanks

  21. mod the world says:

    Burnout Paradise not available in Austria. :(
    Or Origin does not want me to get a free game because it detected too much porn on my HD.

  22. MadTinkerer says:

    Almost, EA, almost. You’re not there yet, but efforts like this might sway my opinion enough to actually use Origin for something other than the SWTOR beta. Might.

  23. OJSlaughter says:

    Warning message from Windows User Account Control:

    ‘Origin is trying to release torrents of evil across you computer. it requires administrator access’

    I clicked yes, nothing beats a freebie!

  24. ReV_VAdAUL says:

    This seems to be something akin to Supermarket loyalty cards. They give you something “free” i.e. reward points that can be used for discounts in exchange for getting to monitor all your shopping habits and then send you vouchers and deals encouraging you to buy more.

    “Get a free aging game and we get to poke around your computer indefinitely”

  25. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    Is this game Multiplayer?

    It’s been in my Steam list since some sale or something and i’m yet to actually play it. Might have to fire it up after i’m finished with Skyrim

  26. Radiant says:

    They did a similar thing with Medal of Honour: Airborne and whatever the EA download manager was called in those days. Which is pretty much why I still have whatever EA is calling it’s download thingum now.

  27. Prime says:

    I wouldn’t fret over-much about this. My opinion of the game isn’t very high. Nowhere near the classics that the original console versions were, anyway. Easily ignored, Origin,

  28. dahools says:

    Thanks for the freebee. . .

    I’m sure i’ll use it on a rainy day in the future, when i’m bored of BF3 and Skyyrim.

  29. Radiant says:

    but yeah I think I bought Burnout Paradise for about 3 quid in a steam sale.

  30. jezcentral says:

    Not working for me. :(

  31. Icyicy9999 says:

    I’d rather not destroy my system, compromise its security and make it vulnerable to even more attacks in the future just to get an old game for free, sorry.

    • Moni says:

      I don’t see why you dislike Steam so much. It just kind of sits there in the corner watching you play your games like a kitten or something.

    • Gnoupi says:

      Like a kitten, you say?

  32. Moni says:

    I’ve already played it to death on the console box, but I never did quite manage to finish all the time attacks and find all the billboards. Might be a good excuse to replay it.

  33. amorpheous says:

    Already have this on Steam and it sucks in comparison to Burnout 3.

    I played with a controller and I absolutely and utterly *HATE* the shit out of the car selection screen. I also hate the map since you can’t set destination markers on it and the fact that the mini-map is so god damn useless; i.e. you know vaguely where are you in relation to somewhere, but you’ll end up circling around that place you want to get to for ages ’til you actually realise exactly where it is. Most recent NFS games I played (Carbon and Most Wanted) had infinitely better mini-maps.

    And why you can’t just jump to an event instead of having to find your way to it using the shitty maps is baffling.

    Oh, also that &£$*%$*&% Paradise City song is rage-inducingly annoying.

  34. Player1 says:

    Not working in Switzerland it seems, probably an EU thing only. Do I need to enter my credit card details for this to work?

  35. Frankie The Patrician[PF] says:

    Oh right…luring me to install it for a free, rather old game? A game that get discounted regularly to 2, 50 euros? The very same price I bought it for? Yeah right, not even if I hadn’t got the game. EADM was shitty enough and it seems Origin is the same or worse – thx, but no thx.

  36. sonofsanta says:

    I already got this last time they gave it away for free a couple of years ago, before Origin was even a twinkle in their corporate eye. So now I get to play it for free without getting morally outraged/paranoid about Origin and having to vociferously defend a position regarding a corporation that doesn’t care for my opinion at all because they’re still raking it in. A winner is me!

  37. Knufinke says:

    Only terrorists need privacy!
    Now let’s shoot some russians to appease my bloodlust.

  38. Mutak says:

    I’m not installing Origin. Not for Star Wars, not for Battlefield, not even for Mass Effect. Not even if you offered me all of those for free. I’m willing to pay for games. I’ll even pay full price for good ones, but i’m not going to pay for their spyware.

    I am considering downloading cracked torrents and donating $59.99 to the EFF in EA’s name each time i do so.

    • Shooop says:

      Maybe you could send EA a check for $40 with a letter explaining you’re buying the game itself a-la-cart and estimating the Origin spyware is worth $20?

  39. bill says:


  40. MistyMike says:

    I think the recent Driver:San Fran was a much better open world racer.

  41. Harvey says:

    I just can’t justify installing Origin and/or supporting EA in any way after hearing about their practice of banning users from games they own. (yadda yadda license blah blah i don’t wanna hear it.) I aaaalmost did it for the beta of TOR, but i just couldn’t click that final button.

    I may not be able to change EA’s ways by my refusal, but at least I won’t be supporting them.

    • MD says:

      Accepting this offer will cost them money (bandwidth), though, as long as you’re disciplined enough to avoid buying anything via Origin in the future.

    • MD says:

      Unless they’re actually making money through whatever shenanigans Origin is getting up to. But I assume whatever information they gain is more or less useless if you’re not a potential customer.

  42. HSMagnet says:

    authentication servers down. trying to keep from giving me my free game?……

  43. StingingVelvet says:

    I really wonder how much of this Origin hate is created by the press in stories like this one.

    Maybe it’s because I only play singleplayer, but Origin is pretty much exactly the same as Steam in my experience. Both are DRM I dislike, both are clients I find useless and annoying to have to use, both take away my consumer rights, yet both I deal with to play certain games because I have to and because DRM free versions will always be out there should these clients ever stop working.

  44. El Armonista! says:

    Hold up, I’m sure I read that Bioware had said Origin wasn’t going to be a requirement for TOR. Has that changed, or is it just necessary for the beta?

  45. Jengaman says:

    Id like to play that game… but I’m just too lazy to install orgin.

  46. Pointless Puppies says:

    Might wanna say “EU ONLY” in big, bold, red letters so as to not get us dirty United Statesanians excited over nothing for a few seconds :(

  47. Warskull says:

    Laying aside the whole EA is kind of evil thing. Burnout Paradise is not the most enticing game and Capcom has a history of the PC ports being crap.

  48. Bobby Oxygen says:

    As far as traps go, this one is pretty obvious.
    And the bait isn’t even that juicy, the Burnout series peaked with 3.

  49. Barnaby says:

    “Yeah, most of the noise is by people who hate it on principle, and by ‘principle’ I mean blind hatred towards EA.”

    You must not have been playing video games very long if you think that people’s “blind-hatred” and desire to see Origin fail is driven only by Origin itself. I mean sure, I have not bought BF3 because of Origin, and there’s other reasons why I’m avoiding it. But, this is a company that has been doing sketchy non-consumer-friendly bullshit for years. I have no desire to assist in making EA’s storefront a success, even if they are baiting people with free games.

    I think back to having to install Steam for HL2 and try to determine why this feels different, and the main thing that I keep coming to is the good will that each company has or hasn’t formed with me. Valve is generally consumer friendly and I usually agree with their business decisions. EA is the opposite, having made me hesitate (or completely avoid) buying a game more times than I can count. Luckily they have Activision to make them look like less of a shit stain, but really EA isn’t the publisher I want controlling part of my game library.

  50. Shooop says:

    You gotta be kidding me. They’re offering this game of all things as bait?

    Burnout Paradise isn’t that great a game. Rent it for your console box instead.